Hot Shots: Rihanna Arrives In Paris Ahead Of Stade De France Gig

Published: Saturday 8th Jun 2013 by David

 Flying under the paparazzi’s radar proved impossible for Rihanna yesterday, as she was snapped out and about in Paris ahead of her forthcoming stadium show at Michael Macary’s ‘Stade De France‘.

Boasting 81,338 seats, the venue will see the star’s ‘Diamond World Tour‘ touch down tonight, marking the latest leg of the yet to be sold out stage show.

So, until the show begins in a few hours time, peep more pics from the Instagram regular below…


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  1. Little Monster June 8, 2013

    Shame the whole thing wasn’t on sale though.

    • Likica June 8, 2013

      Why are you always in Rihanna threads hating on her? What did she do to you? Anyway

      “@TeamOfRihanna: Rihanna – Stade De France (Paris) : SOLD OUT (80 000 tickets)” GaGa did around 70 000, don’t be mad.

      • Little Monster June 8, 2013

        Of course they would say that. She cant even sell out in London and that’s next week. I know French people and on around 40,000 were on sale. Gaga is a boss at stadiums Rihanna isn’t sorry.

      • Likica June 8, 2013

        You say simply because you hate Rihanna. Receipts for all that you said?

    • makaela June 8, 2013

      Stay off rihanna p**** u hating a** s*** do u have a job at least she is out working what u doing for yourself u people stay behind ur computers and bully stay press she will be the next madonna deal with that gaga is a gimmick hype up fool

      • factchecker June 8, 2013

        LOL, RIhanna already hit London up for sold out shows, not 1, not 2, not3, not4, not5, not6, not7, not8, not9, BUT
        10 sold out shows. Been there done that now on to France where she is going to be the YOUNGEST to headline a sold out show. Follow her. CTFU!!!!

  2. xcnxcneruer458 June 8, 2013

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  3. Likica June 8, 2013

    Yet to be sold out? Didn’t all people say her tour was a flop but the American leg was sold out? Plus Stade de France is sold out already.

    Anyway, she looks cute and she will slay tonight while you’ll be checking for her performances as usual 😉 Your flop favs will never.

    • Nats June 8, 2013

      Its not sold out in its entirety sweetheart.

    • MariahIsMusic1 June 8, 2013

      Our Flop faves? Just because she sold out a french stadium doesn’t mean she’s better than other artist! Nice try though.
      No wonder people shade your fave rihanna. You’re a B**** that’s what you are arrogant sick s***.

      • Likica June 8, 2013

        I was talking about Sam favs like Ciara/Kelly/Nicki Minaj and others. Learn to read.

        And don’t call a s***/b**** since you don’t know me at all. You are really the most annoying person here.

      • factchecker June 8, 2013

        She’s someone that other so called on top of the game is chasing. Rihanna is #1 artist hottest babe in the game, with an unstoppable reign. Say what you want, talk that talk, but her CHARTS prove it. She’s already sold out stadiums what else is left to do???? GET ANOTHER #! single on the charts. CTFU!

    • Likica June 8, 2013

      Yes it is and you can stay pressed honey 😉 Check Billboard numbers for American leg, and it’s aleady confirmed that she sold 75 000 – 80 000 tickets for Stade De France. When will your fav?

      • Nats June 8, 2013

        Babe the American leg doesn’t mean the whole Tour. Do you know what ‘entirety’ means?

      • Likica June 8, 2013

        Even if it’s not sold out, does it mean that it is flop? Last time I checked I Am.. Tour had so many unsold shows with poor attendance for some of them, but tour was a success overall. So lets wait for final numbers when all is said and done. I am sure that tour will be huge.

      • Nats June 8, 2013

        Never said it was a flop babe. Im just stating facts and it is yet to be sold out. You are the one talking about ‘flop faves’ . I don’t care about numbers I know Diamonds will do well but it is not sold out yet which is pretty disappointing since the tickets have been on sale for a long time now.

      • Likica June 8, 2013

        I was talking to Sam, not to other people here. He keeps shading Rihanna but his favs *beside Bey* can’t even sell an arena and he always downplays her. As I said, I will wait for the final numbers. No one believed that American leg was sold out but look what happened in the end? Btw receipts that it is not sold out yet?

      • Nats June 8, 2013

        Ok fair enough. But it didn’t come across that way 😉

  4. Marley June 8, 2013

    She better put on show. She was accused of being drunk and high on stage by fans again recently. This girl so disrespectful.

    • factchecker June 8, 2013


      • Marley June 8, 2013

        Maybe some did. I wasn’t there.

      • COCKINESS June 8, 2013

        Well then shut the f*** up if you wanst there and stop reporting gossip!!!

      • Lala June 8, 2013

        Its obviously true though. Not the first time this has happened to Rihanna.

  5. MariahIsMusic1 June 8, 2013

    She looks so cute awwww. I dig that hair! Do your thing girl 🙂

  6. Nats June 8, 2013

    Why the long face?

    • factchecker June 8, 2013

      She wanted to give you something negative to talk about. LMFAO!

  7. Nats June 8, 2013

    @MariahisMusic IKR so everyone who hasn’t done Stade De France in a flop? When Rihannas tickets have been on sale since last November and the tour is still not sold out. Ok. But good luck with the show Rihanna.

    • MariahIsMusic1 June 8, 2013

      LIKICA is dumb b****. I rest my case with her!!

    • makaela June 8, 2013

      So what is your point she still making money do u have a job why cant u support your own what has this woman done to u to get so much hatred most of u are fill with jealousy and insecurities of your own dam self sickening to see bullies on here get a life

  8. Loyalty June 8, 2013

    Good luck with the show Ri.

  9. King B>Rihanna June 8, 2013

    she looks cute and i love the new hair colour.

  10. MariahIsMusic1 June 8, 2013

    LIKICA is a dumb b**** filled with negativity. I rest my case with her!!

  11. mc the place to be! June 8, 2013

    it’s sold out!! and even if it’s not people are still going regardless these people just need to deal with rihanna being one of top pop artist today DEAL!!

  12. Its Alexa June 8, 2013

    The Antwerp show this week didn’t go well Rihanna you need to pull it together for the sake of your reputation. Its all very well boasting but people are more bothered about the way you perform in the long term. And looking back at Rihanna performances I hope there’s not more bad than good. Good luck with this one for your own sake girl.

    • Likica June 8, 2013

      Tbh I agree, I liked her performances during GGGB era, she was great back in the day. She’s not that bad right now either, especially when she sings ballads, but she needs to work on vocals/dancing. Hope she will take a break after this tour and come harder.

  13. MariahIsMusic1 June 8, 2013

    I mean she is Racist! She’s always coming for Mariah, Beyonce etc. She annoys me f***. She acts as if Rihanna is the greatest artist of all time *claps hands* Yes Rihanna is doing great and killing the game right now but you just can’t say “When will your Flop faves” Like seriously. B**** I’m f***** 16 and I got mature than this b****

  14. MariahIsMusic1 June 8, 2013

    I mean she is Racist! She’s always coming for Mariah, Beyonce etc. She annoys me f***. She acts as if Rihanna is the greatest artist of all time *claps hands* Yes Rihanna is doing great and killing the game right now but you just can’t say “When will your Flop faves” Like seriously. B**** I’m f***** 16 and mature than this b****

  15. in her own words June 8, 2013

    who cares?!? *shrugs*

    let it be a good show for them all.

  16. Aynon June 8, 2013

    That’s great she sold out the stade de France, her tour still won’t outgross Beyoncé ,Taylor or pink…

    • factchecker June 8, 2013

      And neither of them will have the chart success that Rihanna continues to have and they so called can sing. CTFU…Boreyonce’s last tour and this tour still had tickets for sale even in the United States. Just do a search for her tickets and get a reality check.

    • the best dancer June 8, 2013

      She will out gross Beyonce…

      she may not outgross Taylor or PINK this year… but she will out gross Beyonce

      Beyonce’s highest grossing tour is $103 million
      RIhanna’s highest grossing tour is $90 million
      Taylor – over $124 million
      GaGA – over $224 million
      Pink – over $150 million
      Tina Turner over $120 million
      BRITNEY – OVER $130 million

      Taylor, PINK and Rihanna will all outgross Beyonce this year….

      Bey will still be sitting at $103 million as highest grossing tour

      • Lolz June 8, 2013

        Beyonces tour grossed $118 million actually. And you better hope Beyonce doesn’t add any more legs to the Mrs Carter Show because that’s the only way she will out-gross her for obvious reasons.

  17. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 8, 2013

    – I Love her.
    – Don’t use her recent looks with that hair.
    – she looks sad as f***.
    – she need to upgrade her performing skills, she sucked as of late.
    – she need to tell us the release date of “PIU” MV and get back on the promo trail , she got comfortable i see since the grammy’s , and “unapologetic” is now off the … well b**** do something about it.

  18. Marley June 8, 2013

    I don’t know why people are so defensive when people only state facts. Rihannas faced a lot of criticism this tour for her performances and it IS yet to be sold out on multiple occasions therefore she will get called out. Good for her doing Stad De France however many tickets its really sold and all that but lets not act like shes the greatest just because she did that. I wish her all the best.

    • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 8, 2013

      no one ever said rihanna is the greatest, I am a big fan and there are certain things about her that i don’t take serious , one of them is her live performances.

      • Marley June 8, 2013

        Many of the Navy do act like that though. I’ve read many times that kind of delusion. Even black Madonna smh.

      • N June 8, 2013

        There’s delusion everywhere @Marley

        Other examples :

        – BeyHive saying Beyonce is the very best performer since MJ (I’m a Hive btw) and calling her things like “Beysus”..

        – KatyC*nts saying their fav is “The Female MJ” (and they be serious with it) based on a shitty, irrelevant record/achievement on some random ass $1 digital tracks local weekly chart..

        At least Rihanna fans call her “The Black Madonna” because she said that was her dream once.

      • Marley June 8, 2013

        That’s not why they call her that. They call her that because they think she is the biggest thing since Madonna they’ve said it in their comments. Just like the Beyhive think Beyonce is the female MJ. And tbh it doesnt help celebrities saying that about Beyonce aswell. But yeah the delusion is in every fan base. I’m glad I am not a stan.

      • Marley June 8, 2013

        But I know not all stans of Rihanna, Beyonce, Gaga and so on are that delusional.

      • Likica June 8, 2013


        Exactly. Where are the lies? But our girls are undeniably the biggest stars in the world right now, that’s why they (media) compare them to legends.

      • Marley June 8, 2013

        Yeah I agree aswell. They are icons in pop right now no doubt. And they will all be legends for their generation in the future imho. So when their stans fight its just stupid because they all stand out and will be remembered for different reasons. But some stans act like their faves shouldn’t be called out and people cant say anything slightly negative.

    • MuiMui June 8, 2013

      Marley let your dumb ass worry about them ticket,chump,
      Rihanna faces Criticism because she has a blooming career and has topped many who is supposed to be the fave’s of the world yet dragging their butts behind because they are to scared of what Beyonce is going to say and do with her Screwed up Fans.
      Riha na will never bow down to Beyonce no matter how many Praise Beyonce to the high heaven and always trying to throw a monkey ranch off into Rihanna cake,cake.

      And just think Rihanna does good in spite of the write ups and the bashing now how much better would Rihanna be ifshe wasn’t dogged to death by those who despies her.

      Seewhen the Devil is Low Raring,lying and bashing Her the Lord keeps Blessing Her.

      And what the Lord has for Rihanna the devil in hell can’t stop Progress so all of you who don’t like it can Take A Bow not down but just a simple Bow.
      And your stupid butts will fight,fuss and go after every small detail of how many,how much,and how her tickets did Why does it matter to you the LESS TICKETS sold the less money Jay them ass+s get paid.

      • MuiMui June 8, 2013


  19. N June 8, 2013

    I can’t @ y’all scalping Likica’s weave for filth. She’s like one of the best commentors to step in this garbage blog.

    • MuiMui June 8, 2013

      @N You are so telling the truth and one of the reasons i drop in otherwise it would be a snooze fest. There are a few more great commenters too who’s fun to read .

    • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 8, 2013

      I like the girl , don’t know why simple f**** act ratchet when they see her posts ?

      and i see the word “racist” started to be mainstream in this blog again………… 🙄

      “racist” is someone like that bimbo who’s called ” white girl mob 2.0″ !!!!

      @Likica is an annoying dramatic navy tho, wish she just she stick to posting her amusing irrelevant Q&A posts and hush sometimes.

  20. heavy metal lavaa June 8, 2013

    This’s how R****** was before minimizing her forehead


    • MuiMui June 8, 2013

      And i can name ten with smaller forehead that is not doing shyt with their careers.

      And i can name ten who’s sexier, write,produce and play musical Instruments who are not doing shyt with their careers You dumb a)) Nobody.

  21. MuiMui June 8, 2013

    Rihanna has intimidated the hell out of the singles market and raised hell in the albums department.
    And it is clear that people want her to show them how to feed the world with two fish in her hand and that says it all.
    What other Artist are even Booked this year besides her to perform there You know its big because you are talking about it.
    And another thing if Rih isn’t for you then why do your complaining ass+s keep chiming in on her post.
    Why do you give Rihanna whos not supposed to be good enough to Perform on any stage, then why give a supposely Untalented artist the time of the day. Rihanna is doing something right because you bytches can’t stop Throwing them bytch parties.
    Ignore her post if she ain’t sh+t,otherwise you are a fan of her’s.

  22. Rosie June 8, 2013

    Am back, lol @ everyone dragging Likica.
    That’s the same amount of people Lana will likely be performing for at Lollapalooza.

    • Likica June 8, 2013

      Who is dragging me exactly? Receipts? That Mariah fan who pretends to like Rihanna now but was calling her names/her music garbage recently? I don’t call that dragging, sorry. Even if you consider it dragging, what people do to you/Lana when you hate on other artists must be priceless dragging 🙂

  23. Lovebird June 8, 2013

    Stade De France SOLD OUT, Cape Town Stadium SOLD OUT and she’ll also be playing Soccer City Stadium which will be SOLD OUT soon. All these stadiums have something in common, the WORLD CUP, that reign.

    Also, the Asian domination has begun, Rihanna will be playing Manila, Singapore and Macau, that reign.

    • rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS June 8, 2013

      I think she will be the guest singer at the Brazil world cup – there is no bigger pop star on earth than her.

      • Lovebird June 8, 2013

        I’m personally just waiting for more Asian dates to be announced. I think she can do Tokyo, Jakarta, Seoul and Bangkok. I mean which other female is winning on a global scale like Rihanna right now?

      • rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS June 8, 2013

        You know they added the middle east: Abu dhabi, isreal and Dubai.

        She even got Arab fans ready to turn up.

      • MuiMui June 8, 2013

        Rihanna keeps WINNING and that make many people sick.

  24. Lovebird June 8, 2013

    Rihanna’s biggest hits.

    SOS (6 weeks #1 Australia)
    Umbrella (10 weeks #1 UK)
    Rude Boy (5 weeks #1 US)
    Man down (major hit France)
    We Found Love (10 weeks #1 US)
    Diamonds (10 weeks #1 Germany, 8 weeks #1 South Africa)
    Stay (9 weeks #1 Canada)


  25. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS June 8, 2013

    Today is the day. Historih will be made. 25 year of bajun will be the first black woman, since Tina T to headline Stade De france, confirmed SOLD OUT- GOD IS GOOD. As for chris brown, his career never really took offf, nor what is ever gonna. let us face it, he is no JT or even usher in his peak, but even Usher .
    And Karrueche? LOL look at her! Having to tag along with flop chris brown and those 2 chicks he picked up in nightclub. Poor her, she realy thought she was winning against on of the worlds biggest pop stars.
    Rita Whora? Just a w****. Nothing more. I remember she said she would drop a single in summer 2013. Nothing.
    Ciara: Like LA reid, on her way out of Epic and will be a cast memeber of love and hip hop ATL

    • COCKINESS June 8, 2013

      lol and let me just add something. like karrueche does fell shame that chris never claims her. there goin on three years now i think and she has never been on nobody’s red carpet, award shows etc.

      And also how you gone let your bf dump you for his ex and then take him back so quickly. i mean like had it been me that n**** had to do alot more that lay that pencil d*** on me to get me back. but then again she was probably running out of money so w/e i guess.

    • Rihanna killed beyho’s career June 8, 2013

      And people claim Fist Brown made Rihanna famous. He was never big WW like Rihanna.

    • MuiMui June 8, 2013

      @Rihanna is Bigger You are on point and its true,and while people are worrying about what shes doing they had better learn how to work the middle,work the middle,change position and keep rocking the boat because at the end of the year Rihanna is going to be rolling in the dough,and the ones who don’t want that to happen will have worn themselves all the way out by then. Rihanna is getting the last laught right now as Quiet as its kept.
      She know her big mama Beyonce has gotten tire from all the wear and tear on her body over the years and that baby took a lot out of Beyonce that is why shes relaxing and regrouping for the next long haul she has to do.

  26. Lena June 8, 2013

    Im baffled as to why she cant sell out London but can ‘sell out’ all these other places. Weird.
    I thought she dominated here. No ones even talking about it.

    • MuiMui June 8, 2013

      She sold out London’s 02 Arena Ten times with her “Loud”
      tour Bone head.

  27. Lovebird June 8, 2013

    Someone who hated Diamonds and called it garbage and also calls Rihanna a gimmick and generic whilst stanning for Gaga stating Likica has been dragged??? LMAO the jokes write themselves.

  28. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS June 8, 2013

    Poor beyonce, What will she be doing when Rih sells out Stade de france.

  29. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) June 8, 2013

    not with My fellow Navy feeling their Ever-horny p****** now that Rihanna is selling out Stadiums tho, remove me out of this picture please, you all act as if you will get a $ from it , jayonce’s pockets might be somewhere saying “nom nom” you stupid h*** 😆 .

    Stick to post informative accurate stats if you can, please.

    And that Beyonce hater need to find a new WAY to drag beyonce , YAWN for real, you navy newbies are Tired already. 🙄

    • N June 8, 2013

      Seriously . . the word “stadium” is being too over-used… This’s just plain stupid…

      I mean, it’s not “Sticky & Sweet” or “MDNA” . . it’s just an ARENA tour which includes about 10 stadiums and will gross $150M or something . . .

  30. Lovebird June 8, 2013

    I cannot wait for her to hit the home turf (UK), I peeped the official charts company’s top 100 albums and LOUD is still charting. Twickenham Stadium (2 dates) WILL BE ON FIRE.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 8, 2013

      A gift to you!

  31. Rihanna # 1 Fan T June 8, 2013

    she doing big things with this tour, work it mamas!

  32. xedos June 8, 2013

    It almost sounds a black person go on stage he/she is expected to dance.the same is not expected of a white artist. Britney did a tour charge hundreds of dollars for tickets to see her walk like a robot and lip sync a whole tour.yet she gets away with it.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 8, 2013

      Or you can look at it as people know black people can bring it when it comes to performing and expect an outstanding performance with great choreography. And since Rihanna’s a pop artist who also does a lot of “dance” music, you’d think she’d wanna move….

  33. godonna June 8, 2013

    I can’t at these annoying ass c**** saying Beyonce can’t play stadiums. Idiots, Pepsi already confirmed this tour will be a year-long tour, meaning full dates are yet to be announced. And after knowing about the crazy demand for her tour, sure as hell the rest of her dates will be stadiums.

    JornaldeBrasilia have already confirmed BR National Stadium and said the full South American will be announced very soon. So far she’s also rumored for Mineirão Stadium, Castelão Stadium, Pernambuco Stadium, Fonte Nova Stadium and possibly Morumbi.

    • rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS June 8, 2013

      Pepsi said a lot of things and as I see her chilling in the hot tub, it does not look like she will even drop a single let alone try and sell out a mega stadium in the western world.

      It is all PR spin and smoking mirrors with beyonce. All these so called stadiums in South America…Where is Europe and the USA? tbh SHE CANNOT EVEN F*** WITH Skaira, madonna and Gaga in lATIN aMERICA.

      Also, One direction where the ones who are doing a stadium tour of latin america and the UK. There is no confirmation coming form beyonce camp.

      All these stadiums are Brazil? LOL Is that the only country she can play? Will she ever play a stadium in her own country?

      • N June 8, 2013

        And official dates may be announced any moment now, proving you wrong. So you need to chill imo..

      • MuiMui June 8, 2013

        Beyonce is supposed to be doing all of that and yet Rihanna is taking the Stage still yet tonight and theres not a dam thing you nit wits can do about it but bring up Beyonce.

  34. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS June 8, 2013

    Look at Chris brown! He is washed up junkie, stuck with money grabbing hangers on. He will never have a hit again. His last single flopped and all the others will too. I doubt young black girls are gonna waste money on him anymore, now that they know he thinks black girls are ugly. Black girls are buying robin thicke, JB AND JT.

    All CB has is some thai lady boy from the nail salon and 2 latina waitresses he picked up in club. All these non black women hate his black ass and just want / will bleed him dry and bounce. And he has no one, not rih, fans or anyone that really gives a hit.

    Where is Rih? With her loving family and friends, making money. selling out stadiums, charting across the globe and seeing new cultures.

    I love how karma works.

  35. Melikinsss June 8, 2013

    Why are y’all so pressed over these artist just give them their credit and move along. Sold out (which it is) or not she’s doing stadiums not many are doing it or selling them out. Y’all so quick to throw shade to realize this is history and a another achievement for a African American woman. And what’s with this obsession with Rih vs Bey all of sudden?

    • Heauxsitdown June 8, 2013

      So true, although Rihanna isn’t African American. She’s Afro-Bajan. 🙂 The shade throwing is so f****** tiresome.

  36. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS June 8, 2013

    All of rihanna’s enemies: Ciara, Beyonce, Riat W****, Kerruche and Chris brown – add christina Millian and Cassie. All b****** hate her and do not think she deserves this.

    Where are they now?

    • N June 8, 2013

      And Beyonce is Rihanna’s “enemy” how?

  37. N June 8, 2013

    My sister works in Dubai and she’s seeing Rihanna. UGHH!

  38. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS June 8, 2013

    This rihanan UNA ERA IS GOING WELL IN THE USA. Let us look at the numbers:

    UNA – 1 mill in the usa

    Diamonds – 3 mill

    Stay – 3 mill and that was only dropped in Jan

    Pour it up – 1 mill

    Love song – gold near plat.


    ALL this with no OR MINIMAL promo from a so called beyonce wannabe – one -hit wonder – who – cannot – sing – and will – be – replaced – by – every – other – singer.

    WHO has the last laugh.

  39. adele June 8, 2013

    I’m sure The Mrs. Carter Show will outgross Diamonds though..

    • the best dancer June 8, 2013

      no it wont… RIhanna is doing stadiums and PInk is killing it in Australia.. Taylor is also doing stadiums….

      Not a RIh stan but just being honest…. DIAMONDS TOUR is killing it….

      PINK, TAYLOR, and RIHANNA will win in 2013

      • Lolz June 8, 2013

        Only if Beyonce doesn’t add any more legs and decides not to tour with her new album as part of it remember(whenever it decides to come). And you said Beyonces tour grossed $103 when it grossed $118.

      • adele June 8, 2013

        But Beyonce is not done announcing dates yet. Not to mention her ticket prices are much higher

      • N June 8, 2013

        @ LOLZ

        I Am… actual gross was $119.6M and adjusted (2013) gross was $128M

  40. king rih slay beyfat June 8, 2013

    1700000 people around the world will attend Diamonds World Tour 500000 more than Beyfat flop tour kiii

    • N June 8, 2013

      What a load of b******* . . 🙄

      That’s the combined total of capacities you IDIOT, number of attenders isn’t even close to that.

      And don’t be patting your bony ass little p**** too much, Bey’s tour dates aren’t released in full yet :mrgreen:

  41. Lolz June 8, 2013

    Rihannas ticket prices are very cheap aren’t they?

    • N June 8, 2013

      They’re not that low but Bey’s ticket prices in the states are sure much higher.

      Diamonds price range:
      $150.00, $95.00, $65.00, $39.50

      Mrs. Carter Show:
      $282.75, $176.00, 103.55, $59.15

  42. Heauxsitdown June 8, 2013

    Congrats to Rihanna. I love both Rihanna & Bey. I’d love to see them collab, but I don’t think Beyonce likes her very much…. 😕

    • N June 8, 2013

      That’s why she named “Man Down” her fav song of 2011.


      • Heauxsitdown June 8, 2013

        And that’s also why she shaded Rih in her documentary?

      • N June 8, 2013

        She was spilling the truth tea on how much of a joke the music industry has become, and how full of useless $1 digital tracks – based flops it is.

        Is Rihanna one of them? 🙄

      • Heauxsitdown June 8, 2013

        Hon, my best friend is a queen and I know all about the art of shade. I caught every inch of that shade. Lol. She said something along the lines of, “I don’t release a bunch of singles,” and honestly…who releases as many singles as Rihanna? Katy release a bunch, but that was off of one album…..

      • Hadley June 8, 2013

        That doesnt mean she dislikes her though. Its pretty much true what she said.

      • MORE ONIKA June 8, 2013

        Beyonce is so clearly jealous of Rihanna. Not because of her success, but because her bad girl/ratchet/ don’t give a f*** attitude is widely accepted,while beyonce has always had to maintain a phony squeaky clean, goodie two shoes,beauty queen, southern belle image. Her attempts at being ratchet were not well received(I.e. the BOW DOWN/I BEEN ON backlash). Beyonce u are a 32 year old woman. Start making some real music and stop worrying about a 25 year old popstar who is just having a good time.

      • Hadley June 8, 2013

        I like how you seem to know whats going on in her head. Beyonce has no reason to be jealous shes been in game 16 years and is well respected already. Not to mention she had a stable happy family life Rihanna yearns for. If anything the reason she doesnt like Rihanna may have something to do with Rihanna and her flirty ways around her man. Not because of acheivements. Bow Down was clearly put out to cause controversy and thats what she acheived. It was Beyonce letting loose in the studio.

      • MORE ONIKA June 8, 2013

        You are dumb. Pls re read my second sentence. I said it has nothing to do with Rihanna’s success. I bet any amount of money that if Bow Down didn’t receive so much backlash it would have been her single. The dream did say that she was going to release 2 singles 🙂 Beyonce wants to be ratchet but no one wants to see that from her loooool

      • N June 8, 2013

        You’d bet money?


        I swear you f*ggots let Bey r*** you mentally in ways you’d never think of . . .

      • Hadley June 8, 2013

        But why does everything have to be because of Rihanna? You kids stay flattering yourselves too much. Beyonces been doin ratchet since Rihanna was a minor doll

    • Pour it Up June 8, 2013

      I dont think Beyonce has a dislike for her tbh. I think they are just totally different people. Beyonce probably doesnt understand the way Rihanna is sometimes they are like opposites lol. Musically she might not be her choice for a collab.

  43. Pour it Up June 8, 2013

    Excited for her!

  44. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 8, 2013

    How’s that album doing though??

    • Heauxsitdown June 8, 2013

      Platinum in US. 3.1M WW…..

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 8, 2013

        Just 3M WW?? huh……

    • MORE ONIKA June 8, 2013

      Yes she sold 3 million. Didn’t it take beyonce two years to sell 3 million ww? Rihanna did it with zero promo (her last promo was the Grammys in February and VS in December). PIU went platinum with zero promo and no video, love song went gold and was never a single. Both Stay and Diamonds have sold over three million copies so Stop shading and congratulate

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 8, 2013

        Again….3M? And she’s a pop star?? *Looks at Adele’s sales…*

      • rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS June 8, 2013

        Beyonce last album has only sold 2.1. With all that prormo. WHat a waste.

        BUT ALBUMS DO NOT SELL THE WAY THEY DID 10 – 15 YEARS AGO. EVEN THE LABLES KNOW THAT. Adele is norah jones. One album wonder. Her next LP will not sell anywhere near.


  45. Lovebird June 8, 2013

    STADE DE FRANCE IS FULL –> twitter . com/RihannaNavyRD/status/343440281212944384/photo/1

  46. gaga monster June 8, 2013

    Too bad this crackhead doesn’t have a voice enough for a classroom, much less a stadium.
    Can’t wait for videos to leak, that’ll be joke of the year!

  47. Hadley June 8, 2013

    She looks very sad in many pictures. Theres a 24 hour pap video on youtube where she literally looks like shes about to cry and she puts her shades on to hide it. 🙁

  48. RICHANDBLACK11 June 8, 2013

    Guess who’s back with a brand new bag of tricks…….

    Navy stop with the damn lies DWT is not sold out and she is only doing half of Stade De France, which is STILL NOT SOLD OUT.

    Congrats to Rihanna.

    • MORE ONIKA June 8, 2013

      June 8, 2013 at 2:21 pm
      STADE DE FRANCE IS FULL –> twitter . com/RihannaNavyRD/status/343440281212944384/photo/1

      really???? 🙂

      • RICHANDBLACK11 June 8, 2013

        But it’s not sold out …….some of you people are just DUMB.

      • MORE ONIKA June 8, 2013

        Pls provide receipts

  49. gaga monster June 8, 2013

    And why would you get tix to a Rihanna concert when you can stay at home and listen to Unpurchased? What’s the difference?

  50. gaga monster June 8, 2013


  51. gaga monster June 8, 2013

    CRACKHEAD WILL NEVER EVER have stadium bangers like PF, LG, BR, Telephone H** DEAL

  52. gaga monster June 8, 2013

    THIS TOUR WILL FLOP. IT won’t outgross Btw

  53. gaga monster June 8, 2013


  54. gaga monster June 8, 2013


  55. gaga monster June 8, 2013


  56. gaga monster June 8, 2013

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. This CRACKHEAD DOESN’T DESERVE UR MONEY. STop buying tix to her flop tour W****

    • MORE ONIKA June 8, 2013

      U are a typical mentally challenged gaga stan. Shouldn’t you be contributing to her hip fund?

  57. gaga monster June 8, 2013

    Born this way>>> Unpurchased

    BTWB >>> Diaflops

    • MORE ONIKA June 8, 2013

      BTW was suppose to be the album of GaGas career, what happened? Why didn’t it atleast sell 4 million in America? All that s*** the monsters were talking and most of the singles flopped and the album only sold 2 million. Poordat the gimmicks have expired huh? Maybe the album should have been priced at $0.99 a little while longer

  58. gaga monster June 8, 2013

    H** STFU

    GAGA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> cLOWNika + riho

    • MORE ONIKA June 8, 2013

      I don’t like nicki dickface lol but you seem severely pressed!!!

  59. gaga monster June 8, 2013

    @Gaga monster


  60. gaga monster June 8, 2013

    Lady Gaga > Michael Jackson. Lady Gaga ended MAN-donna’s career. #DEAL HO

  61. n June 8, 2013

    @ More Onika

    Joke’s on you. Just stop giving this clown more exposure.

  62. GAGA FOR GAGA June 8, 2013


    • N June 8, 2013

      Too bad even Blue Ivy is already more successful, more powerful and richer than that “Pink” thing . .

    • GOLDEN LIFE June 8, 2013

      All of Pinks songs sound the same!!! Try again!

  63. GOLDEN LIFE June 8, 2013

    I dont understand where all the Taylor Swift, Adele, Gaga stans come from. Yall only stan for their sales because this is a Beyonce and Rihanna blog! Take that b******* to their forums!!

  64. rihking June 9, 2013

    the king is Making history.

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