Eve Talks ‘Lip Lock’ Album Sales: ‘I Wasn’t Ever Focused On First Week’

Published: Monday 15th Jul 2013 by David

If you’ve heard Eve‘s latest studio album ‘Lip Lock‘, you’ll know it marks one of her strongest studio efforts to date.

Sure, while it’s easy to romanticise commercially impotent albums by billing them winners on a critical tip, the project’s cohesiveness and effortless blend of Rap and Pop see her extend her lead as one of Hip Hop’s more versatile acts- unafraid to cross genre lines and sounding good while doing it.

Now, after watching its first week sales amount to 8,600 units in the US, the Rapper has taken to Kanya King‘s MOBO to share her thoughts on the release and its panned sales.

Her words below…

She revealed:

“I knew that in the States, I wasn’t ever focused on the first week sales. I knew this was an album that was going to grow and I believed in it that much, I wasn’t going to stop working for it.

I think it’s one of those words of the mouth albums; it was all about creating a conversation.”

She went on to share:

“Albums that create a conversation are the best to me; I’d rather that happen with loyalty, than people just being focused on the hype surrounding the first week sales.”


While first week sales shouldn’t always be used to judge an album’s success, there’s no doubt they are important when assessing how fruitful a campaign has been, as albums rarely sell more in the weeks that follow than they do in their launch window.

Well…that is unless your name is Adele.

Unfortunately, too many have been quick to label the MC ‘a flop’ for ‘Lock’s first week digits forgetting those numbers were pulled independently….without the machine that would have ensured her singles were kept on heavy radio rotation, or stocked the LP’s physical copies everywhere it needed to be.

With this in mind, it’s easier to understand why the album did what it did and how key the major label system is for acts who really want a fair shot at pulling in sweet numbers.

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Boy Toy July 15, 2013

    Lol! Ok Eve, we hear you. 😆

    • XCVSETGEW45 July 15, 2013

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    • artPOOP July 15, 2013

      no, you just hear the tired & reused pop gimmicks like minaj & her lesbo ho riri.. pick up her album an give it a few spins for some true talent and you definitely won’t be disappointed. thats what separates the lambs from the loyal.

  2. Queen Barb July 15, 2013

    Of course you weren’t focused first week sales you knew you would flop gurrrrrrrrrl!

    • Queen Barb July 15, 2013


    • The Boy Toy July 15, 2013

      Does she really think people are talking about her album? 😆

    • Shady365 July 18, 2013

      Say what you want about eve but last time im checked minaj is thirty and just got into rap like 5 years ago eve has been around since the 1990’s and can still put out an album. POW!!

  3. KimmyBlancoDeLaFamilia July 15, 2013

    Mobo still exists?

      • AstonArmy July 15, 2013

        Yes they still exist thank you very much and they have NOT gone downhill.

      • ItsCheryl2bh July 15, 2013

        @AstonArmy Oh sweetie please, the only reason you like them is because they’re the only show the boys knew they’d get an award from every year.

        I used to watch it but now it’s just complete s***. You can tell they haven’t got the first clue about black music 2bh.

      • JanetXone July 15, 2013

        Why so defensive? My family still lives near Victoria street and they always tell me that nobody takes it seriously anymore.

    • Draggin4MrsCarter July 15, 2013

      Sis, I had never heard of them but when I went on their web page and saw some foul spelling mistakes. Kii kiii.

      • AstonArmy July 15, 2013

        Erm no b****, Mobo are the biggest show in the uk so have a seat or two.

  4. JJFan1814 July 15, 2013

    TGJ is probably the only blog focused on an artists sales…*Shrugs* They probably haven’t even heard the album.

    • BeyWhoUWanna July 15, 2013

      Did you forget it’s called the music BUSINESS for a reason.

    • NaviKissKiss July 15, 2013

      It would be a Janet stan pressed at sales when Disciflop still isn’t even Gold yet. TGJ focuses on sales because they know they stan for Queen Robyn and wish their faves could sell like her, but they can’t.

      Not Flopara.
      Not Rita Can’t Get A Hit Ora
      Not Snippetyonce
      Not Flake
      Not Flopguel
      Not Flopandy
      Not any of them!

    • the real cake like lady gaga July 15, 2013

      @JJFAN I Know Right? TGJ is pathetic at times

      • The Boy Toy July 15, 2013

        The irony!

      • the real cake like lady gaga July 15, 2013

        Get off my d*** theaux sis

    • Ariana’sGrand July 15, 2013

      ‘TGJ is the only blog focused on an artists sales’.

      You DO know why artists get record deals in the first place right?

  5. the real cake like lady gaga July 15, 2013

    I liked Lip Lock the first time I heard it, I however got over it after 2 weeks. Its forgettable.

    But with PROMO, she can sell a lot, the album has hits for days, stealing Riherpes fast-food-music remedy.

    The nicki minaj shade throughout the album is also quite funny. But at this stage Nicki remainzz the rap queen.

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 15, 2013


  6. rih rox July 15, 2013

    She needs Gwen Stefanie.

  7. MalikOnMyMind July 15, 2013

    I thought Mobo was an award show.

    • BarbzRUs July 15, 2013

      They do interviews too sometimes. I don’t know if they did it on purpose or if it’s just on my Acer but their page has mad grammatical errors on it.

      • NickiSaidDis July 15, 2013

        They are but I think they have their own website cos the Queen linked them once.

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 15, 2013

        Lil kim linked them??

  8. TheTRUTH July 15, 2013

    But If This Was Nicki, She Would’ve Been STONED.


    • AguilerasHeart July 15, 2013

      Nicki would never sell as bad as Eve in this life so we can throw that idea out right now.
      Nicki is a joke because PF slayed and she let the ball drop with this new one. I really didn’t know it scanned a million in a month.

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 15, 2013

      Nicki NEEEEDS to b stoned…so ummm…whats ya point?

  9. the real cake like lady gaga July 15, 2013

    How is Lip Lock doing in the UK where she lives though? Surely its doing better than the USA? The USA isn’t the only market!!!!

    • AlexandraIsPretty July 15, 2013

      It’s flopping everywhere hun. It didn’t even chart here.

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 15, 2013


  10. ItsCheryl2bh July 15, 2013

    Aston Army is having a b**** fit because we said Mobo are flopulous. Everybody knows that that the JLSters like them because they’re the only place that would give them awards every year by default, cos the Brits sure weren’t giving them anything.

    I remember that I used to use the show but stopped two or three years ago because it’s actually s*** now and the presenters are always drunk.

    • AstonArmy July 15, 2013

      They were the only show that gave the lads exposure so I’m not gonna be happy when I see people talking bad about them.

      • SlickMoufShaz July 15, 2013

        @ItsCheryl2bh You read my mind. They’re rubbish.

      • AzaleanArmy July 15, 2013

        This whole conversation has me lost. What are you fighting about?

      • SlickMoufShaz July 15, 2013

        We’re talking about this tv award show that comes on in the UK.

  11. Lana Del Slay July 15, 2013

    Wtf is Mobo and why is everyone being mean about it?

    • Valerie (Barb) July 15, 2013

      isnt mobo like a gas station or a pack cigarettes or somethin

    • SlickMoufShaz July 15, 2013

      It’s not that people don’t like them, but it’s that their meant to be the only black company repping for black entertainers but they don’t know anything about black music today.

      Plus, they use and abuse a lot of the up and coming mcs in London for credibility and then ignore them when they don’t need them anymore.
      TGJ doesn’t write about him alot because they think they’re American but there’s this one rapper called Wretch and the rumour is that they tricked him into believing they were gonna give him an award just so he could come to their show and then gave the awards to a JB wannabe. So everyone literally either thinks they’re a joke or ignores them.

      • Lana Del Slay July 15, 2013

        Eeuuh that’s horrible.

  12. Valerie (Barb) July 15, 2013

    I only listen to current female rap artist these old hasbeens can get lost

    • Rosie July 15, 2013

      Nicholas is a has been too, sweetie.

      • the real cake like lady gaga July 15, 2013

        The REACH!!!!

        Chile, every seat at the Buckingham Palace, choose one and sit ya stank ass

      • Valerie (Barb) July 15, 2013

        How is Nicki a hasbeen babe? But hows your never been fav doing? still struggling to get her 2 nd mediocre hit in the US?

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 15, 2013

        PREACH @ROSIE!!!!!!

  13. IGGY GODZALEA July 15, 2013

    Artist always say they don’t care after an album flops. Mac Miller is an independent rapper who did less promo than Eve and he still managed to pull over 100k in first week sales for both of his albums. When it comes down to it it’s all about having a strong following. Mac stays on his grind and is always giving fans new music. Eve took a long ass break. No one is checking for her music anymore.

    • BeachHouseBritney July 15, 2013

      Oh my. I know a Iggy stan isn’t talking about sales when that b**** couldn’t even keep her deal with Interslay.

      • IGGY GODZALEA July 15, 2013

        Island Def Jam>>>Interflop. What has Interflop done for Flopzealia? They gave up on her already. But what do sales have to do with keeping a label deal? I’ll wait.

    • QueenCeline July 15, 2013

      But you stan for Iggy…….

      • IGGY GODZALEA July 15, 2013

        Yes boo I do. And she’s charting. Where is Eve?

    • Rosie July 15, 2013

      Bounce is #13 in the UK right now though. Stay hating.

  14. Rosie July 15, 2013

    She’s so irrelevant now, omg. Not 8k. Fortunately Nicholas will end up the same way in a couple of years.

    • BarbzRUs July 15, 2013

      Nicolas has multiple top 40 hits, two number one albums. Does Lana have either?

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        Did the Re-Tard not just open with like 30k? And Born To Die went #1 in 11 countries compared to Roman Retarded’s 4.

      • IGGY GODZALEA July 15, 2013

        They mad cause Lana’s old ass song is slaying their favs current singles

      • IGGY GODZALEA July 15, 2013

        They mad cause Lana’s old ass song is slaying their favs current singles

        *plays Summertime Sadness*

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        I know.
        SS will outchart High School in a couple of weeks. Mark My Words.

    • IGGY INC July 15, 2013

      Not a Lana Stan talking about irrelevance

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        I don’t hate Iggy buy will the New Classic sell 4 million worldwide? Is she top 40 on iTunes?

  15. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 15, 2013

    Lip lock has potential tho…

  16. IGGY INC July 15, 2013

    Eve give up

  17. ChiTownFinest July 15, 2013

    There are so many things I could say about the MAs but I won’t. All Imma say is that one of my friends use to look after Kanye and they rubbed them the wrong way.

  18. FentySoSnatched July 15, 2013

    If Iggy is lucky she’ll sell 2000 copies, but because Grape Juice stan for her they’ll make it seem like she sold 2 million.

    • IGGY INC July 15, 2013

      Where is Flop Now on the charts

      • FentySoSnatched July 15, 2013

        Be VERY careful my dear. You wouldn’t want us to bring up Iggy’s tweets now do you?

      • ^AKA^ July 15, 2013

        RIHANNA – Right Now f/David Guetta: 52.257 (+ 0.602)

        Gold in Australia

        #66 on Itunes in the USA

        #63 on Billboard Hot 100

        no video
        no performance
        no promo (not even on tour)

        Flop for Rihanna’s standards but still doing better than your fav.

      • IGGY GODZALEA July 15, 2013

        Bring up Iggy’s tweets boo. Judging by how Work is still climbing US iTunes and Bounce is slaying in the U.K they have had no effect on her career like I predicted. We sleep boo.

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        LMAO @ Flop Now being lower than Summertime Sadness on iTunes with 40 million more AI.

      • ^AKA^ July 15, 2013

        With official video + promo on tour/festivals. Right Now doesn’t have either.
        Anyway, Right Now is a flop for Rihanna’s standards. I am glad that Lana is finally getting that hit in the USA since most of her songs underperfomed/flopped there.

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        Yeah. Fortunately it’s only her 3rd official US single. I’ll stop now.

    • IGGY GODZALEA July 15, 2013

      Keep praying for that sis. You and I both know Iggy’s album is going to outsell Eve’s, Kreayshawn’s, Flopzealia’s, and Angel Haz e’s album. Her and Nicki are the only ones making moves

  19. Kidslayer July 15, 2013

    That only female rapper that worked with was Trina.

  20. the real cake like lady gaga July 15, 2013

    A Lana stan? Commenting about hasbeens? But Lana hasn’t even been something to be a hasbeen. Cute theaux

    • Rosie July 15, 2013

      Worldwide iTunes artist rankings:
      18. Lana Del Rey
      169. Lady Gaga

      • the real cake like lady gaga July 15, 2013

        SLAYdy GODga has beeeeen on a break.

        But you tried

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        And Gaga still hasn’t had a hit single since Yoü & I.
        At this point Summertime Sadness will out chart Marry The Night in no time. Already top 40 on iTunes with 11 million AI.

  21. DagenhamDavina July 15, 2013

    Did I miss something? I know they’re shite but what did Mobo do this time?

    • AzaleanArmy July 15, 2013

      I didn’t even know what that was until today so join the club.

  22. the real cake like lady gaga July 15, 2013

    I don’t have an issue with irrelevant Lana Del Flop, BUT WHY IS THIS ONE STAN TRYYYYYYYING IT???

    • Rosie July 15, 2013

      I don’t have an issue with Gaga either but don’t act like she’s less relevant than Katy Perry at this point.

  23. Rosie July 15, 2013

    I mean ArtPop has a very good chance of flopping let alone not topping 4 million yet you want to call another artist a flop?

    • Valerie (Barb) July 15, 2013

      Artpop will do better than lana next album that’s fursure..

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        And both will do better than Icki’s local ass.

  24. Valerie (Barb) July 15, 2013

    Gaga> Lana

    • Rosie July 15, 2013

      The s*** coming out of my asshole > Icki

      • Valerie (Barb) July 15, 2013

        So how is Lizzy Grants AA meetings goin?

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        Oh she’s doing fine outselling your fave’s discog with one album.
        How is the Re-Tard doing on the charts?

  25. the real cake like lady gaga July 15, 2013

    Musical Goddesses like SLAYdy GODga only grow. If you expect Artpop to sound like The Fame, you will be disappointed. Born This Way is her best work, a pure masterpiece. Artpop WILL be better than these two, and will open with higher figures, higher than Born This Way’s 1.08m. So if you consider 1.08m in one “flop”, then I guess yes, Artpop will “flop”

    • the real cake like lady gaga July 15, 2013

      *in one WEEK

    • Rosie July 15, 2013

      This paragraph is faker than Nicki’s ass. Everyone except internet f** stans have forgotten about Gaga, especially the general public. Born This Way is her worst work and is exactly what turned everyone off of her and since she broke her hip, she’s been copying Lana’s style and image with her wannabe hipster fashion.
      Like I stated earlier unless she goes back to The Fame Monster kind of stuff instead of that gay club experimental mess she won’t be reaching 4 million.

    • JORDIN SPARKS STAN July 15, 2013

      GAGA >>>> LANFLOPA

  26. JORDIN SPARKS STAN July 15, 2013


    • Valerie (Barb) July 15, 2013

      She stay getting dragged she swear like Lana is really someone tho.

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        What about BTD outselling Icki’s discography?

    • Rosie July 15, 2013

      Not a Jordan Sparks stan calling someone irrelevant! When was her last album, 2009? BTD ha probably outsold her discography.
      And Lana’s been sober for a decade. Keep reaching for the stars with those “drunk” jokes.

      • JORDIN SPARKS STAN July 15, 2013


      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        Done @ No Air being a bigger hit than Video Games.
        BTD has outsold Battlefield worldwide with the US alone and it has outsold her discography worldwide as of last year. Next.

  27. the real cake like lady gaga July 15, 2013

    LOL at the Lana stan saying GaGa is coping Lana’s style?? Lol its 8:30pm in my part of the world, this is the perfect joke to get me off the net for the day.

    #Bye 😀

    • Rosie July 15, 2013

      Yeah it’s about that time to commit suicide like the rest of your fellow monsters love to do.

  28. Iheartciara July 15, 2013

    shut the hell up rosie aka lana del s*** . nicki slays eve and ur fave now get lost uglee

    • Rosie July 15, 2013

      She slays Cedric too.

      • Iheartciara July 15, 2013

        b**** shut up body party and im out are currently slaying your faves life

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        US iTunes:
        36. Summertime Sadness
        44. Cedric- I’m Out (of Sales)
        64. Cedric- Local Party

      • Iheartciara July 15, 2013

        bp #25 on billboard . im out debut at #50. seethe uglee

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        Local Party- Multiple performances, #1 on Urban radio, publicity because of her & Future, BET Awards ratings boost, featured on some television shows
        I’m Out- Rent-a-rapper feature, premiere after BET Awards which was viewed by nearly 8 million people, teaser
        Young & Beautiful out peaked both with no airplay and no promo except for being in The Great Gataby.

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        All of that and the funny thing is that Cedric is very likely to debut with less than 65k tomorrow.

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        Not to mention both Y&B and SS have already outsold Local Party.

      • Iheartciara July 15, 2013

        b**** those prediction were very inaccurate she will sell at least 100k…….

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        Not 100k!!
        The delusion!!! Cedric won’t even do 70k. No one is checking for that album.

      • Cassie lover July 15, 2013

        Ciara better than Lana tho

      • Jonathan Gardner July 16, 2013

        Speaking of Lana…

        Check out my self-produced cover of Young and Beautiful

  29. Valerie (Barb) July 15, 2013

    Lmao everyone reads Rosie

    • Rosie July 15, 2013

      You still didn’t answer my question.
      What about BTD outselling Nicki’s discography?

  30. Iheartciara July 15, 2013

    eve always hatting on da queen nicki.she a flop. she has been one since 2006. nicki is f****** queen

  31. Lovebird (Art Flop) July 15, 2013

    I personally don’t care about sales anymore because some of my fav albums I bought that are in my iTunes folder have got mediocre sales, so sales don’t mean much to me.

    Having said that, lip lock wasn’t it EvE, I almost bought it but unfortunately for you I am glad I saved my coins.

  32. Trinarockstarr July 15, 2013

    I`m still checking for Eve this album was a snippet album to let everybody know she is back. When her new album come out I think she is going to have a better ablum.

  33. Back 2 J July 15, 2013

    Unfortunately, i have to disagree with TGJ…Lip Lock was not her strongest effort to date. My favorite Eve album was her sophomore album Scorpion. She tried to experiment with other sounds on this album that i did not like. There were a few good songs on Lip Lock but that’s it. Secondly, she did a poor job promoting the project with only two televised appearances before it’s release date and a few radio interviews, of course she had to pay for all the promotion herself since she is independent. Radio wasn’t really supporting the project either. She should have toured to promote the project that would have helped a little.

  34. Cassie lover July 15, 2013

    Does Rosie ever stfu?

    • Rosie July 15, 2013

      Is Cassie coming out with another album?

      • Cassie lover July 15, 2013

        This isn’t about Cassie its about you stfu dumb beaner

  35. EveRyder July 15, 2013

    LMAO @u stans of icki shitaj,iggy wannabe a rapper but changing her accent to a fake one to fit in azalea,and lana who ? Eve is one of the original queens of hip hop so if she don’t sell another record she already marked down in hip hop history. Come holla at me when any of ur faves outsell EVE or brand eve u knw movies,mac cosmectics, her own tv show,grammys and the list goes on and on. I actually like iggy,but to her fans: y’all better hope she can even chart outside of the UK.

  36. Cassie lover July 15, 2013

    Rosie needs some D*** shes so miserable

    • Rosie July 15, 2013

      Where is Cassie’s album?

  37. Rosie ain’t s*** July 15, 2013

    Sam make a Lana post so we can drag tf out that B****.

    • Rosie July 15, 2013

      So I can brag about we receipts again?

      • Rosie ain’t s*** July 15, 2013

        What receipts boo? Those same basic receipts you’ll be throwing around for the rest of Lana career she’ll never have album sells like born to die again b**** bait.

      • Rosie ain’t s*** July 15, 2013

        Rosie your that kind b**** I loved to drag down the street and stomp their face into a pile of s*** because you are trash you deserve no better

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        And who do you stan for? I bet you’re a Cedric stan, still seething over that 65k prediction?
        Or maybe Icki, has the Re-Tard sold 200k yet?

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        I bet you’re the w**** Rihfund slapped with the microphone on tour? No one likes you. You probably have A***.

  38. The Boy Toy July 15, 2013

    See how irrelevant Eve is!! This post turned into a Lana/Ciara/Iggy stan war in under 60 seconds. 😆

    • Rosie ain’t s*** July 15, 2013

      Your fav look like a r****** in dat avi tho

      • The Boy Toy July 15, 2013

        EAT IT

  39. Rosie July 15, 2013

    Dead at all the flop stans come after me now.
    Nicki- Forgotten, discography outsold by BTD
    Jordan- Forgotten, hasn’t released album since 2009, discography outsold by BTD
    Cedric- Ghetto, flop, last 3 albums combined haven’t sold 1 million, last 4 albums combined outsold by BTD
    Cassie- Rides Diddy’s d*** for relevancy, hasn’t released album since 2006, one hit wonder, comeback flopped with The Boys, discography outsold by BTD

  40. V July 15, 2013

    Lip Lock was such a great album I have two copies! Very strong body of work from a great rapper! There is something for everyone on Lip Lock! I really wanted her to walk away with a BET Award this year but hey thats the business I still appreciate her putting out great work!

    • Da Brat Stan July 15, 2013

      Eve, is that you?

  41. Aquarius July 15, 2013

    Lol @ Rosie. Your comments are everything.

  42. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) July 15, 2013

    Eve you have an album out?? Lol, girl just stop, you know you were checkin the charts and now trying to play it off cause that album flopped HORRIBLY! Just be real hun!! I think people forgot about it anyway…

  43. JER July 15, 2013

    I hope she’s not focused on any sales of that album because no one else is. Giving me Nelly Furtado T’s

  44. QUEEN MINAJ July 15, 2013

    Whos lana del rey?
    all ive heard about her was of that horrible performance

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 15, 2013

      Lama is some basic alcoholic b****. TBH, the b**** has even less talent than your fave and is a mojor flop in her own country.

      • QUEEN MINAJ July 15, 2013

        b**** please
        you fave broke a hip making yet another video for her song that is still no paltinum after the 100 lip sings she has performed

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 15, 2013

        Is High School platinum though?? Is it in the top twenty?? Lmao.
        #beautiful will be platinum in about 2/3 weeks as it stands at 850k sold.

      • QUEEN MINAJ July 15, 2013

        how many times has nicki performed high school?
        only once
        mooriah performed uglyful around 20 times and its still not platinum
        she released like 8 versions of the song and is still not play lmfaooo.
        :'( poor that.
        all that promo and still not platinum and it deff wont become double plat.

      • Rosie July 15, 2013

        Worldwide iTunes artist ranking:
        18. Lana Del Rey
        64. Moo

    • QUEEN MINAJ July 15, 2013

      yes honey slay that fat cow.
      no wonder she doesnt move when performing b**** breaks everything

  45. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 15, 2013

    Mariah in her prime:

  46. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 15, 2013

    LAMA in her prime:

  47. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 15, 2013

    See the difference?

  48. DanYiel Teflon July 15, 2013

    haven’t LISTENED to Eve in years forgot she was around…

  49. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 15, 2013

    I still can’t find High School in the iTunes top 100. I still can’t find Nicki’s grammy. I still can’t find her #1 single. The only thing i can find is her struggle, and honey, it is all types of real. When you have all those Billboard entries and only 17 are not features<<<<
    Lmao. The only thing she slays, is her twerk on Lil Wayne's d***. Goodbye,

    • ATM JAM July 15, 2013

      The way your favs broken limbs are set up you should be on HUSH MODE.
      BeatiFLOP is on its way down the charts one AGAIN, not surprised to see her single flip flopping just like her everchanging weight. it took MOOORiah 20 years to get another grammy so the shade thwon with this “no grammy” s*** is irrelevant. Go find a seat in the nursery home right next to your fav & log the f*** out.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 15, 2013

        Broken limbs? Lmao.. that was weaker than Lana’s vocals on the snl stage
        Call me back when Azaela (however u spell her flop ass name) Banks has any multi-platinum albums or big hits. Lmao, how did it take Mariah 20 years to win another grammy? Please, If your gonna make such statements I would suggest you get your facts straight first.

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