Rihanna Slams Own Fan On Instagram

Published: Thursday 3rd Oct 2013 by Sam

With the search for Rihanna‘s talent still on-going, recent years have seen the model command most attention via her online antics.

Indeed, between Twitter and Instagram, the 25-year-old has developed a niche for clapping back at critics – even if they happen to be fans.

The latest episode took place in the early hours of this morning in the wake of the furore caused by the star’s ‘Pour It Up’ video. See the hilarious showdown after the jump…

Funny. Though, surely we’re not alone in wondering where RiRi finds the time for all this — especially when there are vocal, etiquette, and dance classes calling her name. (Shudders at the Pinocchio whining in the ‘Pour It Up’ clip)

Still, in an era where “relatablity” outranks talent, Ms. Fenty continues to play her cards oh so right. Needless to say, somebody got check-mate’d.

Your thoughts?

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  1. I Will Adorn You October 3, 2013

    She cant handle anyone that may disagree with her or call her out. Arrogant, egotistical, delusional little b****.

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    • K October 3, 2013

      some fan deserve to be dis they are annoying 2ss f-ck sometime,people grow up and change,just like a puppy it,s grows up and change,it eventually turns in to a dog,it,s not going to be this cute puppy all the days of it,s life it grows up,let riri are anyone else in that position live there lives i hate that talk about i miss the old so and so b-llsh1t this an,t no forever land were you remine the same forever,if you don’t like what the person became move on to the next one simple as that..people need to stop looking to artist to grow there children up.

  2. INDUSTRY POONANI October 3, 2013

    So, not only is she talentless but she’s clearly inarticulate as well. Dumb b****,,,, im glad somebody checked her fake ass,,,, crying on Oprah like she was misused and abused her whole life and then goes and does blatant slutty s*** afterwards.

    A disgrace this spunk bucket is.


    • mekaela October 3, 2013

      Dont go on her page don’t buy her music if you want religious things go on joel Osteen leave this girl alone and has she said watch f****** barney you haters think everyone suppose to be pure or perfect no one is go raise your own kids and stop looking up to celebrity

    • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

      No one is forcing Rihanna on you buddy. You don’t like her, you don’t have to find her.

      • FAF October 3, 2013

        Lord you read her 😯

      • BEYHIVE_MINAJ October 3, 2013

        Yet you’re the one always trolling an a beyonce post. Sit

    • Its tiesha October 3, 2013

      at the end of the day Rihanna is still that rachet hood rat from third world Barbados.

  3. Stephy Tha Lambily October 3, 2013

    I know thats right Rihanna! I hate when people say I miss the old Mariah/Rihanna/Beyonce! B**** this is life you are suppose to change & become different. Most people dont have a choice to change NATURE & LIFE just takes its course… Rihanna is so real. I love that comeback Riri

    • Stephy Tha Lambily October 3, 2013

      But about that “Pour it Up” Video… Ummm that video was hot, its just 10 months toooo late!!!! Rihanna I need new music boo

  4. rihluv October 3, 2013

    Life changes you!…People tell you to be yourself then judge you for it…you can only do what makes you happy….can Rihanna be a little more classy? sure, but im rocking wit her regardless cuz She is REAL…not a f****** robot like some of these celebs who probably do their dirt on the low when no one is looking…Rihanna is genuine which is why ive supported her since 2005…1Love Fenty!

  5. Hadley October 3, 2013

    No R****** it was just a drastic change in image and persona because you were flopping as the real island girl you were raised as.

    • Baldandall October 3, 2013


  6. Rihboy October 3, 2013

    Yasssss! READ HER LIFE….Ri was so spot on with her comeback…..Im still failing to understand why people continue to make it seem as though Rihanna said she was a good girl….we established that she is risky and racy years ago……undee the radar fans who love her so much I tell yah’! If you are a parent and you simply dont want your kids following her, then by all means tell them not too…if you yourself dont like her, then keep your two cents and just deal. However you cannot shelter yourself or kids from everything…there is so much more destructive things out there..than Rihanna playing a damn role for a STRIPPER song………squares. the shade is she cant even spell Oprah……so busy trying to preach to a choir

  7. Kisses Down Low October 3, 2013

    Of course she would say that…
    The b**** is so transparent. Shes not the only one whos been through s***. She just uses it as an excuse for her gimmicks that keep her in the limelight.

    • mekaela October 3, 2013

      She can skin her p**** out is none of you haters business she suppose to stay 16 life change people let her grow all 16 year old go tbrough changes in life no twenty five year old know who they are let alone at 16 so shut up people identify with ri because she is been herself not fake like some of these musicians who comes out all perfect then go while when they want to be seen as a grown up

    • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

      *plays dirty laundry*

      There’s just so much irony in your statement.

  8. Stephy Tha Lambily October 3, 2013


    • Stephy Tha Lambily October 3, 2013

      *She (No Shade)

  9. Dev October 3, 2013

    My problem with Rihanna’s response is the put downs and curing. The girl articulated her point and what did she get back? a juvenile response. Rihanna may have had life changing experiences but i’m sure they didn’t start on Jerry Springer and end on Maury so apart from the Chris incident i don’t get her point.
    Rihanna is just like the Navy and that is a real problem.

    • Dev October 3, 2013


  10. Suicide Blonde October 3, 2013

    She’s a grown woman, let her be, Sam i love you.

    • Stephy Tha Lambily October 3, 2013

      Hi, wigga

      • Suicide Blonde October 3, 2013

        Good Morning Stephy.

      • Stephy Tha Lambily October 3, 2013

        I been up all night, so im bout to go nighty night! What you doing today lil d***?

      • Suicide Blonde October 3, 2013

        I’m working then i go home, boring.

      • Stephy Tha Lambily October 3, 2013

        Aww Who do you work for?

      • Suicide Blonde October 3, 2013

        I work 4 myself.

      • Stephy Tha Lambily October 3, 2013

        See this is what happens when you dont call me. Scared to answer my questions… Call me baby.. I miss & love you

      • Suicide Blonde October 3, 2013

        Being afraid of you is like being afraid by a Hamster or something, kidding 🙂

      • Stephy Tha Lambily October 3, 2013

        Don’t p*** me off. Even tho you probably could discipline me very well …. Anyways, have a good day!

        Ps. You are very good at ducking & dodging questions…

      • Suicide Blonde October 3, 2013

        I have a lot of practice, have a nice day Kid.

  11. Tallb October 3, 2013

    she will be dead by 27

    • Stephy Tha Lambily October 3, 2013

      LOL The reeeeeeeeeeeeeach

    • I am above U October 3, 2013


  12. Yeah I Said It October 3, 2013

    She needs to take constructive criticism. She always respond so angrily to everything. The girl was not aggressive the way she came across. Why does Rihanna need to be? She could’ve easily shut her down without being rude and offensive, but maybe that’s the only way Rihanna can ‘read’. She feels some type of way about everything. Pull yourself together b****. And her fans encourage it yet call others ghetto LOL.

    • Third Ward Trill (aka quetta) October 3, 2013


    • xedos3 October 3, 2013

      nothing constructive about that.. How can you look at a 25 year old woman and expect her to act like a 16 year old. She’s doing things women do not 16 year old. m************ like to put people in box and keep them locked up.. I don’t understand why people expect artist to live their life to please everyone else except the artist themselves.

      • Mya October 3, 2013

        She used that emphasize her point. And the fact the change was so DRASTIC. Almost like the antithesis. Shes just highlighting the fact Rihanna has a choice how she wants to portray herself. And she chose such a downgrading light. Her first paragraph was just the absolute truth, nothing more or less.

  13. Third Ward Trill (aka quetta) October 3, 2013

    I honestly hopes someone beats her ass again.

    • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

      You’re sick. But what else is expected from a Beyonce fan.

      • jay scorpio October 3, 2013


      • Stop the drama Start the music October 3, 2013

        So telling someone to get hit by a bus is not just as vicious if not more? The hypocrite navy strikes again…

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ October 3, 2013

      These two navy Stan’s are BOTH sick. Stop being so hypocritical h***. Quetta’s not the one who always wishes death on a one year old.

  14. Cam October 3, 2013

    Not her biggest fan, but I fail to see how people label her as “attacking” fans when she is defending herself from some really disrespectful comments. She just happens to be much better at it than them.

  15. IM A FREE B*TCH October 3, 2013

    lol sam if u could post this, why did u not post went Tamar was arguing with “a fan” on twitter?

  16. La Perra October 3, 2013

    I swear y’all are some stalkers….will make a story out of nothing. By the way anyone can go on her acct and post like dislike and reply, even haters. Y’all trip me with this over analyzing crap, just get over it.
    She didn’t embittered y’all to the 777 tour. It’s ok move along…

  17. I Stan For Myself October 3, 2013

    The day Rihanna career starts going down will be the day she humble herself. And it will be a shame, because the way she acted means she will have soooo many people laughing at her. It might send her into nervous breakdown.

    • Stephy Tha Lambily October 3, 2013

      Her career aint gonna never go down no hill. Just as long as she keep those 1,000,000,000,000 producers & writers in her corner giving her those amazing songs mixed with that voice & face HITS HITS HITS

      • I Stan For Myself October 3, 2013

        Honey, everyone reaches a peak in their career. What goes up, must come down.

      • I Stan For Myself October 3, 2013

        And its not just about the songs that sell Rihanna. Its her whole image, persona. And when she can no longer sell that she will no longer be on top.

      • Stephy Tha Lambily October 3, 2013

        Honey you can have me when you want me, If you simply ask me to be there….

  18. christonastherealtalent October 3, 2013

    Rih also needs to start showing more respect towards the very fans who are responsible for her $90 million fortune.

    • Stop the drama Start the music October 3, 2013

      Especially in this broke economy.

  19. I Stan For Myself October 3, 2013

    And if you don’t act grown, then don’t expect to be treated like one. The girl acts like a 15 year old keyboard thug on that thing.

  20. Mike October 3, 2013

    She might be taking off her clothes cause she feels like it, but I find it hilarious that all these pop girls are taking off their clothes in their videos and performances, yet Adele sells 25 million copies of her album just wearing a long black dress and singing LOL kind of sends a message?

    • Stephy Tha Lambily October 3, 2013

      Mike Adele sold 30,000,000+ copies with “21”… Mike Will Made It

  21. king b October 3, 2013

    I agree with Rihanna but she didn’t have to start cursing i get her point its annoying to hear those people say over and over i miss the old Mariah, the old Beyonce, The old Rihanna like get over it people change get over it

    • Stephy Tha Lambily October 3, 2013

      THANK YOU COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU.. Beyonce is the best entertainer alive by the way…

  22. Rihboy October 3, 2013

    You guys are sadly mistaken if you think the navy will allow Rihanna to fall or not be on top..lls….she will be good for a while…so dont wait up………and even if she quits voluntarily…she has enough to fall back on…she can take a break for a year or two and comeback and block these non working b****** again…no shade to Adele i love her….

    • Stephy Tha Lambily October 3, 2013

      Rihanna has sold 200 million records since 2005 Amazing right

      • . : : h 2 o : : . October 3, 2013

        No she hasn’t, if if you think so, I guess we could agree on Beyonce selling 120 million albums worldwide since ’98


      • LOL October 3, 2013


    • I Stan For Myself October 3, 2013

      You need to get real not everyone can be on top forever.

  23. Kendall October 3, 2013

    Jessica has a point. Rihanna darling, many people feel that way.
    You need to suck it up deal its part of the fame game. People will have polarizing opinions about you, without knowing you.
    Especially when you portray yourself the way you do. Because the same people you dissed on your way up the ladder, will be the same people watching you coming down.

  24. Xtina warrior October 3, 2013

    Rihanna is a changed woman like more artist are people are so damn judgemental. after watching Mileys documentary i gain a new level of respect for her…

  25. . : : h 2 o : : . October 3, 2013

    And 9 years later, Samantha will still be thinking C-Error, KillMe, and the rest of the mummified 90-year-old flops do have talent but Rihanna doesn’t.

    Whatever ….. smdh

    Anyway, on topic : Rihanna didn’t lie.

  26. Hot Sugar October 3, 2013

    The amount she talks about broke b****** and money and her fans want to call her humble lmao.

    I just look at that picture of her looking like scarecrow from the wizard of Oz with the acne ridden face and laugh.

    A b**** forgot where she came from. Teyana should have re-tweeted that instead of the banner thing.

    • Stop the drama Start the music October 3, 2013

      Lol I saw that pic and was like damn. Dunno if she was a teenager in that pic or not but its funny how ppl worship these celebrities thinking they r perfect with all the makeup and glamor not to mention photoshop. Gaga seems to be one of the few popstars these days that accepts her natural looks even if they r not the most eye catching to most. Especially if u have seen her lately without being dolled up.

  27. Hot Sugar October 3, 2013

    And life changed her, it her changed her for the worse because no one respects her as a woman. Shes gonna find it hard to get a serious relationship. I often speak with guys, they don’t like chicks like Rihanna.

  28. Rihboy October 3, 2013

    @i stan for myself…….i never said forever….I said for a while….i know her career can end anyday, but i doubt its anytime soon….and she has a solid fan base and following backing her….I mean its ok to be on the ship….because the wet b****** outside the ship are praying it sinks…..;)

    • I Stan For Myself October 3, 2013

      This is the thing with you fans, I’m not praying it sinks. I’m keeping it 100.

      You cannot predict anything with the industry. And its not just about having a strong fan base, its about the GP and the media and lots of other things combined. You cant ever be too sure.

      And you don’t get my point anyway, I wasn’t saying she was going anywhere anytime soon, but her peak will not last even if she still has a strong fan base. Everyone whose on top for a period of time has a strong fan base.

      • Beyhive October 3, 2013

        Example: Britney Spears.
        2 Diamond albums,
        Then 2 Successful albums
        The blackout(only sold 1million)
        Then circus(hasn’t sold 2 million)
        And then femme fatale only sold 879K.
        She was on top of the world 12 years ago.
        Now all she has is perfumes, and her severed fanbase.

  29. Special Delivery October 3, 2013

    B**** PLEASE! The change was a pure promo move!

  30. Bey Fan October 3, 2013

    The first part of her comment was spot on…. at the end she got a little childish.

  31. cake like lady gaga October 3, 2013


  32. Diamond Princess October 3, 2013

    In one aspect I respect how she doesn’t let anyone dictate what she should be doing. Men have objectified women for decades and are praised for their promiscuous behavior. But when a woman is promiscuous it’s a problem. I like how she holds her own and basically does what men have done forever. On another aspect she’s a HO! Man or woman humans that carry themselves in such a matter are whores! If she kept her business private she would be less susceptible to criticism, but she lays it all out there for the world to see. I understand defending yourself but enough is enough. This child is so immature it’s ridiculous!!! Sometimes the greatest comeback is not responding at all.

  33. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

    So where is the news?

  34. Rihboy October 3, 2013

    Yawn. People have been saying all of that since year one… hit wonder, she will never last, not as talented…….that downward spiral they predicted…turned out to be the complete opposite…why? Because she is real….not some corporate safe, thief who plays queen Lizabeth on the scene but jessica rabbit behind closed doors or away from cameras…she is trendy, beautiful, and most importantly courageous. She hides not one flaw…which makes her likeable by the majority. So im not impressed with your tired counter arguments….ive heard them for the last 7 years…..moreover your right you just never know.

    • I Stan For Myself October 3, 2013

      But does that change the fact her peak will not last? NO.

      • FAF October 3, 2013

        her fans type so much .. idk where they find the time 🙁

  35. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare October 3, 2013

    Okay, now I get it. People wanted Rihanna to lord it over the strip club. Walk through. Throw money at the strippers. Enjoy the strippers. Like a man would. If she had done this, there would be no problem.

    But, no, Rihanna BECAME one of the strippers and people are bothered.

    Well, guess what? She made the choice. She directed it. That fan was out of line. If she didn’t like the video, fine. Say that and keep it moving.

  36. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

    Would you rather Rihanna be a fake robot who rehashes, recycles, copies and pastes and pretends to be as perfect as Jesus?

    No thanks, I like REAL Rihanna and Rihanna keeps it REAL. You don’t like it, don’t follow her.

    • Miss M October 3, 2013

      Since you’re so obsessed with Beyoncé, you might like to know she always stresses she’s not perfect. But her standards are being professional and tactful and there is nothing wrong with that. Hence why people have a lot of respect for her. And no one said Rihanna has to be like her, but in life you need to calm your panties sometimes.

      • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

        Lmao, I want to see receipts of someone who stated she wants to be a legend stressing that she’s not perfect.

        Beyonce wants the forced image of “I’m Jesus” so much she pays for it. This is a fact.

      • Miss M October 3, 2013

      • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

        I couldn’t go through the whole video, it’s difficult to listen to someone who’s grammar is limited to their 5th grade education level.

      • Miss M October 3, 2013

        You wanted receipts. Theres plenty more. With over $300 mill in the bank, 1 half of the highest earning couple in showbiz, I don’t think her grammar is an issue in her life somehow.

      • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

        So she would rather buy accolades than pay for a decent education. Maybe something written will suffice, hopefully not written by Beyonce.

        If her level of speech is as bad as her writing, I might just have to feel sad for Blue.

      • Miss M October 3, 2013

        You get an education, so you can get a good job that enables you to lead a good, financially stable life. Which Beyoncé already has. BINGO!

      • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

        Education is not about money though, it’s about liberation, which is why Beyonce steals everything.

      • Miss M October 3, 2013

        But you talk as if you know Beyoncé personally. You don’t know how informed she is. And many cultures see education as the source of money and that’s their main drive.

      • Miss M October 3, 2013

        Rihannas not the first or last to take her clothes off, Beyonces not the first or last to steal.

  37. Miss M October 3, 2013

    Why is the mess of a woman always frontin? I’m pretty sure if you were asked that same type of question in real life the b**** would not respond like that. Fundamentally the girl raised an issue. And I don’t think her point was that she missed the old Rihanna. She sounds very diplomatic so I think her point was more why did you succumb to that particular downgrading image when you weren’t raised that way. Rihanna also has a point but she feet the need to turn into some type of ghetto banter as usual because she cant deal with it.

    • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

      Well bitter nasty haters like you deserve a bitter response. Deal with it.

      • Miss M October 3, 2013

        Lol b**** come off your high horse. And bring Rihanna of hers too. Shes arrogant and rude. There was nothing rude or degrading about that girls comment. Lessons in life mean you cant always go around throwing your toys out the pram because you don’t like what someone says.

      • Miss M October 3, 2013


      • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

        But if someone like this judgmental deranged girl throws her toys at you, throw a rock back. You give a rude comment, you deserve a rude response.

      • Miss M October 3, 2013

        The comment was not rude though. Why was it rude? Because she said it as its? Theres a different between not sugar coating and being rude. She didn’t use any offensive language, unlike Rihanna, who cant stand up for herself without being offensive.

      • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

        It’s RIHANNA’s page, she’ll respond whichever way she sees fit to rude, nasty judgmental comments like that girl’s comment. She’s standing up for herself and I support her 100%.

      • Miss M October 3, 2013

        She wasnt being bullied though. So it wasn’t necessary to be offensive. Unlike what she does to other people.

      • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

        She wasn’t being bullied? She has to deal with nasty haters like you leaving her nasty comments every single day, she’s human, or are you to far up your high horse to remember that?

      • Miss M October 3, 2013

        Its truth tea not hate.

  38. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

    And dead at people talking about Rihanna peaking. We’ve heard it all before but the fact doesn’t change, you may be slaying and having the biggest era in music, but Rihanna will be there with you and even block a #1 from you.

    This has always been the case since SOS.

  39. king bey October 3, 2013

    Rihanna cannot handle any form of criticism whatsoever does anyone in her team say no to her she needs to seriously humble herself cse she not always gonna be on top but her ego to big to see that

    • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

      And you desperately need to learn some good grammar. Beyonce fans, smh.

      • king bey October 3, 2013

        Its not an english lesson b****

      • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

        It should be.

  40. I Stan For Myself October 3, 2013

    These stupid fans always run away with misinterpreted point like the f****** bible. Before you respond make sure you understand and interpret properly. I never said she peaked already, she is CURRENTLY at her peak but when her peak passes (which it will, deal with it) many will be sniggering at her coming down because she was so egotistical and bashed others in the process.

    • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

      With $90 million in the bank, I think she’ll be able to sleep comfortably.

    • king bey October 3, 2013

      Lol her peak is already passing aka new industry toy miley cyrus

      • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

        Haven’t you been saying that since Willow Smith?

        Willow Smith, Rita Ora and now Miley Cyrus and she still hasn’t peaked.

        This statement is just as old as Beyonce’s last hit, when was that again?

  41. etone October 3, 2013

    well Rihanna is not a lil girl anymore she is a woman.

    TELL ‘EM RIHANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. New Life/Queen Monica October 3, 2013

    speaking of 16 yr old…rihanna and willow smith have the same vocal range. ain’t that ironic.

    • New Life/Queen Monica October 3, 2013

      this stuck up stupid b****, can’t ever have someone disagree with her. dumb c***

    • Stop the drama Start the music October 3, 2013

      And tone too. Lol

  43. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

    So Rihanna cannot defend herself because she needs to “humble herself”? F*** THAT, you leave a disrespectful post, you deserve a disrespectful response.

    If you want to preach about women degrading herself, go to church.

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ October 3, 2013

      So rihanna can be cocky,but your stank ass was throwing shade at bey when she came out with bow down? Sit your hypocritical ass somewhere and be quiet you little bitchq

  44. etone October 3, 2013

    “especially when there are vocal, etiquette, and dance classes calling her”

    ____ beyonce has lost her soul. mark 3:58 she admits to stealing performance and as ashamed until money made her lose her soul.

    • Miss M October 3, 2013

      You’re always trying to distract from the issue with Beyoncé. Lmao.

      • etone October 3, 2013


        WATCH 3:58



      • Miss M October 3, 2013

        WOW! lol. Not…

      • Miss M October 3, 2013

        And lets not talk about losing your soul when you stan for Rihanna either. The mf irony.

      • etone October 3, 2013


        3:58 bey-thief admitted to being a shady b****.

        Rihanna has never said
        “we gonna steal it” like thief Be did in the video.

      • Miss M October 3, 2013


  45. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

    Rihanna is not the first nor the last female artist to take her clothes off, Madonna, FLOPer, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, BeyTranny and Tina Turner have been doing it for years.

    • FAF October 3, 2013

      being nude or dressed inappropriately on onstage =/= taking pics of it in daily life

      • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 3, 2013

        F****** bye, taking your clothes off is taking your clothes off.

  46. etone October 3, 2013

    Rihanna voice is the matter of opinion.

    thief beyonce is a documented
    watch 3:58 she admits to being a thief.


  47. Overdose October 3, 2013

    Lol at her not being able to handle the truth.

  48. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 3, 2013

    I don’t get how you navy members stan for this b*tch. She disrespects y’all on a daily basis, either verbally or physically! Arrogant

    • Stop the drama Start the music October 3, 2013

      Exactly. I like Rihanna’s style and her music but stanning for her is a little too much. Well, stanning for anyone is too much.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 3, 2013

        Exactly. I always said her Rated R album was brilliant and avant-garde and Loud wasn’t half bad either. When Rihanna has “direction” and not just throwing out sh*t for the hell of it, she can slay…in her own way. But post Loud with that TTT and Unapologetic crap, she’s been trash; musically, professionally and clearly personally.

  49. spills beans October 3, 2013

    loose trigger. she changed? grew up? blah blah blah. she always been in the biz and that antics moving in it. now she got a b**** video out, so she’s in b**** moode. puppet.

  50. . : : h 2 o : : . October 3, 2013

    @ Miss M didn’t lie.

  51. SLAY_HIVE October 3, 2013

    But this b**** “loves” her fans???!!! That fan told NO lies though..She’s turned into classless s*** dog!

    She’s such a b****! I think she’s upset that EVERYONE was draggin her “video”

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ October 3, 2013

      Standing ovasion

  52. Yolo October 3, 2013

    OMG I simply cant with Rihanna anymore! Why is she getting mad? You made a f****** video which was practically soft p*** what do you expect? The girl could’ve been MUCH worse. Rihanna dishes out so much but can never take it back. She dished out a music video like PIU. People are going to come for all aspects of you, just like how you love to exploit all aspects (both figuratively and literally) But she’s calculated with who she replies to. The girl clocked her tea. The MY LIFE has changed response was inevitable.

  53. Vaginal wall October 3, 2013


  54. Tim October 3, 2013

    Riri will remain winning haters go kill your selfs, I would have done the same if i was her *KnwBcH* should just dissrespact her like that.

  55. BEYHIVE_MINAJ October 3, 2013

    Rihanna,girl,shut your damn mouth.Not everyone has to like or agree with you. None of us would have known your name if Chris Molly hadn’t beat your ass. You’re not big because of talent. Your the it girl because you are a classless slutty dog who can’t even respect the people who keep you on top. Sit down and learn to be humble.

  56. Mark111 October 3, 2013

    Rihanna shutting you haters DOWN! Lol
    Like LoveBird said, you don’t like her, don’t find her. Go listen to Lisa Simpson if you don’t want people to grow up.

    • Yolo October 3, 2013

      Haha the irony when Lovebird stalks everything Beyoncé.

      • BEYHIVE_MINAJ October 3, 2013

        Say that again. That heffas whole life revolves around beyonce

  57. Tim October 3, 2013

    @BEYHIVE_MINAJ Shrtup u hood pig bir*h what you know baut her.?

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ October 3, 2013

      A hoodrat h** who can’t speak proper grammar is not worthy to talk to me. Go back to school h**

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 3, 2013


  58. RICHIE_RICH October 3, 2013

    Rihanna feel some type of way. I will say we as people do change some for the good some for the bad. IT IS WHAT IT IS. Let get to the real teas. This video was due to come out in late May early June. Once she got word about Miley , Katy and GAGA coming she waiting to drop it til now to get the shock value. I must say great business move. I agree with Rihanna until she got childish about it.

    • Tisha October 3, 2013

      But is it though? If she’d launched the video around the hype of the song playing on radios it’d probably have been better for her. Now it just feels tired, like how many strip club music videos have we seen?

  59. Loyalty October 3, 2013

    The first sentence of her first response would have sufficed. That person probably only went away laughing, knowing she touched a nerve.

  60. Loyalty October 3, 2013

    Yeah, yeah we all know Rihanna likes to ‘keep it real’. But if I had not read the comment I would’ve assumed the person was cussing her out calling her fake b****, puppet etc. The woman/girl only said what many are thinking. And does Rihanna seriously expect people not to judge her the way she acts?

  61. #IndustryPussy October 3, 2013

    Ri still a ho, stuck up cyber bullying scunt

  62. Tisha October 3, 2013

    She was running her mouth to Teyana about 90 million but yet stays on the Internet trying to feel like a boss. Guess it’s the only place she can feel tough and ‘clap back’ at folks.

    She doesn’t have a steady relationship. She doesn’t have a good reputation. She’s not even more successful than people who came AFTER her…I guess that’s a good reason to be onthe net 24/7 and get huffy when folks call your flat ass out.

  63. Rihanna’s new single will end your fav October 3, 2013

    I don’t even know why the Navy is going back and forth with the haters. We all know if Rihanna was covered from head to toe people would still complain. Just look at the “where have you been” video. She was decent and the haters still tried to drag.

  64. DRAKE STAN October 3, 2013


  65. JER October 3, 2013

    “fan” yes. Just like all the “Rihanna fans” that if you click on their message board history, it’s all BeYAWNce posts, or if you check out their YouTube account the last videos they watched were Keri Hilson. Or if you look at all these big “Rihanna fans” FakeBook they’re in C-error fan groups. Ch… I’ve seen it time and again.

  66. Rihboy October 3, 2013

    Who came after her thats more successful….fill me in???^^^^ BECAUSE for someone with a bad rep……..she is doing very well…..why mention teyanna….she was on Rihanna hard
    …i can locate receipts and photos of her riding Rihannaa d***……….she deserved to be put down. She been shading Ri for years…And like the opportunist she is….she tried to use a simple video to put her name in the threads…but she is still trending irrelevant. Piu is a video and its on vevo..regardless deal. dont type or click her name its that easy…if you searching for something you dont stan for or like what does that make you? A hating ass hypocrite.

    • Stop the drama Start the music October 3, 2013

      Adele, Justin Bieber, and Gaga (debatable)….and don’t say they sell a lot cuz they r white becuz they are still pop singers just like Rihanna…it’s true whites sell more but they r all still the pop genre like MJ.

  67. Rihboy October 3, 2013

    Its on deal…cant wait until a certain group is gifted with new they can shut their pie holes and stop worrying about Ri…she will be fine.

  68. Queen Kelly October 3, 2013

    Its just a music video people treating it like its the new ad for a presidential campaign and the 16 year old rihanna had no idenity she was considered a low budget version of beyonce when she cut her hair and started being herself that’s when people start to notice her as RIHANNA one of the biggest stars in music today.

  69. Tyler October 3, 2013

    So that b******* excuse

  70. Micks October 3, 2013

    Mess Rihanna. Stop with try hard drags it embarassing.

  71. Tyler October 3, 2013

    So that b******* excuse is supposed to justify her irate behavior…I can’t smdh!

  72. Ya Heard October 3, 2013

    I live for RIHANNA………. I love that her cadence is starting to resemble cast members from “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” ya heard..

  73. suga&spice October 3, 2013

    rihanna like rihanna alot,but I think the navy needs to read her article in Glamour magazine were she pretty much in so many ways calls herself a fake rockstar.and how rihanna is not who she really is.

    • RICHIE_RICH October 3, 2013

      you clocked that too.

  74. Touché October 3, 2013

    Wow, I would have understood her response if that fan had just been completely nasty to her but she wasn’t. She is just saying the truth, Rihanna does act like an overly sexualized classless woman. If Rihanna doesn’t want to be called out for it than she shouldn’t act like one. Also, age doesn’t justify that behavior so that’t a b******* excuse. Yes as an adult you have the freedom to do as you please but that doesn’t mean there are no consequences for your bad actions.

    • Touché October 3, 2013


  75. Rihboy October 3, 2013

    Just a bunch of bees buzzing…..dont you guys have a new music petition to draw up….its not our fault you guys are used to a lack of personality or originality. Half of you talking s*** probably have no morals at all…usually the main ones acting as though they were just baptized or live this squeaky clean life. Let me know what that c*** look like..because you guys are sure on it hard enough. All of a sudden we became philosophers and guidance counselors…..

    • Mya October 3, 2013

      Your girls put herself in this situation, people will judge. Its what comes with being in the spotlight, people have opinions. Especially when you do extreme things like Rihanna. And actually, most of the people on here have a point. But of course as a fan you will only see it how you want to.

  76. Mya October 3, 2013

    The saying ‘you cant have your cake and eat it too’ comes to mind with Rihanna.

  77. Rihboy October 3, 2013

    Her point should have been to spell Oprah right firstly. And if she watched that episode….nowhere in that video did she claim a perfect lifestyle. Rihannas choices are hers….if you dont stan for why lament on a thread to say what she should or could do. I believe and im sure you believe your time is much more valuable right? point or no point you love her and want better its ok.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 3, 2013

      Oh shut up. Every time your fav gets clocked, y’all b*tches say the same d*mn thing, “if you dont stan for her why lament on a thread to say what she should or could do.” To answer your question and the rest of the ho’s that ask it daily when they can’t defend their favs stupid actions; BECAUSE IT’S A BLOG WERE OPINIONS ARE GIVEN. Go to her fansite if you don’t like opposing opinions.

      • etone October 3, 2013

        you support rappers that dis-respect females yet your hating on Rihanna.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 3, 2013

        @Etone what the f*ck are you talking about?

  78. Rihboy October 3, 2013

    Honey your fave is the queen of features and underground flop tapes…..please sit.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 3, 2013

      Who are you talking to number one? And second, if your referring to me and thinking Onika is my fav, you’re definitely slower than I thought…

  79. WTH October 3, 2013

    I just assume Rihanna is under the influence of something whenever she’s on social media. Much like her video, the gimmicks are getting old and they wont be much of a value when she hits 30. Only person who can continue with the “shock value” with longevity is Madonna and even with that said, Rihanna is merely recycling what Madonna has already done in regards to “shock value” (hence why, mainstream media wasnt shocked… nor cared about this video).

    Miss Robyn might want to reevaluate her choices of who she wants to “clap back” to, especially if its the very people that gave her an income in the first place. General Population comes and goes but your base is what can make you keep going and she tends to forget this.

  80. Kingbey October 3, 2013

    I’m starting to hate rihanna sadly .. She needs a change in her life .. She is caught up in the fame

  81. divalover October 4, 2013

    Prefered the ‘Stay’ visuals

  82. moech October 4, 2013

    rihanna is a bad bad b****, i don get why ppl like her honestly i used to like her but from now on she is a s*** . cheap girl yakhhhh

  83. ??? October 4, 2013

    Its a shame how young she is and how low of a level she has to stoop all for the $$$… I know her granny is probably rolling over in her grave… #Shameful

  84. Rihanna # 1 Fan T October 5, 2013


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