New Video: Cassie – ‘I Know What You Want’

Published: Thursday 5th Sep 2013 by David

Christopher LaTouche and JayOhh put their creative skills to work for Cassie Ventura this time around, directing the video for her ‘RockaByeBaby‘ lifted number, ‘I Know What You Want’.

Lacking the choreography the clip need to truly pop, the video does make for an interesting watch but only by way of Cassie‘s aesthetic and aesthetic alone, void of the ‘wow factor’ her photo shoots (see Blank’ spread) often possess.

Check her out below!

Your thoughts?

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  1. j hud stan September 5, 2013

    She is nothing more than a flop and diddys concubine

  2. Kingstown September 5, 2013

    She’s such a non talented non factor b****. But she’s gorgeous she’s got that.

  3. Rihad September 5, 2013

    Who is this flop h**?

    • Don’t go there b****** September 5, 2013

      The rihtars shouldn’t be talking about flops when your Fave consistently gets Cassie’s hand me down, Kii

      • Rihanna and beyonce are kings September 5, 2013

        Looool okay whatever makes you and your flop s*** fave sleep at night.loool

  4. Rihanna and beyonce are kings September 5, 2013

    They f***** up on my username but yeah this s*** is still around?

  5. Rita ORA WILL BE DROPPED: she is DONE! September 5, 2013

    She just stood there and ‘ sang ‘ as one would at a club. Yet she still has a deal and chances to make videos and albums. I know why: she is mixed, just like C MILLIIAN, it seems if you are mixed ( no talent needed ) AA men will have your back.

    Dark skin or black women like Dawn richard, estelle, alexandra burke, jamelia, etc get ignored and cannot even get a meeting.
    Black american men are pathetic.

    • Guess who September 5, 2013

      Welcome back Kelly we missed you

  6. DAY26STAN September 5, 2013

    I don’t know her.

  7. Iconic Cici September 5, 2013


    • Try me September 5, 2013

      Who cierrors flop manly looking as though?

  8. Rita ORA WILL BE DROPPED: she is DONE! September 5, 2013

    She is pretty enough to be dating rich man like Diddy. But this thing does not deserve to ever be in studio or have a deal. Why have so many men given deals? Alexanadra burke has yet to be signed in the USA.

    Black american men are so stupid, hence why they will die broke and have no power. WOuld jimmy Ivoine or any white man sign playboy model just cos she looked good, then rocked with her for 6 years and millions of wasted dollars?

    These girls Christina Millian and Cassie are not even hungry like Dawn or Alex burke, all they do is party is vegas. They do not even have work ethic and driven. yet BM keep giving them free passes. ALL black singers need to ignore black men in the industry and target white men BRAINS AND POWER.

  9. Queen Ci September 5, 2013

    Much prettier than Alienanna

    • Kingstown September 5, 2013

      We all know that a lie. However she is better looking than manly faced aira

    • Tamar Braxton ugly bleaching ass September 5, 2013

      Cierror isn’t queen of s***. She’s the queen of the night shift at Wendy’s with her flop ass.

    • Don’t go there b****** September 5, 2013


    • Stop the drama Start the music September 5, 2013

      Lol. Ci and rih look better than Cassie, Cassie doesn’t have that face so she uses mostly her body…

      • Tyler September 5, 2013

        No they do not. Rihanna’s okay and pretty when she’s aall done up, but Cassie is gorgeous facially. Ciara on the other hand, looks like a man in womens clothing. She and Cassie have a few things in common tho. Since they are both flops.

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 5, 2013

        @tyler Riri may be a lot of things but she’s NO flop. However, Cassie isn’t that pretty to me cuz they same thing could also be said about how she only looks good with cute clothes and makeup. Cassie ain’t all that to me. She just has a nice figure.

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 5, 2013

        @taylor oh nvm. Mis-read. Thought u called Rihanna A flop. Ummm, and Ciara’s face is way cuter than Cassie’s. Sorry Hun. And u shouldn’t say Ciara looks like a man when Cassie looked like an Ultra d*** in the Boys videos.

  10. Stephy Tha Lambily September 5, 2013


    • Molly September 5, 2013

      like moo

      • Stephy Tha Lambily September 5, 2013

        Nope… Mariah just scored her 13th platinum selling singles… Who the f*** is Moo?

  11. Ciara is everything September 5, 2013

    Cassie>>>>> Sluthanna

  12. Molly September 5, 2013

    She’s beautiful but vocals are lacking.

    Doesn’t Katys video come out today?

  13. truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) September 5, 2013

    Yea u right u non sangn dike u know i wont….listen to this s***. (Pops mouth and puckers lips honey)

  14. dyllypickles September 5, 2013

    stop hating. shes doin her thing. tell me this: if you love doin music and wanted to be famous and were drop dead gorgeous, w out the strongest vocals, u wouldnt be doin the same thing she is doin.. leave the chick alone.

    she looks gooood.

  15. beast it September 5, 2013

    well yeah… white wall, plastic cups, old bras, rubbish, a lent bike, 2 guys and awesome fx.

    it looks pretty… cheap!!! how much? 2k maximum. diddy didn’t pay it?!? *shrugs*

  16. Kris jenner Stan September 5, 2013

    Very cheap looking.

  17. POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) September 5, 2013

    THAT ONE HIT WONDER NEED TO RETIRE ALREADY, she’s bringing nothing interesting.


    Did you Guys See Kim Kardashian’s New Pregnancy photoshoot ?


    Laugh. Of. The. Year.

    • Kris jenner Stan September 5, 2013

      Kims fab, don’t hate w****.

    • Tash September 5, 2013

      Karl was making a real mockery of her

  18. Baduizm05 September 5, 2013

    Did she say the n word?

    • Kris jenner Stan September 5, 2013


  19. CHANTE MOORE STAN September 5, 2013


  20. Love and war September 5, 2013

    Don’t know her

    • Tamar Braxton ugly bleaching ass September 5, 2013

      Don’t know who Tamar bleaching flop is either. Her and her sister are both ugly bleaching h***.

  21. Tallb September 5, 2013

    if only she had a good voice….imagine, she would be everywhere

  22. Stop the drama Start the music September 5, 2013

    This must be Rihanna’s worser half.

  23. cocobutta September 5, 2013

    No no no noooooo….

    TGJ don’t give this bissshhh any light of day…..

    This week we got real vocalist like Ariana & Tamar out promoting live vocals and some vocal skills.

    This girl needs to stay a model and if she wnaa do music for herself cool but not for the mainstream…

    Shout out to vocals of true grinders who should have more shine than this one.. (Jhene Aiko, Mila J, Dawn Richard etc….)

  24. Mother September 5, 2013

    Ugh this gorgeous b**** is still trying?? Hang it up!

  25. Aloys234 September 5, 2013

    Might I be the only person who liked it.. OK OK, its not great, and theres others 10x beta but its music none the less and its different. from her mixtape u could c this is what the concept was all about!

  26. Zstudbaby September 5, 2013

    Just because she’s not doing vocal acrobatics doesn’t mean she can’t sing and isn’t a good artist because she proved herself with Rockabyebaby in my opinion. Her lower register came out of no where and is slaying it and it’s unique like her robotic icy voice full of character which gives her sound the special factor to go along with her unique look. Jennifer Hudson does all of those vocal acrobatics but she makes a horrible artist. Cassie is actually a good musical artist.

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 5, 2013

      Gaga doesn’t do vocal acrobatics either and u can tell she’s still a natural talent. Cassie doesn’t have a voice. Good thing they can spruce her up in the studio tho…who would want to hear her live tho?

      • Zstudbaby September 5, 2013

        We’ll have to agree to disagree with everything you just said. I like Cassie’s voice a lot. Gaga is non-factor for me.

  27. fucl September 5, 2013

    Her hairstyle is SOOO f****** tired. I just get exhausted looking at her boring ass hair…almost as boring as her autotuned, monotone voice. Rihanna already copied that style. GROW YOUR F****** HAIR OUT, B****.

  28. Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) September 5, 2013

    LMAO, Cassie girl it’s time to hang it up flat screen. Just stick to modeling.

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