Hot Shots: Rita Ora Sizzles In Nevada

Published: Tuesday 2nd Apr 2013 by David


Cast your eyes on these scorching shots of Albanian bombshell Rita Ora showcasing the best of her goodies  (excuse us) taking in the Sun with friends while staying in Nevada, Las Vegas.

Snapped a day after she performed at the ‘TAO‘ hot spot, the ‘Fast & Furious 6′ star was spotted hours before watching her latest single ‘Radioactive’ enjoy a UK sales surge  and as work on her US debut continues- no doubt under the pupilage of bosses at Roc Nation and Columbia Records hoping to replicate the success of her UK launch.

More snaps from the stunner below!

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  1. . : : h 2 o : : . April 2, 2013

    Wack body.

  2. onlythethruth April 2, 2013


  3. Blue April 2, 2013

    She has a good body i just dont envy it. Its not like when i see halle, jlo, bey or rihanna and i go if i just had her…
    its just not there.

  4. JJFan1814 April 2, 2013

    She def could use a tan.

  5. Kate Middleton April 2, 2013

    Sloppy with zero definition.

  6. Hive April 2, 2013

    That body is a mess..

  7. Rita Slays April 2, 2013

    S***!! It kills me to see you b****** talk about Rita’s body when y’all are probably built like linebackers. Rita is s*** and you will deal 😉

  8. Taeys April 2, 2013


  9. TeamBreezy April 2, 2013

    lord shes so white, get a tan baby

  10. Kim Kardashian Stan April 2, 2013

    Everything about this girl is basic.. Basic body, Basic Face, Basic Vocals etc.

  11. Dev April 2, 2013

    Rita the Roc Nation ghost

  12. MiMi Carey April 2, 2013

    Such a fail!!!!

    • Rita Slays April 2, 2013

      Like Triumphant?

  13. RICHANDBLACK11 April 2, 2013

    Not gone lie she has a cute lil shape, She needs a Tan bad thou.

  14. slimsexy April 2, 2013

    Rita Ora!!!from today I declare it a crime for you to put on clothes!!!she is hot!!!if I were her I would walk around half naked.

  15. Kate Middleton April 2, 2013

    Isn’t it adorable that Rita is not vain?I mean despite the fact that she has a nicer body than the other chick she doesn’t spend her whole day on the mean streets of instagram taking nude pictures of her self.just love that unlike the other chick she is so humble

  16. Lolz April 2, 2013

    Ew shes so pale. That body is not cute.

  17. Sallyone April 2, 2013

    I read Albanian as Albino…

  18. xedos April 2, 2013

    TGJ strech the pic to make it looks like rita have asss LOL

  19. Peachy April 2, 2013

    She always looks filthy. Like her ass stinks. Wash your ass Rita.

    • Greg April 3, 2013


  20. Kate Middleton April 2, 2013

    Weak sauce to the idiot who stole my account.

  21. Asilah April 2, 2013

    What’s wrong with pale skin? Not everyone has to look like they took a bath in “Jersey Shore” orange self-tanner. You don’t have to be tan to be attractive. If someone said, “Ew! She’s so dark! She needs to stay out of the sun!” about a darker-skinned person, everyone would be up in arms.

  22. RIQUEEN April 2, 2013


  23. Suicide Blonde April 2, 2013

    David Beckham ass is bigger and hard than this unknown-race-girl, next.

  24. Rosie April 2, 2013

    So I just came in here to make a comment about why she needs a tan but instead I find Rihfund Navy and their weak ass shade. SMH.

  25. Common Sense April 2, 2013

    Who is she again? Btw TGJ she is in the city of Las Vegas which is in the state of Nevada.

    • Rita Slays April 2, 2013

      That is fail shade b****. You don’t who she is but you know what city she’s in? Oh

  26. k*** kruncher Bank$ April 3, 2013

    her ass is non-existent just like her career.

  27. Rita Ora April 3, 2013

    Flatline. Like her album sales.

  28. Miguel April 3, 2013

    LOL “while staying in Nevada, Las Vegas”

    Umm, it’s the other way around. Las Vegas, Nevada. Nevada is the State.
    Gotta love this cheap journalism, won’t even bother doing some research before writing something!

    It’s like writing “while staying in the United Kingdom, London”

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