Behind The Scenes: More From Mariah Carey & Miguel’s ‘#Beautiful’ Video

Published: Monday 13th May 2013 by Sam

 As we’re sure Mariah Carey will agree, radio deals are ‘#Beautiful’.

The vocal icon is enjoying renewed (chart) relevancy with her comeback single; a feat many argue is thanks to a costly yet effective Clear Channel  deal which saw the Miguel assisted cut play every hour on the hour on five radio formats upon its debut.

Still, we’re all for such setups when the song is deserving and “deserving” ‘#Beautiful’ is.

Keen to keep the momentum going ahead of her big performance on American Idol this week, the diva extreme has released another look at the track’s Joseph Kahn directed video.

Check it out below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. QUEEN BARB May 13, 2013

    The most basic b**** in the industry.

    • Lana Del Slay May 13, 2013

      She looks Miss Piggy when she lost her dieting pills tbh.

      • MissPiggy May 13, 2013

        Please don’t insult me.

      • Common Sense May 13, 2013

        Why don’t you worry about Lana’s bottles instead? The b**** is going to drown herself in alcohol when people continue to hate on her elevator music.

    • Rob May 13, 2013

      Yup, your gravi holds that title

    • ThePeople May 13, 2013

      B****** stay mad. Only a 14 year old “hood rat” would insult a legend who paved the way for VOCALISTS of present day entertainment.

    • JER May 13, 2013

      Ho don’t act like you have a job or a place to sleep. You are piled up in the public library typing in 3482864 different names and email address SEETHING to get a hit comment. You and your fave have one thing in common: you are basic FLOPS so I guess that makes you even. It makes you a broke b****, but I guess that makes you even.

  2. Nahjee May 13, 2013


    • Rob May 13, 2013

      Why are you bothering to look at her then c***? Just one of Mimi’s “s***” dress are worth more than your ENTIRE life’s earnings. Worry about your own weight, you probably fat as hell

  3. Holy Hive May 13, 2013

    Only reason Mariah has a hastag in her song is because it reminds her of a waffle. Lmao

    • BionicLotus May 13, 2013

      That’s the funniest thing i’ve seen since i saw where Triumphant charted.

      • #LoseWieghtMariah May 13, 2013

        Hahahaha dead

      • Common Sense May 13, 2013

        Has Lotus gone triple plastic yet, or is Xtincta moving on to her next flop album?

  4. *PINK PRINT* May 13, 2013


    • Rob May 13, 2013

      But WHO will want to marry yo ass? That’s right NO ONE

  5. KatyKat xo May 13, 2013

    Yas gurl cover that sloppy body up cause no one wants to see it mk???

  6. Cupcake May 13, 2013

    One fat pig with an over abundance of cellulite & jelly rolls trying to stuff herself in a size 4 dress, and one undercover gay boy scared to come out of the closet.

    • KatyKat xo May 13, 2013

      Lmao read moooriah

      • Nahjee May 13, 2013

        Hahaha MARIAH hates to look at her jelly rolls in the mirror it kills her soul to look at that mess. Mariah is not happy with her sloppy weight she wants to cut her self every night. So the jelly can roll out her belly

      • Cupcake May 13, 2013

        @ Katykat had my ass laughing hard too.

  7. queenB-rules May 13, 2013

    If sum1 calls MC basic, he/she is just stupid!! Miguel needs to get the hell out of the closet.

  8. DOSSOME May 13, 2013

    Wasn’t Samantha the one bragging over Elijah Blake getting a similar deal just yesterday?…Oh,and just for the record,it’s a 1 day deal and won’t even count towards this weeks billboard rankings as only airplay from wednesday-tuesday will be used…23 YRS LATER AND B****** STILL PRESSED!!!!!!!!


    LOL @ The Nicki stans arriving first to comment.

    • Rob May 13, 2013

      Right?! As a lamb I don’t usually come for throats until they throw shade at MC first, but these bums are going out of their way to hate up in a Mimi post. Talk about being “bitter” and “insecure”

  10. Mother Monster May 13, 2013

    Whos this pig?

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      Ask that flabby whale fave of yours; I’m sure she knows who.

  11. IT’S BARBIE B****! May 13, 2013

    Nicki minaj album is coming soon! Mariah Stan’s ya better look out for that! Nicki minaj is coming with straight fire for ya, she ain’t letting no other b**** slow her down. All nicki gotta do is throw a 5 cheese burger at Mariah head, and Mariah will leave nicki along for about 20 minutes until she eats all her cheese burgers up. Meantime, while Mariah eating burgers like a fat pig! Nicki is making BIG MOVES!!!!!!

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      Oh good! A new album to keep her 2nd album company in the clearance section.


    how does a barb have the nerve to call Mariah “basic?”
    B****, do you remember who the f*** you stan for??


    B**** please. GARBAJNIKAFLOP ain’t coming for s*** until her ratchet ass secures that #1 single.

  14. XtinaaLovee May 13, 2013

    Dead the gurl are wasting no time dragging this beasty b**** n I love it

    • Nahjee May 13, 2013

      Mariah Stan is feeling disrespected! Hahaha WHO GIVES A F*** BOUT HER FEELING SHE A F*** C***!!!!

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      An Xtincta stan mocking anyone? LOL! Your fave hasn’t been relevant in 7 years baby gurl. Move on and stop embarrassing yourself.

  15. XtinaaLovee May 13, 2013

    Mariah looks basic with make up on just imagine how she looks without it oh God no!!!!!!!


      LOL. still better than XXLtina and that clown ass make up she puts on.

    • Rob May 13, 2013

      Still looks better than Christina even on her worst day.

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      Are we forgetting who the first google image search result was for “tranny clown”?

  16. FentySoSnatched May 13, 2013

    Just look at this linebacker.

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      Says the b**** shaped like a surfboard. Tall and flat: That’s Rihanna.


    Anyway, Mariah is Diva SUPREME. she looks #fanfreakingtastic. Still doing well on iTunes.
    @pressed Sam. There’s no need to be mad. The clear channel deal was only for the first day. #beautiful is still getting massive airlplay and after her idol performance it will soar back up on itunes. #JealousBitch

  18. #LoseWieghtMariah May 13, 2013

    My name says it all

  19. DOSSOME May 13, 2013

    This post is gonna be messy,lol…I would love to see who looks stupid in the end,& it certainly wouldn’t be a lamb i can guarantee you that

  20. #LoseWieghtMariah May 13, 2013

    Slayriah mad lmao

  21. queenB-rules May 13, 2013

    Nicki stans, yal are sad and pathetic to try and compare nicki to MC. STFU and stop hating coz I dnt c this going anywhr….

  22. Nats May 13, 2013

    Omg why are people hating on mariah like this? #unnecessary.

  23. LaLopez May 13, 2013

    Can’t sleep at night, chicken on my mind. Aunt Jemima on the radio singing to me if you think you’re hungry now.

    • #LoseWieghtMariah May 13, 2013


    • Cupcake May 13, 2013

      Omg HILARIOUS!!!!


    The so called “linebacker” sold more records than all your faves and it got you dusty b****** pressed for milleniums. Nicki Minaj done stay flopping on her 3rd album and don’t let me start with OinkTina and the paper certification of Floptus and Bionic.

  25. Marc May 13, 2013

    Who’s record label has bought several “#1 hits” on Billboard Hot 100 chart via sales chart manipulation over the past several years. That of course would be Mariah Carey. Do any of you remember the songs “Thank God I Found You,” or “Heartbreaker” by her? I didn’t think so – I’d be shocked if you did actually. What do these songs have in common? Well, neither of them was a hit here in the U.S., the songs reaching #28 and #21 on the U.S. pop airplay charts respectively. What they also have in common is that Mariah’s record label bought #1 positions for both on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart by suppressing downloads for a very long period after the songs were released to radio. I don’t have the exact sales figures, but long story short is that both songs received so many downloads in their first week of availability, that they reached #1 on both the aforementioned chart and on the sales chart. The same thing was also done with her semi-hit singles “My All” (#12) and “Honey” (#10). So, the Billboard Hot 100 record book may say that Mariah has 17 #1 hits. The reality is that only 13 of them can truly be considered #1′s.
    Mariah and her label have been at this for years…


      Gurl look at you trying to sound informed. I know your pathetic ass copied and pasted dat s***. There is zero proof so your ass has been dismissed.

      • Marc May 13, 2013

        Deal with it, Piggy would never beQueen Whitney.

    • Rob May 13, 2013

      Marc where are your receipts for these claims? Have a stadium of seats! The struggle to shade Mariah’s success has people making up delusional theories of chart manipulation. LMFAO

      • Rob May 13, 2013

        No Mariah will never be Whitney because she’s still ALIVE, making music and didn’t drown in a tub with her crack pipe.
        Try me if you like because I WILL go there!

    • CC May 13, 2013

      The funny thing is that downloads were not prominent at the time nor did they have much weight in deciding who is #1. Honey also debuted at #1, so for whatever reasons you can think of, it still had to be THE most popular song to be #1.

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      Of course Mimi will never be Whitney. She cares about herself, her kids, and her fans, so she doesn’t do crack.

  26. TheOne May 13, 2013

    This girls are too threaten by MC! LoL @ them attempting to shade someone who can purchase their lives.
    I can only imagine what these boy/girls look like behind their profiles.

    Mariah doesn’t even know you girls exist! LoL


    You gurls ain’t fooling anyone. Switching through five different usernames to shade Mariah. #Tired and #Predictable

    • Hive May 13, 2013

      Please get a life like we dont know you n dosome are the same people

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 13, 2013

        lol. no chile. posting multiple commments under several different usernames is pathetic and childish.

  28. DOSSOME May 13, 2013

    Where are those free likes and dislikes Samantha,let’s make this post messier…i need those dislikes btw

    • Todd May 13, 2013


  29. Cici Slaaaaaays May 13, 2013

    She look hungry as always.

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      Ciara looking like a man per usual.

  30. Marc May 13, 2013

    King Bey is pregnant.

    The New York Post has reported that Bey is currently 15 weeks along with her second child, though if that is true, she would be about eight months pregnant when she wraps up her final Mrs. Carter World Tour performances in September. Doesn’t seem likely she would be able to perform that whole show with a baby bump!

    • Cupcake May 13, 2013

      She’s not pregnant. She’s just had one too many donuts.

      • her May 13, 2013


  31. Pour it Up May 13, 2013

    Ew she looks so old

  32. Hive May 13, 2013

    Water buffalo.

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      Does that make Bey a mammoth by comparison?

  33. Loyalty May 13, 2013

    The kids need to stop coming for Mariah. Until all our faves can achieve half of what shes achieved theres really no room to talk and be rude like that, unless you’re going to have a proper diplomatic argument, in which case you’ll just get shut down, especially Barbs.

  34. soulmusiclover May 13, 2013

    one of the greatest singers of all time! people are hating on her a lot here! but she’s on another level of greatness! if aretha franklin “the queen of sou”l recognized it who cares about your opinion? keep on hating on this woman! her timeless and numerous classic songs speak for themselves!

  35. Booboo May 13, 2013

    Shade all up and throw this post. Im not even gonna mention the comments. How sad.

  36. Fish box May 13, 2013

    Where is her pimp? she looks like a cheap basic 50 year old crack w****.

  37. TaylorWins May 13, 2013

    I want to feel bad for the Lambs but they are so arrogant and rude to all the other girls, so I won’t feel a damn thing.

    • Marc May 13, 2013

      So true.

    • Rob May 13, 2013

      Why would you need to feel bad for us? Our fave has sold more than EVERYBODY’s fave in here and is still charting at 43.

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      Why would you feel bad for us? We stan for the best in the industry. You on the other hand LOL. You stan for the most basic of basic b******.

  38. Bown Down May 13, 2013

    Shes in her 50s time to start acting like it

  39. Kate May 13, 2013



    @MARC Why would Mariah want to be Whitney. She already surpassed her record sales and has her own s*** and actually wrote her own music.
    #TryAgain. OH and next time, be orignal and not copy and paste something from an unknown blog just to try and make it seem factual.Leave the copying to basic h*** like Nicki Minaj

    • QueenCeline May 13, 2013

      Oh my gosh. I know this piglet didn’t just diss Whitney. I KNOW SHE DIDN’T!

      • Common Sense May 13, 2013

        She also surpassed Mrs. Thank You Titanic for making me relevant’s nasal ass. Problem?

    • Marc May 13, 2013

      Copy and pasted from the truth.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 13, 2013

        Nope. Copy and pasted from sources even more irrelevant than Christina.

  41. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 13, 2013

    this Post has all kinds of SHADE.

    that video did nothing extra for me tho.

  42. DOSSOME May 13, 2013

    Damn,why are my comments getting very few dislikes when they’re “so many” MC haters here…O_o

  43. Turnup4cici May 13, 2013

    The lambs n Mariah deserve to be dragged for dragging poor Lana yesterday.


      B**** no one dragged Lana. It was @MIMI Carey and they done called her out for being a fake Mariah stan so don’t even try it.

      • Turnup4cici May 13, 2013

        B**** she represents your fav plus I seen you and other fans talking s*** about Lana to so cut the b******* you weak b****

    • QueenCeline May 13, 2013

      Yes sis. That’s why I’m not saying a word.

      • Turnup4cici May 13, 2013

        Their pathetic like they fav

    • Rosie May 13, 2013

      Not them dragging Lana when Young & Beautiful is outselling #Uglee by FAR worldwide!

      • Common Sense May 13, 2013

        Now if only Young & Beautiful didn’t sound like everything else she’s released but with a different title.

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      Why? The b**** deserved it. Crying because she can’t accept he fact that not everyone will like her music? Actually thinking that her music “is important.” What an egotistical b****.

  44. Glamguilera May 13, 2013

    When I saw Miguel carrying the weight of this sumo wrestler on his bicycle I just had to cry.

    • Turnup4cici May 13, 2013

      Lmao omg

    • HerNameIsSasha May 13, 2013

      Talking about sumo wreslters when your fave looks like Jigglypuff.

    • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 13, 2013

      *sumo wrestler* tho ?


    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      Now imagine if he had had to carry that whale Xtincta…

  45. Summers in Toronto May 13, 2013

    Mariah >>>>> Nicki, Ciara, Taylor, Christina and the other lessors who are represented in this post 😆

  46. Mooriah Calories May 13, 2013

    Eww why is her nose crooked like that, she needs to leave the cocaine alone her face is starting to look a little bloated.

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      Don’t confuse her with Whitney you silly child.

  47. Rob May 13, 2013

    Usher, Justine Bieber, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez…these are just a few people that have had the exact same one day Clearchannel Promo for a new song and that does not make people BUY the song on Itunes.
    Shady Sam is trying to make it seem like Mariah paid for it. No, if it was paid for it was done so by Def Jam or in exchange for priority interview access, releases and etc.
    To the Haterz…you all probably don’t look as good as Mariah at 43,fat or skinny and no one will ever love and want to marry you. Choke

  48. Kitty May 13, 2013

    She should be ashamed of herself she is pushing 60. her fat ass did not have to flatten that motorcycle out like that


    Mariah’s net worth – $500 million (more than Floptina and Garbaj combines)

    Mariah’s record sales – 200 million (still more than Nicki and xtina combined)

    Mariah – 18 #1 singles (once again, more than Nicki and Pigtina combined)

    This is the type of SLAYGE that got all you b****** mad for days. Keep submitting those comments, essays, and copy and pasted essays cuz Mariah still above all your faves.

    NEXT ——->

    • Turnup4cici May 13, 2013

      How can you call xtina a pig when your fav is bigger than her kiiii

      • Common Sense May 13, 2013

        Taller yes. Fatter no LOL. Have you seen Xtincta lately? That b**** has her own gravitational pull at this point.

  50. Turnup4cici May 13, 2013

    People are really getting feed up with Mariah& her lambs

  51. Barb B**** May 13, 2013

    So now the lambs are shading Whitney? Smh

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      Pointing out facts is shading now? I guess me saying Icki has nasty thunder thighs and more fat reserves in her ass than an elephant is shading too? If you watch the Starshits video though you’ll see that it’s actually fact.



    GURL you’re wrong. I don’t come for Lana until her stans came for Mariah. #ReadProperly.

  53. SummertimeSadness May 13, 2013

    Who is this fresh water rhinoceros on my compudah screen?

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      As opposed to an ocean rhinoceros? LOL try harder you silly hater.

  54. DOSSOME May 13, 2013

    *looks at TEENVOGUE cover* …the nerve to come for someone else’ looks

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      If the magazine was TEEN CHIMP she would have fit right in.

  55. truth(Nicki’s Beautiful ASS STANS can love ME honey!! our queen is Mrs million dollar p**** chile! (puckers lips like Drake) May 13, 2013

    weight watchers can’t even help moo moo chile

  56. BlackOut2.0 May 13, 2013

    I see the lambs have reached the height of disrespect and insulted Whitney.

    • JOHNVIDAL May 13, 2013

      Shup up. I adore Whitney Houston as much as Mariah Carey. You are trying to blame lambs in general when all stan bases fight with each other in this blog

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      Oh so Mariah can be disrespected with nothing but lies and slander, but we lambs can’t point out facts about Whitney?

  57. Super Cisus May 13, 2013

    Damn Mariah is shaped like a Range Rover. Old fat s**** no one is here for the squirrel cheek ho draaaaggg this h**


    Ciara stan needs to just shut the f*** up and exit to the left. That b**** is a flop and you have no room to shade Mariah in any way or form.

    Did Body Flop reach top 10 yet.
    All i want for Christmas is you hit Billboard hot 100 at #21 last Decenmber (18 years after it’s release).

    Ciara is s***. Her time is done. Zero longetivity and forgettable hits. Now exit this post with the tiny amount of dignity you have left.


    How did i diss whitney? I have nothing but respect for whitney. I’m just stating facts unlike some of you b****** who are copying and pasting false information on this blog. That dumb b**** tried to say that mariah wants to be whitney and I was reminding her that Mariah wrote music while Whitney didn’t.

  60. AlexandraIsPretty May 13, 2013

    Shocked and appalled at the disrespect to Mariah. She paved the way for all of our favs.

    • truth(Nicki’s Beautiful ASS STANS can love ME honey!! our queen is Mrs million dollar p**** chile! (puckers lips like Drake) May 13, 2013

      F*** you. they need to pave a way for her fake fat ass to a cow pasture

  61. DOSSOME May 13, 2013


    12 million physical copies worlwide & 2.8 million digital downloads worldwide

    I know i can get 300 dislikes here

    • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 13, 2013

      not on sam’s watch , he’s A BARB after all.

  62. JOHNVIDAL May 13, 2013

    Damn Mariah Carey´s posts have become hilarious. There are like 2 or 3 people who post after different names and are always the first ones to leave a big amount of comments. #pressed
    Anyway Sam: it´s the same deal Justin Timberlake, Madonna or JLo had recently. You are pressed too even if you admit the song is a great comeback. The deal is for teh first day. How do u explain #beautiful is in its 7 day or so and keeps raising more and more on radio? Yesterday it was at 59 miilion audience (+6 compared to the day before). It´s unstoppable on radio cos people like it. Now relax and enjoy the song
    Mariah girl: you are looking gorgeous

  63. Cupcake May 13, 2013

    Lmao @ Slayriah
    Oh, you mad honey? Why anyone would stan for a 2 cent w**** that broke up a marriage and spread her legs for a record deal, is completely beyond me.

    • Rob May 13, 2013

      Go choke on your gravi for typing lies


    Not the Xtina stans though when they know their fave stays looking like she swallowed Precious and had Oprah Winfrey for supper.
    Christina is nothing but a screaming ass b**** who has been trying to copy whitney and Mariah for a long time.

    • truth(Nicki’s Beautiful ASS STANS can love ME honey!! our queen is Mrs million dollar p**** chile! (puckers lips like Drake) May 13, 2013

      It’s not even Christmas h**, you are more crazy then your fave

  65. Marley May 13, 2013


    May 13, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    @MARC Why would Mariah want to be Whitney. She already surpassed her record sales and has her own s*** and actually wrote her own music.


    May 13, 2013 at 4:24 pm

    No Mariah will never be Whitney because she’s still ALIVE, making music and didn’t drown in a tub with her crack pipe.
    Try me if you like because I WILL go there!


    I cant at the sheer disrespect. And you wonder why people drag you guys and your box shaped fave?


      But i didn’t disrespect whitney though. did she write her music? no, she did not.
      I’ve always praised her as one if the greatest vocalist of all time. #ClaimYourSeatHoe

      • Marley May 13, 2013

        But you used it as shade. Don’t try play innocent.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 13, 2013

        It was not shade hun. I never shade whitney because i know she came before Mimi. The person who I was replying to stated that Mariah wants to be whitney or something along those lines and I was telling her that Mariah does not need to be like Whitney because she writes her own music while WH didn’t. That’s not shade. but If you want to see it that way… then fine.

    • Rob May 13, 2013

      And all the haters coming up in here calling Mariah all types of names “fat” “s***” “cow” is not disrespect? Don’t come for the lambs unless we send for you.

      • Marley May 13, 2013

        Well its not tit for tat when you do exactly the same. And talking about the way she died. You lambs always have excuses and play the innocent card, when truth be told you’re as bad as the rest of the fan bases on here you’re just more in the minority.

      • Rob May 13, 2013

        I’m not playing innocent, but did you see me run up in that Nicki post. Hell naw, because I have no f**** to give, but when you come up in here posting hate for no reason when no one even mentioned your fave that’s when it’s time to get dirty.



    You’ve been pretending to be a Celine stan for two long now and it’s pathetic. I know your ass is a barb. Don’t be embarassed. Don’t be scared to admit it. Her other fans aren’t afarid to say they stan for a basic, untalented, unoriginal, ratchet, Jealous, ZERO #1 HAVING ASS bicth so you don’t need to feel embarassed to come out with it. #YouHaveMySupport

    • JOHNVIDAL May 13, 2013

      I told her that same thing yesterday. No way she likes Celine Dion

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 13, 2013

        I’ve noticed that for sometime now. Honestly, who does that gurl think she’s foolin? #DesperateNickiStan.

  67. Rosie May 13, 2013

    Meanwhile Young & Beautiful by Lana Del SLAY remains above #Uglee on iTunes!


      while Mariah’s record sales still stand high and mighty over untalented LAMA DEL FLOP. #Next

      • Rosie May 13, 2013

        …in the US! Not here for local b******.

    • Rob May 13, 2013

      Meanwhile, the struggle for Lana to get a hit in the US, her home country, is still real. 🙁

      • Rosie May 13, 2013

        Young & Beautiful will go top 20 this week in the US. Meanwhile when was Moo’s last hit? Obsessed (With Eminem’s D***)?

      • Rob May 13, 2013

        @ Rosie, we will see about that especially since it has like virtually NO airplay. Keep trying. And yes Obessessed was her last hit from 2009 and went platinum. Does Lana have a platinum anything in the US?

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      LOL Hilarious at flops saying they don’t care about local sales! B**** please if you’re from the US and you can’t sell here YOU ARE A FLOP.

  68. JOHNVIDAL May 13, 2013

    Blah I´m so tired of this s***. It has to be the same person under different names (all from different stan bases)spamming the Mariah Carey posts. Most Mariah fans on here love all talented people and never disrespect, especially compared to most crazy people on this blog
    Long live Mariah Carey (they are pressed at her like never before)
    RIP my baby Whitney Houston
    Thanks Madonna for your hard work
    Lana girl you are doing your own thing

    • Teflon Boy May 13, 2013

      Lol this is a lovely post and I would have to echo the sentiment. IMhO if you are a fan of MariahCarey then you are someone who puts TALENT at a premium and is really just a fan of talent in general.., hence love for Whitney, respect for Madonna etc. The acts themselves don’t have to like each other because let’s face it, they are entitled to their opinions after numerous industry run-ins but i.e. I can check for Christina because she can SANG, the Barbz are clearly pressed and deserve a Stadium of seats for the disgusting comments about Mariah (also delusional ones re: the fat jabs, as only a blind person couldn’t she is clearly in phenomenal shape atm) but that doesn’t affect my respect for Nicki’s grand hustle.

  69. queenB-rules May 13, 2013

    Nicki stans are just as stupid as she is….

  70. Mo’ foodriah Scarey May 13, 2013

    Damn, my ass looks fat in this video.
    Imma bout to hop my muffin top having, love-handle flabby ass to the gym…as soon as I finish my 12 piece bicket of KFC.


    I know this hungry b**** ain’t never shaidng anyone’s weight when your username is “cupcake.”

    • Cupcake May 13, 2013

      It’s a nickname and people have used that as a term of endearment for me. It’s just like calling someone “muffin”, “honey”, “sweetpea”, “sweetie pie”, etc, as I have used all those as nicknames/endearment terms for those I have been involved with.
      You were really reaching Mooriah stan lol.
      *throws you a scooby snack*

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 13, 2013

        take that scoobie snack and shove it up your c** filled, over penetrated ass you stupid b****. Mariah’s been collecting wigs since 1990 (23 years b****) and it clearly got you mad.
        *throws a d*** in your face cuz that’s the only thing that will wake your slutty ass up*

      • Cupcake May 13, 2013

        How can I be mad when my fave is the girl your fave is trying to keep up with?
        My, oh my. You sure are classy.

  72. DOSSOME May 13, 2013

    MARIAH CAREY turned Nicki Minaj from a Rap Royal to an internet thug a la Sybil with only 1 sentence…Add that to her countless achievements and bless me with 500 dislikes 🙂

  73. Cori May 13, 2013

    Mariah is shaped like a rectangle tho

    • Todd May 13, 2013

      And u r shaped as a (one eyed) triangle,obviously 😀

    • Ste’vone May 15, 2013


  74. Likica May 13, 2013

    Make love, don’t fight, lets… make top songs of the moment list tonight 😉

    1.Britney Spears – Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know
    2.Madonna – Gang Bang
    3.Rihanna – Rehab
    4.Shakira – Underneath Your Clothes
    5.Avril Lavigne – I’m With You


      LOL. I doubt they will reply to your comment because they are too busy attempting and failing to shade mariah.

      My Faves though (of the moment)

      1) Rihanna – No Love Allowed
      2)Britney Spears – Gimme More
      3)Mariah Carey – Looking in
      4)Micahel Jackson – Earth Song
      5)Beyonce – Sweet Dreams

  75. Beyonce’sWigBrusher May 13, 2013

    Who the hell writes these posts? Nothing but SHADE on this post yet “watch Nicki Minaj storm blah blah blah”

    • Todd May 13, 2013

      They are desperate for web impressions. I hope they use the money they made out of HATE for a better layout or actual web designer,not a wordpress theme. And maybe they can start PAYING for the pictures

  76. My Eyes May 13, 2013

    She really does look like a Granny in that dressing gown.

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      Your eyes need glasses.

  77. Nahjee May 13, 2013

    Why is some people saying THIER is other people using different user names??? HOW??? It’s the truth everything you hear about Mariah is the truth. Lambs are sooo pressed that they are saying people are using different user names, to cover up Mariah fat ass embarrassing jokes!

    They need to fall back cause I have a feeling slayriah Carey* dossome* got something going on them two ain’t right. Maybe slayriah Carey is dossome umm..


      Every thing that you just said is once agin false like the pinnochio looking-nose on Nicki Garbaj’s clown inspired face.

      Here is what’s true:
      1)Nicki still Does not have a #single
      2)Only 17 of her 44 billboard entries are non-featured
      3)she is unoriginal
      4)She is a sell out to hip hop music as she went into pop just to try and see some sales and chart relevancy but still failed miserably (sees #1)
      4) She hs ZERO respect in the msuic industry
      5) She is disrespectful/ungrateful and it will eventually bite her in the nasty over injected ass.
      6) I could go on but why? You already know all this but refuse to accept it.

    • RITANATION May 13, 2013

      Their are a lot of people on here that play around using different user names. It’s not just slayriah Carey, it other people on here that most likely live with their moms at age 40. *now about this post* this post is a MESS! But do I feel bad about Mariah HELL NO! Cause her Stan base are evil. I remember one of them said they was gonna CUT Rita Ora like a fish. I dont take threats to likely. I think it was slayriah Carey that said that a while back.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 13, 2013

        B**** i Don’t use any other usernames. and why would I waste my time tyring to “cut” Rita Ora?
        You guys are so stupid and make up all this dumb s*** that doesn’t even make sense.

      • Nahjee May 13, 2013

        WOW! You think slayriah Carey may have threating your fave with a knife? So I’m guessing she is using Mariah knife she cuts her hoagies and cheese stakes up with. Well.. I’m not surprise slayriah Carey will threat somebody fave, she is always upset about the “FAT JOKES” from other Stan bases so yea..

  78. Todd May 13, 2013

    She looks great , the song is great ! Go Mimi!

  79. Todd May 13, 2013

    Haters, u are ridiculous ! How hatin on someone successful makes u happy?

  80. DOSSOME May 13, 2013

    Nicki Minaj in 2015 Episode of WHERE ARE THEY NOW:-

    “I’m working on my new album out later in the year..I’m collaborating with some of my favorite people Trina,Blu Cantrell,Fefe Dobson,Latavia Roberson and Khia..”

    American “Ex-Rapper”,wigwearer,circus queen,red carpet philanthropist,gossip blogger and 4 time grammy nominee…

    • peach puss May 13, 2013

      gowrl you’re so mad lmao. to bad you will never be on an episode of where are they now lmao.

    • Ste’vone May 13, 2013

      DAM U SO FUNNY YES………….

  81. peach puss May 13, 2013

    Why is she Orange?

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      24 Carat spray tan dahling.

  82. Todd May 13, 2013

    ”As we’re sure Mariah Carey will agree, radio deals are ‘#Beautiful’.
    The vocal icon is enjoying renewed (chart) relevancy with her comeback single; a feat many argue is thanks to a costly yet effective Clear Channel deal which saw the Miguel assisted cut play every hour on the hour on five radio formats upon its debut”
    It was a 1 day deal, morons! Now go back and edit ur posts about JTs suite and tie, Madonnas Give me all your lovin , Lady Gagas Born this way etc, they had it too

  83. DOSSOME May 13, 2013

    It seems @Slayriah & Myself are one and the same person..Who knew i would be caught *cries*

    ……….And just for the satisfaction i’ll get from rubbing insult to your pathetic selves,#BEAUTIFUL registered 7 million audience impressions on Sunday alone…

    *Blasts #TRIUMPHANT as i imagine what a waste of studio time ROMAN FLOPLOADED-REFLOPPED turned out to be*

    • Ste’vone May 13, 2013


  84. Cupcake May 13, 2013

    Sam, post the Rihanna River Island summer collection sneak peek video.

    • ISA May 13, 2013

      B**** dont nobody care about that flop ugly line!

      • JER May 13, 2013


  85. DOSSOME May 13, 2013

    This post would’ve been more interesting had Samantha been issuing free likes and dislikes…I deliberately refused to comment on Nicki posts but when these mentally absent oxygen consuming mammals she calls “barboonz” try it on a Mimi post………..

    • Beycamel May 13, 2013

      eat s*** and die h** nobody even cares for your musty ass h**.

  86. ISA May 13, 2013

    Mimi looks great dahhling

    • Kate May 13, 2013

      She looks like walrus

  87. JER May 13, 2013

    MARIAH KILLS ME!!!! “i turned around and seen some people with some type of foliage” DEAD

  88. MC May 13, 2013

    Mess at the pressed souls, I mean this post already has 182+ comments without any substantial news, that is how you know you’re relevant.

    Sam being pressed to the fullest, poor barbie, plastic, dusty, doll. JLO, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Britney, etc also had the Clear Channel deal which only lasts for one day, it just so happens this song is also critically acclaimed and massively accepted by the general public. The first day radio deal updates won’t even count on her chart performance due to “rolling effect”.

    Something is going well for her but people are too pressed to even think clearly. #AccidentalSTANS #Beautiful

    • JER May 13, 2013

      No the true T is you know an imploded b**** is logging in with a million screen names. That’s how these posts rack up so many comments to quickly. I’ve noticed that on all the big names. Rihanna, BeYAWNCe… they all run up 139559944 comments in 2 seconds because the same pressed ho’s are doing too much all at once.


      • Ste’vone May 13, 2013


    • Ste’vone May 13, 2013


  89. Remady May 13, 2013

    dang mariah is shaped like a 1985 box chevy lawl

    • Common Sense May 13, 2013

      B**** go change your depends even Mariah is too young to know what those looked like.

      • Ste’vone May 13, 2013


  90. mc the place to be! May 13, 2013

    only mariah can have her song chart a day after it’s released…where they do that at?!

    • Ste’vone May 13, 2013


  91. Common Sense May 13, 2013

    So many basic b****** using the cheap weight one liners because that is quite honestly the only thing they have on Mimi. Meanwhile, they leave themselves completely open to all the imperfections and inadequacies of their basic faves. Tsk tsk.

    • Ste’vone May 13, 2013


  92. DOSSOME May 13, 2013

    While these lessors remain clueless on how Mariah’s been slaying since 1990,#BEAUTIFUL is this weeks highest debut on the Billboard Pop Songs chart (#22) and Billboard Adult Contemporary chart (#23) and it’s her 3rd highest debut on the Pop Charts EVER….NOW KEEP STAYING PRESSED

    • truth May 13, 2013

      Looks more like she has been slaying the buffet line

    • Ste’vone May 13, 2013


    • DASTARKIDD May 13, 2013

      Damn Right the Queens royal entourage has spoken! Mariah Carey Inc. Established in 1990 and been slaying and collecting checks ever since . Still singing and performing for fun while all you hating ass h*** wish your the artist’s you support net worth was $500,000,000 and growing!

  93. Nichole May 13, 2013

    Take it up the b*** queen Samantha is insanely pressed over Mariah.

    Geez. Don’t be mad because the song is not the flop YOU expected it to be.

    • Ste’vone May 13, 2013


  94. truth May 13, 2013

    She got the whole buffet table hidden under that robe

    • Ste’vone May 13, 2013


  95. Ste’vone May 13, 2013

    NOW it time for me to get in u dum punk ass F**-A-STANS U NOT DISRESPECTING MARIAHS FANS SOME-DUM-H*** U DISSIN YOUR SELVES, THE S*** U SAY ABOUT MARIAH WHO DID PAVE THE WAY FOR THE DRY ASS B****** U STANNING FOR,TODAY LIKE nikki MANATRON A DAMB STUPID ASS DISRESPECTFUL ASS CHILD MINDED ASS LOST B**** THE GENNERATION OF TODAY, If mariah would not have sang and rap today nikki man hole manaj punk ass nothing but mouth showing off 30 year old ass would not have a career as we speak……..u foolS talkin bout mariah and u dum ass kids stanning for a 30 year old woman going on 31 i might add lol…….this b**** acts your age thowing temper tantrums stop it please this s*** is real funny…what kind of 30 year old woman is dum enough to let children cheer her on in her foolishness WOW………..what has the world really come to……..

  96. Dina May 13, 2013

    sam, you are a tired, stupid b****.

  97. DASTARKIDD May 13, 2013

    ALL YOU HATERS WISH YOU COULD HAVE A NET WORTH OF $500,000,000 like Mariah. That is exactly why she is the best and will always be the best. She has written on all of her albums including writing her own hits, instead of having others do it for her!…Oh did I forget lol, she produces as well as perform her songs live in keys you wish the artist you haters support could even attempt to even try doing. No one can touch this God given talent she possess. She is the only surviving Queen left who is still breaking records, taking checks, and singing all your hating asses under the table and out of the damn Universe, so haters keep hating because she is always winning and hears you not lol because you just don’t exist in her world!

  98. Amras May 14, 2013

    I can’t with this haters. Still interested in Mariah. There is no such thing as bad publicity. And if these are Nicki fans. Guess what?! Thanks for your comments. Surely, I don’t comment on a Nicki post. Why? I don’t care about her.

  99. Todd May 14, 2013

    I Love my Mimi! Cant wait for AI to be over – 2nd single, great album , live performances…

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