Sean Kingston On Frank Ocean Vs Chris Brown Feud: ‘He Was Talkin’ Sh**’

Published: Thursday 29th Aug 2013 by David


Was Chris Brown to blame for his fight with R&B’s Frank Ocean earlier this year?

According to Brown’s pal Sean Kingston, the answer to that question…is no.

For, in an interview with the ever entertaining DJ Vlad, the ‘Ice Cream Girl’ vocalist revealed that the media’s reporting of the incident is not only inaccurate, but fails to acknowledge the part he says Frank Ocean and members of the LA Founded Crip Gang played in it.

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  1. Super Cisus August 29, 2013

    Shut up fat boy

  2. IKNOWTHETRUTH August 29, 2013


  3. GAGATHETRUTH August 29, 2013

    who is FAT BOY?

  4. Nostalgia1989 August 29, 2013

    Sure he didn’t.

  5. JT>>>>JC>>>JB August 29, 2013

    Sean, you seem like a nice boy but focus on your own career. You’ve been flopping since BG.

    • King Bieber August 29, 2013

      Your screen name is a mess.

  6. King Bieber August 29, 2013

    He hasn’t been relevant since Justin put him on with Eenie Meenie. No one cares about his opinion or Fist Brown

    • James227 August 29, 2013

      I care about Chris Brown. Just because YOU hate him don’t mean everyone have to. Well just like Sean was saying there’s more to that story with Rihanna and CB. just like it was more to the story with Frank Ocean. I hope and pray when Chris story comes out he really go into details of what happened that night of 2009. I try believe there were more than just Rihanna behind this incident.

      I believe that Jay, The Judge, TMZ, Police, Hospital & the media were involved in this s***. CB stated he has nothing to lose so what good time as any to tell what really happened.

  7. channel_ROMAN August 29, 2013

    He’s still alive.

    • Irrelevant Fatso August 29, 2013

      He bounced off of the pier that he ran into on the jet ski… BOUNCED

      • James227 August 29, 2013

        Remember after the fight Rihanna jet ski with CB and the newspapers only showed CB and said that he had no remorse. She never even told the media that she was there jet ski with CB. Sean said that there’s more to that story and I always felt that.

  8. Irrelevant Fatso August 29, 2013

    Ummm.. All i saw was a promo pic on the top left and blubber to the right…. Who the fk cares what has to say? He’s probably a wife beater too with his big ass… And so what if Chris got beef witht he Crips. Mofo wanna be hardcore and play with the big boys, then play b****. thats his own fault! Someone please tell me who’s still looking for this joke that can’t sing or rap without autotune?????

    • Ethan August 29, 2013

      you’re trying to say Frank Ocean’s crew are big boys?


      • Irrelevant Fatso August 29, 2013

        “And so what if Chris got beef witht he Crips. Mofo wanna be hardcore and play with the big boys, then play b****.”

        where in that sentence did you read Frank’s name? this is the problem with the community today. to many rejects & illiterates reading something too quickly just to get to their response! slow your roll fool…

  9. QUEENBRITNEY August 29, 2013


  10. JER August 29, 2013


  11. Diamond Princess August 30, 2013

    People quickly jumped on Frank Ocean’s side because he just came out as being gay. I mean how could a gay guy be the one to cause problems? Chris brown has been violent before so it must be his fault….. Riight? People are sensitive to a gay guy’s side the same way they are sensitive to a woman, because they’re thought of as being vulnerable and sometimes weak. Frank Ocean knew that and for that very reason I stopped respecting him. He knew that regardless of if he was at fault or not the public would ultimately be on his side. He took advantage of the situation and let chris take all the blame.

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