Kanye West: “Madonna Is The Greatest Visual Music Artist That Ever Lived”

Published: Monday 20th Jan 2014 by Sam

Kanye West is renowned for endorsing few others beyond Kanye West. As such, it’s both surprising and warming to see that the Hip-Hop titan has shared his love for Pop queen Madonna in the latest issue of Interview magazine.

The outspoken star not only expressed his admiration for the diva, he deemed her “the greatest visual music artist that ever lived”.

His words below…

Via Interview Magazine:

“Madonna, I think, is the greatest visual musical artist that we’ve ever had.

If you look at her photo log, the photographers that she was able to work with throughout her career framed her in the proper way.

It was the proper context.

It was that visual that made sure that everything was gonna cut through in a certain way.”


Do you agree?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly January 20, 2014

    And Your the biggest piece of s*** that ever lived (:

  2. stephy tha lambily January 20, 2014

    Yes, this is very true. Madonna is a master at visual art.

  3. Doll Phace MUA January 20, 2014

    I guess. I’m not really familiar with a lot of Madonna’s work because she was not played in my household growing up, nor was she a staple in my community. B**** is filthy rich doe.

  4. JOSE January 20, 2014

    Bullsh*t. Madonna is overrated, she did(Does) nothing but create controversy for attention

  5. Kanye “Cray Cray” Kardashian January 20, 2014

    this HAS to confirm how gay Ye really is.. Just, has too! First he praises Bey as the greatest artist, now Madonna??? Who’s next, Liberace? RuPaul? C’Mon!

  6. Nova January 20, 2014

    Yes Madonna is.Queen of Pop MADONNA!

  7. iconic cici January 20, 2014

    People give this untalented h** to much credit.

  8. Itsjustl January 20, 2014

    i love how he makes these declaration with some much seriousness like their fact, but Madonna is a badass though, I’ve always enjoyed her ability to convey amazing visuals for her music.

  9. KING B January 20, 2014

    Seriously though Kanye, just top trying to throw shades at B (a woman) and just say you’re jealous of her albums sales and the fact that she sold way more than your album did in a month! Nobody is loyal in this business

  10. pat January 20, 2014

    mike and janet were much better

  11. Calling all hearts January 20, 2014

    What makes Madonna the queen of pop? its sure not TALENT.

  12. Calling all hearts January 20, 2014

    How much did Madonna pay him to say this?

  13. Yolo January 20, 2014

    And that is the MAIN reason she is so successful. Because strip the visuals, theres not much left. So there are no lies told here.

  14. Ciarastan January 20, 2014

    Madonna = Rihanna all smoke and mirrors and no talent kii

  15. stephy tha lambily January 20, 2014

  16. Sandra January 20, 2014

    I Agree with you

  17. stephy tha lambily January 20, 2014

  18. Sandra January 20, 2014

    Visual music artist? What does he mean by that?

  19. stephy tha lambily January 20, 2014

  20. Ciara is everything January 20, 2014

    Madonna was a basic singer and dancer so she had to rely on visuals and since she white she gets the title of Queen Of pop even tho We know Janet is the real QUEEN.

    • :) May 24, 2014

      Madonna has a more distinctive timbre, better songwriting skills and performing skills than Janet Jackson who was just a good dancer that whispered like a no-singing rat.Janet Queen of what? Flop and forgotten popstars for sure.

  21. Ciara is everything January 20, 2014

    @Stephy please sit down with these Madonna videos thanks

  22. janet. January 20, 2014

  23. Sandra January 20, 2014

    Michael & Janet’s videos are much better… Madonna has a few good videos but seriously,”greatest visual music artist that ever lived” ? A bit exaggerated.

  24. Beyugly January 20, 2014

    This has nothing to do with Madonna blahhhhahaha kangay is just pissed that bey stole his visual album idea..Refresh my memory!! Didn’t this ugly monkey slam Taylor Swift by stating bey’s copycat video was the best video of all time..Now that the tables turn he wants to cry!! Lmaoo

  25. beyhive france January 20, 2014

    that was definitly a shade on beyonce kanye is such a child

  26. Ciara is everything January 20, 2014

    Kanyes probably pissed at Beyonce for stealing his visual album idea and plus she probably doesn’t care for Kim so kanye is feeling shady ill die if Bey doesn’t attend there wedding.

  27. Tisha January 20, 2014

    He always goes on long rants and then comes back kissing someone’s ass.

    I disagree, I do think she was amazingly visual and varied artist but I think Michael Jsckson had way better visuals from videos to styles and movies.

    Still we all know this is just part of Kanye’s typical d*** sucking routine.

  28. stephy tha lambily January 20, 2014

    Madonna was never a talented woman in the sense of power vocals & power dance moves.

    Madonna’s talent is DRIVE!!! Her ambition, discipline, courage & don’t take no s*** attitude made her become more successful than any other female ever.

    Her talent is what kept her from stifling herself (MICHAEL JACKSON). Her talent is what kept her grounded & discipline to stay focus & never take for granted of her talent and life (WHITNEY HOUSTON).

    Madonna is simply the greatest pop star ever due to her drive, discipline, ambition, re invention, thought provoking performance’s & fearlessness of confronting issues in this world & as an artist that could destroy the average TALENTED females career.

    Madonna paved the way for speaking your mind & freedom of sexuality for all female artist. Madonna also HELPED a lot with the acceptance of gays in entertainment & in every day life.

    Madonna gays rights work was unheard of by a young artist to put their career in jeperty like that.

    Madonna’s talent is simply STRENGHT! She is a powerful woman with many accomplishments the average women talented or not could never accomplish.

    Madonna deserves to be Queen Of Pop. Madonna was a white trash born girl to a family full of jerks. She lost her mother at a young age & disided to make herself the best person she can become.

    Madonna left her home & went to New York City with just her average cute face, horrible voice, ok dance moves & 35 dollars in her pocket.

    And left New York City THE QUEEN OF POP.

    What makes Madonna the greatest female artist of all time is PURE DRIVE!!!!

  29. Fraudyonce January 20, 2014

    This B**** is throwing shade at fraudyonce album. p**** ass n**** stop hatting on female artist.


    finally he said something smart O:

  31. Molly January 20, 2014

    Tbh general public is over both Kanye and Madonna both are attention whores that rather make tabloids then great music.

  32. stephy tha lambily January 20, 2014

    I love Janet Jackson. She is my favorite between Janet & Madonna. BUT IM NOT DELUSIONAL..

    Madonna is more ambitions, disciplined, artistic & successful. Janet is more talented but that’s not what will make you successful in THE MUSIC INDUSTRY.

    Madonna >>>> Janet Jackson due to her DRIVE & BETTER ARTISTIC ABILITIES…

    Madonna also, re invented herself way more times than Janet Jackson. Janet’s last great album was Velvet Rope.

    Madonna is simply better as an artist & will power. Janet kept on doing the same s*** after Velvet Rope. Janet also, depended on Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis way too much to create her work.

    Jimmy Jam even said she was not even motivated during DAMITO JO… He discipline faded. Where as Madonna’s got stronger during the 2000s.

  33. Jessie January 20, 2014

    #SIGH Hes not throwing shade at Beyonce gosh people always want a beef thats not there. He 1) loves Jay and Bey 2)Wouldn’t dare throw shade at Hovs wifey anyway since he turns into a boy in Jay Zs presence.
    I bet none of you bothered to read the whole interview, this didn’t come out of nowhere.

  34. Molly January 20, 2014

    @Stephy i love your avi

  35. LTM January 20, 2014

    How is this Beyonce shade? How is Madonna not the queen of pop? Too much delusion in one post.

  36. stephy tha lambily January 20, 2014

    The general public is not over Madonna.

    Madonna’s last tour grossed 300+ million $’s…

    She out grossed Beyoncé, Rihanna & Adele in 2012! She makes more money & sells more tickets than any other pop star in the world. She is damn near 60 & still the most profitable POP star in the world…

    How is that being over…

    Ciara is over! Ciara has had 3 flop albums in a row. That B**** Is OVer…

  37. Mark111 January 20, 2014

    Well when you can’t sing, dance, write and a step below ok in looks, what else can you do? She relies on shock (if you want to even call it that) and grabbing or beefing with the next big thing. Even her “iconic” looks belongs to someone else.

    Mr. Kardashian is just talk, he’s the king of self proclaiming. Outside of hip hop, he’s nothing but talk. The media will eat him alive in a few years.

    • :) May 24, 2014

      You must be really ignorant. Madonna wrote and co-wrote the 90% of her own discography. She’s a good lyricist and you can’t take that from her. Singing and dancing..she’s not the best but it doesn’t mean she can’t do it. Not only but do you really think she sold 350 million records cause of controversy? People don’t see controversy when they listen to music. Controversy has to do with promotion and visuals..nothing more!

  38. Yolo January 20, 2014

    He was specifically asked about visuals by the interviewer and gave a long ass answer. He is not throwing any shade.

  39. SMFH January 20, 2014

    So Michael Jackson didn’t exist? Literally the sole reason Madonna had the initiative to do what she did was MJ. If MJ didn’t reinvent the music video and make it what it is today, Madonna would not have made it past the 80s. Cut the crap. I usually don’t care when people pay idiotic homage, but you will NOT discredit the king. NO ONE has done it better than MJ on the visual tip, NO ONE. HE influenced Madonna greatly.

  40. Molly January 20, 2014

    @Stephy b**** calm down after her saying the n word yes people are over her

  41. stephy tha lambily January 20, 2014


    Thank you baby girl… I love Janet Jackson…. She was 15 years old in the pic…

  42. Yolo January 20, 2014

    But this is where Rihanna DOES remind me of Madonna. Both rely on heavy visual smoke and mirrors. Thats a fact.

  43. My Forehead Tho January 20, 2014

    The fact that a b**** who could most likely describe in detail the exact moment God said “let there be light” entertained me more at the Superbowl than 98.7% of all the entertainers today speaks volumes.

    Madonna, who cant sing nor dance>>>>

  44. Sandra January 20, 2014



  45. Killer love January 20, 2014

    Tbh someone as untalented as Madonna should not be the Queen of pop.

  46. stephy tha lambily January 20, 2014

    @Molly ….

    I want to like you so bad. But you be disrespecting me like shitt… Im just stating my opinion…

  47. Killer love January 20, 2014

    Beyonce should be the new Queen of pop it will sure be an improvement from Madonna.

  48. Avi January 20, 2014

    He told no lies. Madonna’s is the most successful female artist in history. Best visuals and best record sales. This is why every female singer after her has in some way tried to emulate something about her.

  49. stephy tha lambily January 20, 2014

    Madonna is QUEEN OF POP because of her drive, fearlessness, strength & determination.

    You guys should know that TALENT does not make you successful in this business. It can make you some hits but not EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL…

    Michael Jackson is the King…. Im not talking about Michael Vs Madonna…

    Just Madonna Vs Other Females

  50. D January 20, 2014

    Thank god we have another declaration from Kanye on a topic where his opinion is both irrelevant and pointless.

  51. Slaylor Swift January 20, 2014

    People really take Kanyes opinion seriously? i think the dude is mentally ill. Ive never got into Madonna

  52. Marcus January 20, 2014

    Please!!! Madonna was doing the same s*** since Music! American life is the wackest album of the decade!

  53. stephy tha lambily January 20, 2014

    Beyoncé can sing & dance but other than that what makes her capable to be a Queen Of a genre that is more than just [email protected]!!!

    Madonna is still bigger than Beyoncé.

    Madonna still can out gross any Beyoncé tour in a heart beat..

    Love Beyoncé but Madonna is the Queen Of Pop FOREVERRR

    I do believe Beyoncé is the greatest on stage performer alive tho…

  54. stephy tha lambily January 20, 2014


    I agree, American Life was horrible & boring but she id tackle subjects of American Culture at that time that was very insightful for an artist to bring light to.

    Madonna’s last great album was Confessions but that’s after doing 15 other GREAT albums.

    Madonna still makes more money every year than any other pop star in the WORLD DEAL~!!

  55. Unbiased January 20, 2014

    He told no lies! Madonna is a great visual artist. Please watch some of her live performances, the visuals are fantastic!

  56. stephy tha lambily January 20, 2014

    Whatever our opinions are about Madonna the fact still remains…

    Sold 300,000,000+ Records – Total

    Grossed over 1+ Billion $’s in touring…

    The Most Successful Female Artist Of All Time.

    Touring = Madonna
    Albums = Madonna
    Singles = Madonna
    Controversy = Madonna
    30+ years & still relevant = Madonna
    and many more UNBROKEN records…

    That’s the facts guys. Whether we like them or not… *Sighs*

  57. no, sis January 20, 2014

    *Female, kanye. FEMALE, that’s the keyword you left out because Michael Jackson is hands down THE greatest visual artist who will probably ever live. Yes Madonna comes second, but he was the one who Madonna took all of her ideas from. From use of Fashion, Music videos, Stage shows. MJ reinvented and perfected the use of visuals as an art to go along with the music.

  58. the truth honey January 20, 2014

    @stephy gooowrl settle on ONE avi and sfick with it honey. B**** u makn my head spin. Anywho, kanye girl just rest. Bey isnt pressed sissy

  59. Common Sense January 20, 2014

    Janet better than Madonna? LOL! In what deluded universe? Janet is only famous because of her brothers. Madonna may only have basic singing abilities but Janet never had ANY singing ability to begin with.

    • :) May 24, 2014

      True! Madonna may bot be an incredible singer but Janet Jackson can’t sing worth s*it. Whispering is not singing

  60. stephy tha lambily January 20, 2014

    @Common Sense…

    Don’t come for Janet Jackson…

    She made 5 Pop Masterpieces in a row..

  61. Lovebird January 20, 2014

    Oh Kanye STFU; in terms of visuals Madonna has been replaced by Rihanna.

  62. Lovebird January 20, 2014

    So you enjoy Madonna’s yoga moves over Janet’s wobbling on stage?

  63. Rosie January 20, 2014

    Not the biggest Madonna fan but death at the gays on this site trying to deny her impact. Almost every female pop star is compared to her or wants to he called “the next Madonna.”

  64. RUSTIC January 20, 2014

    Excuse my French but Kanye can suck Kim’s c******. The Jacksons are the ones who started this since 1980 with their music video “CAN YOU FEEL IT?”. Afterwards Michael & Janet took it a little further for others to follow.

  65. Rosie January 20, 2014

    “in terms of visuals Madonna has been replaced by Rihanna.”

    OMG. WHEW I haven’t laughed this hard at a stan in a while.

  66. Lovebird January 20, 2014

    So glad no one wants to be called the next Lana. Thank god for small mercies.

  67. Rosie January 20, 2014

    F** no one mentioned Lana. Go back to buying S****** Jean so it can go tin for once.

  68. Lovebird January 20, 2014

    It would be catastrophic if we were plagued with more tumblr addicted no life low self esteem homophobic lonely Canadian skanks.

    There is a god after all.

  69. Rosie January 20, 2014

    “tumblr addicted no life low self esteem homophobic lonely skanks”

    Kinda reminds me of the SLOTH you’re bandwagoning for.

  70. Lovebird January 20, 2014

    It really is a menace to see how low society has gone when you see entitled, lonely, homophobic low self esteem loose p**** tumblr whores running around the internet living their life through a fake no singing no stage presence boring elevator music old man c** bucket.

    Where did society go wrong.

  71. Lovebird January 20, 2014

    Don’t you have another Ciara stat to look up? You’re obsessed with her.

  72. Tutesy January 20, 2014

    I read the whole interview. It was not a shade at Beyonce at all. This statement was taken from the middle of a long discussion about how he loved visual arts and paintings and alll. You have to read it to understand the context. Most of these interviews are taped like two months prior to their release anyway, but the media is gonna turn this into a Beyonce feud thing and the gullible peoplewill eat it up like they are doing on this site already, smh.

  73. Rosie January 20, 2014

    You stan for Rihfund and S****** and have the nerve to say that my fave has no talent? At least my fave writes her own songs, creates her own themes and image, and is original unlike the two trend-hopping diseased s**** you stan for.
    I’m as obsessed with Ciara as you are with Lana everytime someone with a Lana avi pops up.

  74. Lovebird January 20, 2014

    You’re supposed to post a Ciara stat coupled with a homophobic slur; its all you’re good for.

    I don’t have time for that boring diatribe you posted.

  75. Tutesy January 20, 2014

    What is this stupid s**t that Beyonce stole Kanyes idea. Radar online made that s***t up. People need to stop. Radar makes up stuff about the kard and kanye all the time cos they know their readers comment in hundreds on stories bout them. Radar and star mag are ownedby the same parent company, so go figure. Everyone knows Kanye is talking to no radar source. I am sure he hates radar. That guyknows how toget his message across to the public if he has anything on his mind. How come kanye has never spoken bout this idea, in any of his interview or rants. People act like Kanye is this genius or best thing that ever happened to music. This guy completely stole bound song and most people did not know till he was called out, and that was not the first time he woulddo such. And what is sooo original bout a visual albumanyway. Sure somebody somewhere has done it or at least thought of it before.

  76. Rosie January 20, 2014

    So you can’t even come up with a decent comeback. Good. You lost already.
    Now go buy Can’t Remember To Take My Zovirax, it’s already below Do What U Want on iTunes.

  77. RoyalKev January 20, 2014

    I have to agree! This is Madonna’s biggest strength in her artistry. I think her and Janet are front runners when it comes to the whole “visual artist” thing. Janet may be overlooked in this category because her other talents were so in-your-face. The concepts for Janet’s albums and themes incorporated in videos were so original and creative. I think her & Madge actually trump MJ in this field. ‘Ye usually calls it right and I understand why Madonna’s name would come up for this one!

  78. stephy tha lambily January 20, 2014

    Lovebird, are you a boy or girl? No Shade…

  79. Hivy January 20, 2014

    LMAO OMG TGJ has gotten worse in my absence. Hello Hive members and Navy.

    Madonna’s visuals are great BUT not the best. They are lessor artist that Madonna whose visuals are way better. Gwen Stefani is one even tho she not relevant. Lady Gaga her visuals were great but declined. Britney’s visuals were great also but declined. Rihanna declined since TTT but hopefully she bring LOUD-esq visuals this era.. Beyoncé’s visuals are great but she improved a bit with her new release. Overall though MJ beats Madonna by far. His visuals were everything especially thriller.

  80. The Brooklyn Bombshell January 20, 2014

    Madonna is the QUEEN of visual look at Ray Of Light, Frozen, Vogue….. I could go on and on. She is one of the best to ever do it.

  81. Truth Tea January 20, 2014

    He Tells No Lies! she invented re-invention, shes been into art, photography and fashion since moving to new York as a Teenager, she was working with famous photographers, designers, artist before any of them were famous cos they all used to hang out together in New York City

    you can hate on Madonna as much as you like you will never be anle to change her Legacy, or her impact om Pop culture, when i was at Uni there was hald a module dedicated to learning about Madonna’s contribution to pop culture, that says it all!

  82. Yolo January 20, 2014

    Death @ Lovebird speaking about homophobic slurs when he is always shading them in comments.
    @Rosie DRAG IT

  83. Lamb4lyfe January 20, 2014

    Lana is a talentless hack b**** Britney >Losena

  84. Rosie January 20, 2014

    Does The Art Of Letting Go (of My Career) have a release date yet? I thought it was supposed to come out last summer.

  85. FAF January 20, 2014

    Y’all need to read. he said “I think” thats a key word, TGJ

  86. Greg January 20, 2014

    In other words… “how can she look so ancient in person but in photographs you see not 1 wrinkle….. she has NO talent but she hides what she doesn’t have with visuals live on stage. Damn what a illusion! The greatest visual artist ever, Give it up to her & her team! Queen of visuals”!

  87. realtalk January 20, 2014

    Shade yes, but Beyoncé already did a visual album when she release B-Day back in 2006 so no she didn’t steal this concept from big gay cry baby. He’s probably really mad that Beyoncé release her album “Beyoncé” without any promotion and it out sold his album with all the hype/promotion for “Yeyus” and “Beyoncé” outsold his album within 3 hrs and 1 day and within 1 month Beyoncé sold close to 3 million so yes he’s gonna cry and reach.

  88. dezi January 20, 2014

    @common sense – Janet is only famous because of her brothers? That’s like saying madonna is only famous because she’s white. Now what exactly is madonna famous for besides masturbating on stage? Janet had it much harder because she had to break away from being in michael jackson’s shadow and she executed that successfully. Madonna on the other hand can’t sing, can’t dance and that’s why fame tossed her resume in the trash can unike janet’s. Madonna is only known for shock-value and stealing from other artists. Judiciary report has hard-core “documented evidence” of madonna’s thievery obtaining un-deserving credit for other people’s work LOL! Janet is way better but i understand why some of you don’t like to give her credit it’simply because she’s a JACKSON lets call it what it is LOL.

    • :) May 24, 2014

      Janet Jackson can’t sing worth sh*it. She whispers and artistically she repeated herself by doing the same thing, that’s why she’s forgotten and over unlike Madonna. Janet Jackson is the most talentless pop star in music history. A no-singing rat who was famous thanks to her brother. #FACT

  89. Bey_on_ce January 20, 2014

    Tbh most of us wouldn’t know a song from madonna song if it came on the radio .i actually never seen her until justin timber lake song 4mins ft her….I like that song tho …but performance no female will top beyonce she actually sings and dance live!!!

  90. Skyfall January 20, 2014

    Mmm, Kuntyes opinions are like Carcasses dead & stinky.
    Janet is the ultimate supreme b****, and the true queen of pop who
    Claims the throne beside her brother the true king of pop

  91. Skyfall January 20, 2014


    Why are you posting Madonna sales, the Beatles and Elvis have outsold
    Michael but he is still the King Of Pop.

  92. Skyfall January 20, 2014

    I don’t know to much about Madonna, but she is a good Visual Artist and kills
    The tour grossing but she can’t sing or dance, so when you lack talent you have to
    Slay in what you’re good at, but Janet is still the Queen.

  93. FutureCIARA January 20, 2014


    Kylie Minogue Leaks New Single “Into The Blue”….

    Post about it!

  94. stephy tha lambily January 20, 2014


    The Beatles: Sold 600,000,000+ Records (The Greatest Musicians Of All Time)

    Elvis Presley: Sold 500,000,000+ Records (The King Of Rock N Roll)

    Michael Jackson: Sold 400,000,000+ Records SOLO CAREER ONLY (The King Of POP)

    Madonna: Sold 300,000,000+ Records (The Queen Of Pop)

    So whats your point babe..

    Elvis did Rock N Roll/Gospel

    The Beatles were a GROUP

    Michael Jackson is the King Of Pop

    Bye SkyFall… I still love you tho…

  95. opd2 January 21, 2014

    I see no lies here.

  96. Suicide Blonde January 21, 2014

    People really hate this woman, okay folks, MJ’s was a great visual artist but never to the extent of Madonna, MJ never did something like ‘Bedtime Story’or ‘Frozen’, that’s art, it’s not only about music videos, she really has captured every moment of her career in motion, no only she did everything in front of a camera, see (Truth of Dare) but she also was a pioneer to the backdrop videos used in the tours, and no one is better than her at that, magazines, the S** book, her performances, a great example of that was her stage at the halftime super bowl, she is indeed the greatest visual artist in the history of recording music, also, how is Janet Jackson more talented than Madonna, i don’t want to shade her because of misinformed people in here, Janet is not a great singer so is Madonna, she is a good lyricist, so is Madonna, she play instruments so does Madonna, she’s a better and a very different type of dancer but Madonna is also a good dancer as well, they go toe to toe when it comes to that, you prefer Janet, that’s fine but to say that she has more talent than Madonna, it’s a blasphemy or just a personal preference, for me Madonna’s talent is not based on how determined she is or how strong she is as a woman, that’s part of her personality, that doesn’t count when it comes to be an artist, her talent goes further than people can’t even imagine, she knows how to create amazing lyrics along with incredible good Pop tunes, have you seen Madonna playing the guitar, her acoustic versions of her Dance songs are gems and she’s an average guitarist but a real musician should know how to play their songs with at least one instrument, that’s what real musicians do, she’s also one of the best versatile performers out there, the problem with her is that she doesn’t care to show her abilities as a musician too often, but when she does, you can tell the woman is full of surprises, as a vocalist, she goes nowhere but as a musician, she is undeniable, when it comes to write, produced and arrangements, she is the best Pop star at that, to conclude, watch this video and tell me that she is nothing without the visuals, the gimmicks, the dancers, like some have say here, give her just a micro and you will see how untalented this h** is, that’s raw talent right there, that’s not a Pop star, that’s a musician with deep roots, don’t discredit her as an artist just because you have issues with her personality, you don’t like her music or whatever is the reason, you to dislike her.

  97. Jake January 21, 2014

    That’s a shade to Bey! Why does he feel the need to say that now when she just released a visual album that he considers his idea ? And plus Beyoncé has put all of her videos for her albums before it’s not new ( B’day , and 4 had a lot ) He is just a shady jealous guy. And plus that’s not true , Thriller, Scream and Bad are killing Madonna’s entire videography , I love her but no , she’s top 5 tho!

  98. Yolanda January 21, 2014

    I love Madonna and agree that she and Michael changed the visual aspect of Pop music because they were born into the MTV era. BUT, THAT WAS SHADE ON BEYONCE. I see why he can’t sit with Jay and Bey. When he was rumored to have said that Kim can be a bigger world artist than Bey, it sent chills down my spine. How did Jay feel to know his best friend was really his jealous and envious enemy? His mama didn’t teach him to be independent so he looked to Jay for his second family. But when Jay moved on with his own family, Kanye felt betrayed and decided to replicate Jay’s life. But he won’t be invited to the White House any time soon under this presidency.

  99. Kyle January 21, 2014



  100. juju January 21, 2014

    He is right.Telling the truth means u gay? C’mon.

    Madonna has evolved her character in music videos and magazines more than anyone.Controversy and creativity fuel attension: ATTENSION is what drives art and what has made Madonna such a great artist.All these pop-stars of today are constantly accused of “stealing”,thus the inspiration vs theft debate… Debate all you want but you know that you’ve got nothing on Madonna,she has proven time and time again that she is…. *drumroll* …. Creative,Controvercial and downright an artist.

  101. TinaMinaj January 21, 2014

    Surprised Slariah didn’t come here posting his fave’s stats.
    Oh sorry i forgot this isn’t a Beyonce post..

    And come on, no one can take Lovebird seriously. He stans for Rihanna. Enough said.

  102. Flopnet January 21, 2014

    Sigh, these people downplaying Madonna’s impact are probably ignorant kids. If you grew up in the 80s, up to that point most female singers were doing the same things, visually & sonically. It was when Madonna pushed the boundaries that the game changed. Her pushing the envelope, both visually & sonically, is the reason why female artists today can be more daring with both sound & visuals. You can just look at the videos she does from the 80s & 90s & see how visually varied & artistic she is. All female popstars now all a lot of their imaging to Madonna. Janet is good in dance, yes, but watch her music videos & it feels & looks the same. For Madonna, just watch Bedtime Stories, Frozen, Like A Prayer, Express Yourself, Rain, Take a Bow, Nothing Really Matters, Material Girl, Justify My Love, Open Your Heart to name a few – her visuals there are so iconic that female pop stars today do a homage to her in their works.

  103. LOL January 21, 2014


  104. Slayretha Franklin January 21, 2014

    NON TALENT recognizes NON TALENT. Lay off the crack Kanye!
    Madonna is not great at anything except marketing. Throw her onstage with Aretha, Whitney, Barbra, Ella, Sarah, Cher, Patti, Gladys, Tina..hell even Beyonce and she would get pumbled!

  105. whiteapproval January 21, 2014

    Does it get tiring sucking from white people’s teats 24/7?

  106. Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) January 21, 2014

    The def must be performing at the Grammy’s together. I just have that vibe.

  107. marcus May 24, 2014

    You are delusional!

  108. marcus May 24, 2014

    Bye! Madonna has sang off key her whole career! Madonna can’t hold a candle to Janet.

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