Jennifer Hudson & Mariah Carey To Perform At ‘BET Honours’

Published: Thursday 6th Feb 2014 by David

They’re both set to drop brand new albums this year, and no doubt hope to score ‘career bests’ with them.

So, as to spread the word on their respective efforts, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson have signed up to perform at this year’s ‘BET Honours’, created to celebrate the achievements of distinguished African-Americans!

Full story below…

Premiering on February 24th, this year’s ceremony will honour contributions made by Aretha Franklin, Berry Gordy, American Express chairman/CEO Ken Chenault, visual artist Carrie Mae Weems and Hip-Hop veteran Ice Cube.

Joining Hudson and Carey as performers are Tamar Braxton, Wayne Brady and Smokey Robinson, while ‘Own It‘ performer Mack Wilds will serve as one of the night’s hosts, fulfilling his duties when the show tapes on February 8th!

Sure to reignite interest in Carey’s forthcoming album and generate fresh attention for Hudson’s, ticket sales generated by the show will benefit the Women Veterans Interactive (WVI), an organisation that provides housing options and support for veterans and those closest to them.


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  1. Jacob February 6, 2014

    If Mariah lipstinks, Aretha will skin her alive

  2. Marisol February 6, 2014

    Great. A screamer, a muppet and a wide load lipsyncher. I won’t be tuning in.

  3. shauwndapooh February 6, 2014

    Well I know which performances to skip Jennifer and Tamar @Jacob im pretty sure Aretha would skin fry and eat someone

  4. Bey Fan February 6, 2014

    Jen looks cute on that pic. I’ll tune in. Mariah is a hit and miss when it comes to live performances. When she’s on, she sounds great. But when she’s off…. well you know.

  5. The one February 6, 2014

    Not here for screamers and lip syncers .

  6. The one February 6, 2014

    Tamar will vocally slaughter them.

  7. ABC February 6, 2014

    @Troll One but your “fav” can’t even sing live….

  8. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 6, 2014

    Mariah Carey & Smokey Robinson >>>>>>>

  9. The one February 6, 2014

    She sings better then Trashanna @Abc

  10. ABC February 6, 2014

    How do you know who I stan for, troll? What’s your real identity? Kii. Rihanna slays her ballads and mid tempos live. Tamar can’t even do that right. Shall I pull up her awful rendition of “diamonds” bby?

  11. Trace February 6, 2014

    F****** Death! Damn Marisol, tell us how you feel! lol

  12. Lovebird February 6, 2014

    So essentially Jennifer Hudson to scream and Mariah to lip sync.

    I think I’ll give it a miss.

  13. Lovebird February 6, 2014

    Or maybe I’ll tune in for the latest episode of the Mariah struggles comedy show.

  14. The one February 6, 2014

    Yaaas @Skyfall let em know Tamar is a vocal beast unlike Basichanna

  15. ABC February 6, 2014

  16. anonymous February 6, 2014

    @The One I agree they’re always talking about Tamar’s perfomance, not all of her performances are bad. her perfromance at the pre grammy party was not bad and Rihanna is really not that great of a singer. No shade to rihanna because I like some of her music. thats just my opinion.

  17. ABC February 6, 2014

  18. ABC February 6, 2014

  19. anonymous February 6, 2014

    @Skyfall how do I post a video?

  20. The one February 6, 2014

    @Anonymous I like some of Rihs music to idk why ABC is trippin him being a Rihanna fan he should know not everyone sounds there best live.

  21. ABC February 6, 2014

  22. The one February 6, 2014

    @Abc you really need to stop cause we can post many horrible performance from Rihanna.

  23. ABC February 6, 2014

    I’m not tripping. You were the one throwing shade so I put you in your place ugly. I’m not a HE. I’m a SHE, something you wish you were. 😉
    Rihanna isn’t my fave singer. I love her, but my faves are Brandy, Lauryn Hill and JoJo who would murder cocky ass Tamar onstage anyday. Thanks. 😉

  24. ABC February 6, 2014

    Rihanna wasn’t the one comparing herself to Beyonce, Gaga and Mariah on a reality show. 😉 Tamar will never surpass the legendary Toni which she wants to do so bad. Vince has been promoting her tirelessly and she still couldn’t sell 330k. 😉

  25. anonymous February 6, 2014

    @ABC wow really you’re posting a video from arcenio hall and soul train awards back when her vocal chords were still busted. that was months ago and doesnt count. as for the Wendy williams performance it wasnt that bad. she was obviously nervous and it was one of her first time performaning in front an audience.

  26. ABC February 6, 2014

    I’m not here for her excuses. Like K Michelle said, “she always has an excuse for sounding like s***!” LMAO! I don’t even like K Michelle but she dragged Tamuppet for filth LoL. I wouldn’t even have said anything about Tamar if your fellow tamartian would’ve kept it cute. 😉

  27. Rihanna Lately February 6, 2014

    Nope not here for moooriah lipping as always what a flop show with flop artists I’ll pass. Anyways BET is trash by making pigriah perform I’m gonna have to pass tbh

  28. IStanForYourFav February 6, 2014

    Ight let’s go @ABC Stop shading. Because Two Eleven didn’t even hit 250,000 even after the b**** sacrificed Whitney to help her flop career. Lauryn Hill vocal cords are shot and JoJo child please. You need to hit the High Road because you don’t know what Tamar can do next to the ladies, so Never Say Never.

    Anyway. I’m routing for you Mariah. Please vocal rest for a week, no lip singing, And NO girdles. You need all the breath you can have to hit that damn note. I.E. HATEU live no ma’am. I’m sure she will honoring Aretha because they are such good friends (20+ years).

    Clive is so damn determined to make JHud the new Whitney. Well JHud you better sing. And she looks amazing in that pic that TGJ picked.

    I can’t believe they are honoring Smokey. About damn time.

  29. anonymous February 6, 2014

    @ABC oh wow really (yawns) all you can use is them old tired muppet jokes nobody cares about horseface K michelles opinion. Tamar been outsold that nonfactor hoodrat and got a platinum single and grammy nominations. Nobody was dragging your fav either. and we didnt lie like I said, I like Rihanna, but she’s not a good singer and were not the only people who have said that. If you dont Stan for rihanna then why are you pressed by The Ones comment.

    You seen them videos Skyfall posted so You obviously know that she can deliver live at times. All you did was post videos from during the time her voice was ill.

  30. IStanForYourFav February 6, 2014

    Ight let’s go @ABC Stop shading. Because Two Eleven didn’t even hit 250,000 even after the b**** sacrificed Whitney to help her flop career. Lauryn Hill vocal cords are shot and JoJo child please. You need to hit the High Road because you don’t know what Tamar can do next to the ladies, so Never Say Never.

    K. Michelle can’t shade Tamar vocally because she has no reason to sound bad. She yodels over some wannabe Mary J. Blige tracks. Watered down Keyshia Cole.
    Tamar has busted vocal cords and nodules (probably what Mariah secretly suffers from). She has an excuse especially if she sick and sniffing.

    Also a Rihanna fan talking about the woman who helped Rihanna become famous and still idolizes her to date? Hmmm. Learn to respect your legends Rihanna Lately. Because Rihanna, past, future, and lately isn’t hot live or studio even though I like her. And if she didn’t sing (epic fail) Hero you wouldn’t even know the child prostitute existed. Rihanna owes her career to Madonna, Mariah, Bob Marley, & Jay-Z. So have several. (P.S. Any true fan could see Only Girl (In the World) is the modern red version of Dreamlover…same plot, same flower, same air balloons, and etc. )

    Anyway. I’m routing for you Mariah. Please vocal rest for a week, no lip singing, And NO girdles. You need all the breath you can have to hit that damn note. I.E. HATEU live no ma’am. I’m sure she will honoring Aretha because they are such good friends (20+ years).

    Clive is so damn determined to make JHud the new Whitney. Well JHud you better sing. And she looks amazing in that pic that TGJ picked.

    I can’t believe they are honoring Smokey. About damn time.

  31. Music Stan( ya’ll know who I stan for) February 6, 2014

    Even though I like J-hud and all I think Fantasia should do the Aretha tribute cause did you see the PATTI AND CHAKA tribute, Man Fanny slayed the hell out those tribute I get goosebump everytime I watch them…Fanny knows how to bring the House Down… people be sleeping on her in the tributes to Aretha I’m telling let her sing R.E.S.P.E.C.T or RockSteady… People are going to be standing on their feet when she hit that HIGH Note

  32. Yeah We know February 6, 2014

    The fact that yall even have to defend tamar from a Rih astan in terms of vocals,… shows the delusion-how she gon slay a jennifer when ppl puttin her in the same boat as a rihanna(who’s actually been better than ppl give credit for) and tamar fans got nerve comin for anyone vocally when at 30 f***** 3 she was still learnin how to “hit” them high notes… and did we forget she stans for mariah life a mexican stans for a damn green card

  33. Skyfall February 6, 2014


    Copy and paste the youtube link in the text box and make sure there isn’t any words
    Behind the link

  34. ABC February 6, 2014

    Wait…Lauryn Hills artistry alone slays anything Tamar has ever done. She could release an album next week and outsell Tamar 5x over LMAO.

  35. ABC February 6, 2014

    Lol sales? Brandy isn’t selling like she used to but NSN outsold Tamar’s entire discography. 3 multi platinum albums and one gold >>> 2 flops. The Braxton’s/Tamar and Vince are getting played out. SWV is pulling in higher ratings. Let’s hope Tamar’s relevancy will go beyond her annoying reality shows. 😉

  36. ABC February 6, 2014

    Lauryn Hills Unplugged >>>> ANY Tamar performance
    Lauryns 8 Grammys >>>>>> Tamar’s Soul train award

  37. Molly February 6, 2014

    Lmao has Tamar even sold 1 million albums in her struggle career?

  38. ABC February 6, 2014

    @Molly lmao NEVER! Her stans try to claim that Love & War (the single) went platinum but they have no receipts. You see how that stan threw shade at Jennifer and Mariah but the Talosers attacked ME?

  39. anonymous February 6, 2014

    @ABC Nobody cares about them ancient reciepts. You talking about albums from 15 years ago. LOL This aint the 90s anymore. Tamar outsold Brandys last album and Lauryn hill wouldnt even pass 150k. LOL so I dont know what you’re talking about. nobody’s checking for her anymore. and all you can do is pull out them same ole wendy williams video. Answer this question though. how many R&B artists released a platinum album in 2013/2014 besides Beyonce and Rihanna???

  40. Mulan February 6, 2014

    Tamar is a raggedy non singing drag queen flop. No platinum albums, no Grammys, no real success all she has is a fat ass husband and reality show. No identity having ass b**** *watches hot sugar video*

  41. Kimbella February 6, 2014

    Even keyshia coles last album sold more then Tamars.

  42. TheHive February 6, 2014

    YASSSSS to jennifer in that pic! Can;t wait for her performace, but I am not here for Moo’s Lip sync performance

  43. Yuck February 6, 2014

    I can’t with these Tamar stans acting like she is doing something.
    All the promo in the world couldn’t get her a Gold album.
    Tamar hasn’t done anything to even be mentioned with the like of Beyonce(Destiny’s Fulfilled Era Vocals>Tamar’s),Rihanna,Mariah,Celine,Pink,Jennifer Hudson etc.
    Her highest peaking song was #57 on the hot 100 and the album and single did virtually nothing outside of the states. Voices are subjective, so I won’t argue that much. People simply have different taste. Tamar doesn’t impress me because there are better singers and performers out than she,that have actually make an impact musically.
    Give it five years before you try to shade more established artist Tamar fans(I doubt she will be relevant) but who knows? Stranger things have happened.

  44. ABC February 6, 2014

    Tamar released her debut album in 2000, am I right? She was a flop then and she’s damn sure a flop now. How many R&B artists had as much promo and a bigger platform than Tamar? How do you have 900k/1million people watching your show but your singles flop and your album sells 325k? What kind of sorcery? Darling, Lauryn is still in demand 16 years later. Each and every one of her shows sold out in minutes/hours. Lauryn is a real artist and they always prevail over the wannabes. I see why Toni was the star and her sisters were nothing. 😉

  45. Girl on fire February 6, 2014

    Tamar stans acting like Tamar is really slaying when shes not 6 months later and her album still aint gold? all her singles flopped her vocal are pure s***.

  46. IStanForYourFav February 6, 2014

    I didn’t shade MC at all. I told her to get her vocal rest. And you have to be delusional not to see what Clive is trying to with JHud.

    You stan for LH. A b**** who can’t pay her taxes and MK failed her on live TV. She is respected only because you think so. Tamar slays her. And isn’t Lauryn supposed to be a rapper????

    If LH slays Tamar, then LH SLAYS the Cinderella Murderer.

  47. ABC February 6, 2014

    Vince also owes $3million in taxes, so I’d keep it cute LMAO. Lauryn Hill is a hip hop artist who sings AND raps. She started off singing in the church, but what does that have to do with anything? Why are you worried about who I stan for anyway? LMAO. Worry about Tamar and her wack vocals and flop album. You can say whatever you want about Brandy, Lauryn and Jo but they have receipts. Tamar ain’t got s***. LOL!!!

  48. anonymous February 6, 2014

    Tamars first album didnt do well because it wasnt promoted dummy. nobody knew she had an album out until years later plus she was on a small label that doesnt even exist anymore. and trust me nobody is checking for lauryn hill in 2014. you need to stop with them dullusion. Tamar’s album selling slow but its still selling. Your obsession with Tamar is real. you seemed real pressed about The One’s comment about Rihanna, yet you say you’re not a stan. Nobody lied. Rihanna cant sing. I like Rihanna, she sells because of good songs but she cant sing.

  49. kiiiiii February 6, 2014


  50. ABC February 6, 2014

    Let me go paint my nails and listen to “Secrets,” Toni’s 8x platinum album. Tamar, you WISH!!! 😉

  51. ABC February 6, 2014

    Lmao I’m not pressed over any Rihanna comments! I responded to The One shading Jennifer and Mariah who are both accomplished vocalists! YOU seemed worried about Rihanna. 😆 Now scram queen! I got some nails to paint!

  52. anonymous February 6, 2014

    @ABC but whats a Jojo???

  53. anonymous February 6, 2014

    @Girl on Fire but how did her singles flop when one went platinum and one went Gold???

    Love & War single (Platinum)
    The One (Gold)

    Have a seat.

  54. iconic cici February 6, 2014

    Lies flopmar singles made no end of the year charts

  55. anonymous February 6, 2014

    @Molly but Cierrors career is struggling more than anybodys has 3 flops None sold over 200k going on flop number 4. oh and a grammy from MISSY ELLIOTS video. How impressive. Tamar has already outsold her last two albums combined. all you have is ancient album reciepts from a decade ago.

  56. anonymous February 6, 2014

    @ABC why are you even bringing up Toni. Im a fan of Toni’s too and happy for her success. when have you ever seen me shade Toni?

  57. Michael February 6, 2014

    So excited Mariah hopefully pays tribue to Aretha! I do however hope she doesn’t sing Don’t Play That Song for Me or Chain of Fools as she’s already sung these. Something fresh and new would be amazing. Would love to hear her take on You’re All I Need To Get By, I Knew You Were Waiting, A House Is Not A Home, Let It Be, even Natural Woman, even though it’s been sung a million times!

  58. ABC February 6, 2014

    JoJo is a vocal beast who got stuck in a bad label situation. She accomplished more at 14 than Tamar did at 45. Two platinum albums, successful movie and gracing relevant main stages. Oh yeah, and she didn’t get dropped from five labels. 😉 She had labels WAITING for her to get outta Blackgrounds contract. Now that she’s signed, she will continue to slay Screamar. 😉 anymore questions before I go? 😆

  59. anonymous February 6, 2014

    um no @flopconic cici they did get a certification in August.

  60. anonymous February 6, 2014

    @ABC LOL nobody knows who jojo is and I personnaly dont care either. and since when is Tamar 45??? LAME. Tamar is 36 years old and has outsold several R&B artists this year. her album is still charting; sales are slow but I can say the same about every other r&b artist these days.

  61. anonymous February 6, 2014

    @Michael Im excited about Mariah’s performance too. She’s another one of favorite vocalists.

  62. Baddie February 6, 2014

    Lol why are tamar stans shading successful artists who can sing live??????

  63. pat February 6, 2014

    if J hud tributes Aretha over Fantasia…someone needs a pink slip

  64. MusicStan(ya’ll know who I stan for) February 6, 2014

    @anonymous and @istanforyourfave ummmm acutally tamar success is due to a reality show, so stop trying to act like she is really doing something just a couple years ago NO ONE * IN MY ALICIA KEYS VOICE* was checking for her… before the album was actually release she play song on her spin off show that why ppl bought the album… she is an ok sing but not a vocal beast she need alot of work in the stage area…. Now shading Lauryn and Brandy is reaching cause they sold millions without the help of reality tv… and coming for Ciara is reaching two, only one album didn’t do that well two went nominated at the grammy’s and her single last year went gold….. Ciara has accomplish more then Tamar without the help of Reality TV…. She is worldwide known not locally…. She can perform in London, How about Tamar??? SHE WAS THE face for a HighEnd CLOTHING LINE, HOW about Tamar???? and Coming for Lauryn’s tax problem is reaching since VINCE is in the Same BOAT….. LAURYN HILL IS A WIRTER, SINGER, RAPPER, PRODUCER, AND A GRAMMY WINNER… All tamar is known for is to being 6X GRAMMY WINNER TONI BRAXTON’S baby sister…. Toni is the only reason why people were really checking for the show…. and TONI IS THE ONLY ONE WITH GRAMMYS TO HER NAME…. CIARA, BRANDY, LAURYN HAS GRAMMYS to there NAME also and their Net worth is worth more than Tamar…. and DreamWorks was a well known record label hence the HOME FOR GRAMMY WINNING BOY BAND BOYS2MEN

  65. Question? February 6, 2014

    Jennifer Hudson will out sing them all, she should be the main one paying tribute to those legends.

  66. ROSEGOLD February 6, 2014

    Is Jennifer the go-to girl for these events? She’s getting boring! Fantasia always kills her tributes, especially since she’s Patti and Aretha’s adopted godchild. Jennifer does nothing for me, sorry…..

  67. ROSEGOLD February 6, 2014

    I’ll just say this. Tamar is popular because of a reality show. I’m not knocking that in any way, but I hope that when the show dies her music career won’t go down the drain with it. Every artist you guys are shading have accomplished tons more than Tamar…

  68. anonymous February 6, 2014

    @Music stan You say people bought the album because of her reality show??? That doesnt even make any sense??? there are several reality stars that tried to start music careers, yet they’ve failed. I dont buy music because of somebodys reality show, I buy because I like the music. and yes some people are checking for her because her album sales are better than most r&b chicks this year. and what you need to understand is that Ciara gets dragged because her stans are bitter as hell. she has 3 flop albums and the only reason she won a grammy is because she was in Missy elliots video. she has No grammys for her own solo music. yet her stans stay shading other artist from Tamar to Beyonce to Kelly rowland. Ciara is not as successful as she used to be so her stans have no reason to be shading anybody and Nobody on TGJ would be dragging Ciara if her stans werent such trolls.

    and yes Toni was the reason the reality show was started, but Tamar was the breakout star and had the most personality and was the one to get her own spinoff reality show, not Toni. You say Toni is only reason people watch, yet Toni is barely on the show most of the time, its mainly her sisters. if Toni left the show tomorrow the show would still be on. NO Shade to Toni though because I like her too, but she is barely seen most of the time. As for Tamars first record label, Dreamworks is not that well know. Boyz II Men were on Motown during their successful years. their biggest hits came from Motown, not Dreamworks. and Tamars first album was not promoted, so of course it wouldnt sell.

  69. Music Stan(* Ya’ll Know who I stan for) February 6, 2014

    @anonymous and to all the commenter on this blog Raise your hand if you Knew who Tamar was before the Show?????????? Raise your hand if you was on the fence with her album when she was in the studio making it ????? Go Ahead I’ll wait… Point Exactly No One knew her before the Show and yes she did the k.michelle route with Reality not hating on her “Get Your Hustle on Shawty I AINT TRIPPIN” in my ciara “you got me voice” but let’s face fact you Tamar Stan NEED to Learn respect those people who establish more than her…. and just deal!!! Oh Yeah “Hot Sugar” VIDEO was a rip off of Greenlight, Freakum Dress, and Go Girl, 07 and 08 Ciara and Beyonce call and they said Chops across the board… Have Several in your queen’s voice “HASHTAG WHY YOU MAD GIRL?”

  70. Music Stan(* Ya’ll Know who I stan for) February 6, 2014

    @RoseGold thank you…. these youngins don’t know ho wthe power if reality tv is helping these star careers… and @anonymous the same why how K.michelle had deal and got drop same happen to Tamar… hence why she was singing background for Toni for many years….. Nowadays to get success scandal and reality tv boost your into stardom, like Kim K, Evelyn, TAMAR, k.MICHELLE, Joseline no one was checking for them before reality tv boo

  71. Music Stan(* Ya’ll Know who I stan for) February 6, 2014

    @anonymous irregardless of the grammy was for missy or not she has one…. she wrote on the song so it is her song… that is like saying the dream have a grammy cause of beyonce or rih, he contribute to the song so that make it his song and his grammy…. learn your fact about the music busines before responding to me Hence my name is MUSICSTAN which mean I stan for Music not the person…. and Tamar’s fan come for people first I sit back and what the comments before I put in my so save that Ciara’s fan come for her…. some of them be minding their own business….

  72. Music Stan(* Ya’ll Know who I stan for) February 6, 2014

    @anonymous I like said earlier people on TGJ don’t drag ciara cause her stan they do it cause the really have nothing else better to do I look at all the post and see Tamar, Beyonce,rih, kelly ( even though I part of the fanbased) start with the stans they just come and defend the only one who really does it is ICONICCICI, note how many of us ciara fan really reply to him/her( noshade)…. But I see how the Tamar stan always try to come for many on here and they get dragged Tamar is in the New Artist status right now she has alot more to accomplish before any of her fans start with anyone… so tell you fellow martians to stop and let Tamar accomplish things before coming for anyone ok

  73. MC!!! February 6, 2014

    but aretha actually likes mariah aretha dont like alot of people tbh! they performed together all they need is shania celine gloria and hey 1998 divas!!

  74. Flychick86 February 7, 2014

    Wow. Nice. JUST found this out yesterday. Kinda figured JHud would perform! 🙂

  75. dfsdfa February 7, 2014

    this is crazy that they didnt pick FANTASIA to tribute aretha but fantasia is probably to busy on broadway in after midnight

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