Mariah Carey’s ‘#Beautiful’ Enjoys Blockbuster iTunes & Radio Debut

Published: Tuesday 7th May 2013 by Sam

Call it a comeback?

It’s increasingly looking like Mariah Carey has struck musical gold with her latest single ‘#Beautiful’.

The Miguel assisted cut, which debuted yesterday, was ushered in with a colossal Clear Channel radio deal which saw it played on all mainstream and Urban stations the media giant owns — every hour on the hour all day yesterday. The result, so it seems, is chart victory. See what we mean below…

As at writing, the breezy mid-tempo has rocketed its way to #4 on the main iTunes chart – a tally Mimi hasn’t appeared on for years. What’s more, the radio deal saw the song’s first day audience numbers smash all predictions. Our friends over at Mariah Daily Journal summed it up best:

#Beautiful’ recorded an astounding total of 2819 spins (Pop – 1317, Rhythmic – 463, AC – 438, Hot A/C – 335, Urban – 263, Urban A/C – 3) that accounted for a total of 32.528 million in audience impressions!

Not only does the feat see Carey smash Lady Gaga’s  first-day radio spins record with ‘Born This Way’ (1838 spins), it becomes Mimi’s strongest radio debut day to date:

• “It’s Like That” (1/4/2005). In its opening day, the song registered a total of 44 spins and audience impressions of 1.491 million. (Billboard Hot 100 debut at #53, peak at #16.)

• “Touch My Body” (2/12/2008). After 3 days, the song garnered 1655 spins and a total audience impressions of 19.079 million. (Billboard Hot 100 debut at #57, peak at #1.)

• “Obsessed” (6/19/2009). After 3 days, the song tallied 1003 spins and a total audience impressions of 9.186 million. (Billboard Hot 100 debut at #11, peak at #7.)

Of course, the fact this was essentially paid for may diminish its “WOW” factor for some. That said, radio programmers aren’t stupid. Most stations may be owned by corporations like Clear Channel, but we doubt this sort of treatment is agreed on for just any act willing to cut the cheque. The said artist must still have clout enough for such a media giant to get behind proudly; and after 23 years in the game, it appears Mimi still has that “clout”. Whether she’ll be able to sustain it, though, will it interesting to see.
With the ‘#Beautiful’ music video due tomorrow, the odds are certainly stacked in her favour. Get that hit, Mimi!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Queen Barb May 7, 2013

    Idk why the song is WACK it puts me to SLEEP…. Miguel is selling this record not mimi

    • Mikey May 7, 2013

      Right….because ALL of Miguel’s singles and albums have rocketed to the top like this, right? Miguel is a HUGE Mainstream Top 40 act that all radio stations play right? Because Miguel has multiple #1 singles, right? Hahaha go sit down somewhere cause you look pathetic lol! Mariah’s name alone is selling the damn thing!

    • Dom May 7, 2013

      You’re a barb your opinion isn’t valid

    • Mother Mariah May 7, 2013

      I like Miguel, I have both of his albums….but can Miguel even sell his OWN records? With the exception of “Adorn,” he hasn’t had any SMASHES! His biggest hits are features.

      QUEEN MIMI SELLS THIS SONG, and you will DEAL hunteeee. 🙂

    • steph May 7, 2013

      Oh shut up! You need to be wondering why your ol’ gurl you stan for is soo damn disrespectful & why she been in the industry for 5 years and has not 1 number 1 single on the hot 100. Congrats Mariah & Miguel. Now they can’t say Mimi was a flop this time around even if the song is not that good. Because to yall new school kids it dont even matter what somebody releases long as it sells right. SMDH PRIME EXAMPLE JTs new album sold all them records even tho his album is some b*******. Yall n***** dont care about the song, all yall care about is whether or not it will flop. Well it didn’t! So there for Mimi congrads.

  2. Mother Monster May 7, 2013


    • Mother Mariah May 7, 2013


      • . : : h 2 o : : . May 7, 2013

        No $100M tour? 😥

      • DOSSOME May 7, 2013

        she doesn’t need a $100m tour….well at least she can walk

      • Mother Mariah May 7, 2013

        But Mariah never did huge world tours. She never needed to. 🙁 HEr biggest tour only had 40 shows and made 90 million… 🙂

        245 million records sold in 23 years. 🙂

  3. Joseph Vryheid May 7, 2013

    All those wigs just snatched like a thief in the night… Mariah, do YOU even have enough room for them?

    • truth(i will draaag the F*** outta icki and her stans) May 7, 2013


  4. Mimi Carey May 7, 2013

    & This is why Beyonce won’t be releasing new music…. Yaaaas Mimi slay these b****** Rihanna better watch out hunty

    • . : : h 2 o : : . May 7, 2013

      Leave Beyonce alone, she’s getting ready to out-wealth Mariah with a $150M tour – something Mariah can only dream of :mrgreen:

      • DOSSOME May 7, 2013

        out-wealth???lol..mimi is wealthy already

      • Mother Mariah May 7, 2013

        You are always talking about wealth and tours. Isn’t it about the MUSIC? Mariah’s VAST repertoire speaks for itself honey. Mariah makes about 25-30 million a year off of royalties ALONE. Who cares about Beyonce’s tour? NOT MIMI.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . May 7, 2013

        Mariah is about music, Beyonce – (who YOU dragged into this post on your own BTW) – is NAWT only about music. She’s about business, money-making, etc . .

        That’s her talent, that’s what she’s good for.


      • Mother Mariah May 7, 2013

        And how did I drag Beyonce into the post? I said nothing negative about her initially. All I said was that we have new music coming from her, Ciara, Kelly, Tamar Braxton & other female R&B artists this summer, and I was excited for R&B’s return. What are you talking about boo?

        I could care less about Mariah’s bank account. I am only here for the music. But I DO know that Mariah, Nick and dem babies aren’t hurting AT ALL. 😀

      • Nunya May 7, 2013

        Out-wealth? Mariah alone is worth the same as Jay-Z and Beyonce combined. Imagine if you added her CEO/Entrepeneur husband to the mix. Get off Bey’s tits.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . May 7, 2013

        @ Mother Mariah

        Sorry, I confused between you and @ Mimi Carey here.

        @ Nunya

        Wrong stats hun . .

        Mariah has a half billion, Jay-Z and Beyonce are REPORTED billions by Forbes.

        The combined total of Beyonce’s Celebrity 100 entries alone is more than $400M

  5. Mikey May 7, 2013

    Hahahahahaha! I LOVE IT!!!! Just when people try to count Mariah out she comes back swinging and schools every-damn-body on how you work a single! Sitting top 10 on iTunes, shooting up the radio charts, and we STILL have the video to look forward to tomorrow for EXTRA promo. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a top 5 debut for the song! This is how TRUE LEGENDS work!

  6. Lydia May 7, 2013

    Love it. And once again you so called ‘fans’ cant even congratulate her without bringing other artists into it.

  7. DOSSOME May 7, 2013

    Island Def Jam doesn’t refer to her as “our queen” for nothing…SLAYING!!!!!!

  8. HoneychildPlease May 7, 2013

    Beyonce will be dropping an album in 20Never…Be scared bish! WHen the cat’s come out to play the mouse runs away…Or should i say the fat rat…

    • RICHANDBLACK11 May 7, 2013



      • RoyalKev May 7, 2013

        Exactly, why do Bey’s name keep coming up for everything? People should learn how to celebrate their own favs without thinking of someone else’s! It’s a shame. Congrats Mariah!

    • . : : h 2 o : : . May 7, 2013

      LOL you better save your words and never take them back!

  9. Mother Mariah May 7, 2013


    So let’s see, We have MARIAH, CIARA, TAMAR BRAXTON, BEYONCE, KELLY ROWLAND AND KERI HILSON coming this summer. I’m not really a fan of the aforementioned, but it will be AWESOME to hear some female R&B on the radio again. I’m tired of EDM and ratchet hip hop. BRING ON THE R&B!!!

    Goooo Mimi! The song is hot. 23 years later, and you STILL GOT IT QUEEN!

  10. JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 7, 2013


    I expect a formal gift in return for granting you your 19th #1, okay Mariah?


    😉 😉 😉

  11. LEGENDRIAH CAREY May 7, 2013

    Yes, b******. I did THAT! Deal with it. Learn from this. That’s why Beyonce hasn’t released a good single yet.

    #BowDownBitch #Beautiful

    • RoyalKev May 7, 2013

      Ok, so these lambs really only have Bey on their minds?

  12. Mother Mariah May 7, 2013

    Lol @ the Barbs thumbing down the positive comments. Typical 11 year olds.

  13. Miss Rae May 7, 2013

    Yay Mimi! I am so happy for her. Ugh why are these people so bothered about Beyonce. You lame f**** youre supposed to be fans of Mariah yet Beyonces on your mind more. As a REAL Mariah fan I don’t want to see her post taken up with her own supposed fans talking about Beyonce more than her.

    • Mimi Carey May 7, 2013

      Beyonce fans talk so much s*** about Mariah so its wrong when a lamb does it gtfoh Beyonce ain’t releasing no new music cause she would have to go up against real competition if she did…. She’ll wait until the coast is clear

      • Miss Rae May 7, 2013

        Why the f*** are you worried about Beyonce! Just ignore her idiotic fans damn. Its an insult to Mariah when you stay talking about Beyonce more than her. Like, where is your mind at?

      • Mimi Carey May 7, 2013

        Just like it makes Beyonce fans look pressed and bad on Beyonce part…. The hive is so hateful they bring this on themselves they make people dislike her

      • RICHANDBLACK11 May 7, 2013

        Not all hive are like that….damn just let your FAV MIMI CAREY HAVE HER SHINE.

      • Miss Rae May 7, 2013

        Look babe, my point is don’t lower yourself to the same level as them particular people. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this post was not to talk about Beyonce. I was just happy for Mariah.

      • Loyalty May 7, 2013

        Oh Please @Mimi Carey there are plenty of Beyonce fans that love Mariah, me included, stop generalising the whole fan base because of few trolls.

      • DOSSOME May 7, 2013

        oh is this the same MIMI CAREY that said mariah is old and irrelevant and should retire….smh

    • RICHANDBLACK11 May 7, 2013

      Beyonce slays Miss Porky Pig Cannon.

      • RICHANDBLACK11 May 7, 2013

        b**** stop using my name to shade mimi @you will never be the real RICHANDBLACK11 BISHESSS



    • RoyalKev May 7, 2013

      @Miss Rae

      I totally agree! It’s one thing to defend Mariah against negative people with harsh words, but to randomly start shading Beyonce instead of celebrating Mimi’s success is a bit strange. Rihanna stans, Jlo stans, Nicki stans, etc have all taking shots at Mariah stans (and vice versa), but half way through this post Bey is already getting so many mentions. I would hope most lambs don’t spend so much time on B?

      Honestly, The Hive don’t insult Mariah when Bey’s tours, endorsements, etc are the main focus, so this just wouldn’t be a good look for some folks… I still would like to believe only one lamb makes hating B a full time job.

      • DOSSOME May 7, 2013

        i agree this is about MARIAH…but mimi has gotten so much disrespect on this site and seeing her win again has gotten some lambs too excited…you and RICHANDBLACK remain my favorite hives on here 😉

  14. truth tea (take a sip) May 7, 2013

    well done Queen.

  15. HoneychildPlease May 7, 2013

    Mariah may not dance like a hooker on the sunset strip, but her voice and music more than makes up for it! How many can say that about their fav??? I mean besides Queen rih…

    • . : : h 2 o : : . May 7, 2013

      And why can’t Queen Rih sell 30 million albums worldwide after 7 albums?

      Just why???


      Did Beyonce not sell that in the states alone already?

      😥 😥

      • FAF May 7, 2013

        LMAO so rihanna doesn’t dance like a stripper ? And her voice makes up for it?

  16. Mimi Carey May 7, 2013

    Im really happy for Mariah people said she’d never have another hit again looks like she proved the haters wrong

  17. Neigh-Neigh Leakes May 7, 2013

    I’m sorry but the song is horrible.
    The song nearly put me to sleep and I had a really hard time trying to listen to the song all the way to the end. The vocals were sung lazily and the lyrics were childish & lackluster.
    I don’t understand how people hated “Triumphant” yet liked this piece of sh*t.
    “Triumphant” gave me my life though…

    • steph May 7, 2013


      • MUSICHEAD May 7, 2013


  18. Lena May 7, 2013

    I’ll wait for the Hot 100 to come out.

  19. steph May 7, 2013


  20. RICHANDBLACK11 May 7, 2013

    Congrats Mariah……Please let Mariah have her shine on TGJ… I like Mariah (not all Beyhive have an issue with her so take that s*** out on the one’s that due)


  21. Loyalty May 7, 2013

    Congrats Mimi!!!

  22. RICHANDBLACK11 May 7, 2013


  23. XtinaaLovee May 7, 2013

    Who cares.. I wonder how many copies Mariahs bought so far… Im sorry the song is not hot I give credit when do but damn the song is weak especially for a first single.

    • Mother Mariah May 7, 2013

      Go away Fighter. Your fave can only get a hit if she’s singing the hook. 😆

      • XtinaaLovee May 7, 2013

        Gurl atleast she has a hit this year this song won’t even reach top 20 on the hot 100 so bye b****!

      • Mother Mariah May 7, 2013

        But how did ANY single from Lotus or Bionic do? Hell, how’d those albums do period? 😆

        You will be eating your words babe. Keep on reaching c***!

      • DOSSOME May 7, 2013

        b**** can you read…38 million audience impressions in a day can guarantee a top 10 debut next week

  24. johnny May 7, 2013


    • DOSSOME May 7, 2013

      b**** bye,like sam said,radio stations are not stupid

  25. Kevin_Lee_1985 May 7, 2013

    #Beautiful Im obsessed with this song, cant wait for the Video tomorrow night on Idol

    • DOSSOME May 7, 2013

      me too,the queen got her game on top this time

  26. shauwndapooh May 7, 2013

    get yo 19th mimi

  27. pat May 7, 2013

    The girls were looking the wrong way for the wig snatching. They didnt expect Auntie Carey to pull it!!

  28. DOSSOME May 7, 2013

    just when the haters thought it would flop,she breaks gaga’s record…woooooooo….when mimi wants to slay,mimi slaaaaaaaaaaaays

  29. Kent May 7, 2013

    Hey congrat but can celebrate mariah witout caring for when bey music comes out, amazin the fan aint pressed only d fool ask for her single cos this post has nothin to do wit bey. Congrat again songbird carey

    • DOSSOME May 7, 2013

      your spelling tho

  30. XtinaaLovee May 7, 2013

    Even tho Im an xtina stan I still have some respect for Mariah her voice & music are legendary good luck on the hot 100 hun 😉

  31. shauwndapooh May 7, 2013

    i love this song mariah get your 19th

    • Hive May 7, 2013

      Won’t happen.

  32. . : : h 2 o : : . May 7, 2013

    Good for her!!!

  33. Hive May 7, 2013

    Dead @TheLambs i was guna congratulate until i seen one of the moomoo stans come for KING BEY… The song is half decent it most likely won’t even make top 40 & plus it seems more like MIGUELS song anyway Mariah sounds featured..

    • DOSSOME May 7, 2013

      if it had flopped,y’all would forget miguel was even on the song…and stop lyin,you never say anything positive about anyone

  34. Calling All Hearts May 7, 2013

    Honey white skin sure can sell r&b these days…..

  35. moka May 7, 2013

    . : : h 2 o : : .

    May 7, 2013 at 10:26 am

    Leave Beyonce alone, she’s getting ready to out-wealth Mariah with a $150M tour – something Mariah can only dream of :mrgreen:


    • DOSSOME May 7, 2013

      she made $90million out of 40 shows,something beyonce can only dream of

      • Mother Mariah May 7, 2013

        Can we pleeeease not turn this into a Beyonce vs Mariah thing. Let’s just celebrate our girl’s latest accomplishment! 😀

      • DOSSOME May 7, 2013

        i agree hun,these guyz are really trying it today

      • . : : h 2 o : : . May 7, 2013

        B**** please . . . didn’t you read Standard UK’s article about Beyonce?

        She’s expected to EARN two million a day on her 60-date tour and she’s only 31 years old, what do you mean she can only dream of that?


        And I 100% respect Mariah, but this’s obviously a stan war YOUR fanbase members started out of nowhere, and I’m just defending my fav.

      • DOSSOME May 7, 2013

        100% respect mariah yet you use beyonce’s touring receipts to discredit mariah’s achievements…oh ok..and the one mariah fan that brought up beyonce’s name was the same one that said mimi should retire since she’s irrelevant and old…….you should be able to distinguish fans from trolls,it’s common sense 😉

      • . : : h 2 o : : . May 7, 2013

        Mimi Carey

        May 7, 2013 at 9:27 am

        & This is why Beyonce won’t be releasing new music…. Yaaaas Mimi slay these b****** Rihanna better watch out hunty


        This’s the first comment with the word “Bey” in it. Was there a reason to bring her up?


        BTW, I never discreadited Mariah’s success . . and as you can see, I never pulled tour receipts until members of your fanbase (particularly @ Slayriah Carey) started to come to Beyonce posts and make all kinds of fun of her for not having a diamond album and comparing her to their favs and others.

      • DOSSOME May 7, 2013

        @H2O…OK,you do have a valid point,there was no need to bring bey up on this post in the first place…

      • . : : h 2 o : : . May 7, 2013

        Exactly, thanks!

  36. Ste’vone May 7, 2013


  37. Nichole May 7, 2013

    Yeah. Justin, Christina, GaGa and many other celebs had radio deals, yet I didn’t see Samantha taking a dig at them for it. What’s new?

    With the song being so fresh, radio friendly and breezy, the song would have faired just fine on radio without the deal.

    • JOHNVIDAL May 7, 2013

      And Madonna just last year. She had a huge deal last year and all the promo from teh SuperBowl, but in the long run it was clear people weren´t feeling the song and it didn´t go far (not that Madonna not Mariah need it at this point). The difference here is that radio really seem to love it and people too, which probably will result in a blockbuster hit, like only Mariah and maybe few more from time to time know how to make

  38. Love it May 7, 2013

    Let’s be honest. Everyone is buying radio time. It’s where the industry is. You don’t think Rihanna bought some with “Only Girl”? She did. It’s nothing new. But congrats to everyone’s success.

  39. Michael May 7, 2013

    So happy for Mariah right now! You can never count this woman out, seriously! And that is why she is the greatest diva that ever was and probably ever will be. She had a couple missteps and who doesn’t, but she always manages to climb right back on top! To quote one of Mimi’s songs, “so successful yet still so eager” L4L

  40. RiRi Bad May 7, 2013

    Congratulations mimi ur such a lovely lady & this new song is so beautiful fresh and amazing looks like “STAY” has some competition now 🙂

  41. DOSSOME May 7, 2013

    duets seem to be making a comeback,first rihanna,then pink and now mimi

    • RiRi Bad May 7, 2013


      Stay is such an amazing soulful ballad/ duet just like #beautiful & just give me a reason

    • Mother Mariah May 7, 2013

      Yes! I love it!

  42. Rihanna killed beyho’s career May 7, 2013

    Mean while BeyaWnce still scared to release a single. The HIVS were talking mad trash about Mariah and now look what happened.All they do is bring up her tour as an excuse because they know there flop fav can’t get a hit.Mariah,Ci-Error,Rita Whora,Ashanti, even Ray J has released new music. BeUglyonce too scared because it might flop like Run the Flop. Trust and believe.
    Andre Feat BeUglyonce>>> flop.
    Mariah Carey Feat MIguel>>>> Hit

    • . : : h 2 o : : . May 7, 2013

      So how do you know she’s “scared”?

      Do you have any receipts?


      Oh I forgot . . you live in Beyonce’s p**** hole with your head dangled out, you know everything!

  43. Vee May 7, 2013

    Why must people insist on bringing Beyonce into everything all the time. Even before her own fans! Weird. Anyway congrats Mariah I am happy for her!

  44. truth May 7, 2013

    UMMMMM the song is really nice and congrats to her BUT before any of you try and say she is coming for rihanna’s wig BEW stay is STILL at #6 after how many weeks…? dont over-do it kids.

  45. Todd May 7, 2013

    LALALALALALALALALA I love the song! Go Mimi, get that #1

  46. DOSSOME May 7, 2013


    April 18, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    Ugh Mimi looks so fat and old here. retire b****. I love u 🙂 )

    Report this comment

    …NOT HERE FOR FAKE STANS,real lambs know how far we’ve come with mariah….

  47. Courtney May 7, 2013

    you do realize this is Mariah’s first official single in more than 3 years since Angels Cry in February 2010. it’s Kind of life Justin Timberlakes album so much it’s first week because he’d been gone for more than 6 years and the fact that the album is approaching 3x platinum in two months of release in the situation album sales have been in since 2008 is fabulous. it’s harder for older artists to have hit singles

  48. mc the place to be! May 7, 2013

    prove em wrong again mimi!!! i would love for her to have another era like emancipation of mimi so she could to tell these people who prove her wrong after having successful periods like that one to have millions of seats!

  49. Nenes50thousandDollarTeeth May 7, 2013

    A song isnt just played at radio stations just for free.. the record company has to pay them to promote their product… This is why you hear Rihanna, Beyonce and Nicki so much because the record companies are paying to have them played. The more you hear it, the more likely you are to like the song because it sticks with you……. All of these artists that are in the lime light arent there just because of their name they are there because the record company has invested MILLIONS of dollars to push that product (The Artist). Its all about how much money is being invested in each project.

    • Nenes50thousandDollarTeeth May 7, 2013

      Nonetheless Congrats to Mariah…. If she can withstand 23years in the game and still remain current then their is hope for all of your FAVES.

  50. bobby d May 7, 2013

    the ABSOLUTE best part of this is the HATERS! BAHAHAHAHA i love how you guys cant stand for MIMI to do well! but guess what lames, shes back! dont choke on your haterade

  51. thugplaya56 May 7, 2013

    I caught that back handed (not so subtle)compliment/shade that TGJ tried to throw. But that’s ok, while all yall children argue back and forth MC remains unfazed and basking in the glow of #Beautiful…as for TGJ comment on the song being PAID…where was this reporting when Rihanna’s Diamonds received the same treatment or Madonna’s Give Me All Your Lovin which had the same promotional roll out but flopped major..remember Your Body?exactly…Triumphant also had the same push but unfortunately did not catch on with the masses…radio will not play a song that the people do not want to hear…call it what you want but that is the game…according to that logic Triumphant should have done well if MC PAID radio to play the song…I mean the ignorance of these children is too much

    finally MC scores a hit and ya’ll kids still trying to come for her..have several seats children #BOWDOWN to the real QUEEN of the Billboard Hot 100 #thatisall presses replay on #Beautiful on Youtube

  52. MC May 7, 2013

    Congrats Mimi and Miguel. Sam of course manages to sound pressed as always.

  53. Suicide Blonde May 7, 2013

    The Queen of Payola.

    Elvis #17 – Mariah #18

    The Music industry………..But how many #1 she has worldwide?

    • JOHNVIDAL May 7, 2013

      Buff! You´re pressed hun lol You mad Madonna failed last year with the same type of promo? You mad you really thought JLo was going to outdo Mariah this week? lol the delusions… it´s ok kid. We still love and respect Madonna 🙂

      • MC May 7, 2013

        Yeah because Madonna needs to be brought up in EVERY thread, don’t you know he is the white version of what Sam would be? Always finding something to quack about whether or not it has Madonna in it. 🙄

        Stay pressed b****, life fully as you already are.

        This b**** has the goddamn nerve to talk about Payola and constantly mentioning Mariah’s #s being inflated yet Madonna’s surpasses everyone. 🙄

      • JOHNVIDAL May 7, 2013

        I know! And the fact these two JLo stans in this blog really believed she was anything comparable to Mariah Carey and now they are having a reality check for the 100th time in both ladies careers, it´s killing them

    • MC May 7, 2013

      B**** your pressed ass tried it.

      There is no way to know Elvis the racist’s #s it is all estimates because there was no system back there to count the records like that.

      Like how pathetic can you get? Something good happens for her and your ass is showing all types of pink. Your desperation exceeding Madonna’s. Pathetic, truly and honestly.

      D***, life f*** off.

    • steph May 8, 2013

      Mimi has 10 number 1s in canada, also many top 10 hits throughout europe. Also, she has 3 of the top 10 selling international albums of all time in japan albums. She ahs success worldwide. Also, Elvis Presley had many number 1s but lets not compare him to a black artist. Elvis stole many things from black people. Also, Mariah Carey is a usa artist. like a country star

  54. Suicide Blonde May 7, 2013

    Payola: Mariah Carey and The Music Industry.

    So have you ever wondered why one specific song keeps playing on the radio over and over again? Sometimes we listen to the radio and wonder how is it possible that this song keeps on hitting the top spots? This is because of the powerful “payola”. The word payola comes from a combination of “pay” and “victrola” record players. So what exactly is payola? Well, payola is the illegal practice of payment by record companies for the broadcasting of songs on radio.
    Record companies simply give a copy of the record perhaps along with a hundred dollar bill, laptops, digital cameras, ticket to a famous game, walkman, a cruise ticket, and many other expensive pleasures. However record companies were banned from offering valuables to radio stations in 1960. It was U.S federal law that made it a crime with a $10 000 fine and a year in prison. The more times the radio plays a song, the more the audience is going to have to listen to it. The number of times a song is played can influence the popularity of the song. Payola is like food manufacturers paying for shelves in grocery stores.
    Mariah Carey’s “Touch my body” was released on Feb.12th on radio and is her 18th chart-topper. It has passed Elvis Presley for the most No.1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, and also now is second to the Beatles. She says “I didn’t do this. This is not me. It is the grace of God.” Could it be that “payola” is something to thank as well? An issue to consider is, did Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body” make it to the Billboard Hot 100 chart because “payola” was involved? In Elvis’ time they had to SELL the most copies to be on top instead of having the song being played on the radio with the possibility of payola involved. The music industry would do anything just for their record to be on tops and to make money.
    An article from Feb.13th 2004 proves that payola is used. It says “…Gave a Jessica trip to WKSE to secure Jessica spins and switch foot.” Jessica also known as Jessica Simpson, for whom SONY laid big bucks to turn her into a star.
    Another issue to think about is how Jennifer Lopez’s song “Get Right” did and “I’m real” become such a hit. It is obvious that it was “bought”. The record companies paid radio stations to play the song “get right” and that is how it gained popularity. However it is your opinion.
    SONY BGM Music Entertainment was caught engaging in the illegal practices of payola, after a year long investigation by New York state attorney general, Eliot Spitzer. One of the documents they found was a bribe that took place at New York’s WKSE-FM station where the employees got plane tickets to New York, Miami, and Florida in exchange for playing Jennifer Lopez’s “I’m real”. Now think about it, the song you listen to on the radio, are they really being voted for or are they randomly shuffled by radios? Now Sony BMG is ordered to pay $10-million for the use of payola. State attorney General, Eliot Spitzer says “Radio stations are airing music because they are paid to do so in a way that has not been disclosed to the public,” The attorney general says they found evidence such as demanded documents, emails, and other materials from companies such as Warner Music, Universal Music Group and EMI that Sony BMG paid for vacation packages for radio programmers. Sony hired independent promoters to pay radio’s to get more airplay for records.
    The $10 million will be distributed to non-profit groups supporting music education.

    • Likica May 7, 2013

      LOL LOL [email protected] so true. Good comment. 😀
      The overrated diva has just 1 #1 in the UK and that’s not even her original song, it’s a cover of Without You, the same thing about Germany. In France 0 #1s.
      We Belong Together was a local hit that didn’t make any impact.
      What cultural impact did ‘I wish I was the biggest selling female artist of all time’ have? Who remembers her videos, performances? Hell, even Beyonce did it with Single Ladies, Rihanna with Umbrella, Lady GaGa with Poker Face, J. Lo with On the Floor, Britney with Baby One More Time… 0 cultural impact. 0 trends were set. Nothing original, nothing new, the same boring, cheesy and repetitve ballads. And they come for The Queen Of Pop, the most impactful female not only musically, but culturally, the one and only – Madonna.
      And yet they have courage to come for J.Lo and her flopping but On the Floor is commercially bigger than any of ‘diva’s songs worldwide. Ofc, Hung Up holds the record for being #1 song in most countries, 41. Who else than Madge?

      • JOHNVIDAL May 7, 2013

        Are u serious? Why are you mad at Mariah now? Wasn´t she one of the artists you respected cos “she writes her songs and Whitney didn´t”?
        B**** you´re a joke, zero credibility, always so biased and making nonsensical comparisons. On top of that you stan for looks too many times
        It´s clear you are suddenly so pressed cos with all these ridiculous Mariah-JLo comparisons these last few days (cos their new singles were going to be released in the same week) you really believed your own lie (JLo being better than legendary Mariah Carey) and now that you have to face reality you can´t cope. It´s happening to @suicide too, but at least he has love for every single true great deep inside nad he stans for Madonna the hardest. Your infamous comments downplaying Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson are the ultimate proof and will always be

      • Common Sense May 7, 2013

        You must be seething at Mimi’s success to write such a wall of b*******. Mariah has made no impact? Look at ANY country’s Idol show. Every single one has had contestants cover Mariah because her voice is legendary. Look at any country’s Idol and tell me if you ever see anyone cover a Madonna song.
        It would ignorant to say Madonna hasn’t made an impact because of her antics, political stances, and ability to change herself. Musically, however, she has made NO impact. Whereas Mariah is one of the singers that has had the most impact in the industry.

      • Likica May 7, 2013

        whatever makes you sleep better at night, i am not responding to that mess and your cocky delusions, I wasn’t even talking to you hon…

        @Common Sence

        Gurl, i am talking about CULTURAL impact, not musical. No one denies that her voice inspired many people. But what she did outside of music? Madonna’s videos/performances made her so big, Vogue coverted her into a gay icon, plus her fashion >>>. J. Lo is a big fashion icon as well, her beauty, perfumes, dancing made big cultural impact and inspired many people. After On The Floor, there were so many wannabe hits in my country that sounded like it and that were inspired by its video.
        Mariah’s impact comes from her voice and couple of songs, that’s it. Madonna’s impact comes from her music, not her voice obviously. Look at her wannabes and you will have the right answer who did it better musically, Madonna and Mariah.
        I still think that Mariah is a legend, but you Lambs are doing it too much. You downplay every single artist because of her when she is not on 1/5 level of Madonna/Michael Jackson. Why can’t a Beyonce stan say that she doesn’t have 100$+ tour? Why can’t someone say that they don’t like her songs/new single? When they do, people are pressed about her success. Not at all, I am not pressed about her song doing well. All 18 #1s and none of them are at least 3XPlatinum, PAYOLA obviously. 4 minutes went #3 and sold 3+ million copies in the USA.
        I was even defending her from other stan bases, but sorry, it’s over.

    • Common Sense May 7, 2013

      All singers have their fair share of controversy. Lets not forget Madge’s silly stripper antics all during last tour used to make headlines.

      • Nenes50ThousandDollarTeeth May 7, 2013

        Well Rihanna is clearly PAYOLA cause thats all you hear on the radio and it aint no way in hell everyone likes that much damn Rihanna!

  55. JOHNVIDAL May 7, 2013

    B****** this is amazing!
    Getting a hit after 24 long years of career it´s almost impossible especially when people have heard all from you with so many singles and albums and being on top for that long. And the ageism in music industry is crazy. Ask any other female over 40 who is not Mariah Carey or Madonna. No other has done it
    It´s clear this is not just a one day thing, cos in this second day it is at #4 on US itunes as we speak, higher than yesterday and that incredible radio success (again for a woman who has had so many blockbuster hits already and is over 40) secures longevity. This is a huge hit, see in the coming weeks. It would be amazing if it becomes her 19th #1. Like totally crazy slayage. These b****** emerged after 2000 are so basic that still need to be taught a lesson from the likes of Mariah. True greats will always prevail huns 🙂

  56. danny b May 7, 2013

    I wish ppl would stop saying Beyonce stans hate Mariah bc those that do arent real Bey fans. I stan for King B but Ive been a Mimi fan since I was a child and always want her to win. With that said, I;ve freaking GUSHING and obsessed with this song and really hope it becomes Mariah’s 19th #1. I really want her to get to 20 so she can show these new non talent ass flop b****** like Rihanna and Nicki that their stats dont even compare. Mimi has been in the game for 20+ years and is STILL SLAYING?!!? Please tell me what other diva/female singer is doing that? Not even Madonna is. Im sorry. She is in a class of her own and has the talent to back it up and I love her for it.

  57. DOSSOME May 7, 2013

    Some people are having meltdowns 😉

  58. MC May 7, 2013

    That @LIKICA person is back to hating Mariah now? 😆

    Mess at these JLO stans 😆

    Go listen to Living on the Dancefloor by J-Lo ft Pitbull produced by RedOne. I can’t at these generic ass people talking about anyone being overrated. –> —> —–>

  59. DOSSOME May 7, 2013

    Wait,i thought @LIKICA supported Mariah?lol…oh well,i saw JLO stans losing their minds on MariahVEVO account,so i ain’t surprised the closeted haters showing true colours….awww look at @SUICIDE BLONDE having meltdowns,if this were GIMME ALL YOUR LUVIN or SUIT N TIE,the language would have been different…

    *plays TRIUMPHANT*

    • MC May 7, 2013

      The funny thing is that both these songs had Clear Channel Radio deals the day they came out just like #Beautiful but suddenly he cares that Mariah has this deal when he wasn’t complaining about his faves doing it. Fake b****** showing their skin.

      The JLO stans are still pressed about that “I don’t know her” comment, like get over it, it is almost a decade ago, move on. 🙄

  60. LovetheradiowMC May 7, 2013

    Damn… I knew this was going to be a hit #4 on Itunes chart?
    Why do people bring up Beyonce or other artists? oh yeah, the are overwhelmingly jealous of Carey’s success. Wait for it to crack into the Top 20 on the Billboard chart, then the next week, #1, just a hunch though, oh Mariah I can’t breathe.
    Carly Rae Jepsen better get her gay-Canadian ass out of the way, we don’t need to see a one hit wonder, wondering around my Queen Mariah.

  61. Back 2 J May 7, 2013

    Yikes! Only 3 spins from Urban Adult Contemporary radio stations? UAC radio station usually only caters strickly to R&B music.

    • lovetheradiowmc May 7, 2013

      That is certainly odd.

  62. DOSSOME May 7, 2013

    @MC….they all wanted her to flop,she’s proving them wrong..i never thought i would see BLONDIE losing his cool and typing all that rubbish,but well,just like all the other madge fans,they hate seeing mariah succeed.

    anyways i googled ANNUAL LAMBILY AWARDS 2013 and God,i enjoyed seeing you lambs having fun,so pissed my registration won’t go through…i liked the HYBRID LAMB category the most,i loved that people stan for more than just 1 artist..the THANX 4 NOTHING LAMB was hilarious and i pity the lamb who won it.hopefully i would join you guys soon,i really love interacting with fellow lambs and you not here most of the time these days,i only have JOHNVIDAL and SLAYRIAH CAREY to chat with

    • MC May 8, 2013

      I’m glad you did!!! We need more lambs so I would love for registration to be open so you could sign up. I’m happy that you like the awards 😆

      Hopefully next year you’ll be a part of it.

  63. JT May 7, 2013

    Not really sure about the “payola” thing. If Mariah could have just paid Clear Channel for a hit, why didn’t she do so with “Triumphant”? Or “Almost Home”?

    And even if Clear Channel was paid, she sure as hell didn’t pay over 100,000 people to buy her song on iTunes. Sorry, haters, this is a hit through and through.

  64. TruthTeller May 7, 2013

    Truth of the matter is, Miguel is on this song more than Mariah; payola was used in it’s slim Itunes success; the song is mediocre; Mariah cannot get a hit on her own merits….should I go on?

    • shadyqueen May 8, 2013

      very true mariah carey cant get a hit to save her life and it hasnt even dayviewed on the hot 100 yet to call it a hit already

  65. shadyqueen May 8, 2013

    oh please this song is not a hit let me see the song dayview within the top 10 or top 5 this song could easily fall off the charts tomorrow from itunes just because it got super strong sales on the first day dont mean s*** christina’s your body stay within the top 5 the whole week on itunes?? that song didnt become a hit to save christinas life is all about longevity on the charts! you stans are so pathetic calling it already a hit when it hasnt even dayview on the billboard lol

  66. MyPenIzFresh May 9, 2013

    Man, I love Mariah.. but this song just hasn’t grown on me yet. I know I will love her cd, I always do, but Beautiful is just missing something for me.

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