Chart Check: Elijah Blake Rocks Net With ‘Tokyo’ / ‘Beyonce’ Eyes First Week Sales Of 1 Million Units

Published: Sunday 15th Dec 2013 by David

After American music lovers pushed it sales over the 400,000 unit mark hours after its release, the good people of Australia follow suit today- handing a fresh pair of commercial legs to Beyonce‘s self-titled new album!

Why she and Roc Nation’s Elijah Blake have much to give thanks for this morning?

Your Sunday morning ‘Chart Check’ below…

Though it’s yet to welcome its physical release, Beyonce‘s ‘Beyonce‘ continues to see its digital sales rise with every passing hour today, and now welcomes the news that its shifted 250,000 units in Australia alone.

When this figure is added to the 600,000 units the star is expected to shift in the US by the end of this chart week, the album’s opening numbers will sit just 150,000 units away from the 1 million mark.

Impressive, as it’s now expected to exceed this figure thanks to numbers generated in all ten of the world’s biggest music markets, two of these being Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom, where the album is expected to debut at #1 this evening.

Elsewhere, as he gears up to join Miguel & Frank Ocean at the forefront of Contemporary R&B, Elijah Blake welcomes fresh streaming glory today, thanks to spins generated by his latest effort, ‘Towers of Tokyo.’

Indeed, with streaming data now counting towards Billboard Hot 100 chart positions, the 23 year old performer is now on course to fly the flag for R&B on the chart with the continued digital success of his free releases.

For, after watching his J.Cole– assisted ‘Vendetta’ leap past the 10 million streams milestone, the lyricist has seen ‘Tokyo‘ soar above the 20,000 mark just three days after its release.


Well, with 8,064 plays garnered on SoundCloud, fan uploads of the cut on YouTube and other video sharing sites have brought it to the 20,933 mark in less than 72 hours.

Telling of the vocalist’s bourgeoning online popularity, ‘Tokyo’s first piece of good news arrives months before the unveiling of Blake’s debut album ‘Songs About Melody’, which will feature cuts produced by No I.D., Diplo, preceding the 2012 release of his debut EP ‘Bijoux 22.’

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  1. BeyBeyKing December 15, 2013

    Will the slayage never end?

  2. BanjeeRiri December 15, 2013

    Good for King Elijah, I don’t know who the other person is.

  3. BeyWhoUWanna December 15, 2013

    Elijah has a lot of potential so I’m happy to see him do so well. As for the Queen, I can’t say that I am shocked. She’s BEEN a bawse!

  4. Rosie December 15, 2013

    I have never seen someone come for blood this hard, OMG.

  5. CiciFinnaBeABride December 15, 2013

    1 million refunds.

  6. Mothe December 15, 2013

    Queen Beeeeeey, you ready

  7. KING B December 15, 2013

    I’M done picking up my wig I might as well just leave it on the floor

  8. Elijah’sBijoux December 15, 2013


  9. Amanda Bynes December 15, 2013


  10. KD December 15, 2013

    Just purchased my copy of BEYONCE. 🙂 Loving it.

  11. RiriRoyale December 15, 2013

    Still no number one single?

  12. HausMuthaAdele December 15, 2013

    20,000 in three days? Good for him.

  13. Draggin4MrsCarter December 15, 2013

    Queen Beyonce and King Elijah snatching wigs and baseball caps so effortlessly.

  14. Tash December 15, 2013

    This slayage is never ending. Beyoncé I love you so much.

  15. JOHNVIDAL December 15, 2013

    Well, she´s slaying! She needed to do something different and she did it (commercially at least). Didn´t thought Beyonce was going to ever see first weeks sales bigger than 300,000 copies in the USA again (which wouldn´t be bad after many years in the game anyway). She did that.
    But I have not listened to any of the songs yet. So I don´t know if this success is based on this great idea of a sudden release alone, or if the songs are really good. Beyonce has never been too great artistically. Congrats anyway. I can´t see these others girls who have never done this kind of numbers, not in the past and not now, doing this anytime soon, people just know they are inferior no matter how many catchy singles ready for radio they cook for them every year.

  16. BumbleBey December 15, 2013

    Elijah can sit with us now.

  17. Basura Caliente December 15, 2013

    Strumming my pain with this album, SLAYING my life with this era. killing me softly with this album, killing me softly with these news, SLAYING MY WHOLE LIFE

  18. MonicaLewinskyGown December 15, 2013

    Not the future King of R&B slaying in the same week as the current King of R&B is slaying.

  19. JOHNVIDAL December 15, 2013

    Don´t tell me the biggest trolls of the last months aka @trollbird and @rosie are changing teams again. Now you´re going to say you love Beyonce, right? lol
    If I were a Beyonce fan I wouldn´t want any of these people stanning for her. Same way I can´t stand @trollbird acting as if he really likes Mariah Carey! B**** you stan for Justin Beiber, Rihanna, Britney Spears and Katy Perry (well only when they have a #1 single). You´re not fooling anyone.

  20. Bey-Minaj December 15, 2013

    Ummm a single hasn’t been released yet. Has all that slayage f***** ur brains up? She just slayed Rihanna’s whole entire f****** lyyyyfe!!!

  21. BeyQueenCe’ December 15, 2013

    Mariah Carey wishes she could sell like Queen Beyonce.

  22. TurntUp4Cici December 15, 2013

    Body Party is Gold.
    Deja Vu still isn’t Platinum after seven years. NOW RUN AND TELL THAT.

  23. Queen Bee December 15, 2013

    QUEEN BEY slaying these basic h***! They can’t deal!

  24. Its Gaga Ya Bish December 15, 2013

    Pepsi bought all these albums 2bh.

  25. NAVY COMMANDER December 15, 2013

    Cake like lady gaga & Iconic cici please don’t come on the thread

  26. Queen Bee December 15, 2013

    These BASIC h*** can’t deal with Queen Beys SLAYAGE.

  27. QueenCeline December 15, 2013

    Cake Like Lady Gaga is going to have a melt down and Rosie is going to keep on trying to become a Hive member but they don’t want her over there.

  28. PhuckYoTour December 15, 2013

    Jermaine Dupri said he thinks Rihanna is better than Beyonce and you can’t say he’s wrong because he’s been in the game longer than Beyonce.

  29. AdornMe December 15, 2013

    Happy for both of em.

  30. FlawlessBey December 15, 2013

    Has anyone seen Cake? I’m worried about her. NOT!

  31. Hivy December 15, 2013

    Not @turnupcic using a old song. Lmmmaaaao only the queen. I’m headless right now
    I stopped buying weave 2days ago.

  32. NAVY COMMANDER December 15, 2013

    Bragging about gold certifications now?

  33. JT>>>JC>>>JB December 15, 2013

    Well done Beyonce, don’t forget to thank Justin for the help.

  34. Rosie December 15, 2013

    Just like Celine keeps trying to stay relevant, but nope.

  35. Beyonce’sLacefront (I’m Laid) December 15, 2013

    Keep a close eye on the views on the Elijah Sound cloud player. It was 8,000 ten minutes ago and now its on 8,324 because of the Beyhive! Yaaaaass. HA IMPACT.

  36. Hivy December 15, 2013

    LMAO where IS @CAKE LIKE GAGS? lmao He opened his stank mouth too fast.

  37. BarbBey December 15, 2013

    Go away Rosie, you’re uninvited to the Hive’s celebratory party.

  38. Mrs. Ciara Future December 15, 2013

    Yall keep saying no promo but did you forget that she did an entire tour, performed for Obama, cut her hair for attention and trolled yall with snippets for the entire year. DUMBASSSES. DUMB…….ASS…..ES.

  39. RoyalKev December 15, 2013


  40. BeyBeyKing December 15, 2013

    Celine Dion is more relevant than Lana will ever be Rosie.

  41. XXX December 15, 2013

    Hive don’t come for Rosie she has always had a soft spot for Bey

  42. BeyonceCopiedJessieJ December 15, 2013

    This video looks familiar

  43. Hivy December 15, 2013

    @Mrs Ciara Future I wouldn’t expect a cierror stan to have much common sense BUT it was not promo dumbass. Her tour was built up Hype not promo for her album. All news surrounding her album was speculation we never knew anything.

  44. XXX December 15, 2013

    And as for Beyonce, I simply cannot at all this slayage.

  45. NICKI MINAJ December 15, 2013

    Is “And I” even silver yet after 9 years?

  46. FentySoSnatched December 15, 2013

    Poor Rosie being dragged by the Hive. This must be how Lana felt when saw BTD’s sales.

  47. Rosie December 15, 2013

    Cierror has the #1 song on urban radio, still has tons of recurrent play, got her biggest hit in YEARS, performed in from of 8 million people live, had a video premiere in front of the same 8 million, performed on every late night talk show in the US, performed on 106 & Park everyday on album release week, sucked Future’s d*** for headlines, and still can’t get her album to sell 140K in the US.

  48. truth December 15, 2013

    I dont understand the hate. Im team Mariah and love Bey and music more. This album is her best work to date. Its an experience. Those calling it a snooze fest. Really? The beats alone are enough to keep a person up. Slow does not always equal boring. She deserves big numbers because she came correct this era. Bow Down and give respect.

  49. XXX December 15, 2013

    The REACH! Looks like Jessie herself doesn’t see it, keep trying:

    JESSIE J ‏@JessieJ 13 Dec
    BE…YON…CE… The inspiration is just unreal.

  50. Rosie December 15, 2013

    Death at all the people who never comment trying to drag me. I never dragged Beyoncé, just the Hive a few times.

  51. BitchyBey December 15, 2013

    The ignorance is so real, once the album came out everything she did before that became promo FOR the album and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  52. NICKI MINAJ December 15, 2013

    But not this Elijah Blake song slaying me!!!!! Tbh I never heard a song from him other than that feature on that Keyshia Cole CD. Good thing it automatically played cause I would’ve never. Now I’m bout to do my research on this Young Prince of R&B. Be on the look out for Parker tho.

  53. Hivy December 15, 2013

    Its true tho @rosie never dragged Beyoncé and if she joined the Hive I wouldn’t mind cause she stan for lana hard and doesn’t give to f**** about anyone .

  54. Pink Friday December 15, 2013

    This is like the 8735328 Beyonce Post! ENOUGH

  55. Woman2Woman December 15, 2013

    So the Elijah song comes on automatically every time you refresh this page? Get. That. Promo.

  56. The Truth Hurts December 15, 2013

    @Rosie you were defending Beyoncé a few days ago before the album was released which pretty much nullifies any badwagoning claims.

  57. Hivy December 15, 2013

    @Pink Friday Don’t like it leave.

  58. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 15, 2013


  59. Hivy December 15, 2013

    @bey hive minaj That Tranny in the kim post talking s*** about beyonce cannot step foot in here. KIIIIII

  60. XXX December 15, 2013

    I actually remember when Rosie first came to the site, people thought she was a Beyoncé stan. So I don’t see the bandwagon claims. Girl support who you want.

  61. BrunoMartian December 15, 2013

    I think I speak for everyone when I say congratz to Elijah.

  62. TeenageDreamer December 15, 2013

    Cake Like Lady Gaga is pretending not to see this thread.

  63. QueenOfTheNavy December 15, 2013

    Leave Rosie alone please, you know it’s hard enough stanning for Lana No American Hit Rey as it is.

  64. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 15, 2013

    Lmfao where is cake like lady gaga? He was shading bey using born this way’s 1.2 million units. The queen is about to push the same numbers with DIGITAL SALES ALONE! What now b****? WHAT F****** NOW?!?!?

  65. Hivy December 15, 2013


    Attention HIVE the queen might be releasing physical copies on Monday!!

  66. MarinasDiamonds December 15, 2013

    I love this Elijah song.

  67. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 15, 2013

    @Hivy The f** is probably at a corner crying himself to sleep lmao he opened his mouth too soon

  68. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 15, 2013


  69. Rosie December 15, 2013

    To people defending me, exactly. Thank you. I defend Beyoncé on a regular basis.

    @QUEENIFTHENAVY Is Flop Now aluminum yet? Keep clinging to Eminem’s song.

  70. Bey-Minaj December 15, 2013

    Yup! Gold in 48 hrs. Rihanna cud neva u know!

  71. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 15, 2013

    Leave Rosie alone. I may have dragged her a couple of times for coming for nicki,but she is anything but a band wagoner

  72. Hivy December 15, 2013

    @Rosie Gurl don’t mind the haters.
    @BeyHivee_Minaj Due to demand she might release tomorrow.

  73. Hivy December 15, 2013

    “driver roll up the Partition PLEASE”

  74. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare December 15, 2013

    In times like these it is best to stop all stan delusions and bow down!!!!!

    BEYONCE.DID.THAT! The sooner you accept it, the easier it’ll be.

  75. QueenOfTheNavy December 15, 2013

    @Rosie And you keep clinging to Lana’s Spotify stats, because that’s all she has.

  76. NAVY COMMANDER December 15, 2013

    Yup! Gold in 48 hrs. Rihanna cud neva u know!

    To people defending me, exactly. Thank you. I defend Beyoncé on a regular basis.
    @QUEENIFTHENAVY Is Flop Now aluminum yet? Keep clinging to Eminem’s song.



  77. YONCE December 15, 2013

    Why is this irrelevant sharing a post with the QUEEN? We don’t care about him!

  78. XXX December 15, 2013

    @Navy Commander so you’re gonna scroll past PhuckyoTours comment?

  79. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 15, 2013

    @Hivy even though she won’t release the physical copies tomorrow,she is releasing Drunk On Love and Blow this week. I love eminem,but this is the QUEEN we are talking about. The monster hype is DONE

  80. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 15, 2013

    @Navy Commander B****,if you can go back to the previous beyonce posts these past two days,you will see a pressed f** called Sybil,who kept ranting about the monster video and when it comes out it will destroy beyonce and blah blah blah. I had a reason for writing that comment,unlike the navy,who drag in beyonce all the time when it has nothing to do with her just cause of their insecurities

  81. XXX December 15, 2013

    @Navy commander: and @BanjeeRiRi and @RiRi Royales?

  82. Rosie December 15, 2013

    @QUEENOFTHENAVYAt least their her own stats, she’s not a featured artist like Rihfund.
    Has Analpologetic outsold Born To Die worldwide? It had two major worldwide #1 hits.

  83. Hivy December 15, 2013


    BEYONCE – Drunk In Love f/Jay Z: 4.300 (+ 1.586)
    BEYONCE – Partition: 1.492 (+ 0.491)
    BEYONCE – Mine f/Drake: 1.453 (+ 0.397)
    BEYONCE – Blow: 0.955 (+ 0.320)
    BEYONCE – XO: 0.718 (+ 0.162)

    yasss for partition. All of these have to be singles. DIL AND BLOW already the first singles and XO will be the second single. hopefully mine and partition make it.

  84. Iconic cici December 15, 2013

    Columbia and Beyonce working extra hard to get them album’s sold. bet you those singles will fail. I really hope Ciara sues this h** theres no more playing nice.

  85. Rosie December 15, 2013

    Exactly guys. If I was a bandwagoner I would be one of those fake b****** who stan Borde just to drop her if Team flopped.

  86. Iconic cici December 15, 2013

    Lmao johndival called Rosie a troll and bandwagon fan go in

  87. XXX December 15, 2013

    @Iconic CiCi how exactly? The girl has done NO promotion whatsoever boo. They saved so much money.

  88. NAVY COMMANDER December 15, 2013

    Xxx don’t act like the hive was dragging rih because of PhuckYoTours because nobody @ed him/her

  89. XXX December 15, 2013

    Unlike Ciara who had all the promo under the sun and is getting outsold by her in a day.

  90. Mark111 December 15, 2013

    Remember when people said that Bey could never sell a million in a week? Watch what you say.

    And to the MC fans, the madest of them all. Don’t you @Slayriah have a single to buy, since the first one was “the wrong version”. Aka a sneaky way to get double sales.

  91. Iconic cici December 15, 2013

    Like they aren’t purchasing/ gifting those albums in iTunes next Beyonce is a snake she doesn’t fool me.

  92. Iconic cici December 15, 2013

    @XXX that’s fine Ciara worked her ass off to sell them albums you gotta respect that.

  93. Hivy December 15, 2013

    Yasss @Mark SLayriah always talking s*** LMAO. @Iconic Cici Maybe should have bought her albums like Tamar but then again she and Future broke as f***.
    Future and Past.

  94. Iconic cici December 15, 2013

    Im sorry Ciara doesn’t need to lie cheat or steal like Tamar, Rihanna,Beyonce to get to the top

  95. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 15, 2013

    Don’t be pissed at beyonce just cause Ciara can’t get off her lazy ass and promote herself. She deserves plenty of success,she just seems like she doesn’t want it

  96. The Boy Toy December 15, 2013

    I wish y’all would stop entertaining the FAKE navy’s. Y’all know damn well who the real Navy members are… 🙄

  97. XXX December 15, 2013

    @Iconic Cici exactly. Harder than Columbia and Bey and shes still flopping. What sales?

  98. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 15, 2013

    @MARK111 THISSS!!! And yes,Slayriah is an annoying b****. Sam should just ban that dumb w**** because no on likes him except from lovebird. Even his fellow lambs want him to die. Who can blame them

  99. The Boy Toy December 15, 2013

    Don’t Worry about Rih’s flop singles. DWT grossed $140,000,000. Can your fave even do a chitlin circuit tour? 😆

  100. TheHive December 15, 2013

    whew chile we gone overdose on all this slayage!!!.. Oop! speaking of overdose, how’s that doing? LMAO I can’t!

  101. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 15, 2013

    @BoyToy we know damn good and we’ll that these aren’t real rihanna fans at all. If lovebird of all people can put away her stan card and admit that the album slayed,it shouldn’t be too hard for these other trolls

  102. Navy Commander December 15, 2013


  103. fatusankoh December 15, 2013

    I love Rosie she stain for bey you go queen bey you did a good job you we your fans proud to be your fans for life hatters have norting on you you are love by god good people and we your fans for life more success in all you do

  104. The Boy Toy December 15, 2013

    They’re faker than a $3 bill. I never see them in Rih threads amongst the real Navy but they’re always front and center hating on others. They’re probably Cierror stans for real kii

  105. Vocal Bible December 15, 2013

    Elijah Blake definitely taking a few pages out of the book of Brandy. He sounds great.

  106. QueenOfTheNavy December 15, 2013

    Look at all these flip floppers.

  107. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) December 15, 2013

    DEATH @ the hive wishing death on me. Lol

    Anybody can sell a million WORLDWIDE in one week. Mariah has done that s*** multiple times in her ever so successful career. I never said Beyonce couldn’t do that, I said she couldn’t get a diamond album.

    Mariah clearly hasn’t even promoted The art of Letting go, she’s too busy promoting her Christmas music like she usually does at this time of year.
    All I want for Christmas is you is #26 in the Us and #14 in the UK 19 years later? When will Beyonce?

  108. Hadley December 15, 2013

    600k in the US alone? With just Itunes and 3 days. The slayage.

  109. Bey-Minaj December 15, 2013

    She can’t do Diamond? U do know its Bey right? Dis her s***! #BowDown

  110. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 15, 2013

    “Don´t tell me the biggest trolls of the last months aka @trollbird and @rosie are changing teams again. Now you´re going to say you love Beyonce, right? lol”

    Ultimate death, the one time I give credit to Beyonce, Johnvidal absolutely seethes about it. Let me guess, you wanted me to write one of your steaming hating novella’s like you do whenever Rihanna is winning.

    I like the music on Beyonce, that does not mean I like Beyonce, there’s a difference.

    Now instead of hating on me, you should spend that time helping MARIAH find her vocals and Celine scratch at least gold with FLOP ME BACK TO RETIREMENT.

  111. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 15, 2013

    “Same way I can´t stand @trollbird acting as if he really likes Mariah Carey! b**** you stan for Justin Beiber, Rihanna, Britney Spears and Katy Perry (well only when they have a #1 single).”

    And you stan for Lady Gaga, the one who did the absolute most with a $25 million dollar promo plan, a $3 million Artrave party in New York, broadcasted by VEVO to millions and yet was outsold by Beyonce in 3 days, have several seats.

  112. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 15, 2013

    I know you’re having a bad year Johnvidal, all your favs are flopping left right and centre.

    Lady Gaga (LEFT) is flopping
    Celine Dion (Right) FLOPPED with 77K
    Mariah (Centre) not only cannot sing anymore but will flop.

  113. Fredo December 15, 2013

    Well, act like you know.

  114. Brandys Starr December 15, 2013


  115. h2o December 15, 2013





    GOD TAKE ME NOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. LOL December 15, 2013


  117. RihannaNavy December 15, 2013

    No haters allowed. Queen bey is slaying!! The album is FIREE.
    Elijah, oh boy you are rocking

  118. TinaMinaj December 15, 2013

    It’s time the haters HUNGITUP! Beyoncé snatched wigs and will continue to snatch them when the physical copies are made available!


  119. Wtfjusthappened December 15, 2013

    Ok I just read and lol all day at the comments but I never post , but I just had to when they said she has sold 250,000 in Australia already, ok the album is amazing def her best yet but 250k is a lie ! Find me one source that says so! It’s impossible ! That would mean it’s in for a triple platinum debit – again not happening! Our sales here are so low that you could have a #1 album with 15,000 copies. Adele went platinum 14 times that’s just under 1milli! Pink goes platinum 10 times that’s 700k! So let’s be honest here and give the proper info! Btw she is not the biggest touring force in this country either which this site has said , pink again beyond outsold Beyoncé with the truth about love tour, 56 shows she did here ! So that’s that sorted. I know it’s an exciting time , blah blah blah and I think Beyoncé is the greatest performer out there but let’s not get to carried away with the stats !

  120. MusicBoy December 16, 2013

    Well dang beyonce! You got it goin on right now, LOL. I think this body of work is one of your more unique ones in the last couple of years:) and for all of you who are bringing up Celine, rihanna, ciara, and whoever… They are all very good, have hit singles, sold respectable numbers with different albums, and so forth… But who just releases an album out of nowhere and then goes on to sell close 600’000+ copies within 3 days!?!? I’m sorry to say but… I think it would be an arms race for the previously mentioned artists to reach that feat, but you never know I guess…

  121. Marcel December 16, 2013

    Since I got the album on Friday it’s been on continuous play… I am so loving it….

    Check out “Dare” by new artist Marcel

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