Rita Ora Dines With…President Obama

Published: Monday 15th Dec 2014 by David


After scoring a number of endorsements from Beyonce, Jay Z and Prince, Rita Ora has found a new fan in Barack Obama, the President of the United States.

That’s right, after learning of her success in the United Kingdom and her rising star in markets near and far, Obama enjoyed Ora’s company at 014 TNT Christmas in Washington event at the National Building Museum.

There, she performed the President and his wife Michelle Obama and rubbed shoulders with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in a Ralph & Russo black gown.

Check her out below…


Truly inspiring.

Your thoughts?

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  1. metzo December 15, 2014


  2. Well damn December 15, 2014

    How is she able to flop but manage to be an A+ star damn not even bey could pull that off when she first came out she actually had to work for it…rihanna too sorta.

  3. BubblePopElectric December 15, 2014

    Say what you will but Ms. Ora is winning. Very few acts can boast of being invited to sing for the POTUS before having a U.S. hit single or a debut album released stateside.

  4. Lana Tropicana December 15, 2014

    David and Sam are gonna throw a party tonight!! Too bad they don’t use their influence to support girls with T.A.L.E.N.T.

  5. Victoria B December 15, 2014

    This white house is ratchet every cheap tramp in hollywood has dinner with obama wtf.

  6. rita ora can win a oscar December 15, 2014

    I should work for you Sam LOL. She has just filmed her single with Charli Xcy. GOT 2 movies next year; a new RIMMEL Collection; a new denim line and a new adidas line. She also climes 2 other LEADING LADY MOVIE ROLES.

    What is rihanan doing at the moment? She seems quite. RITA NEW LP AND TOUR WILL COME TOO.

  7. NeNe December 15, 2014

    obama is a Flop so am not surperies.

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 15, 2014

      Obama maybe a flop but still the white house

      • NeNe December 15, 2014

        b**** stay off my comment.

  8. Suicide Blonde December 15, 2014

    Lol, guys read my comment on the Rihanna post. Blondie is always right 😀

    • Adele the Queen December 16, 2014

      So Blondie, You love this girl??

  9. BeyxMaraj December 15, 2014

    Loooooool, not even this could help her get a hit in the US. So dissappointed in the pres, he’s dining with non-factors???

    • rita ora can win a oscar December 15, 2014

      She is not really a flop. If she is flop then so is Araina Grande. She has not yet had a solo USA HIT, but that was not her fault.

      Her debut LP did not come out in the USA – big mistake

      Her IWNLYD was banned by Calvin Harris just as it took off.

      SHE HAS SOLD 6 MILLION RECORDS SINCE 2012 – Decent considering her album is only available in few countries.

      She also said that HOLLYWOOD KEEP CALLING HER WITH MOVIE AFTER TO MOVIE, so now, she has to pursuer a career as movie star. She still is focused on movies, but if the top directors in hollywood want to pay her big bucks for to be leading lady. why would she turn that down?

      Rihanan could only dream. Battleship came out in 2011 and HOW many movies did she follow up with?

  10. rita ora can win a oscar December 15, 2014

    how to make friends in high places.
    I suspect she will present at this years grammy’s and be the best dressed on night. LOL AT RIHANN

    • tits mcgee December 15, 2014

      You mean Beyonce and Jay’s friends like Chris from Coldplay, Prince, and Mr. President?

      Then her endorsments ‘friends’ in fashion, provided by fuccing their children, and aquaintances??

      This bitxh is the definition of smoke and mirrors. Someone get this no hit wonder out of my country. Lol.

      • rita ora can win a oscar December 15, 2014

        Nepotism has always been a component to success. Oh well. Don’t hate the playa….hate the game

      • tits mcgee December 15, 2014

        Yeah a component, not everything that makes you. She is Shitt. No hate, but truth.

  11. Mxx December 15, 2014

    talentless party yo

  12. rita ora can win a oscar December 15, 2014

    She was not dining with him. SHE DOEN HER JOB; SHOW HER VOCAL ABILTY AND SANG WITH CHORI. One of the songs she sang for the EBOLA BOB GELDOF SONG.

  13. Molly December 15, 2014

    Wow this b**** must have a mouth of gold lol

  14. tits mcgee December 15, 2014

    I wonder how she will thank Jay and Bey? Christmas came early for this thot.

    I guess we are to believe the president, is a fan of her quality catalog of music. Mmm Kay…

  15. Career Ender December 15, 2014

    lol the navi will be pressed AF
    when will molly the human sewage’s faves?

  16. DEL BEY December 15, 2014

    she is a leach, how is she doing all this? damn

    • Adele the Queen December 16, 2014

      Sorry miserable f*****, woorry about Lana doing nothing

  17. rita ora can win a oscar December 15, 2014

    Album Sales:
    UK: 350,000
    Worldwide: +500,000
    Single Sales:
    UK: 2,339,000
    Worldwide: 5,431,500
    +Other Album Songs Sales Combined: 100,000
    Record Sales: 6,031,500

    ADD the movies, fashion, makeup, stages and shows she books, and her blonde good looks, big boobs and curvy booty and U CAN SEE WHY SHE STILL ROCKING OUT, while the hates ( including rihanna ) stay mad.

  18. rita ora can win a oscar December 15, 2014

    lack Umbrella ☂ Black Umbrella ☂
    Member Since: 1/1/2014 | Posts: 3,420
    Black Widow: 1,695,500
    I Will Never Let You Down: 778,500
    2,474,000 so far this year

    IWLYD sold 780k AND THEN CLAVIN banned her……It would be easily cross 2 mill had he not done that.

  19. rita ora can win a oscar December 15, 2014

    I will never let u down sold half a million copies in the uK. she IS selling……..

  20. DanYiel Teflon December 15, 2014

    Well the President doesn’t mind so HEY GO IN RITA ORA!!

  21. Adele the Queen December 15, 2014

    The navy should just let this girl be. Don’t have her Navy because she is doing her thing. And besides this girl outsings gorgeous Rihanna any day. Even though she does not yet deserve to be in White house but she sure have a GREAT voice

  22. Dem Lessors December 16, 2014

    Her vaglna must be snatched and lined with silk! Well it takes a certain kind of talent to get in so many high places!

  23. Tea honey December 16, 2014

    Wow well congrats to her no music released in the us yet singing at the White House proud of her! but I really do think the only reason she got invited was because of j and bey

  24. Adele the queen December 16, 2014

    You must be one of a hell s*** ever, cause it takes one to see one. Why can’t you thing that this girl got this because of the Caters? The whores and f****** on here have no chill

  25. Boykin December 16, 2014

    Who on POTUS or FLOTUS’ staff allowed this BS to happen? The girls don’t even know who this nobody is. Next time hire someone whose relevance extends beyond a feature on whack Iggy track.

  26. Room319 December 16, 2014

    Headline: “Rita Ora Dines With…President Obama” = slobbed the knob (PR jargon)_

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