New Song: Jordin Sparks – ‘Skipping a Beat’

Published: Thursday 1st Aug 2013 by David

Jordin Sparks has a hit on her hands!

That’s right, after taking some time to find her feet as an artist, the Urban Pop Princess has unleashed a sun kissed new jam named ‘Skipping a Beat’.

We kid you not when we say it’s already our favourite song to drop this summer, built for Top 40 Radio but laced with a generous amount of Urban seasoning…giving everyone here at TGJ no choice but to pop a little shoulder bounce.

Basically…..we’re in love with it.

Check it out below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. kingbreezy August 1, 2013

    she tried

    • OVODasher August 1, 2013

      Like Breezy everytime he tries to get off those bath salts.

      • davidctz2 August 1, 2013

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    • Yours Truly August 1, 2013

      Chris tried with his last three albums and failed each time. You should be grateful he hasn’t been dropped yet.

    • Queen Blackgirl August 1, 2013

      Being with this bi-sexual, Jordan looks like she aging fast. Check out those lines on both sides of her face.

    • kingbreezy August 1, 2013

      b****** stay pressed

    • CXBCXBRTU August 1, 2013

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  2. blue vixen August 1, 2013

    yasss!!! hide ya wigs leona and jojo!!

  3. Daniel Teflon August 1, 2013

    I like This song it doesn’t give me Jordan Sparks!! I dig it!! *Shakes Shimmy*

  4. JORDIN SPARKS STAN August 1, 2013


  5. tits mcgee August 1, 2013

    It’s ok, but that gif is everything!! LMAO

  6. #Hive August 1, 2013

    To bad the song will flop… next

  7. CrazyKe$ha August 1, 2013

    What kind of summertime slayage?

  8. #Hive August 1, 2013

    Urban pop princess? Gtfoh with giving these basic b****** titles they can’t live up to

    • TheTruthAboutPink August 1, 2013

      Like King?

  9. OH DAMNNN August 1, 2013

    This is a Hit!!!!

  10. BionicGlam August 1, 2013

    The Lambs are gonna be mad as f***.

  11. RitasLipstick August 1, 2013


    • Ciara is everything August 1, 2013

      Gurl pleeease.

  12. Ciara is everything August 1, 2013

    No ma’am this is basic

    • OnikaDerulo August 1, 2013


      • Ciara is everything August 1, 2013

        B**** not when you stanning for Jason derulo who last CD sold 13k first week girl get tf outta here with that b*******

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 1, 2013

      Shouldn’t you be on that Ciara post defending her?? #WorstStansEver

    • alessandro August 2, 2013

      its funny how a ciara’s stan keeps calling every other singer basic!
      girll have several seats

  13. Ariana’sGrand August 1, 2013

    F****** flawless.

  14. Dev August 1, 2013

    Lyrically and melodically its too young for where she should be at by now…. even vocally. It’s just okay but would’ve been better if this was her debut song.

    • JOHNVIDAL August 1, 2013

      I agree.

  15. Ciara is everything August 1, 2013

    Those people in the gif? Is that H20 & Pop royaltys fam?

    • bow down b****** August 1, 2013


    • rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) August 1, 2013

      I don’t think pop royalty is a Muslim I think Coptic Christian? I don’t know about H20. Being an Arab don’t automatically make one a Muslim and this guys look like Saudi Arabians probably those around king abdullah or something I could be wrong and they maybe from Bahrain.

      Just my observation.

      • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 1, 2013

        Keep Your Observations to Yourself, And All what you said is 100% BS.

      • rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) August 1, 2013

        LOL!!! Which part? I just assumed you were Christian?

        I am not wrong about those guys looking like Saudis though as that’s the Islamic attire in Saudi especially those around king Abdullah.

        My dad is Turkish and my mum is white she converted when she married my dad to Islam.

        Anyways my apologies if I offended you.

      • rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) August 1, 2013

        And yes not All Arabs are Muslim. I have Lebanese friends who are Catholic and Palestinians who are christian.

        So which part of what I have said is 100% bullish? Probably the part where I assumed you were Coptic Christian? If so my apologies. And that’s why I left a question mark at the end to leave it open.

        Peace I won’t assume or try to guess anything else about you. LoL!!!!!

      • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 1, 2013

        @Rih Rox :

        I’m Not Coptic Christian, I was Born Muslim, But If you Thought about it a Lil Bit, I’m Non-religious. 😉
        The same Goes to lebanon, Most People there are Really Non-religious, but ofc they were born christians, so It is really hard here to say you don’t believe in a certain religion, so let’s keep it hush hush and move on, k ?

        I’m Not offended, But Just keep your observations to yourself please.

        Those guys are fromt The Gulf ” Al khalij” , they are all about desert and s***, This is not Where I Live.

        My Father is half Turkish too, but i never claimed that part of my family.

      • rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) August 1, 2013

        Ok POP, I am not that full on religious myself but it will always be there if you know what I mean 😉 i don’t want to and will not ever bring religion here it doesn’t seem right.

        And yes I agree I will keep my observations to myself.


  16. Molly August 1, 2013

    Honey ive heard better you people get hype over anything the song is very average.

  17. rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) August 1, 2013

    The song with Chris Brown is the only song she will be known for.

    • Ciara is everything August 1, 2013


    • Queen Blackgirl August 1, 2013

      Yelp ” No Air” was and is her best song.

    • Twerk 4 Miley August 1, 2013

      No lies

  18. bow down b****** August 1, 2013

    People and their low standards<<< Gurl this ain't nobodys hit….Next

  19. mother monster (Applause) August 1, 2013


  20. rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) August 1, 2013

    She follow the path of demi levato or whatever her name is.

    • rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) August 1, 2013


    • Yours Truly August 1, 2013

      Why on earth would she do that? Demi is a major flop lol

      • rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) August 1, 2013

        She is just as of a flop as Demi, at least Demi got something going for her.

  21. Oh Baby (Bishes Will Deal) August 1, 2013

    not that good….it’s ok though. I like Jordin. wish her luck

  22. TeamBreezy August 1, 2013

    best GIF of all time! lol

  23. Cream August 1, 2013
  24. Yours Truly August 1, 2013

    Loving this song, I’m ready for her to make a comeback. Battlefield is still my jam

  25. Queen Blackgirl August 1, 2013

    Just look at her with that Take Me To he Other Side bi-sexual. People don’t know the concept of that song & what he’s saying is real. Jordan is a fool or maybe she likes bi-sexual men My brother is gay and he said Jason is a big old queen. Now for the song it’s ok nothing like the old Jordan sound.

  26. JOHNVIDAL August 1, 2013

    I think it´s just basic and too childish. Hell these girls are not that young for this. It sounds like something a 15 years old teen star would be releasing. No great career seems possible when they debut or spend their first years with this sound/image. Most part of the album buying audience is not here for it (Ariana´s case is the same)

  27. The Boy Toy August 1, 2013


  28. Twerk 4 Miley August 1, 2013

    Gurl this is all types of basic..

  29. STONY August 1, 2013


  30. Monstarebel August 1, 2013

    Not here for it…

  31. LaDiva August 1, 2013

    She should have kept. “The Way.” A superior song to this one. This is good, but now it sounds like she is trailing Ariana, with a 90’s throwback, even though Jordin wrote “The Way.” I like the song, but I think she could have came stronger, and I am not sure radio will pick it up.

  32. toohotfortv August 1, 2013

    She really has done her homework, huh? I hear so much growth vocally and as a writer. All she needs is the obligatory “big word” and this could easily be a Mariah jam from now or back in the day.

  33. POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 1, 2013

    No, Not A Hit.

    Wish her Luck Though.

  34. RihBoy August 1, 2013

    I like her…I am not feeling the song tho..its missing something…..its like green eggs and ham…been there did that..heard it all before……new material please?

  35. Marcus August 1, 2013

    That Was My First Time Hearing The Song & It Most Likely Will Be My Last.

    It’s Ok Though…

  36. xedos August 1, 2013

    this si garbage. TGj don’t know s*** about music this must be a filler.

  37. Fierce & All August 1, 2013

    It’s not garbage but it is basic and very filler tho.
    Although seeing that it is from Jordin Sparks, I never expected much musically than a typical pop song. Try again.

  38. Zach August 1, 2013

    I’m pretty sure this song is just a buzz single to re introduce her name and introduce the more Urban sound! Which is a great idea!! She never said it was the official single and everything leading up to now shows that!! But I love the new sound …. just with a better song!! Ans she just tweeted ‘this is only the tip of the iceberg’ which makes me think this is only a buzz single. This song is totally an album filler, but a nice song.

  39. Lenysent August 2, 2013

    She sure been listening to the emancipation of Mimi and Amerie, cute …

  40. alessandro August 2, 2013

    yall keep saying saying the song is not good, but if it were beyonce, katy perry, lady gaga, rihanna and your faves singing, it would be everything. shame on you people

  41. Simply Phillip Brown August 2, 2013

    Lol! Songs that this site claims are HOT! Never are! This song is not good.

  42. Navy Nick August 2, 2013

    I LIKE IT A LOT– u people, I swear, it’s good

  43. Unknown August 3, 2013

    I like the song. Jordin Sparks is back!!!!!!!!

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