Watch: Rihanna Shoots ‘Budweiser’ Ad In NYC

Published: Friday 17th May 2013 by David

Peep this footage of ‘Rogue‘ star Rihanna, on her way to shoot a commercial in support of her long running relationship with Busch‘s ‘Budweiser‘.

Filmed on her way to the set and working on the shoot throughout the day, her time with the company marks the latest corporate moved made by the entertainer.

For, before the release of her new ‘River Island’ collection, the star’s fans welcomed the news that she is to launch her first male fragrance…billed ‘Rogue‘.

Footage below…

#NowPlaying: Beyonce – ‘Crazy In Love’.

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  1. X,Y,”AND Z” May 17, 2013


    Rihshitana is a disgrace to her profession. This w**** should be promoting a crack ad instead, since she is about the biggest basehead to hit the screen since Cain’s mama in Menace II Society.

    X,Y,”and Z” – Out..!

    • . : : h 2 o : : . May 17, 2013

      Says a LONG TIME supporter of S***’s Brown . .

      • X,Y,”AND Z” May 17, 2013

        If you’re referring to CHRIS Brown, then my rebuttal is simple: he has talent, while Rihshitanna does not. People with talent deserve their support. People without talent (Rih) do not. Anything else?

        X,Y,”and Z” – Out..!

    • maekala May 17, 2013

      F*** u

    • ZOE L333 May 17, 2013

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  2. Marcellis May 17, 2013

    TGJ be forever tagging post post with videos that have NOTHING to do with the topics. I’m so tired of seeing Elijah Blake and beyonce under everything.

    • BeyBeyKing May 17, 2013

      Then close your eyes.

    • 777 May 17, 2013

      I know right! also…… I the only one who is getting loads of ads pop open on the screen? It’s very annoying

      • Navy Sailor May 17, 2013

        Yes it’s ruining the mobile experience! Too many popups and video ads!

  3. . : : h 2 o : : . May 17, 2013

    She’s young, fresh, talented, versatile, smart, and has an excellent fashion taste!

    Can’t hate.


    @Samantha, stop playing music from the 19th century, those days when Beyonce actually KNEW what she was doing are GONE!

    You should Worry about how your fav pissing and shitting all over her could-have-been-massive comeback SINCE February, and worry about what Timbaland announced as Beyonce’s upcoming single, how that hot ass steaming dated mess gonna FLOP and no one’s gonna buy it but (wannabe) 90-year-old women like herself.

    • JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 17, 2013

      I love Beyonce and support her – on a different level to that of Rihanna, but I love and support her nonetheless – but I’m going to have to agree, slightly…

      I’d hate to think that her career has ‘peaked’ already but, in some ways, it has.

      She’s still the ‘talk of the town’ (Media/PR- wise) but, musically/artistically, she is failing.

      What’s going on Beyonce? 🙁

    • Navy Sailor May 17, 2013

      Lmao! WHAT? This can’t be H2o! 😆 😯

    • Grant May 17, 2013

      Rihanna is talented?


    • Iz (Queen Adele) May 17, 2013

      Beyoncé fans like you are so irritating! I don’t even stan for her but really respect her work ethic and you need to stop getting pissed off when something doesn’t go your way. I saw a recent video of her performing very sick in Belgium, I don’t know whats going on with her (personally I think shes pregnant) but whatever it is, fans should be supporting her now not throwing strops because it doesn’t go your way. You don’t know the real reason why she pushed beck her music, but there must be a good solid reason. I don’t expect you to like everything she does but she seems so exhausted lately, something aint right and then she has fans like you throwing strops and all of a sudden praising artists you never did before to make her look worse smh. Some fans really do expect too much sometimes, shes only human. S*** happens

      • MuiMui May 17, 2013

        @IZ while you are right on all counts but there is still life in the world and movers and shakers beside Beyonce look at the other Talents they post on who’s doing great things,Jlo,Kelly,Brit, Rihanna
        Rihanna did not need your Permission to keep working and doing her thing in her own lane,see Beyonce can’t be all the places in the world at the same time even though Beyonce is out of the country life still goes on and people in the United States are still living their lives all the same.
        All the Artist have work ethics that are admired by their fans , Rihanna has great work ethics and she is only human , and while many talk smack Rihanna is still getting things done her own way and even some days with a rag tied on her head seem to me Rihanna is still Winning with or without you and those who Despies her rally of support for her,Rih could care less and is still Unbothered by the silly things people say about her.

      • Iz (Queen Adele) May 17, 2013

        Um… What? That’s not even relevant to what I am saying. #OffTopic

    • Diamond Navy May 17, 2013


  4. JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 17, 2013

    And the media actually regard this t-shirt as ‘offensive’ and are criticising her for it because of what exactly…?


    Why isn’t she allowed to take charge of her ‘own’ sexuality?

    How many men do we see walking around with tops & snap-backs with the words/phrases ‘P****/I Love P****/B****** are the Best’ etc… written on them?

    Anyway, Rihanna, you look cool & chill, as per-usual. 😉

    • . : : h 2 o : : . May 17, 2013

      I can’t see any lies.

    • SIERRA May 17, 2013

      100% AGREE!!!

  5. Avi May 17, 2013

    She’s filthy.

    • Navy Sailor May 17, 2013

      Yo mama.

      • Avi May 17, 2013

        Do you even know who ‘yo mama’ is? She’s that 12 year old mutt who chases cars down the street every time one goes by, has let all the other dogs in the zip code hit at least twice and whose ugly ass tail doesn’t wag anymore due to old age and an infestation of fleas, ticks and rabies. That’s yo mama, b****.

        Now that we’ve established what kind of pedigree YOU come from, back to Rihanna who is still a filthy, non-singing bimbo who resembles E.T.


      • Navy Sailor May 17, 2013

        And how long did it take you to come up with that, c***? 😆

        Gurl, be gone and come harder. *pats crotch and blows a kiss*

        😆 😆 😆

      • Avi May 17, 2013

        Translation = “I just got owned and couldn’t come back with a worthy counter attack.” [email protected] Don’t even bother to try harder, you’re no good at this and will only embarrass yourself…again. 😉

      • Navy Sailor May 17, 2013

        HUMAN TRANSLATION: “You typed a bunch of pointless, corny b******* and I REMAIN unbothered”. 😆

        Like I said boo, COME HARDER. Blue Ivy reads better than you dahhling.

      • MuiMui May 17, 2013

        AVI Sounds like a personal problem there you are having, because the same can be said about anybody are anything.
        Rihanna love the names you call her because it shows that Rih is still running things and it has gotten next to you.

    • James227 May 17, 2013

      Why is Rihanna doing a Bud Commercial? She should be doing Corona Commericials. lol

  6. Navy Sailor May 17, 2013

    Awwww Sam I hope you’re enjoying Crazy In Love because you damn sure aren’t getting any new music from her! 😆

  7. queenB-rules May 17, 2013

    Aint not b**** can hold a candle to BEYONCE!!!!! Rihanna is a pop flop just waiting to happen! Evry bit of her success is coz she uses her s** to sell! And as for her radio hits, that only sells in europe!! So all yal navi assess can just sit down. Or better yet BOW DOWN!!!

    • Navy Sailor May 17, 2013

      Awwww look at the Hive having a meltdown because she STILL has no music from her fave. Tell Mrs Carter to have a seat before she passes out mid booty shake. 😆 stay pressed sis!

      • B. Hill May 17, 2013

        Tell Mrs. Forehead to have a seat before Chris beats her ass again.

      • Navy Sailor May 17, 2013

        Why would she have a seat when she has MUSIC to promote? Where’s beyonces single? *turns on flashlight*

      • queenB-rules May 17, 2013

        Sthu! Ur time has expired riwhora stan! Next…….

      • Navy Sailor May 17, 2013

        Yet you’re in MY faves post. The irony…

        You and the rest of your pressed ass “Occupy Rihanna” whores can break down your tents and head back over to the Beyonce post where y’all belong.

    • MuiMui May 17, 2013

      AINT no b**** trying to hold a candle to her,Rihanna have beautiful low beamed lights that are dressed all the way up with ever greens blowing in the wind.
      And we know the low beamed fancy lights around Rihanna has gotten next to you Otherwise you would not be here Reminding people of somebody else who don’t have a thing to do with this post at all,U R Jealous
      Rihanna “Diamonds” has out Gunned and Out paced Beyonce’sCrazy In Love and just got here several months ago,check the creds as Keri says,
      Rihanna fans says Bow Down to Rihanna songs “Diamonds”and “Stay” because they are doing the boogie woogie and i know that make many of those who want Rihhanna to go away very hot and bothered and it shows.
      REMEMBER You can never Kill Rihanna and her fans VIBE.
      Rihanna song “Loveeee” Ft Future is warming up to radio and will be popping for this summer.
      They can post Mother Teresa song with a Rihanna post and that still will not stop people from flocking to Rihanna music and to a post on her because shes a fun down to earth human being, shes not Flaky Jakie or Fake Shes the real deal and she Owns It.

  8. queenB-rules May 17, 2013

    Seriously????? And I’m thinking that rih crazy as stans wld have a better comback….. #bored

    • Navy Sailor May 17, 2013

      Who needs a witty comeback when Hive members are dropping like flies? Kiiiii 😆

      • Dray May 17, 2013

        Kiiiiiii. . . .boom

      • NΛVI May 17, 2013

        OOOPS! i see they coverting to the NAVY i.e H2O but we don’t y’all phunky asses in our base.

  9. Dray May 17, 2013

    These Hive members (including Sam) are pressed and depressed living off the vapors of the past and having breakdowns around the net–no offense H20. Yes, Ms. Rih is awesome. How can you not love her? The girl is a BOSS and doing big things.

    • Navy Sailor May 17, 2013

      Chile they are really upset! It’s not our fault that their Gods lack of new material has left them with tears, mental breakdowns and hissy fits. 😆

    • queenB-rules May 17, 2013

      Lmao…….DRAY ur comment sounds DRY. Now move to the back of the line and try again later…..ur behind the sailor trick and the confused H2ho

      • Dray May 17, 2013

        . .did you see anything but truth? Did I lie? I will excuse your comments because we know the Hive is hurting and needs someone to lash out at. They have meds for that.. . .so you CAN DEAL!!!!!!!!

        and that bulging stomach Bey was sporting was belly fat.

      • MuiMui May 17, 2013

        Rihanna keep them so mad the more they trash talk
        her the bigger she get. They knock her down and she always comes back swinging.

  10. highway hooker May 17, 2013

    I see someone just put the ‘RIP’ on his BeyHive membership.!

    And Rihcycled aka. Rihtarded looks like shite btw, she can stop trying.

  11. BEYSUS OVER JESUS May 17, 2013

    PEPSI >>>>>>>>>BUDWEISER

    • Navy Sailor May 17, 2013

      Coca Cola >>>>>>> Pepsi

      Pepsis stock has hit an ALL TIME LOW. They’re laying off thousands of people. But they could pay Bey $50 million? No wonder they’re making her tour so they can get their money back! 😆

      Budweiser is doing damn good. Pour it up, pour it up 😆

      • Dray May 17, 2013

        . . that’s how we ball out. . . .your fav could NEVA

      • James227 May 17, 2013

        No Bud is not doing good. They are being sued for watering down their beers. People started drinking Cores or Corona’s Bud is like Miller nothing but water. They are trying to use Rih’s name to bring them back. But I think it’s to late.

      • Navy Sailor May 17, 2013

        Well, boo I’m black. I drink VODKA! 😆

        Pour it up, pour it up!

    • James227 May 17, 2013

      I myself drink Corona lol

      • James227 May 17, 2013

        Oh by the way I’m also black and drink Corona & going by some of Rihanna’s pictures she also loves Corona

  12. Iz (Queen Adele) May 17, 2013

    I don’t see the big outcry about this top and I don’t even particularly like her. We are in the 21st century.

    Sidenote: There is a distinct difference between a loyal stan and stans that ride off the success and hype of their artist when things are going 100%. Its becoming very evident.

    • MuiMui May 17, 2013

      Get lossed i love all the artist, even Beyonce people
      like you are the ones who can kill another artist stock by the way you treat others.

    • Tash May 17, 2013

      @Iz (Queen Adele) MTE

      • Tash May 17, 2013

        Directed at your last point.

  13. Iz (Queen Adele) May 17, 2013

    And we all know this deal is thanks to Jay Z and his deal with Budweiser.

    • MuiMui May 17, 2013

      You are such a sad sack do you think anybody gives a care as to who’s influence got Rihanna the Endorsement deal because at the end of the year Rihanna & Company are all going to be rolling in dough.
      Besides that: that is what Rihanna pay Him the big bucks for, did you think that shes paying him millions to sit on his behind and fan himself, grow some brains, maddie ann.

  14. Likica May 17, 2013

    She looks cute.
    Sam, Britney Spears’ single Oh La La for Smurfs 2 is out. Post it!

  15. josie May 17, 2013

    okay. it’s bud.

  16. Diamond Navy May 17, 2013


  17. reading is fundamental May 17, 2013

    What we are witnessing here is the world’s biggest superstar at the moment at the peak of her powers. This is truly incredible to witness. She is well on her way to legendary status. Just watch…

    • Dray May 17, 2013 .

  18. Savannah May 17, 2013

    I love that shirt lol!!! I’m not the biggest Rihanna fan, but I gotta admit I’m always checking for her hair, music and fashions lol.

  19. ZOE L333 May 17, 2013

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    You never know who is out there just waiting for you to make their dream lovelife a reality

  20. Dray May 17, 2013

    How it feel down there on your knees. . . . .

    SHE SAID THAT!!!!!!!!

    • Highway Hooker May 17, 2013

      Let her seethe as the pop’s first billionaire couple continue to make $$$ out of her pathetic flop ass.

      • Dray May 17, 2013

        Oh. .smiles she’s not seething. . .but I can name someone else who is. . .”got a thang for a King and it ain’t you. . .” Read between the lines and gnash your teeth.

      • Dray May 17, 2013

        AND. .she just threw more shade by posting pics of her “gurl” Foxy B chilling after Foxy called out your fave and her stank breath . . . .now let’s see the Hive try to end Rih’s career like they cyber bully Keyshia and Keri.

        Try it. . .we got them guns for ya

      • Vee May 17, 2013

        Rihanna is lame. Shes shading the guy responsible for her career even existant. I mean the b**** spends time shading Ciara of all people when shes supposed to be ill. Only you lame fans are impressed by instagram shades. But she wouldnt dare confront them people in the flesh. Bad b****?

      • Dray May 17, 2013

        SHE ALREADY SHADED BEY the moment Bey released that dumb a** buzz, Bow Down mess. . .Rih is not scared of anyone and especially not Befakery. Read what I wrote again then come again–Ciara is not mentioned in this shade but Bey is–now WHUT. . . .I know reading is a difficult thing for the Hive but in ghetto terms–“Rhi been done read yall “mess of a tran-queen” and dismissed her along with her hood hive

      • Vee May 17, 2013

        And yet… It was still on instagram. You missed my point. Lets see her take her attitude to Beyonce in real life. We all know how sheepish her ass looks in pictures with her. And yes i’ll use Ciara because its an example of how Ri only shades behind the screen.

      • Dray May 17, 2013

        She don’t need to take it to Beyonce’s face because she too busy MAKING MUSIC and closing deals. . . . .files nails.

      • Vee May 17, 2013

        Yeah because she doesn’t have the nerve when she encounters and goes round to hold her baby and s***. ‘Auntie Ri’ wouldn’t dare.

      • Highway Hooker May 17, 2013

        Beyonjce has already sold more albums than her worldwide so if she took some time out, she’d only be laughing at the delusion.

  21. Dray May 17, 2013

    Another thing. . .why hasn’t Sam posted anything on Rihanna’s deal with Pharrell on a new network series “Style to Rock. . ” Rih keeps winning but I don’t see the headlines, SAM. Either I missed it because Rih stays doing the most and it’s hard to keep up with all her accomplishments or Samantha didn’t broadcast it.

    • Little Monster May 17, 2013

      Didn’t Styled to Rock flop? And this site is always reporting on Rihanna everything she does #tryagain

      • Dray May 17, 2013

        Please don’t make me read you but I know about my fav so you worry about yours and the hold up with her shyt Lil Munster, but for your info–this is a new reality series that is coming out here in the states co-chaired with Pharrell. . .yes we know about that European venture but she’s moved on from that. Sips tea

  22. Rihanna killed beyho’s career May 17, 2013

    Brad Wheeler of The Globe and Mail wrote “The 100-minute thrill ride included a two-tune encore, comprised of the bluesy ballad Stay – the woman can sing (Rihanna) – and the sky-gazing, swirling, upswooping single Diamonds…Rihanna’s star is hot and still on the rise – Beyoncé’s Sasha Fierce is now Sasha Fears.””

    LMAO so it’s not just the Navy who thinks that Sasha Fear is scared to release. Poor HIVS thinking their washed-up tranny fav is giving them new material.

    • Vee May 17, 2013

      I highly doubt Beyoncé cares by one biased report when she has 10x better reviews than your girl in general. And its funny they felt the need to bring BEYONCE into in the first place when it was Rihannas review. Shows her impact as a performer more than anything.

      • Rihanna killed beyho’s career May 17, 2013

        If BeUglyonce doesn’t care she would release new music during SB. They brought up BeyaWnce’s name because it shows Rihanna is keeping this bytch busy. The struggle to release.

      • Vee May 17, 2013

        So why should that have anything to do with Rihanna? Doesnt even make sense what you are saying.

      • Rihanna killed beyho’s career May 17, 2013

        Let me put it this way. Lets say if Rihanna never released new material (Unapologetic) in Nov and decided to take a break until 2014. She decides to leave the spotlight as well. I know for a fact beyucki would be quick to release during that Super Bowl.That’s what pressed,fake, attention whores do. Rihanna is blocking this bytch since she is the only black woman slaying on the charts.

      • Vee May 17, 2013

        No. You dont know for a fact. You choose to belive it because you are a Rihanna fan and you think everything revolves around her. Its contradictiry anyway, because if Beyonce was ‘scared’ of Rihanna (the same person her husband manages) she wouldve taken FULL advantage of the superbowl promo, but she didnt.

      • Vee May 17, 2013


      • Lou May 17, 2013

        Vee, I don’t know why you are bothering honey. S*** like that will never digest. I mean, Beyonce is sooo scared, yet she doesn’t use all the hype from the superbowl and documentary?

  23. Rihanna killed beyho’s career May 17, 2013

    Blah Rihanna just chewed Sasha Fear out on Twitter

    “Got a thang for a King, but chu ain’t a King!!”

    This is directed towards Beyfraud
    BeUglyonce damn sure ain’t no King. How is she gonna let young 25 year old Rihanna take ova the game.Adele has sold more than BeUglyonce’s whole discovery but she called herself King. Rihanna is making BeyaWnce want to retire and push back her music LMAO..

  24. Rihanna killed beyho’s career May 17, 2013

    Everybody has released. Ashanti,Ciara, Jlo, Mariah Carey, Kelly Rowland even Ray J. LMAO. BeUglyonce has yet to release.The HIVS said she would shut Rihanna down during Super Bowl but RIhanna’s tour is still selling, along with her Lipstick,clothing line and other endorsements. Not only that she has music on the charts. Rihanna is not scared to release and has never had anything pushed back. Diamonds,Stay,Love Song and Pour it up still snatching that lace front.. Unapologetic has sold 3 mill WW in 6 months but BeUglyonce has had more promo than Rihanna. SB,inauguration,Pepsi, Tour and still had her shyt pushed back. I still waiting on this Rita Whora person to shut Rihanna down.

    Bow Down>>>>flop
    Flopping on the Sun>>>>flop
    Andrea Feat BeyUglyonce>>>>flop
    Flopping Up>>>>flop
    Flop woman>>>>flop

    • Vee May 17, 2013

      Death at Beyonce on your mind so much. The obsession is real. To the fact you call unreleased music and snippets flops lmao. Sit down.

      • Rihanna killed beyho’s career May 17, 2013

        Rihanna is on my mind not Beyfraud. I saw BeUglyonce under Rihanna’s name on this thread. Bytch try again.

      • Vee May 17, 2013

        And you stay writing the same repetative paragraphs instead of ignoring. So she is on your mind.

  25. Vee May 17, 2013

    I see Beyonce stays on some peoples minds as usual.

    • Dray May 17, 2013

      Rih stays on yours because you’re in her post. Have a SEEEAAAAT

      • Vee May 17, 2013

        I like to read about her because i dont actually dislike her. But I cant at Rihanna fans talking more about Beyonce in their own faves post. Like, whole paragraphs and s***!

      • NΛVI May 17, 2013

        OOOPS @VEE stupid ass lol

    • Lou May 17, 2013

      @Vee IKR! They just cannot resist.

      • Navy Sailor May 17, 2013

        Oh, like how the Hive couldn’t resist flocking to this post? But hey, what’s new? 😆

      • Lou May 17, 2013

        Er yeah, like, cos you are never on a Beyoncé post right?

  26. Lou May 17, 2013

    O_O That top though lol. She looks cute however.

  27. rihking May 17, 2013


  28. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) May 17, 2013

    She would endorse some beer company….

    • THE HIVES ARE DROPPING May 18, 2013


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