Watch: Drake Teases New Aaliyah Number On Tour Bus

Published: Tuesday 3rd Dec 2013 by David

After wooing audiences but failing to wow radio with ‘Enough Said‘, Drake teases a brand new ‘duet’ with the late Aaliyah, doing so on his ‘Would You Like a Tour?’ tour bus.

Featuring vocals from both performers, the number will go a long way to excite any anticipating Aaliyah‘s forthcoming posthumous release.

Not sure why?

Press play below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Aaliyah Stan #1 December 3, 2013

    no Drake, just… NO! Leave babygirl alone you huge power bottom!

  2. Drake Loves Sausage December 3, 2013

    Drake…girl…sis…listen…Aaliyah don’t wanna share no track with you…let the legend go!! How is no-one reading him on his obsession with Babygirl?? Leave the dead to rest and find a guy to play ‘wrestling’ with!

  3. Pillow Biting Drizzy December 3, 2013

    yes bottom, please let our Babygirl rest & respect her family’s (including Missy & Timb) wishes! Damn Drizzy, stop before i make it a point to buy front row tickets to your concert just so i can toss d***** bottles at your face! You’re already making hits without her and she MOST LIKELY WOULDN’T WORK WITH YOU IF SHE WERE STILL HERE!

  4. idgi December 3, 2013

    Its ok to be fan and miss her but omggg he’s obsessed!! Leave her alone, damn.

  5. Nicky December 3, 2013

    Drake is gay rapper opsessed abaut a pop artist like really!!! I think he’s slowly failing to hide in the closet..

  6. Nicky December 3, 2013

    Drizzy Drake is gay rapper opsessed abaut a pop artist like really!!! I think he’s slowly failing to hide in the closet..

  7. soulmusiclover December 3, 2013

    people kill me talking about let the “legend” rest! please! y’all are acting like we’re talking about aretha franklin or nina simone! although i respect her accomplishments as an artist, aaliyah had that cassie type of voice even though she was better! is’nt she thought as a “legend” because she died very young?? i think so! and yes drake is also pissing me off with all of his aaliyah’s features

  8. Pillow Biting Drizzy December 3, 2013

    slowly? really?

  9. Aaliyah’s #1 December 3, 2013

    you must have been born after she had already passed cuz the comparison to Cassie’s vocals on this lame post is just TOO UNREAL. Boo, honestly- research Babygirl before you open your mouf and s*** turds pour out. SERIOUSLY. Aaliyah’s vocal range was CRAZY regardless of what few singles you listened to before coming up with this ridiculous comparison. Look for her live performances and prepare to be amazed & corrected. She deserves EVERY BIT OF RECOGNITION WITHIN THE PLAYING FIELDS OF THE GREATS (Whitney, Patty, Aretha, Mimi). Not even Bey could match her vocal range with all of that over-singing and riffing! Aaliyah doesn’t even have stans, SHE HAS A FOLLOWING. AALIYAH wasn’t just an artist, SHE WAS A F****** MOVEMENT. She defined modern day Pop! so Im pretty sure I can speak for all of Aaliyah’s supporters when I tell you TO HAVE A F***** SEAT boo…

  10. soulmusiclover December 3, 2013

    haha! no you sit you ass down! i was 9 when she passed away, but i know her music, it’s my f****** opinion deal with it! yes maybe the cassie comparison was harsh but it was insulting but let’s be honest, she did’nt have the strongest voice

  11. Touché December 3, 2013

    As much as I don’t like Drake, it’s actually a good thing. If artists use her vocals on their tracks, Aaliyah will continue to get exposure from the new generation which will keep her legacy alive. Frankly, I would love to hear more unreleased material from her but I know it will be a while.

  12. Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me December 3, 2013

    Some of ya’ll are killing me with these comments about Drake’s starting (and finishing) on the bottom!!! His obsession is a bit bizarre I must say. I am glad to hear Aaliyah’s vocals as long as the track is fire, but they way Drake goes about it is a bit…strange.

  13. Mark111 December 3, 2013

    Can I get some unreleased Aaliyah music with JUST her? And to that hater, Aaliyah is a R&B legend and had a great voice. I hate when people think oversinging or singing loud = a voice. I also hate whenever Aaliyah comes up, the hater have to spray their s*** in the comments. 3 Mulit Platinum, countless top 40 hits, all in 7 years. I don’t give a f*** who was bigger or who sold more, at the end of the day, no one will be doing her numbers today.

  14. Pillow Biting Drizzy December 3, 2013

    thank you! SoulMusicLover doesn’t know s***. 9 years old when she died? That makes you barely legal enough to drink in this country buddy so guess what, I was right- HAVE A F***** SEAT YOU GIT… you started listening to music by the time EVERY CHICK IN THE INDUSTRY DECIDED TO STOP SINGING AND COPY AALIYAH’s HARMONIES… you’re a hater and anything you say to convince yourself otherwise is still BS to the masses. I agree with Mark, I want unreleased AALIYAH music that doesn’t feature any of today’s greedy ass music artists looking to capitalize on our Babygirl’s voice! So until her fam decides to do so, DON’T F*** WITH HER PERIOD & POINT F***** BLANK! You don’t see artists mangling and destroying unreleased tracks from Elvis, Selena or the other greats so why f***** start with Aaliyah? just, WHY?

  15. FutureCIARA December 3, 2013

    S*** sounds the same!

    He needs to stop riding off of Aaliyah’s back, Her fans don’t care for this down syndrome queen.

  16. GoldenBoy J December 4, 2013


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