Watch: Kelly Rowland Dances To Beyonce’s ‘Drunk In Love’ In Dallas

Published: Saturday 1st Feb 2014 by Sam


It’s a bond the ladies of Destiny’s Child continue share ten years removed from their last studio album.

Currently hard at work on her own fifth solo LP, member Kelly Rowland took a brief break to host an evening at Medusa nightclub in Dallas, Texas this weekend.

When sister Beyonce‘s latest smash ‘Drunk In Love’ is played, Ms. Kelly shows love by hitting the dance-floor – “surfboard” and all.

Peep the footage below…


Can’t wait to hear Kelly’s new album.

Your thoughts?

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  1. George bush February 1, 2014

    So irrelevant

  2. SLAY_HIVE February 1, 2014

    YAAAS KELLY!!!! Im ready to go out now!! 😀

  3. Kyle February 1, 2014

    That was cute.

  4. Any February 1, 2014

    Love it!!

  5. fatusankoh February 1, 2014

    You go Kelly I love that song I dance and listern to it and rest on songs every day with my family bey did a good job with this album Kelly I can’t wait for your album

  6. Ciyoncé February 1, 2014

    I love Kelly! Yaaas get it b****! I hope Ci & Kelly get on eachother’s albums 🙂

  7. The voice February 1, 2014

    And she’s still not promoting her album!!! This girl is a damn joke!!!!!

  8. bossbey93 February 1, 2014

    love it 🙂 good to see Kelly supporting queen bey’s magnificence!

  9. Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me February 1, 2014

    Cute…Let’s hear some new music now because the longer you wait the harder it will be to score a hit…

  10. RICHIE_RICH February 1, 2014

    Yesss Kelly, get ya life…..I’m going to EAT DIL up tonight in the club……Surfboard

  11. AMMIE LEANN February 1, 2014

    TGJ stop it, it’s not gonna happen. Bayonce won’t reach Adele or Taylor’s numbers. Regardless of the hype bayonce will never see Diamond sales, she will have to work twice as hard to be half as good.

  12. Gregg February 1, 2014

    I still say “Talk A Good Game” was a damn good CD….

  13. The Queen of R&B February 1, 2014

    Imma Need For the Queen of R&B Ms Kelly Slayland to Do a Song with just Her and Beyoncé or Her And Rihanna or her and Ciara because that would be Hot !!!!!!

  14. Rosie February 1, 2014

    They’re always so supportive of each other, it’s nice to see that these days.

  15. Kellz February 1, 2014

    I Love that Kelly Does her own thing and She’s Made A Name for herself without using Beyoncé , I love Beyoncé too tho , I need her to do a song with Ciara

  16. FutureCIARA February 1, 2014

    Yes Ms.Kelly

    But where is the Re-release????????????

  17. fine February 1, 2014

    Yessss Kelly.. Kelly is about to do a headline show in a few weeks

  18. Boss ass B**** February 1, 2014

    Yeeeesssssssssssss Kelly I always loves her since the Dc4 days , and Yess Kelly do a Song With Rihanna

  19. LOL February 1, 2014


  20. The Queen of R&B February 1, 2014

    I Know Kelly’s Not on Ciara Level she’s Passed it She’s Iconic shes done it all Ciara wish she could say she’s iconic lmao Kelly Rowland Is The Queen of R&B and Ciara Is Just a Lil girl after a Big Dream there’s No room for Her she’s can’t sit with The Queens Kelly Beyoncé Michelle Rihanna and Nicki sorry Bye Bye

  21. Netta the great February 1, 2014

    When is she gonna dance to her own music? Remember Talk A Good Game, Kelly?

  22. quetta February 1, 2014

    Lol, ms. Rowland & the fans are getting life!

  23. The Queen of R&B February 1, 2014

    She will once Ciara stop trying to sing

  24. Sundayluv February 1, 2014

    Where is Beyonce dancing to Motivation? Which was a bigger hit then DIL.

  25. rih rox((U Mad Bro?)) February 1, 2014

    *Fights back the vomit that’s slowly creeping in to my mouth*…support that cow! And don’t forget to suckle on his udders….Barffff! Yuck, I couldn’t hold on any longer. GROSS!.

  26. rih rox((U Mad Bro?)) February 1, 2014

    I can’t be bothered to comment on the other posts…
    Besides I’m too late. Anyways looking at that pic above Kelly’s body SLAYS that fat midget man.

  27. n February 1, 2014

    is this news???????????????

  28. TheezyKnows February 1, 2014

    I love how they are sisters no matter what.


    check out my blog:

  29. The Queen of R&B February 2, 2014

    Yup it is News wtf TGJ wouldn’t put it up if it wasn’t if it has to do with The Queen if R&B Kelly Rowland then it’s News

  30. Brazilian Beyoncé February 2, 2014

    Slay Kelly 🙂

  31. Destinys child February 2, 2014

    Yeeeeeessssssss Kelly I like her I would love to see more of her on this site , and I agree Kelly should do a sing with Rihanna , and when you think about all the women still doing R&B music like Ciara Tamar and k Michelle Kelly Rowland really is the Queen of R&B because you think about all she has done with or without destinys child she’s Good , so Kelly Rowland you Are the Queen of R&B

  32. Diva February 2, 2014


    Any woman who has no problem supporting another female and gives them props is hell of a woman and real as bi**h! Kelly is that… that’s why she is so loved, and so likeable to so many ppl as well as her peers. Yes, Motivation was a bigger hit then Drunk In Love… I actually think the lyrical content and sexual appeal Bey was going for was heavily inspired by Motivation.

  33. blazinyella February 2, 2014

    I was there and I was disappointed. wasted my damn money

  34. LOL February 2, 2014


  35. whut February 2, 2014

    Who is kelly rowland?

  36. The Queen of R&B February 2, 2014

    Where we’re you last Year??? Because Kelly Outsold Ciara and Who Is Kelly Rowland the Queen of R&B it’s okay Don’t Be Mad cause she’s Winning and even Ciara’s Husband is Working With Queens Like Kelly Rowland (We don’t Need A Reason) and Now Beyoncé (DIL) hahahaha Ain’t Nobody looking for Ciara

  37. where are post? February 2, 2014

    where are the newspaper articles slamming and dragging beyonce ? this site is where they continue. to brainwash brain dead stans with all the dumb post about your vile fav.this site mut be on her payroll either they’re stans too. its sad.

  38. dionne February 7, 2014

    just like wendy williams said, kelly rowland need to stop making that lousy music and fade off into the sunset. all she will ever be is beyonce’s background singer who knows her place is in the back darkie bish!

  39. marcy February 7, 2014

    We know Kelly Rowland is checking for Ciara for sure. She spends all her time imitating her.
    She tries hard to dance like her
    pretend to be pregnant like her
    pretend to be engaged like her
    pretends her best friend is her’s too
    copies ciara hair and looks like a fool in it
    if ciara gets a compliment on her figure she is begging to get the same compliment.

    she went from jealousy of beyonce to jealousy of ciara. jealousy is about selfishness and stupidity, and that is who kelly rowland is and that is why beyonce will never let her be around her child. dont trust her

  40. dougie February 7, 2014

    kelly rowland is beyonce darkey flunky

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