Dick Clark Productions Responds To Claims Of Mariah Carey Sabotage

Published: Monday 2nd Jan 2017 by David

Shame and embarrassment befell Mariah Carey on New Year’s Eve when she botched her performance her televised performance in New York City.

Yesterday, her aides stepped forward to cry foul play.

How the show’s organisers, Dick Clark Productions, responded?

Find out below…

The company shared:

As the premier producer of live television events for nearly 50 years, we pride ourselves on our reputation and long-standing relationships with artists. To suggest that dcp (Dick Clark Productions), as producer of music shows including the American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and Academy of Country Music Awards, would ever intentionally compromise the success of any artist is defamatory, outrageous and frankly absurd. We want to be clear that we have the utmost respect for Ms. Carey as an artist and acknowledge her tremendous accomplishments in the industry.

A source close to production claims Carey chose not to rehearse on-site and opted to have a stand-in fill in for her.

They claim that all was well on a technical front during the rehearsal making Mariah’s mishap surprising to Dick Clark’s camp.

Alas, camp Carey aren’t convinced.

We told them [the stage managers] that the in-ears were not working 10 minutes before the performance. They then changed the battery pack, and they were still not working on the frequency four minutes before the show. We let them know again, and they just kept counting her down and reassuring her that they will work as soon as they go live, which never happened — at which point she pulled them out but could not hear the music over the crowd.

Unfortunately, Jennifer Lopez‘ decision to “like” a comment mocking Mariah’s incident has seen her come under fresh fire from detractors.

Their weapon of choice?

Videos like the one below…


Who do you believe?

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  1. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 January 2, 2017

    Well Mariah YOU should have been there for rehearsals point blank PERIOD! When you have stand ins and other people doing what you are being paid to do… S*** like this happens. Technical difficulties happen all the time but, this fault lies with Mariah.

    • FAF January 2, 2017

      That diva s*** works after u slay

      Beyoncé can give diva fish bc she actually kills the performance

      U can’t rest on your laurels as a performer

      Mariah of 1991-2003 (I say that bc the emancipation she started the diva act) would’ve done it acapella and maybe just cut the performance short

      • Janelle January 2, 2017

        Mariah really need to stop the grand diva act. Truth is she didn’t even finish er first decade without falling flat. By 2001 she was flopping with GLitter and half out her mind. TEOM was her only substantial success after that. She’s drop a hundred albums, but only been doing the work for three quarters of the nineties &2005.

      • Janelle January 2, 2017

        Mariah’s one of the most laziest artist I’ve ever seen. When she’s on stage she’s drunk &lazy. She already need more stage presence as a performer. She only have dedication when it comes to songwriting. She need to retire.

    • Jasmine January 2, 2017

      Mariah was there for rehearsals. There are pictures of her at the rehearsals going through the routines. The problem is she was not prepared to sing live in the event the playback was not right. For example, when Emotions came on, it was the pre-recorded version of the song that still needs live vocals to accompany it (there was no voice on the melodies to lip synch to). I even heard the prerecorded high notes at the end of the song she uses in concert (she sings the melodies in concert and she lip synchs the high notes). Mariah wanted the version of the song where everything is prerecorded (like her entrance song Aude Lang Syne) so that all she had to do was lip synch.

    • LISA LEVINE January 2, 2017

      Lies. There are photos of Mariah in times square earlier that day things happen move on. Mariah has paid her dues. Jennifer Lopez is the secret queen of shade, Jennifer Ho-pez’s only talent is LAYING ON HER BACK for her comeup and sleeping with Various Men for tracks and fame. She is a disgusting human being.

    • Cory January 2, 2017

      In the words of the Janet Jackson song “You”… ‘You can’t blame nobody but you’.

    • Gabe January 2, 2017

      Mariah Carey is a DIAMOND selling artist in the same lane as the Beatles and ELVIS. She will be just fine. Trust

  2. Keri Qween January 2, 2017

    Excuses she was a mess

    • Credits January 2, 2017

      *prays for a Keri album in the first quarter*

    • King B January 2, 2017

      2017 and still no album

  3. Justme January 2, 2017

    That’s understandable that the ear piece didn’t work.. but what we don’t understand is why the backing track was singing the song for her. One performance was only instrumental the other was full on back track singing the song for her.. which proves what people have been saying about her voice.

    • The One January 2, 2017

      Every artist lips sync.
      Heck, there are certain artists who have never song live but y’all given Mariah scrutiny all the time.
      At least she had receipts unlike sum.

    • Jasmine January 2, 2017

      The problem is she was not prepared to sing live in the event the playback was not right. For example, when Emotions came on, it was the pre-recorded version of the song that still needs live vocals to accompany it (there was no voice on the melodies to lip synch to). I even heard the prerecorded high notes at the end of the song she uses in concert (she sings the melodies in concert and she lip synchs the high notes). Mariah wanted the version of the song where everything is prerecorded (like her entrance song Aude Lang Syne) so that all she had to do was lip synch.

  4. TheBeysusImpact January 2, 2017

    She always has a problem with her ears 👂🏻👂🏻👂🏻👂🏻…

  5. Kai January 2, 2017

    Mimi keeps on digging her own grave

  6. MusicLife January 2, 2017

    TGJ loves to bring up old ish just like a plunger. There was no need to. Ring up JLo for this article whatsoever.

    They don’t like each other and take subtle and not so subtle jabs at each other… and what’s new?

    Mariah needs to be mad a Tommy Motola to begin with not her but the industry and world for that matter loves a great cat fight.

    Mariah was wrong for her attitude alone while on stage and that’s most of the reason why she is getting backlash she couldn’t be bothered to even try to sing or lip synch once the audio issues happened. Sometimes when the ish hits the fan we must remain professional regardless.

    • FAF January 2, 2017

      Exactly j lo is a legend and they will deal

      Diana Ross can’t sing and has no grammmy does that make her not a legend?

      Very few artists have 18 payola hits

      They were exposed for this it’s been proven

      So she don’t know jlo she’s pressed over a figment of her imagination that’s worse

      • Aguilera January 2, 2017

        Diana Ross can’t sing? LIES! She can sing, she just doesn’t have a churchy voice that most black peoples like. Now your fav Ciara…SHE can’t sing😉

      • Sean January 2, 2017

        Are you kidding me? Ms Ross can def sing. Lady Sing the Blues, Supremes she can sing but not SANG like Aretha. Diana, Madonna and Janet were never natural powerhouse singers but to say any of them can’t is a joke.

  7. Meme January 2, 2017

    Still no excuse. She gave ZERO effort. You can’t blame it all on the tech guy. You’re a singer….just sing. Beyoncé would never. She fell down flights of stairs and still ended her performance like nothing happened. Step your professionalism up sis.

    • blue January 2, 2017

      you are so right, if bey could manage to sing while falling and getting up from a fall, and continue to flip her hair side to side in a demented manor everybody should be able to.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 2, 2017

        What are you talking about? When Beyonce fell and the backing track kept singing for her? LOL Guys seriously. Don´t exaggerate things this much. I think Mariah had some drinks before going on stage to be honest. That´s all. She´s been doing well the whole year.

    • The One January 2, 2017

      Who expects someone to fall down stairs and keep singing. That’s good for Beyoncé but a song/performance ain’t that serious. Plus, if her fans didnt understand the stoping of said performance, then they aren’t fans.

      A agree, Mariah should have been at rehearsal.
      However, there was nothing she could do once the malfunction occurred. It’s impossible to sing to music you can’t here. Even the great Beyoncé can’t accomplish that!

      • Lmfao_Hoe January 2, 2017


  8. blue January 2, 2017

    Mariah should either book another performance and kill it to shut everybody up or do like riri and not give a f*** about people with lifeless lives.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 2, 2017

      She clearly didn´t give a f***. She even said it from the start and acted funny. Unproffesional but she exposed herself on purpose when the performance started and was honest.

      • blue January 2, 2017

        i meant in the aftermath, this pointing fingers thing only makes it worse for her…either shut everyone up or move on, dwelling on it is not the answer.

  9. Bish in Africa January 2, 2017

    Carey, I luh you dahhling… Just book another performance and SANG the hell out of it, thats the boss best way to shut them the f*** all the way up..

    • Lea January 3, 2017

      And lip that one also? No one is interested!

  10. .:: Centurion ::. January 2, 2017

    But she was lip syncing. What’s her excuse for lip syncing? People need to stop making excuse for her. She’s nasty, she’s cheating and she refuses to age with some dignity.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 2, 2017

      What´s her excuse? LOL Maybe that more than half of the performances you watch on tv or youtube from anyone are lip synced? Yeah maybe that one. It´s not like she hasn´t sung those songs live (or almost live) the whole year.

      • Slay_Hive January 2, 2017

        Stop with your excuses!!

      • JOHNVIDAL January 2, 2017

        It´s not excuses. It is what happened. She was unproffesional. Also, Bey lips a lot. So why not be nicer?

      • Slay_Hive January 2, 2017

        Bey is a hell of a lot better at lipping then Mariah! 98% of Bey’s vocals are LIVE btw and when she lips most people would never notice. I know one thing, she would never get on stage and act a drunk fool like Pariah 😽

      • Janelle January 2, 2017

        John gurl. Mariah stands uncomfortably in the middle of the stage in tight ass dresses that don’t fit &lips. She doesn’t do an ounce of choreography. Stop with the shenanigans.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 2, 2017

        Being better at lipping is a talent now???? I mean, make up yourself. Also, Bey lips way more than a mere 2% hun. Get a reality check. I am realistic and know Mariah lips high notes, and I also know that she can still sing very well, as she´s been doing in her tours lately. She was unproffesional for this. But nothing else. Get over it and don´t be an ass. I re watched it cause I haven´t seen when she gets of the stage and I thought she was making it funny and handling it well, but damn it, I really feel bad now cause when she goes you can clearly see she was very upset. I´m surprised now at how good she looked until that moment. She didn´t deserve this moment after working the whole year.

    • Jasmine January 2, 2017

      Lip synching was done by several artists the whole show.

  11. SMH January 2, 2017

    Smh. What’s even more pathetic than Mariah’s performance is the parade of BS excuses her and her camp have been rolling out since her trainwreck. They’re pointing the finger at everyone except the real reason for the entire mess: MARIAH. When Madonna got choked by her cape and dragged halfway across the stage on live TV last year did she mount an excuse parade? NO. She owned her f*ck up and she moved on. Legends and Icons do not make excuses. That’s why Mariah can never TRULY be considered an Icon or Legend, no matter how many bloated sales Mottola bought for her.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 2, 2017

      Kudos to madonna but taht is irrelevant and not teh same situation. And YES, legands often have been seen drunk on stage and giving pathetic performances. So all your points are invalid. Except for the exuses from her camp. Those are not needed. Pshit happened and Mariah acknowledged it from teh start. They don´t need to invent things now.

    • Chandler January 2, 2017

      What about Whitney denying her drug use? She’s still very much a legend…foh Madonna stan

  12. gina January 2, 2017

    right now ariana, demi, miley & jlo are somewhere laughing their assses off lmao.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 2, 2017

      Why? As far as I know Mariah´s music outcharted all of them once again this December and forever will. Plus all of them have come inder similar fire several times before too. Donut incident? 🙂

  13. OQRAM January 2, 2017

    Why was she lip synching a BALLAD anyway? It’s not like she was dancing. All she was doing was walking around. For THAT she had to mime? This is on her. That performance would have been disastrous, even if the obvious mishaps weren’t as obvious. I don’t understand how anyone gets away with being as much of a perpetual train wreck on stage as she does. I don’t care that back in 1991 she was able to sing well. If you can ONLY function in a studio setting, but are subpar at owning a live stage, then you have no business trying to be a pop star. She should have just been a demo singer.

  14. The A Team January 2, 2017

    The problem that I had was that shes been singing emotions live all year
    and they decide to use lip on the biggest performance?
    The clip they used was from the thanksgiving concerts, girl we know you can sing

    • JOHNVIDAL January 2, 2017

      But Emotions backing track was instrumental, wasn´t it? She was going to sing it live like she always does. But I agree with you that she has been doing so well these last two years in all of her tours and then every time she does a televised performance (when most people are going to watch her) something like this happens 🙂

      • Erik January 2, 2017

        She had no intentions of singing Those pre recorder whistle notes..

    • Erik January 2, 2017

      Perhaps you thought she was singing live..I doubt it.

  15. Mark111 January 2, 2017


  16. Mark111 January 2, 2017

    My fave butchered LOB in Dubai last year but it was still LIVE🙂

    • JOHNVIDAL January 2, 2017

      Oh yes because those songs require the same vocal condition and effort as Emotions (which she was going to sing live) or We belong Together, right? 🙂

  17. Mark111 January 2, 2017

    It’s sad but at this point it’s safe to say that Rihanna is a better vocalist than Moo

    • JOHNVIDAL January 2, 2017

      LOL No, she´s not. Not even now in 2017. You have tons of clips from these last two years with Mariah showing vocals Rihanna could never dream of (Emotions intros for example).

  18. ToniBoni January 2, 2017

    Every single time Mariah bombs…I mean performs there is an excuse! “Oh she was sick!” “Oh technical difficulties!” “Oh she’s a legend she can do whatever she wants!” Just accept the fact that Mariah’s vocals are dead and gone. Even when she sounds decent, she sounds a mess.

  19. Aguilera January 2, 2017

    Mariah is an entitled pig. She really had one job and she couldn’t even do that right. She’s nothing without her prerecorded vocals or backtrack. Disgusting.

  20. eric January 2, 2017

    Mariah’s team will not admit to what is clearly evident: There’s a big difference between not being able to hear the music and not being able to hear prerecorded vocals. You don’t have to hear prerecorded vocals unless you’re on stage to give the illusion of singing (lip sync). Having the music loud enough that the dancers could obviously hear still wasn’t enough for Mariah because she knew she hadn’t taken care of her voice and wasn’t ready to sing. If you want to tell me professional singers can’t possibly sing without the earpiece, be ready to explain to me how James Brown, Elvis, the Beatles and all the artists of the pre-millenial period were able to do it. Take care of your voice and then you can sing with or without a frickin in-ear monitor.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 2, 2017

      I think she had just drunk before the show or during those Xmas days. I think it is as easy as that. She knew she wasn´t going to sound well and decided to do the most by not even trying. I think it was smarter than just being ridiculized by part of the media like they did two years ago with teh Rockefeller performance. She should be smarter and take care of her voice when more people are going to watch her though.

    • ✌🏾 January 2, 2017

      Good point. This tech nonsense had nothing to do with it. The plan was to sing some and mime some but she knew her voice wasn’t ready so just gave up. It’s unfortunate because she’s been doing so well on tour.

    • iamdiego January 2, 2017

      Yes, if you can really sing you don’t have to be able to hear. Your volume may be a little off but your brain should know how to process the notes. It’s like vibrations. It should be second nature to Mimi. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being able to hear yourself on stage (the crowd looked dead I doubt if they were that loud) but if push come to shove just sing. Just like being a dancer. If the music stops, or if someone falls they keep dancing on beat. I don’t think Mariah was drunk though..better luck next time love. <3

    • Casual-T January 2, 2017

      You said exactly what I was thinking. If she couldn’t hear the music well enough to sing into a working mic, how could her dancers hear the music well enough to do the full routine?

  21. XoMoDe January 2, 2017

    I guess Putin and the Russians hacked her voice…

  22. Beysus January 2, 2017

    RIP Mariahs voice 1990-(some of)2005.

  23. grapejuicefan January 2, 2017

    Hopefully she can come back

  24. Truth January 2, 2017

    She’s always embarrassing herself on TV…

  25. Yolanda January 2, 2017

    Get over it Mariah. Whitney went all over the UK on her last tour sounding like *&% and she never apologized and kept packing the house because the fans loved HER, Whitney Houston, THE PERSON and Whitney understood this. Mariah, don’t say your’e a diva and then act like a brat.

    • Lemonade January 2, 2017

      Then why did they boo her if they loved her?

    • JOHNVIDAL January 2, 2017

      Are you serious??? My beloved Whitney gave pathetic performances in some stops of that tour to the point she got constantly booed. In Australia for example. Something taht has never happened to Mariah. In fact Mariah has toured Australia twice in the last 4 years and she always got positive reviews. Same with her European tour this year (an audience harder with her than America) and everybody seemed to get out of the concerts pretty impressed. I won´t post more links but you have tons and tons of performances on youtube. Mariah acted classy (let´s call it that lol) at least. What we saw with poor Whitney we have never seen with Mariah. So please keep it cute.

      • Janelle January 2, 2017

        Whitney didn’t lip half as much as MAriah. Altho Celine lips,she’d blow mariah right off the stage today. Mariahs a mess.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 2, 2017

        You´re very wrong. mariah has been giving way better LIVE belts during 2016 than Celine. Way better. Celine almost lips it all. Love them both though. They have done it all.

      • Janelle January 2, 2017

        When it comes to MAriah, lambs expect very little, but demand much from other female artists. Its like a f****** law with y’all.

      • Jasmine January 2, 2017

        Why bring Whitney into this. They are not the same. The problem is Mariah was not prepared to sing live in the event the playback was not right. For example, when Emotions came on, it was the pre-recorded version of the song that still needs live vocals to accompany it (there was no voice on the melodies to lip synch to). I even heard the prerecorded high notes at the end of the song she uses in concert (she sings the melodies in concert and she lip synchs the high notes). Mariah wanted the version of the song where everything is prerecorded (like her entrance song Aude Lang Syne) so that all she had to do was lip synch.

  26. Slay_Hive January 2, 2017

    She is a joke!!! Bey would never

  27. JOHNVIDAL January 2, 2017

    Am I the only one who thinks she had had some splashes and that´s all? LOL She should have known better though.

    • ToniBoni January 2, 2017

      Unprofessionalism isn’t funny. I don’t care how many records you’ve sold, you should still do your job and do it well. She ain’t no real diva.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 2, 2017

        Well, it was funny to me how she acted. But I agree, it was unproffesional like I said. That said, her career goes on as always. And yes, she still is a diva. Too many examples out there of legends acting pathetic at times and they still are legends.

  28. Chileplease January 2, 2017

    Patti labelle call your goddaughter girl…teach her how to be a professional

    • ToniBoni January 2, 2017

      Patti is like 80 years old and still slaying. They f***** up Patti’s Christmas performance at the White House in the 90’s and she still improvised her way through it kiiiii

      • Beyoncé Jackson January 2, 2017

        OMG that video is a ki. I am literally in tears😂😂😂😂

  29. LMAO January 2, 2017

    She’s been caught lip-sync! The truth is that Mariah is embarassed and try to find an excuse to camouflage the fact that she has tried to make a fool of everyone. Shame on you girl, you pretend to be a diva but you can’t sing live and you dare to lip-sync? What is that?! That ain’t serious…

  30. Kiii January 2, 2017

    Mariah has actually been singing very well this year and she’s been known to get back up after falling down. I hope she comes back with a killer performance and shuts everyone up

  31. Theman January 2, 2017

    Beyonce lipped at the Inaguration. So she wouldn’t want to what.. She should have just freestyled. She always does great outside of tv. She also has done great recently..

    • XXX January 2, 2017

      Beyonce wasn’t drunk, unprofessional, disprespectful and trying to blame everyone but herself.

      • Beyoncé Jackson January 2, 2017


  32. Beyoncé Jackson January 2, 2017

    Why is Beyonces name being mentioned? She would never.
    Now hopefully this humbles Mariah because her stank-above all-diva attitude is very offputting, especially when she can’t even deliver a live vocal these days.

  33. 2hilarious January 3, 2017

    Sorry MIMI, sometimes you have to admit that you didn’t make it!

  34. Mooriah January 3, 2017

    cowriah has returned to us..

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