Hot Shots: Monica Signs ‘Code Red’ CDs In Atlanta

Published: Monday 21st Dec 2015 by David

Monica isn’t shaken by news that her new LP ‘Code Red’ is to welcome less than stellar sales this week.

Keen to thank fans for their support of the project the entertainer launched to offer them signed CDs after wrapping her national tour.

Snaps below…


The entertainer recently took to Instagram to apologise to fans who complained that they hadn’t been unable to pick up physical copies of the LP.

Unfortunately, as fans assumed this was the case because the LPs had sold out in some stores, it’s likely the project’s physical CDs were understocked by her record label so its supply didn’t exceed its demand.

Click here to find out how many units its set to move in its opening week.

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  1. Barb-wire December 21, 2015

    She’s not my cup of tea but I wish her luck on her era.

    • Arfa December 21, 2015

      Did anyone go to the signing though

      • Code Red Is Gonna Flizzop December 21, 2015

        I Tried To Warn The Girls That “Code Deadman Was Gonna “FOA” (Flop On Arrival)

        I Even Predicted That She’d Do 30K & You H*** Came For Me.

        #LocalHoe #ByeBish

      • Naomi Campbell stan December 21, 2015

        Don’t you two stan for Brandy, of course. You Brandy fans stay trying to shade Monica, yet you all are neglecting your fav’s Subway “Coming to an underground near you” tours. Spend less time worrying about Monica, and more time worrying about your UGLY ass, wide eyed, flat faced, can’t keep a man, lying ass, murdering, weak head game, empty stadium, weak vocal ass, low budget bet show, and did I say ugly “Worth mentioning again fav.

      • Bimeansbi December 21, 2015

        Listen to you sounded like a miserable fool. Monica has always been in Brandy shadow. With her fake gangsta nasty hoodrat attitude. Tryna act like she so classy and knowledgeable about life. H** sit your clown ass down. CAN ANYONE ELSE ATTEST TO HER NASTY SELF RIGHTEOUS ATTITUTE? She’s a know it all. But what she and you should know is that I’ll take a Brandy flop over a Monica flop Any day! CAN I GET A WITNESS?

        As for you Naomi Cambell Stan:
        I been bad since Cindy Crawford.

      • Naomi Campbell stan December 21, 2015

        LOL B**** STFU, you sound pressed as hell, hence as to why you’re in a Monica post talking about Brandy’s ugly ass. Worry less about Monica, and more about your cross eyed fav. Remember, there’s an that empty stadium and a Subway concert you need to attend.

      • cocobutta December 22, 2015

        Their GRAMMY was TOGETHER!!
        Those 13 weeks on top of the charts was TOGETHER!!

        Both been hot and Monica is the only one of the 2 to Top the Billboard 200 charts, so she hasn’t done too bad for a so called lessor.

        Brandy will slay as black entertainment legend who can blow.
        Monica will also continue in the Royal box of R&B.

        👏 👏 Keep on ladies

  2. Taylor Tori Azalea December 21, 2015

    My God she’s ugly AF and a flop too
    like has she heard of plastic surgery or at least Bleach
    These girls never learn that’s why Rih Nicki and Bey are the only blacks out there…….. subtract Rih (she’s a flop NOW)

    • G’s Easy December 21, 2015

      You poor pathetic thing. The only power you have is behind your keyboard. Please seek help.

    • King Mark111 /.\ December 21, 2015

      I’m sure EVEN MO sold more albums than Nicki.

    • Legendtina December 21, 2015

      Monica has sold more albums than Nicki and Code Red will probably outsell that flop Tori put out.

  3. RealTalkBSWalk December 21, 2015

    This album is so bad I was actually looking forward to hearing good R&B music from Moni but this album is terrible it don’t even sound like she is a happy married woman to that fine ass man Shannon.

    • Coded Playtime December 21, 2015

      And that comment alone just confirms you didn’t hear the whole of Code Red. I’m sure from memory they’re 5 songs all husband related. Maybe even 6. Some would argue maybe too many on one subject but her vocal delivery on those are exceptional

    • credits December 21, 2015

      @realtalk, either you just didn’t listen to the album or you were unable to comprehend the lyrical content in a lot of the songs.

  4. Taylor Tori Azalea December 21, 2015

    GodzilADELE won’t even do her first week sales on her 50th week
    code 666
    code flop
    code facts

  5. Case December 21, 2015

    Poor sales are not, Monica’s album is FANTASTIC! BLACK GIRLS RULE!!

  6. Taylor Tori Azalea December 21, 2015

    Black or bleached girls rule???
    Biatch when was the last time a female n***** ruled anything???

    • Case December 21, 2015

      I’ll say a prayer for you.

    • credits December 21, 2015

      Serayah McNeil is probably ruling taylor swift in the bed! That’s right, all these men did taylor wrong and were does she turn? To black p*ssy! Lol

  7. Taylor Tori Azalea December 21, 2015


    • Zayn Maliks Wife December 21, 2015

      Do you do this because nobody pays attention. To you in real life?

  8. al December 21, 2015

    Been a fan Mo since 95 but that last album and this one is s***. Just sounds like fillers off other peeps albums. That Missy song is fukin awful. She best to go indie

  9. cocobutta December 21, 2015

    My honest review:
    Code Red is how New Life should have sounded with certain tempos & vocals, so props on this 8th project.

    The songs that balance the old and new R&B are Just Right 4 Me, All Men Lie, Deep & Alone In Your Heart.

    I was glad Monica tapped into her R&B/Pop ballad styles (Like on her 2nd album) with I Know, Hustler’s Ambition and Anchor.

    Nice salute to the 80s era with Suga.

    Love Just Ain’t Enough is a song that’s an almost 4me. Monica’s 60s/70s harmonies stand out, her voice real nice BUT wasn’t as keen on Timbaland’s voice on this.

    Title track should have just been a bonus track, im not into it. Saints & Sinners is another good song but I don’t particularly like the chorus phrasing wise. Glad the gospel was incorporated.

    Not my ultimate fav album of hers but super solid from H2T (from 2-14).
    Was refreshing to here some different elements.

    Top 5 favs: Anchor, Deep, Alone In Your Heart, I Know & All Men Lie.

    • Bimeansbi December 21, 2015

      Bottom line. She’s no Brandy.

      • Naomi Campbell stan December 21, 2015

        She’s no Brandy? Who the f*** would want to be that subway singing Gremlin.

      • cocobutta December 22, 2015

        But yet all Monica albums except first two have first weeks sales above Brandy.
        Monica has two albums that have sold 1st week numbers above 180,000.
        Bran has none. Monica has an album the has topped the Billboard 200 and B doesn’t.
        Brandy brand is overall bigger she slayed TV & 1St black cinderella.
        Their most important accolade came together by the genius of Brandy’s idea.

        Both are fine and representing so sit down b4 I have to kick down your door & smack a bish.

  10. #JACKIE December 21, 2015

    Her fans had the nerve to come for Ciara when she couldn’t even push units a week before Christmas. Sorry but the album is stale with the exception of 2 songs. Better luck next time Mo.

    • Zayn Maliks Wife December 21, 2015

      Monica failed because she doesn’t have strong singles. What’s Ciaras excuse?

      • #JACKIE December 21, 2015

        Ciara is much more relevant than Hoodnica has been since ’98. Tread lightly sis.

    • cocobutta December 21, 2015

      With the attributes Ciara has with pop style voice and killer dance moves, she should have been up there with Bey and Ri and thats the gods honest truth.

      She failed herself in many aspects. But still a talent.

      Monica is R&B royalty no matter how you want slice and dice it 20yo in, 8 albums, THE 1ST artist to top the R&B & Hip-Hop charts in 90s, 2000s and 2010s. What this means for basic instinct people is her LEGACY & is cemented.

      Ci 1st week suggests she is not the top of R&B and this Pop based album is in tin pan lane cooking some rotten eggs Pop chart wise.

      Wheres her footing stamped, cus the heifer is Bambi on ice not keeping up with the Kardashians.

      Promise yoooou FOR YOU I WILL if we must do this.

      • #JACKIE December 21, 2015

        I like you so I won’t. Just tell your fellow Doves to leave the Squad alone.

      • Queen Bey! December 21, 2015

        LOL Translation from that Ciara fan “You just read me to filth, so I don’t have anything to say”.

  11. Stacy December 21, 2015

    Monica did an amazing job, this album is everything.

  12. Kitty Puurrzz December 21, 2015

    This album is amazing …..! I’m disappointed with the sales but not with the material. Every song jams. Monica still has potential to release another single and continue selling albums. It’s all on her team how this album goes.

  13. Amazon Chanteur December 21, 2015

    What monica did on this cd is what people often accuse her of…never stepping out her comfort zone. This is clearly her most experimental album. She tried different arrangements and sounds and for that, I have to give her credit for that. She also sounds a lot cleaner than on the last album.

    Still, it’s a bit messy in places with monotonous prodiction and timbaland singing on those tracks. All in all, it’s an ok album with decent replay value.

  14. Chile Please!!! December 21, 2015

    I’m very disappointed in this album….I really thought she was going to come back & slay for the dragons……this my girl too & the last album was wack as well. COME ON MONICA WTF!!

  15. Sherry December 21, 2015

    While I adore Monica, I haven’t adored one of her albums since After The Storm. I will agree that Code Red is different for her, but it doesn’t flow that well IMO.

  16. Queen Bey! December 21, 2015

    I love the album, Monica did her thing.

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