Must See: More From Rita Ora’s Nude ‘GQ’ 2013 Music Special

Published: Friday 5th Jul 2013 by David

{Images Removed As Requested}

You’ve seen the cover, now peep more from Rita Ora‘s spread in GQ’s 2013 Music Special, hitting shelves as part of the mag’s August 2013 edition.

Featuring the ‘Crazy Girl’ in a number of scorching fits and snaps, the semi-nude shoot comes arm in arm with an in depth interview with the performer, detailing her ascent from shoe sales clerk to world renown Pop Princess.

Think you take Rita’s heat?

Meet her below…

{Images Removed As Requested}

Keep it locked on TGJ for more from the scorching shoot, and it’s supporting interview!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tash July 5, 2013

    She looks hot

    • steph July 5, 2013

      She does look hot. Music still SHITYY.

    • xzvrwyrey57 July 5, 2013

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      • NaviKissKiss July 6, 2013

        Sam and David really thought this girl would blow up didn’t they? Now look, she hasn’t even come to the US yet and she’s already posing nude and more interested in celebs than doing what she’s supposed to do.

        The sad thing is that she’s actually more talented than most but you can tell she has no focus and is doing whatever the hell she wants, and it’s not working.

        Poor dat.

  2. Meena July 5, 2013

    Its alright , nothing special.

  3. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 5, 2013

    with all this Skin Showing, this RIHANNA-wannabe “Tried it” and said she is “Muslim”.

    You know what , I won’t even comment, at this point in her career, she needs any controversy, And she seems to be the person who can go So low to use something like that for Publicity.

    I wish i can be a hater after she did that, but “Hating” actually requires caring and dedicating, i won’t give this confused DID-Having C*** those luxurious things.


    • xx July 5, 2013

      If Rihanna had her voice she’d be the perfect superstar…..wait, she will still need to learn how to dance and give stage present….damn, she would also need less shallow songs…. then again, she would need to write her own songs… keep on her clothes…. just forget I said anything.

      • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 6, 2013

        only your last sentence tbh. 🙄

  4. JJFan1814 July 5, 2013

    So in the 2nd pic she stole Rihanna’s style from her last GQ shot, one with the jacket…SMH.

    I see this girl is slowly stripping down to bare skin. She’s just trying to become relevant isn’t she? It’s not going to happen…and I’m going to laugh when Sam says something along the lines of

    “With her 3rd album rapidly approaching, we’re hoping it serves up the success and hits that her last 2 albums fail to do so.”

    • Oh Yeah!!! July 6, 2013

      rihanna is the #1 Thief of Everything! Rita looks hott!!!

  5. K***. July 5, 2013

    Wow.. Sybil wasn’t doing the most the other day…at all!

  6. ROSEGOLD July 5, 2013

    Roc Nation fxcked up this girls chances of becoming big. She is a new artist and they’re marketing her as a superstar. She is NOT!

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 5, 2013

      hush h**

  7. Talking July 5, 2013

    Me and my friend were talking about her when she first came out, and we knew couple of years later she is going to start doing skinless photos like this.

    I do not think she is a Rhianna wannabe but she is just another PUPPET to the system…………………..

    • Oh Yeah!!! July 6, 2013

      So S*** Rita!

  8. Speak Truths July 5, 2013

    She tried and failed

    • Oh Yeah!!! July 6, 2013

      Ha!!! Rihanna cud Never!

  9. RICHIE_RICH July 5, 2013

    Pic are hot, but lets be real, roc nation is promoting her like she is already a superstar. IMO I think they are doing Fav for either Jay-Z or Beyonce. The only other artist that gets this treatment on Roc nation is Rihanna. BTW I don’t think Rita Ora is trying to be like Rihanna. Rita is Rita and Rihanna is Rihanna.

  10. DOSSOME July 5, 2013


    • Mark111 July 5, 2013

      You b****! lol, classic!

  11. DOSSOME July 5, 2013


    • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 5, 2013

      should be her next album’s Title.

      so Rihanna-ish and Famous, just the way she likes it.

      • DOSSOME July 5, 2013

        I never even bother with this girl…If we don’t love her by now,we may never ever,never ever love her *in my ciara voice*

  12. Tallb July 5, 2013

    i mean she’s stunning but her music is garbage.
    u know i checked her out when i saw a video of her for roc nation 3 years ago i think. and then i found the beat for r.i.p. which was promising. i really liked it. then later the song leaked with those basic lyrics….and everything that followed did not convince me either…she’s trying to hard sometimes

  13. Valerie July 5, 2013

    Yes baby riri

  14. Kristy July 5, 2013

    It was only a matter of time until this w**** started possing in pics like this.

  15. Super Cisus July 5, 2013

    Pale W****!!!!

  16. rita WHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

    She even has the EXACT same tattoos, in the SAME PLACE as Rih. And y’all said rih was jacking her swag. I have seen the picture from her in 2008, she did not have those tattoos. You know you are dirty flop,when Part of ‘ your ‘ GQ interview is about……..leonardo dicaprio.

    She also had to go nude, because she does not have the talent or swag to back it up. after being outed as h** by your BF, why would u pose like this? Talk about if it quacks like a duck……… Rob was telling the truth all along. iHis sister is more famous that Rita can ever be, he had no reason to lie. US weekly said he aired out rita cos he found out that she f***** Jonah hill.

    In this GQ magazine, she went on, like desert thirsty groupie she is about being at some club with Leonardo dicaprio and Jonah hill. From what I read, Leo ignored her and she was left to suck off Jonah Hill, Leo’s friend. LOL LOL

    By this stage rih had dropped SOS AND AGLM and slayed, globally. This flop industry p**** is partyin in Ibiza with calvin harris. I will say it again…..SHE IS GONNA get dropped, sooner rather than later.

    • MuiMui July 5, 2013

      @RITA WHORA THE BBC IS GOING TO STREAM RIHANNA’S “T In The Park”Performance on the 13th of July.

      • rita WHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

        Thanks for giving he the heads up


  17. Suicide Blonde July 5, 2013

    Thank God, some people are opening their eyes, like i always said, this girl is not worthy, i don’t understand why invest so much in this girl, she is the most promoted to happen artist of all times but i’m yet to find a reason to like her or her shitty music.

    • steph July 5, 2013

      Hey Baby.

      • Suicide Blonde July 5, 2013

        Hi Stephy!

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 5, 2013

      madonna not worthy honey

  18. rita WHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

    From the Rob K 20 guys ; the US weekly report of her creeping with Jonah hill; the numerous UK fonts who spill tea of her hoeish past back in London; the pictures of her coming out of david beckham BFF, house, then a week later, kissing some dude in vegas; to her pimping her ” relationship’ with calvin harriss ; to the nude and legs open. She goes down as teh most dirtiest, flithy sluttiess singer in history.

    I have never known any singer to be known more for being a s*** than a singer. Her reputation is forever damaged like paula deen.

  19. steph July 5, 2013

    This b**** is a RIHANNA knock off! I’m over her. I have not seen anything from her ORIGINAL brought to the table yet. All her music sounds like Rihannas left overs. Also, this photo-shoot would look better if we just had he real thing…. RIHANNA!!!

    • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 5, 2013

      Sounds Like ?

      they are actually Robyn’s LEFT OVERS.

    • BAM MA’AM July 6, 2013

      Let the church say amen

  20. Britney Stan July 5, 2013

    Giving me Rihanna Ts..

  21. Just once…. July 5, 2013

    ….I’d like to see a post without people comparing to Rihanna. Sweet Moses. It’s really not that serious people.

    • steph July 5, 2013

      Are you a girl boy or queen

      • Just once… July 6, 2013

        Really? That’s what you have for a comeback? It’s not even worth responding in negative manner to something so basic.

  22. rita WHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

    People say she rih jocked her swag. LOL LOL LOL when she was doing songs with craig david…….she had no swag to jack, in fact, she was dressing like AGLM reject.

    Let us see who is jacking who:

    Copies rih EXACT same tattoos.

    Rih puts pictures of fashion designers and says she is there muse. Rita does the same thing. Rih also said ” they only play my music at balmain ” Rita cannot do that LOL.

    Rih puts pictures of her stadium , with the hashtag, ” stadium status ” Rita does the same at chime of change concert.

    Rita puts pictures of kate moss and foxxy brown from the 90’s. The next day that h** puts pictures of kate moss and naomi from the 90’s

    Rih calls herself a fashion killa – that h** calls herself a fashion killa

    Rih says to stella mccartney, ” thank you for the clothes, of course I will be your heux ” That flop says ” thank you stella mccartney for the clothes, of course I will be your wife.

    Rih tweets about Jayz new alblum coming out. day later, that h** tweets jayz new album coming out.

    Rih tweets about being chanel certified. That heux tweets about being chanel certified.

    Rih went to coco chanel apartment and reacted her iconic pose. Rita w**** nows calls herself coco.

    Rihanna mimicked marylin monroe. That flop then called herself monroe. And this is just in the last month.

    Dear Rita, B**** You will die, be born again, die again before rihanna EVER EVER does a song with your wack ass to help u get airplay . F*** outta here b****. With flop h** ass.

  23. Cookie – Rihanna – Toni Braxton July 5, 2013


  24. WizKe July 5, 2013

    Rita Ora makes Rihanna look like Kermit the mother f****** frog. Makes her sound like him too.

  25. ratedxxx(you’re mad? and?) July 5, 2013

    world renown pop princess? i couldn’t get pass that delusional comment..
    you mean U.K. renown pop princess..

    she is a cheap version of rihanna..and roc nation thought, since rihanna is their biggest and only money maker, let’s make another clone of rihanna,(all those payola, spending beyond means, dry ass lacefront wigs,settling out of curt, doesnt come cheap)

    and so far, nobody has any f**** to give about this rihanna wannabe, hench why she’s selling ass now

  26. fine fine July 5, 2013

    mmh. maybe… yeah… but… i see that same bore ROC nuts marketing in it. rihanna 2.0 s*** sells style. can’t help but say that. and does it work? sales going up after that? we’ll see where she’ll be in 3-4 years. 😉

  27. B. Hill July 5, 2013

    So much hotter than R****.

  28. Jake July 5, 2013

    According to y’all everyone wants to be Rihanna well guess what NOT! It’s like people saying everyone wants to be Kanye because of the Givenchy-Balenciaga wearing , you know maybe people like the same influences as Rihanna in her case Madonna , Gwen Stefani , Cindy Lauper , Beyoncé , Bob Marley… Rihanna and Kanye West didn’t invent these style nor brought them up to light , y’all just have your head way to stuck up far your ass to see it . They are just two hipsters with big miney period. And as for Rita she’s far more talented than Rihanna and that comes from some who just paid 100€ to see her in France 3 weeks ago , Rita can dance and sing better than Rihanna , Katy Perry , or Britney, just give her the right writers with the good producers and a GOOD stylist and she’ll do as good, most people I know hate her cause of her style actually .

    • rita wHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

      I saw Rih in LA london a and was turnt up. Sia, makeba riddick , will I am , Jcole, the dream…..rita has already worked with the best writers and TOP producers – SHE STILL FLOPPED. DRake wrote RIP that could not even chart in the USA, if only rih had just accepted RIP, it would of been NUMBER1 and platinum.

      Her voice is not special. Even ariana Garnde, younger, cleaner imaage, not dirty, slutty and scandal free can outsing Rita whora. Even alxis jordan and bridget kelly on roc nation out sing rita,. She cannot dance.

      Kanye west ? I doubt emeimen the king of hip ho wants to be kanye west. LOL LOL you think kanye west made balenciaga and givenchy pop off? Poor thing, you must be hood rat and black. I guess you have never heard of Audrey hepburn wearing givency and making it famous? I guess you have never ever heard of a magazine called vogue. I guess you never saw when Nicole kidam wore that iconic red balenciaga dress at the oscars. Poor thing.

      Even if u think Rita is more talented than Rih, the GP does not see this. All they see is dirty clone who sleeps around. That is all she is known for. She only ever got press cos of rih.

  29. Jake July 5, 2013

    And let’s not forget Rihanna was a big star only after Umbrella but even then she could walk in the streets hand in hand with Melissa with no bodyguard , but after Chris Brown beat her she couldn’t no more , that helped her carreer and she became the world’s sweetheart after that, and by playing the media with her relashionship Rita didn’t get that ” Luck “

    • rita wHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

      Rih of 2006 had 2 platinum albums and slew of multi platinum hits off over the globe. What does rita whora have? Nothing. If the chris brown beating made her a star, why is chrs brown a flop loser? How comes he has never be a superstar at any point of his life? Even Justin bieber is bigger than he ever was.

      Rita tried to pimp a story about Rob K ‘ fighting ‘ in the street, the video of the ‘ fight ‘ was on TMZ. No one curr though. Even if Rob oj simpson’d her, she still never pop off, cos she is not, and will never be a star, especially in AMERICA – WHERE IS MATTERS THE MOST.

      Pon de replay, If its lovin that, Sos, unfaithful, MOTS, AGLM beg to differ with her being a flop before umbrella. She was just getting started to end careers and send folks into hiding.

  30. Jake July 5, 2013

    Rita Ora could easily be played at Balmain, Olvier Rousteing is friends with everyone even Kris Jenner so ..
    And how about Rihanna havong the same blonde as Rita days before her big RIP video came out ?
    How about Rihanna invading the UK so she can eclipse Rita on her own land??
    Being a designers muse ain’t Rihanna’s thing , Naomi Campbell , Christy Turlington , Carla Bruni and others supermodel done that , tweetîg being CC certified too , every poor person who was going to be rich would! Every girl say she’s a fashion killa at the moment the got one pair of red bottoms , and every artist supported Jay-Z’s new album even as of today
    You have no point take a sit!

    • rita wHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

      Oliver called Rih his muse and gave her custom pieces. Kim K does not even get invited to his shows cos she is banned. Oliver listens to rih’s songs, cos she is smash hit in France. Rita never got a hit in France, though she tried and tried.

      Rih changes her hair all day every day. Next.. Rih invaded the UK? She was always the bigger star, she is even bigger than beyonce in the UK. Rita did not have the power to stop that, why? Cos she dirty sluty flop.

      Rih is muse. Tom ford called her muse. Oliver routing of balman called her a muse. Ricardo tischi if givency called her a muse. Rih is not supermodel so the fact that is muse is big deal. Beyonce could only dream of being a muse.

      tweeting CC certified 24 hours after rih done. Yeah, right! Saying fashion killa, 24 hours after rih. Supporting jay’s album, 24 hours after rih does.

      Talk about stalking rih/ If rih filmed herself pooing, that b**** wil do the same ……24 hours later.

      You have no point take a sit with flop stlut rita whora.

  31. The Evil Eye July 5, 2013

    No one with talent wants to be Rihanna. She’s a gimmick’s gimmick. Rita has a voice and can literally sing Rihanna under a table. She doesn’t need to emulate someone who was manufactured in the studio. Rihanna is nothing but a label creation, she’s not organic or real. Rita is already better than her.

    • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 5, 2013

      tell that to miley, rita ora and others as well.

      b**** if mariah f*****’ carey stan for you then you know you are the s***.

  32. Summer Love July 5, 2013

    I like Rita. What people dont realize shes been rockin that style before Rihana jumped on the bandwagon. Rita had her own look and style since a teen when Rihanna was still finding her feet and changing hair color with every season. Rihannas style is not original her stylist copies off the urban fashion blogs a lot. People only think its original because its Rihanna. I feel sorry for Rita because she will always be conpared to her because she emerged after her.

    • rita wHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

      I guess you have never seen her video with Tichey stryder from back in teh day. Back in teh day before she had tattoos in teh same place as rihanna. Back in the day before she was reading snapbacks, raybans etc.

      How do u explain rita copying rih;s tweets and instrgram post? HMMM? Taking her rejected tracks? Working with all her songwriters and producers? Look at the GQ picture above – have we not seen this before?

      F*** OUTTA HERE. Rih still not gonna do a song with rita. Poor dat, she can do with top 40 hit.

    • rita wHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

      No one anywhere believes that Rih jacked Rih’s look. So f*** outta here. This is why Rih is slaying and Rita flopped.

      In 2008 rita has long curly blonde hair. In 2007 / Rih had short edgy black hair and was rocking pieces from Chanel and Gucci, while Rita was wearing primark. 2009 Rita said she turned up in NYC to meet jay wearing a run DMC Tshirt, at some roc nation party, she was wearing a white dress, had long curly hair and look young teen.

      In 2009 Ri had shaved mohawk hair was rocking avant garde designers that Rita had never heard of, nor could she have afforded when she was in london selling sneakers.

      2010, that was the time Rita was sucking and f****** Bruno mars, while he had a GF, his GF called her h** ass out like Rob. In 2010 Rih was read head – even had red afro and was rocking alot of stella mccartney. Something that h** has only done this year.

      When I look at Rih now, None of her hair or clothes / swag is anything like that flop h**.

      Rita also has the whole rihanna for river island collection. F*** OUTTA, b**** even wearing rih’s rih fashion line and u have the nerve to say rih stole her swag?

  33. rita wHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

    Ok, let us get back to the real world! Back to the actual facts!

    UNA will will sel 1.1 in the USA.

    Outside of the UK and USA, UNA sold 1.5 WW. this is amazing. Bey sales mainly from the USA, without the USA, bey would be nowhere;.

    What now has charted in the France, there is talk that it will be the next french single. Diamonds world tour is now going to Barbados. HA.

    Good thing Sia gave Diamonds to Rih. What did beyonce and Rita Whora do with the songs Sia wrote?


  34. Katy Kat July 5, 2013

    Rita is more talented and more pretty than Rihanna. Rihannas just lucky she got there first.

    • rita wHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

      Not l luck , but the lords blessing. And you know what they say.? Who god’s bless, no man can touch in the name of jesus.

      Rita might as well get a day job.

      • Drew July 5, 2013

        Don’t preach about a god when you sin so much with the trash you talk on this blog. You will go to hell for insulting babies, being racist, lying, and wishing peoples downfall to name but few. And you do it all the time so its not like you are apologetic.

      • rita wHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

        What does that have to do with Rihanna’s career?

      • rita wHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

        I never lie. I always talk the truth and back it up with facts. You all wished rih ‘s career would be ended by rita. Luckily the lord has Rih covered in the blood of christ and rita is the one who career is slipping away by the minute.

      • Drew July 5, 2013

        Its has nothing to do with Rihannas career. Its about you being fake using God. Judging, being a hypocrite, cursing and insulting people and you have the nerve to use the words ‘in the name of Jesus’ you certainly aren’t living with God in your heart. A

  35. rita wHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

    OH snap! Right now by rih has sold 200k in the USA. HA HA HA add to the gold from australia and the other countries it it looks like Right now will sell over a million WW.

    POOR beyonce. Poor Chris brown. Poor Rita Flop s*** w**** clone. Poor Keeruce. Poor Ciara. Poor TGJ. Poor jessie J . Poor any other jealous evil hateful loser. You cannot even touch the s*** rih shits out.


    • CLOCKED YOU July 5, 2013

      Right Now is a shitty song, just like every other song that non singing cone head croaks out, sounding like Kermit. Rihanna is a no talent fraud, whose “success” is attributed to an “navy” of songwriters, studio engineers, producers, video directors and A&R people who have to work 25 hrs a dad to make that garden variety H** with no talent look mildly passable. Poor Chris Brown? Ha. If he hadn’t whooped that h*** ass, she wouldn’t be able to use him for publicity and have a career.

      Just like money can’t buy her class, Rihanna also proves that “success” don’t buy talent. Look dear, Rihanna is as illegitimate as the all the b****** children of the succession of rappers, A&R guys and record producers she’s forced to let bukkake her once a month in order to keep a place at the table. She’s a nasty, large foreheaded, studio singing, shitting performing mutant alien from the planet “NO TALENT”.

      And if you can sit there with a straight face and actually claim to be a fan of such a train wreck, then you are as RETARDED as she sounds when she’s forced to sing with a live mic.

      • MsThing485 July 5, 2013

        “Look dear, Rihanna is as illegitimate as the all the b****** children of the succession of rappers, A&R guys and record producers she’s forced to let bukkake her once a month in order to keep a place at the table.”


      • rita wHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

        These songwriters, video directros, stylist and producers worked with Rita whora, you’d think with her so called talent she would explode the way Britney did when she acme out. SHE TANKED. Now what?

        None of what you said changes the fact that Rita failed to pop off and Rih is historih making megastar, who went head ot head with Bey and shut her down and sent her into hiding. Bey is now more Mrs jay Z now. 10 years ago, jay z MR beyonce.

  36. rita wHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

    Rih ended Tiarra Marie, Christina Millian and Fefe dobson career. Who will ne next when she ends Rita whora’s career? I say beyonce!

  37. Lmao July 5, 2013

    What a shame. Rita actually has a very nice voice, but you can’t really tell from the type of music she makes. I heard her live and I enjoyed it. I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Rita, but she’s talented.

    • rita wHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

      Oh well. Many people have nice voices but it is not in their destiny to make it. That is life.

      • Sanchez July 6, 2013

        And others don’t have a voice at all, but they sell 100 million records. The irony of life

  38. xedos July 5, 2013

    she seems to have a tatoo the same place rihanna have hers. smh

    • rita wHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

      Rih has love tattooed on her wedding finger. This h** has ‘ love ‘ tattooed on her wedding finger… is all over for this h**. It has become even Demi Lovato, tougher to get hits in the USA. Even JLO, mariah, Unfair, avril lavigne, Xtina, beyonce, kanye, miguel, franck coean have shown that the most talented big names can struggle. Even with promo. JLO and mariah / xtina were on TV shows with 2o mill viewers and they flopped so badly and unfairly .

      There is no hope for this h**.

  39. xedos July 5, 2013

    she don’t got it it looks like she’s trying real hard with the poses . When rihanna does a photo shoot its so natural. it don’t even look like she’s doing a shoot.

  40. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) July 5, 2013

    PHOTOSHOP! Ya’ll are so easy fooled by smoke and mirrors that CLEARLY back this old woman’s career. Rita, sucking d*ck and payola may get you a PHOTOSHOPPED front cover but your music is still a FLOP! #UnitedFlops

  41. Drew July 5, 2013

    Meh its ok. Her photoshoots look very try hard though.

  42. rita wHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 5, 2013

    I have a funny feeling Rita w**** will leak a sextape. She is running out of time.

  43. JER July 5, 2013



    I didn’t realize Rihanna showed up to the shoot instead. I can’t.

  44. Drew July 5, 2013

    And DEAD at the people who in a same breath say Beyonce is such a thief so she will never touch Madonna when Madonna is the biggest f****** thief in the industry. The uneducated struggle. If that’s something they do have common though…

  45. Eve July 5, 2013

    she looks hot and her being a great vocalist puts icing on the cake !!!

  46. Lovebird July 5, 2013

    This girl is so hot, I wish she had bigger boobs, she should so get them done.

    I want to dive right into her poonani and lick it clean.

    **Plays how many licks – Lil Kim**

  47. moi meme July 5, 2013

    there is only one Rihanna and this Rita is no Rihanna.. these are quite boring

  48. Mark111 July 5, 2013

    You just can’t fool the public, at least not in this urban pop world. We can smell a fake miles away. Rihanna got where she’s at cause she’s Rihanna. Jay didn’t go with her at her radio interview, Rih didn’t have a well known person write her first single, she didn’t lash on to Beyonce to be known. This girl promo is on point tho, but it’s not working. Man, if Ciara had this promo behind her! Maybe it’s a UK thing, cause I only see her on here.

    • Dokuzmany July 6, 2013

      Amen !! i Feel you !! You just told the truth and nothing but the truth !

    • Mario July 6, 2013

      Yeah, you’re right. “Pon de Replay” wasn’t written and produced by anybody well known. Just by 2 guys who previously worked with the likes of NSync, Ch. Aguilera, Britney, 98 Degrees, Anastacia, Ch. Milian, Kelly Clarkson, to name a few.
      And how did she lash on Beyonce to be known? Did Bey promoted her? Did she do a song with her that went #1 in 15 countries? What, because Rita said she admires Beyonce? Because she did a cover of “Say my name” (for which she had Bey’s permission) that is probably 1000 times less known than her “Hey ya” cover? Apart from being “Beyonce” she also happens to be Jay’s wife. She hangs around him all the time. What was Rita supposed to do, ignore her? Walk across the street when she saw her?
      Saying that Jay promoted Rita is one thing, but saying that she lashed on Beyonce to be known, that is just pathetic.

  49. Laleah901 July 5, 2013

    At the end of the day:
    1. Roc Nation is trying to Image her like Rihanna,
    and I really feel like She should just be herself.
    2. She can still can sing way better than Rih

    I like Rih, been a fan since pon de replay. But imma keep this s***
    Real. I’m tired of Rih ass. All this shading Ciara is un called for.
    All this making up breaking up with Chris, I’m over it. Paid to see her
    On tour she cancelled the first time, then the second time she late as hell.
    If she had Rita voice she would really really on her s***. But she don’t.
    But imma need for Rita to step out of rihs shadow, she don’t need it. She has
    Her own.

  50. Vegas Girl July 6, 2013

    Those pics are hot, her body looks great.

  51. Dokuzmany July 6, 2013

    Samantha how r u feeling about this b**** ? you were all shady when riri did the gq nude …you were like rita wouldnt do that and stuf…watch me rita just wants to be rihanna but shell never be …its sad that roc nation is trying and acting like they got a huge star …she only big in the uk and that’s only uk is always so proud of their artist when ever they manage to score outside the uk

  52. Rayden July 6, 2013

    Gotta love those people comparing Rita to Riri on things like album sales and worldwide recognition. Anybody with an IQ bigger than 20 can easily understand that it’s physically impossible for Rita to compete AT THIS POINT with artists like Riri, Bey, Britney, C. Aguilera and so on, that have been in the biz for ages and have 3,7,10 albums out, as opposed to Rita who only had one album and has been in the industry for a bit over a year. She will have to sell like 50 million copies in one shot to stand a chance. Not even MJ, the Beatles or Elvis had that amount of sales in such a short while.
    As for Rita, I never heard her once bashing Riri, Bey, Ciara, Britney, etc. Because she’s not trying to be better than X, Y or Z, she’s just trying to build her own spot in the industry. But for some retards apparently it’s too difficult to understand that.
    And the whole “Rita is so much better than your idol” thing was started by a bunch of morons (who I SERIOUSLY doubt they’re even real Rita fans) just to stir things up. They’re more like haters of the other artists rather than Rita fans, and they’re using Rita as an excuse to bash those artists they hate.
    PS – I had a good laugh at that guy/girl who said that America is “where it matters the most”. Yeah, who cares about UK, Italy, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, South America etc? The most important place on Earth is the United States of Arrogance. All the other places are absolutely insignifiant. SMFH

  53. Montezuma July 6, 2013

    LMAO at that fool who stans for Riri, always posting the same lame comment 972458453442 times on every article, always bashing everybody who dares to attack his “princess”. He’s like “Riri made those artists go into hiding”. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Those artists who Riri made go “into hiding” were actually getting married, having kids, raising a family, basically they were doing some things MUCH more important than selling some f. music. At the end of the day, ain’t that what the struggle is for? To have somebody next to you, to have a family? Those people actually fulfilled their goal. What does Riri have, appart from some retarded stans, a drug addiction, “real” friends who ride with her until the fame is over, a boyfriend that beat the crap out of her then left, and no real voice at all? Oh wait, she has 100 million records sold. Yup, she’s the winner here, all right.

  54. BB July 14, 2013

    So wait, she’s the only celeb showing skin?
    And that makes her an attention seeker?
    Lets not forget Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Iggy Azalea..
    Aren’t they attention seekers too then? Why just Rita, who’s making a s*** photoshop
    TO a s*** magazine.. Your comment is completely irrelevant and dumb!

  55. MILDRED July 16, 2013

    You are must be sick to say that rihanna never used beyonce for fame, let’s not forget the hype on the alleged relationship jay and rihanna had, or the fact that rihanna was being compared to bey when bey relaesed irreplaceable she released take a bow and she worked with every writer bey worked with. From neyo to others. An not a fan of either of tham but am just saying FACTS. Rihanna enjoyed it when she ws being compared to everything beyonce did, so why can’t rita ora do the same? Some of this new aritst some other old artiest or other stuff to boost their career. And this pics is hot whether you like it or not . Every celeb in hollywood strip almost naked at one point in their career So what’s your point? Rihanna Used beyonce abd she enjoyed it and is even still enjoying it so if ora uses rihanna so?

  56. MILDRED July 16, 2013

    Give ora a break. And leave beyonce out of this corversation

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