Must See: Miley Cyrus Covers Khia’s ‘My Neck, My Back’

Published: Thursday 14th May 2015 by Rashad

2013 may have seen her wreck the competition with her monster hits ‘Wrecking Ball’ and ‘We Can’t Stop,’ but as intense media coverage around her raunchy antics have waned, Miley Cyrus is digging deep into her trusty bag of tricks to reignite interest.

Her latest stunt?

Performing a hee-haw remix to rapper Khia‘s classic cunnilingus ode ‘My Neck, My Back.’  This, of course, after weeks of reports the former Disney darling’s stage show has seen her simulate sex acts with a banana, smoke a joint, and film fans fighting in the audience.

With flubbed lyrics and rhythmless dancing in tow, a tribute performance befitting Queen Khia awaits below:

Another angle:

Fans know Khia and Cyrus are by no means strangers.  Just two years ago the ‘Snatch the Cat Back’ creator snatched the instrumental to the singer’s breakout hit ‘We Can’t Stop’ to add a few verses of her own.  Listen to that here if you’ve forgotten or actually care to hear what it sounds like.

In other news:  Miley also made headlines for unveiling a new song ‘Tiger Dreams.’  But, we got too distracted by her rapping to post it.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly May 14, 2015


    • HaveMyMoney May 14, 2015

      Wow…. Just just wow!!!

      And not in a good way.

  2. NT May 14, 2015

    Art is about self expression, let her live.

    • NT May 14, 2015

      and she booked a better stage to perform it than Khia probably ever has.

  3. Barb-wire May 14, 2015

    Desperate Ho!

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. May 14, 2015

      Sis, how you gonna call Miley desperate when your fave resorted to digital harlotry to get Anaconda up the charts, and she STILL couldn’t score that Billboard Hot 100 #1 song. Because her cement booty couldn’t jiggle, she had to hire computer whizkids to help her make it jiggle on the camera. Trashnika Garbaj is the definition of a desperate ho & her desperation still can’t get her a #1 song. Oh and Miley’s last album went platinum in the U.S. while Trashnika’s can’t even sell 1 million WORLDWIDE. FLOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Grande The Way May 14, 2015

    Lol @ the last part of the article!! Are people honestly checking for new music from her. The antics got stale for me already. I guess this is what you do when your real talent is mediocre at best. I wonder if she’ll be able to move on from “the white/poor man’s Rihanna”. Probably not.

  5. Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) May 14, 2015

    Well it makes sense. I think they are friends. Khia was on the remix to ‘we can’t stop’.

    It was a tribute to Ms. Motor Mouf..

  6. reallytho-_- May 14, 2015

    First… I support her movement.. but girl… my neck my back…. wayment… with wings on?.. #itstheclimb

  7. Stephy. May 14, 2015


  8. Rihboy May 14, 2015

    I don’t even know how to respond to this. I guess NO will suffice.

  9. ……… May 14, 2015

    Were there little Disney kids in the audience…..

  10. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare May 14, 2015

    How can anybody NOT love this tragic mess?

    When she said ” turn up,” I screamed!!!

    Miley is just…Miley. lol!

  11. Solange The Sponge May 14, 2015

    I thought this was a “family orientated site” #BS

  12. Rihicon May 14, 2015

    wow I was gonna go to her concert but she cancelled I’m glad she did

  13. Al May 14, 2015

    She still touring with Bangerz? Jesus

  14. Casual-T May 14, 2015


  15. You wanna love it right bettor then my funky money May 15, 2015

    Not good it’s a bad taste

  16. Gypsy Infrared October 26, 2015

    For all you muthaphucking haters black, white, pink, yellow, chalkmouf(blacks wanting to be white and muttz (peckerwoods want to be Black)…Not….First you muthaphuckers accuse our brothers with Anaconda size D**** for wanting your pastry faced white women and they do to eat their ass in p*** while the other white eats his ass, now you try to a skin cancer patient props for doing a precious ghetto tune and this NT talking a stage wannabe white can never be a black B**** in her worst condition,bum no lava in ear type of non~melanin never has been about, non-constitutional seen as property type, r*** and burn milk carton missing muthaphucker watch Khia’s video she was an exquisite Poolside with crocs and gators ready to devour, B**** miles would be a baby pelican falling into the lake….Piranha decimated…..Pasty ass eating wishing your white man was well-endowed eating up all our men giving up all your life savings now betcha the B**** ain’t qualified to SPIT DAT’!

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