Teaser: Azealia Banks – ‘Yung Rapunxel (Video)’

Published: Monday 8th Apr 2013 by David

Azealia Banks teases the world with a teaser from her ‘Yung Rapunxel’ video today, one week before the official clip drops in aid of her debut album.

Believe us when we say this teaser is nothing like anything you’ve seen before and may leave some a little confused with the direction the Rap starlet is heading towards.

Find out what we mean below…

The full video drops April 16th!

Your thoughts?

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  1. whenindoubtthetruthwillout April 8, 2013

    Ummm?Okay! Slightly wierd!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Get in to it April 8, 2013

      Slightly is an understatement. this is straight down disturbing.

    • Nika April 9, 2013

      That was some demonic ISH!!!

  2. PraiseKobeGoat April 8, 2013

    you better Slayyyyyy!

  3. Teehoe April 8, 2013

    HMmmm i like the song but… ??????

  4. onlytthetrurth April 8, 2013


  5. cruz April 8, 2013

    That is so rad, I couldn’t look away…Always ahead of the game

    • DeezNuts April 8, 2013

      *spits out my drink*
      Always ahead of the game? LMFAO In all aspects?!

      Her first single’s video TEASER is released 2 months after her album was supposed to drop. LMFAO chile….

      • TruthSpeaker April 9, 2013

        drama queen

      • cruz April 9, 2013


  6. urbanexual April 8, 2013

    Feeling to take a shower in some water after watching that….

  7. RitaBot April 8, 2013

    This s*** will flop. Talentless one hit wonder

  8. Jess April 8, 2013

    Um yeah.

    • riqueen April 8, 2013

      more like um no.

  9. DeezNuts April 8, 2013

    “Brrrrrr-flop that s***, that s***, Nicki snatched that weave N****. Wow! What the f***? Girl you a-Girl you a, Fl-l-ll-lop!”

  10. Music Soul Harmony April 8, 2013

    Sum demonic s***.

    • Trina Stan April 8, 2013


    • ZIGGY STARDUST April 9, 2013

      @MUSIC SOUL HARMONY – I thought I was the only one who thought this! Not feeling it at all. :0(

  11. riqueen April 8, 2013

    teaser? like seriously we still have to wait for this b****?NOPEE im done with this girl .You rather start fights instead of releasing full music? this s*** should of came out light years ago.done…

    • NΛVI April 8, 2013

      shut up.

      • riqueen April 8, 2013

        when your dead….

  12. deeboy April 8, 2013

    yasss girl please save us from that plastic cartoon h**! we need a real female mc!!

    • DeezNuts April 8, 2013

      High School>>>Yung Reflopxel!
      Nicki Minaj’s Ass Crack>>>Azealia Banks’ Career

      Where are your fav’s stats? lmfao Billboard? RIAA?

      • deeboy April 8, 2013

        nicki is a joke sis. why do u think she fired her makeup squad?? even she knows she is a joke. thats why she is tryna tone down her wack ass look cuz she wants to be taken seriously. one year from now miss banks will crush this b****!! mark this comment.

      • DeezNuts April 8, 2013

        Not with Azealia serving underground Rail Road, Cottonfield, No Edges Realness!! chileee!! lmfao

        Think short term..I mean…Yo chick gotta get on Billboard first! 😀 Good Luck! 🙂 .. 🙁 .. 😀 hahahahahah!

      • DeezNuts April 8, 2013

        and by the way..Nicki didnt fire her Makeup sqaud. Joyce is still her makeup artist. She changed her wig maker. 🙂

      • NΛVI April 8, 2013

        “wig maker” DEATH. i’m in tears that and actaul profession. Kiiii

    • . : : h 2 o : : . April 8, 2013

      I’m so over the two but did @ Deeboy lie?

      Nicki Minaj is a total joke! Everything about her, her body, her face, her clothes, her music, her sales, the way she lost both her Hip-Hop AND RedOne-asslicking fans, ETC!

      • DeezNuts April 8, 2013

        Joke? Really? Get into these endorsements:

        Mac, Opi, World Tour, American Idol, Beat Headphones, 2 official fragrances, 2 Limited Edition fragrances, Adidas, Pepsi, Myx Moscato, a record label, Elle Magazine, 2 Platinum albums, 2 4x Platinum singles, 50+ million singles sold in 3 years etc.?!!!!!!!!!?!?!? (a movie role that will be announced soon)

        You can call her a joke but there is nothing funny about this woman’s business skills. Azealia better take note.

        Im not here for a NIcki debate tho. 🙂

      • Trina Stan April 8, 2013

        Yet she had to degrade herself n act like a clown to reach accomplishments kiiii

      • DeezNuts April 8, 2013

        “Slap it in my face, shove it down my throat, roll up the blunt I can make this p**** smoke.” – Trina.

        Trina degraded herself to a slutty garbage w**** and has no accomplishments. 🙁 Clown>>>>W****.

    • QUEEN MINAJ April 8, 2013

      you dont like pop rap
      but your like dance music with stupid random words lmfaooo

      • jamilaa April 9, 2013

        @deeznut u are a f***** liar! stopit5! 50 million what?that bitchlizard hasn’t sold up to 20million records boo! U TRIED IT THOU! were is da prove of that?

  13. NΛVI April 8, 2013

    So cryptic and gnarly, love it. She never ceases to amaze me with the creativity and quality of her videos for someone whose on such a low budget. Looking forward to this!!! Let’s Go!! #YungRapunxel

  14. Kim Kardashian Stan April 8, 2013

    evil dark & disturbing i love it 🙂

  15. k April 8, 2013

    you bias f-ck is hyping this up and loving it,and yet you all sh-t on nicki grammy performance,this is some demonic sh-t right her.

    • Trina Stan April 8, 2013

      Azealia >>> Nicki

  16. Suicide Blonde April 8, 2013

    Always ahead of her time, my ASS, this a Madonna’s copy from her 1995 video “Bedtime Story”, no wonder Azelia is managed by Gaga’s team or was, who cares.

    • IGGY GODZALEA April 8, 2013

      I forgot Troy Carter dropped her flop ass LMAOOO!!!

  17. Trina Stan April 8, 2013

    Yaaaaaaaas slay Nicki fatass

  18. DOSSOME April 8, 2013

    This made me miss missy elliot even more…she’s the only female rapper who made interesting,weird but tasteful music videos

    • Trina Stan April 8, 2013

      F*** her dog

  19. Robyn Fenty (The STD infected goat) April 8, 2013

    Hunty, a “teaser” is only considered a teaser when there is actually anticipation for whatever’s being released.

  20. Robyn Fenty (The STD infected goat) April 8, 2013

    This ghetto bish will never be Queen Nicki.

    • Trina Stan April 8, 2013

      F*** nasty minaj u w****

      • DeezNuts April 8, 2013

        COming from a Trina FAN?! No hunty!

        “I know how to f*** I know how to ride
        I can spin around and keep the d*** still inside” -Trina

        “I’m gonna make it rain for you here’s a golden shower
        Smell it like a flower my p**** is a rose
        Come a little closer I wanna f*** your nose” -Trina

        ^^^ B**** THIS is what YOU stan for! LMFAOOOO!

      • Trina Stan April 8, 2013

        Trina has class with it unlike Micki minaj

      • DeezNuts April 8, 2013

        :O LFMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Trina has CLASS with it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? *passes out* *regains consciousness*

        B****…did you just read her verses?! bwhahaha 😀 Youre funny, Ill give you that h**.

      • Robyn Fenty (The STD infected goat) April 8, 2013

        Who is Trina though?!?!

      • Trina Stan April 8, 2013

        Anyways gurl Trina is the baddest b**** and has lasted for a min. Trina changed the rap game mamas

  21. Tisha April 8, 2013

    The comments are damn sure more interesting than that video was, just to help a few people out.

    @Navi – yes a wig-maker is a profession. That’s not even good shade. Go to a beauty supply store…did you think those wigs came out of thin air? Did you think Rihanna jus put pieces of track together on her head and strolled out the door? Dumb.

    Also a Trina Stan coming for Nicki? Funny considering the two are friends and Trina has never tried to be anything other than filthy. If homegirl is cool with being slutty because there’s no shame in her game then you need to pipe down with coming for anyone else. So silly.

  22. navynick April 8, 2013

    I love it, go head girl- I LIKE WEIRD DIFFERENT OUT THERE THINGS!!

  23. IGGY GODZALEA April 8, 2013

    She clearly didn’t get the memo that teasers are only for RELEVANT ARTIST LMAOO!! No wonder Troy Carter fired her delusional ass! And still no single? She’s playing catch up with Iggy now 😀

  24. geo April 8, 2013

    this is some weird ass s***..aint nobody got time for her…i cant believe tamar braxton flashed her boobs..she is so ratchet ..i mean just google ‘celeb overdose kelsnetwork’

  25. Honey Boo Boo April 9, 2013

    At least this b**** is Original and not a Lil Kim Carbon Copy. I prefer to be original than copy and real innovator than someone who releases pop records and calls it hip hop so she can break records. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I like her! I like Iggy too

    • k April 9, 2013

      what is original about this this is so grace jones,wait till the Gaga fans sees this.

  26. dunk April 9, 2013

    I Love her true artist, original track and visual

  27. TUPAC LIVES April 9, 2013

    In twenty years we’v gone from “I will always love you”
    to people saying they like Dark, satanic videos.
    What has happened to the minds of todays youth?

  28. the real xoxo April 9, 2013

    This is COOL.
    The thing i like about her is that when she does the weird s***, it seems more genuine and not a gimmick like most popstars.

  29. truth tea (take a sip) April 9, 2013

    Whether you like her or not you can’t deny that shes doing great things for a 21 year old.

  30. Danielle April 9, 2013

    Have you ever wondered how you could help those who are less fortunate than you?

  31. Rossana April 9, 2013

    I like her but Im not feeling this its to demonic

  32. LaurieBlue. April 9, 2013


    50+ million singles sold in 3 years etc?????

    This is why the BARBZ are so f****** delusional and get s*** from others!!! I CANT AT THE INFLATIONS!! LIKE WTF???? Atleast state statistics that LOOK like facts! Its like u dont even notice how stupid that sounds! COME ON MAN!! Think before u type!!

  33. Sam April 9, 2013

    Have you ever wondered how you could help those who are less fortunate than you?

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