Winning: Eve Scores ‘ABC’ Sitcom

Published: Wednesday 15th Jan 2014 by David

For most acts, dealing with the inevitable horror that is a commercial decline oft goes a long way to bruise legacies when said decline prompts desperate measures they believe will reverse, or at least delay, the inevitable.

Fortunately for ‘You Had Me’ performer Eve, she isn’t like most acts.

Indeed, in penning a positive chapter in the novel that is her career, the Rapper has secured a lucrative new deal with Bob Iger‘s ‘ABC‘, who have handed her her very own television series.

Wonderful news below…

After enjoying a short-lived run atop the TV circuit with Meg DeLoatch‘s ‘Eve’, the lyricist now joins Aaron Kaplan‘s ‘Kaplan Entertainment‘ to create a multi-camera Romantic-Comedy serving a lighthearted take the highs and lows of interracial relationships, led by a protagonist set to be portrayed by the ‘Satisfaction’ stunner.

Sold on the idea, ABC  reportedly bought the series last year and now assists Kaplan in seeking writers, no doubt hoping the show will match or better the ratings glory secured by the Kerry Washington-led ‘Scandal‘, and the Emily VanCamp fuelled ‘Revenge’, both of which are housed by the network.


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  1. Truth January 15, 2014

    Always got to rep a fellow philly artist. We the 215 and even though we have a lot of crime, we have some amazing talent.

  2. Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) January 15, 2014

    Get it Eve.

  3. Brazilian Yoncé!!! January 15, 2014

    I’m so happy for her

  4. EveRyder January 15, 2014

    I was wondering when TGJ was gonna post this. Werk E.V.E……..#FemaleRapLegend #stillputtinginwork #bossbitch #stillgettingmoney #happilyengaged #thishersecondshowonamajornetwork #irrelevantwho? Not EVE and she got a movie coming out starring her and keke palmer produced by drew barrymore. That’s that pitbull in a skirt making big moves unbothered.#winning

  5. FutureCiara January 15, 2014

    Very excited for her, and to see that ABC actually listens and responds to what their viewers want to watch on TV.

    This is extremely good news, I like Eve and miss her being on TV. Can’t wait to welcome her back, hope all goes well with finding writers for this great idea. And good luck with her newly wed situation,


    I wonder if she’ll have kids with that billionaire hubby…..

  6. Bey Fan January 15, 2014

    was not a fan of her previous show. It was so corny to me. But Eve stays grinding. Thats why I like her. Hope the show does well…ABC will drop a show in a minute

  7. Bey Is Grown January 15, 2014

    Love my pitbull in a skirt.Go right ahead Eve

  8. shauwndapooh January 15, 2014

    Good for her I use watch her show all the time now she has another:-D

  9. TC!!! January 15, 2014

    millionaire husband and new show on ABC at that!!! that’s what I call a WIN!

  10. the truff honey January 15, 2014

    glad to see this. that funky h** kim is the industry JOKE honey

  11. dark horse January 15, 2014

    Don’t know her sorry

  12. I love vocal slayers January 15, 2014

    Good for her! She branded herself early into her career and is now reaping the benefits. Congrats and cheers to success!

  13. FormerlyFromTokyo January 15, 2014

    Considering how it was cancelled for no good reason (it didn’t fit >_> when they merged UPN/WB to become The CW) I wish they’d just bring ‘Eve’ back – that show is so hilarious and I still watch it now. She’s great at comedy, so hopefully this new show will be at least as good as her other one.

  14. FAF January 15, 2014

    I liked her show on UPN

  15. jamilaa January 15, 2014

    @truff honey i see no lies! i used to stan for kim! but i am done! that h** is a liar! f****** flop b****! when is the mixed f****** tape gonna drop kim?

  16. ummm…correction please? January 15, 2014

    I like Eve. I’m not sure comedy is her thing. I’d love to see her in a dark procedural or some FBI/CIA type show where she’s a s*** rogue agent. She’s definitely very videogenic…a beautiful woman. I love her blonde. I love her with longgg, blonde hair. THAT is her color! She needs some “Person of Interest” or “Alias” type show.

  17. Tru Voice January 16, 2014

    GO HEAD EVE!!! Winning personally, professionally, and financially. Her man is a multi-millionaire or billionaire? I forget… But I did remember Future has about 3 baby mamas, sorry Ciara 🙁

  18. Back 2 J January 16, 2014

    Good for her. This will be her second television series…I won’t knock it until i see it. Hopefully it’s good, if not better than EVE was. She was so funny in Barbershop with those damn apple juice scenes lol. And this television series might help promote her when she releases her next album as her Lip Lock album sales were bad & was not really promoted well as she is an indie artist on her label now.

  19. Ciara the goddess January 16, 2014


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