Kelly Rowland Celebrates Birthday On ‘The View’ / Talks Engagement & End Of ‘X Factor’

Published: Tuesday 11th Feb 2014 by Sam

Kelly Rowland turned 33 today.

The R&B songbird celebrated in style by stopping by ABC staple The View this morning.

Naturally, Barabra, Whoopi, Sherri and co didn’t hold back with their questions, quizzing the Grammy winner on her recent engagement, fitness secrets, and the X Factor USA‘s recent cancellation.

The latter was particular interesting as Rowland has remained relatively mum about the end of the show, which she joined last year as a judge- quickly becoming one of the most popular panelists.

What did Ms. Kelly have to say about everything? Find out below…

Great interview.

Can’t wait to hear the singer’s new material. Until then, hits replay on ‘Put Your Name On It’.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Sexyluv February 11, 2014

    K Michelle is still releasing singles & promoting wtf is Kelly’s problem? She’s such a lazy bum

  2. Molly February 11, 2014

    Kelly is such a f****** waste of potential.

  3. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    Is she fishing for a new job now that X Factor is done (thanks to her)?

    Get to work Kelly, where is the re-release? SO LAZY.

  4. Molly February 11, 2014

    @Lovebird Kelly needs to stick to just being blue ivys babysitter nothing she does ever works out.

  5. Kim 4 mayor February 11, 2014

    Kelly does whatever she can to pay the bills and stay relevant. Even Wendy Williams called her a flop, 4 albums and none are platinum Poordat

  6. Chillin February 11, 2014

    Excuse me boo @sexyluv…K Michelle can only DREAM of being on the superstardom level that Kelly Rowland holds…A lazy bum thats worth 30 million..I WILL TAKE THAT ANYDAY!! Beautiful Kelly

  7. Island boi February 11, 2014

    That’s a pretty fine 33! Can’t wait for the new album I just want her to just go all out one era and drop singles n videos on time and just promote hard! I know she don’t want be a super super big star but she has the power to be and we just want her do it atleast once

  8. Sarah February 11, 2014

    @lovebird @sexyluv @molly @kim4mayor…. We live for you!! Thank you so much for ALWAYS showing our Favorite all the attention…Keep it coming ..On Behalf of all the Rowland Stones..we applaud your efforts..MUAH!

  9. mk February 11, 2014

    Kelly’s label has decideed to pull a plug on the project and start planning the new one with a bigger budget hence the sudden stop. They realised that talk needed more budget than initially allocated. They r also changing the sound a bit going the rose colored/shake em haters esque pop/urban

  10. Kim 4 mayor February 11, 2014

    You’re welcome. That’s more attention than your fave shows to her albums! It must suck being a Kelly Flopland stan!!!

  11. Micks February 11, 2014

    Kelly seems in good place in her life. And she has her man all to herself. Can’t hate on happiness.

  12. Lovebird February 11, 2014


    Frankly considering Kelly’s poor work ethic, I would fear for Blue Ivy’s safety.

    She should just continue being Beyonce’s cheerleader whilst Beyonce crops her out of pictures.

  13. Sarah February 11, 2014

    @kim 4 mayor….Actually its fun..we get to laugh at haters like you all got anything else to say…we appreciate your comments..come on whats next?? lets bring this post to 200 ready

  14. Sarah February 11, 2014

    Hey @lovebird… aka Kelly’s BIGGGEST supporter :D..we love your commentary

  15. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    So will the 5th album be her fifth failed attempt at a platinum album, even with a Beyonce plug?

    Will she take 3 months to promote a single again (looks at ice)?

    With Kelly’s work ethic she has to be sleeping with someone at Republic to get all these second, third and fourth chances.

  16. Lovebird February 11, 2014


    I aim to please.

  17. Kim 4 mayor February 11, 2014

    Like I laugh at Kelly’s record sales from 2002-2014. 🙁 Pathetic!!!

  18. Kim 4 mayor February 11, 2014

    Kelly couldn’t even go platinum when sales were at their PEAK. Keep clinging to “Motivation” a $1.29 single. Cute! 😉

  19. Sarah February 11, 2014

    @lovebird…lets discuss…so 4 failed attempts at a platinum album in the US..a lazy flop no work ethic as u call her..yet she is offered the opportunity to make her 5th album..boy she must be one big flop that she is still signed ..thats interesting..what are your thoughts…

  20. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    She had the biggest song with Nelly and she could only squeeze a gold certification out of whatever that album was called; and album sales were at their peak at the time.

    Didn’t she debut with 8K for HIA in the UK when she was in front of 12 million+ viewers on a weekly basis? I cannot with this chick, so many wasted chances.

  21. Sarah February 11, 2014

    @kim 4 mayor… wow thats good to know that u were following her from 2002…wowwwww your a bigger fan than i assumed..welcome to the Rowland Stones..honorary member!!!

  22. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    My thoughts are that she’s sleeping with someone at Republic to be getting all these chances.

    4 flop albums and she’s being asked to make a fifth, where does that happen?

  23. Kim 4 mayor February 11, 2014

    I agree lovebird. She’s giving someone an oral transaction because her record sales are quite embarrassing. I’ve never seen someone as mainstream as Kelly have 4 flop albums.

  24. Sarah February 11, 2014

    @lovebird ohhh so now Kelly is a w****..on top of being lazy, unethical, a flop…lol what else??? I love you guys..pure comedy..and just to inform you..her first album has sold over 2 million copies worldwide boo..LETS BE CLEAR..America isnt the only country in the world…

  25. Sarah February 11, 2014

    I can go on all day with you comedians….who love Kelly just as much as i do..i LOVE IT

  26. The Queen of R&B February 11, 2014

    Hahahahahaha all y’all Hating on The Queen of R&B Ciara could never k Michelle could never Tamar could never Kelly comes from a Super group and that gave her a more permanent spot in the music industry all of them other girls can leave and come back but Kelly will always still be here she will forever be the queen of R&B her Net worth should shut all of you up but it don’t because y’all like to make y’all fav feel important but when you put them up with Kelly they lose Because that’s Kelly Rowland She wins Her money is long and will always be that way , But think about this y’all feel like she losing but y’all know about everything she do on a day to day bases Y’all know when her album comes out y’all know when she’s coming to a curry near you , y’all will always See Kelly Rowland’s face name and especially Her brand Kelly Rowland is an Icon

  27. Miss fine February 11, 2014

    Happy bday kelly keep up the good work.. You are to pretty

  28. SexyD February 11, 2014

    Happy bday kelly ro

  29. What’s the deal February 11, 2014

    Happy 33rd bday kelly and many more to come.. I just don’t understand why people hate on other people so much?? We’ll I guess it’s kids on here because grown people that no reason to hate on anybody.. That’s a part on being grown..

  30. The Bey Hive will take over February 11, 2014

    Y’all Coming for a Queen when you think about y’all the Girls doing R&B Ys winning and you all are mad , How can y’all be mad , y’all say her albums flop but y’all know when they come out all know when she’s on a show that’s promo crazy m************ so stop saying she don’t do nothing because she do , Kelly , Ciara, Tamar , K Michelle who’s Net worth is more ?? Kelly So She win it’s not that hard to understand The Top Four Best Girls In the Game is Beyoncé Rihanna Nicki , Kelly Rowland , so stop being Mad that’s she’s winning

  31. Kelly February 11, 2014

    They only hate on people that got more money then them

  32. tracy colins February 11, 2014

    Happy Birthday to Kelly. Great voice and Nice legs, too !

  33. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    Wait a minute, queen of RnB?

    More like queen of flopping. Did Mary J retire or something for you to deem a flop a queen? You kelly fans are delusional.

  34. cocobutta February 11, 2014

    “Put your name on it” is my soooooooooonnnngggg

    Very nice interview

  35. nAVY nICK February 11, 2014

    What is it with you all calling her lazy-ALTHOUGH I AM MAD she let her last album just fall off, IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! She is still all over the place, as well as Michelle…they are superstars honey, and 100 million know her vice the names you all keep mentioning…stop being so negative-KELLY IS AWESOME!

  36. Rosie February 11, 2014

    Sam, HDD’s finals are in now. That Toni Braxton + some black dude collaboration album that you have 3728 ads/banners for on this site sold 64K (more than Ciara).

  37. Rosie February 11, 2014

    I don’t see ARTPOP in the top 50.
    Already? Damn.

  38. Lovebird February 11, 2014


    64K? More than Ciara? And with half the promo? LMAO I’m SCREEEAAAMMMMIIINNNGGGG

    Who hasn’t outsold Ciara?

  39. Lovebird February 11, 2014

    @Sam, make a post please.

  40. MARIE February 11, 2014


  41. MARCUS February 11, 2014

    She is living her life and she Is BADDD doing zumba in heels. Looknig good, living happy, and not worrying about the critics.

  42. Chile Please!! February 11, 2014

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!!! Now this is what you call SNATCHED! & SERVING!!! She shyts on Wackyonce!!Love Love LOVE HER!! Legs are greased down & smooth looking like 2 stalks of some buttery a** corn! Werk it KELLY!!! Owww!

  43. IStanForYourFav February 11, 2014

    OMG. SHE is so BEAT!! I think Kelly should think over her image though. Enough of the bang and quit releasing a single, waiting 3 months, promoting Beyoncé, and do a so so feature with David Guetta and stay true to you!!!!! She may not have a platinum album, but you can’t take away her talent and her beauty. Plus. 99.9 % of the time, she is on POINT visually. Plus, I think she has some good albums. This last one (TAGG) was better than Here I Am even though Motivation is my s***. I love you Ms. Kelly and happy birthday beautiful.

  44. ASIPOFBRANDY February 11, 2014

    Hey Sam its Brandy’s birthday today as well where is the post? HAPPY BIRTHDAY B!!!!

  45. Timago February 12, 2014

    SMELLY FLOPLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Timago February 12, 2014


  47. Timago February 12, 2014


  48. Gregg February 12, 2014

    you guys keep saying flop, but her Cd’s are selling just as many as ciara and Brandy and all the other R&B chicks… whats with all the hate?…she is still winning compared to what you all are doing…

  49. Timago February 13, 2014

    Sit down. SMELLY FLOPLAND ALWAYS & FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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