Rihanna’s ‘Kiss It Better’ Certified Platinum

Published: Wednesday 4th Jan 2017 by Sam

Rihanna may not have nabbed a hit with ‘Kiss It Better,’ but she’s managed to snag a Platinum plaque for the ‘ANTI’ track.

Full story below…

Taking to Instagram today, the 28-year-old confirmed that the RIAA have certified the bedroom jam for hitting 1 million in US sales-plus-streaming units.

#KISSITBETTERplatinum Thanks again ⚓️⚓️⚓️ Praises be to God 🙏🏿

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As reported, the awarding body begun to factor in streaming into certifications last year – a move that has helped acts such as Rih stack up plaques in the absence of traditional sales.

There’s no word on how much the song – a favourite of ours here at TGJ – has sold. However, it’s fair to presume that free streaming accounts for much of the milli.

This isn’t conjecture, it’s actually based on data.

Upon the release of its video, ‘Kiss It’ opened at #80 on the Billboard Hot 100 – powered by 73% worth of streams. It eventually peaked at #62.

As at the end of 2016 last week, sales of the song’s housing album ‘ANTI’ sat at 596,640 copies in the US. A figure, by prior yardsticks, would have seen it just about scrape Gold status. But in today’s streaming dominated age, the set is somehow x2 Platinum.

Congrats…we guess?

Your thoughts?

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  1. MsYonce January 4, 2017

    Y’all know Miss Fenty waste no time with those certifications based on streams leave her alone Sam

    • #ispeakfacts January 4, 2017


      Beyonce last 3 album sales haven’t been spectacular either nor her singles! I’m no Rhi stan but I see alot of hypocrisy in these comments! Streaming has helped Beyonce album sales and single sales! What’s crazy is she is a vet in this game and is highly respected but can’t do Adele’s numbers!

      • bianca January 4, 2017

        Thank u. Beyonce shut out streaming services just like adele n taylor did and sold nothing near them. She’s on par with Rihanna which is why they are always compared. If she were the album seller her hive says she is they’d be comparing her to adele n taylor. Why leave out stats and enjoy cuz at the end of the day they are neck n neck but those other two are doing the damn thing, why, cuz ppl just listen to the music instead of picking.

      • FRESH NAVI January 4, 2017

        @bianca i’ve never seen such accuracy in my life. like spot on!

      • iamdiego January 4, 2017

        bye. Beyonce is at 1.6 without streaming and her album was $17.99 . How is 1.6 and .6 on the same level? If this were 20 yrs ago when Bey first came out (with Destiny’s child) 1.6 mil copies would get you 2-3 singles & a bigger more promoted/ successful follow up record. If you sold .6 you had 1-2 singles & you might have got dropped. Beyonce puts her videos all out at the same time how much streaming do you expect if people actually bought the album to watch the videos/listen to the music? Yall stay tryna make streaming make sense. Yes, it helps Pop artist however, until R&B is considered “cool” again, it won’t help Beyonce tremendously. Adele has a much older fanbase & Taylor has a much younger fan base (supporters that buy music). I guess you could compare Bey to Rih because they’re supporters are in the same age bracket. Yall praise Drake’s 1.7 album sales though. Hip-hop is still considered “cool” as bad as the music is (check the hot 100). Beside’s Bey and Drake, who else Pop /Rap /R&B is even selling what they are selling?

  2. Cory January 4, 2017

    Let me be the first to say. I actually like Rihanna. However, these artists are getting Platinum awards for songs that aren’t even successful. Most of them haven’t even actually sold 500,000 copies. They have to stop giving them out like candy.

    There are a lot of successful songs by Michael, Janet, U2, Madonna, Whitney that were #1 hits and are only Gold because they actually had to SELL 500,000 units.

    These days all you have to do is watch a video on YouTube and you have a Platinum single… see: Ciara “I Bet”.

    • @ASAPicon January 4, 2017

      Bytch Leave Ciara out of this! She gave us a sickening visual, and u will have to deal!

  3. MsYonce January 4, 2017

    I wonder how much her team pays to certify all that s*** with streams I mean that s*** ain’t free. Lol they literally waste no time I’m just wondering

    • FRESH NAVI January 4, 2017

      well when youre the most streamed female artist and you have similar singles sales to the “queen bey” it should’t be anything to cry about. The real question is how much does it cost bey to buy awards and pay for positive media reports? THAT must be expensive af. and don’t even bother because Kanye ain’t never lied. The biggest bey hive member outed your fossil fave and you will deal.

      • iamdiego January 4, 2017

        If she were that spiteful don’t you think she would buy a #1 single. Beyonce/columbia/sony dont even wanna pay to update and recertify her catalog sales. Navi y’all don’t make sense boo.

  4. FRESH NAVI January 4, 2017

    THis ear there are only like 7/ 8 songs to sell past a milli and Rihanna has two of them. That’s all i will say. I will wait for beyonce’s single sales, becaus enone of her lemonade tracks have sold passed 1 milli and note that she has released at least four singles this era

    • MsYonce January 4, 2017

      Bey is the top selling digital female artist of 2016 she sold more singles than Rihanna last year.

      • FRESH NAVI January 4, 2017

        lmfaoooo no she HAS NOT. Work alone has sold 2 million dry bye ho. Fact check then come at me boo. TIWYCF 1 milli, Needed me 800k, Too Good 800k. like it’s lit bih

  5. Jay Jay January 4, 2017

    This song deserved much more promo and attention. I think if she would have released it around the fall it would have done better.

    But w/e it still reached platinum so I’m not mad lol

  6. Chris January 4, 2017

    Platinum because of streaming

  7. IG: @mixedboy January 4, 2017

    Congrats RIRI 🎈

  8. FRESH NAVI January 4, 2017

    and i challenege the basics to come for the GRAMMY nominated bop that is kiss it better.

    Note also that as the facking queen of the HOT100 Rihanna doesnt have a problem selling singles. She’s had 3 hit last year out of 4 singles.
    Love on the brain is already a hit and has been selling well and getting consistent ariplay currently sititng at a peak of #20 on the Hot100 but it hasnt just debuted and tumbled like the lemonade singles it actually demonstrates staying power. No HBO special or video and it’s fucckkkkin it up.

    Anyways if iw ere a member of the hive i’d be more concerned about the fact that my fave has charted at least 6 Hot 100 number ones since beyonce’s last #1 hit. it’ll amost be a decade baddie bey, the struggle is too real in the streets

    oh also can we talk about the fact that an award show that is solely baed on charting logevity and sales has Rihanna ahead of bey in noms… like no bought accolades only s*** we earn out here bwoy.

  9. Rosy January 4, 2017

    Here comes black people hating

  10. ShakaZulu January 4, 2017

    lets leave Rihanna in 2016 I wanna see hard working artists in 2017 I want to see people who work hard and deserve the awards not the ones who just get them because of who they are! Honestly I like Rihanna but I want more, people give her way to much for nothing!

    • FRESH NAVI January 4, 2017

      haha way too much for nothing. Rihanna stays booked and touring, always in the studio or working on her busines s having launched several collections and fronting several campaigns. She is the top streamed female artist of 2016 top performing on the Hot 100 also. Her last album ANTI spent more weeks in the top 10 of the BB200 that lemonade. Her album spent 8 months in the top 10, please explain to me how is that not slaying. Also what constitutes “hard work” because besides Beyonce RIhanna is the hardest working female artist in music. She barely takes breaks and even on breaks she’s still on the top of the charts. HOW is that not hard working. Have you seen her last payday, if a b**** can make that much sitting down being lazy i’d love to be signed up.

      • ShakaZulu January 4, 2017

        Well when Rihanna gives me more then hit singles , cute fashions , 2 steps on stage maybe then I will give her life but for now I don’t see it all of 2016 she gave me NOTHING!!!! But she’s the best thing next to Beyoncé… b**** please try again!

      • FRESH NAVI January 4, 2017

        haha try again? the facts speak for itself, there’s no debating and what you need to be given is something else to worry about rather than my fave making your b**** insecure in her old age.

    • iamdiego January 4, 2017

      I love Rihanna. I just don’t like her fans #bloop

    • Caribbean native January 5, 2017

      girl leave you bat s*** edges in 2016 nobody is here for it

    • Mk January 5, 2017

      F*** too and your stupid comment. This women has been working 24/7 since she was 15. Year after year after year! (You would know since y’all complain about her dripping every year) even without an album release she was busy with movies, fragrances and fashion. Where is everyone else? If they have “talent” why are they not working and putting in the work. Don’t knock her hustle. Again from the bottom of my heart F*** YOU YOU STUPID B****!

  11. MsYonce January 4, 2017

    @Fresh Come with facts boo they’re both doing their thing

    Top Female Single sales 2016
    1. Beyoncé 6,405,947
    2. Rihanna 5,855,682
    3. Adele 4,474,828
    4. Sia 3,600,560
    5. Ariana Grande 3,533,771

    • FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade January 4, 2017

      Source ?

    • FRESH NAVI January 4, 2017

      look at bey! slay a bit that is so impressive in light of the fact that none of he singles have sold plat and they’ve all been tumbling down the charts after their first charting week. it’s lit! Congrats honey bee <3

      • ShakaZulu January 4, 2017

        Charts… Really I’m so sick of chart talk that’s all y’all talk about chart these nuts ! WE WANT TALENT!!! Make me fall in LOVE with you all over again ! These singles is burning out honey 💅🏾

      • Alex January 5, 2017

        @fresnavi do your research before u come for the QUEEN!! Sorry is platinum and hold up and formation is gold. Who else that been in the game 20 years is doing her numbers??? I’ll wait!!!

  12. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 January 4, 2017

    Congrats, “Kiss It Better” is my fav song on that album! It’s a shame the song didn’t take off like everyone thought it would.

    • FRESH NAVI January 4, 2017

      she had four singles out simultaneously. TIWYCF, WORK and NEEDED Me. Something had to give.

  13. bianca January 4, 2017

    If its so easy to get plaques cuz of streaming other artist would have em but they dont soooo. Anti is the s*** n i stream it everyday.

    • Caribbean native January 5, 2017

      exactly… but the H** ignored this fact

  14. KJ Styles January 4, 2017

    I’m confused on y everyone I read these comments it’s so negative. Just say great job and keep or moving.

    • FRESH NAVI January 4, 2017

      it’s really a defence mechanism as fans, here on TGJ the hive always attacks rihnna and vice versa, so its really beating the other fan army to the punch

      • iamdiego January 4, 2017

        Really? Is that what you guys do? Your sick!!! Do you have a job boo? If so, go buy Rihanna’s album. if not, keep buying or STREAMING them singles. lol Congrats to Rihanna Pooh!

    • bianca January 4, 2017

      They cant pass up the opportunity to discredit what she always accomplish. She might sell slow burners but after successful singles ppl go buy the whole album cuz they figure its more good music. See once u buy an album n it sucks why support the singles. With rih its opposite. Her first week sales might now be jaw dropping but she gets it done with her singles to assure the public the album is a banger which is why she still has a career. Some ppl love her but to wont admit she has good music. What happened to supporting artist instead of being strictly part of a fan base.

  15. Chileplease (first and only bih) January 4, 2017

    I dont care what anyone says, her album is fantastic (best one of her career) and this song is well deserving of a platinum plaque regardless of how it was achieved.

    • FRESH NAVI January 4, 2017

      when Abel was out her buying his way to number one and doing the 69c discount they weren’t bothered. Gaga did the same with Million Reasons obv to little avail because both on a char, sales and streaming front the song was a flop

  16. MsYoncep January 4, 2017

    @Fresh Sorry is platinum, Formation sold over 800k Hold Up over 700k you tried it

    • FRESH NAVI January 4, 2017

      sorry has NOT sold more than million. guuuurl formation was th best selling single off lemonade. So if youre so bothered by streams you shouldnt be so eager to state that sorry is plat. What a a hypocrite

      • MsYoncep January 4, 2017

        Girl Sorry is platinum off sales Lool catch up Sorry outsold Formation a longggggg time ago. Loll I thought everyone knew this dead

      • MsYonce January 4, 2017

        Bey is only certifying her stuff off pure sales this era lool hence why Formation is still certified GOLD

      • FRESH NAVI January 4, 2017

        lol such a bold move for an AVERAGE SELLER, making a statement without the numbers to back it must be so difficult. Well i guess she”ll end the era with only one plat selling single. poor dat.

  17. IStan4Rihanna. January 4, 2017

    Why is it so hard for those to accept the fact that ‘RIAA-based certifications’ have now changed and are much more ‘streaming-inclusive’ than they are ‘sales-oriented’?


    It has been this way since mid-2014, why on earth are you not able to mindfully register that digital sales have decreased drastically in the last three years (with 2016 digital sales being at their lowest quota, overall, since 2006/2007) and that ‘streaming’ now has a large monopoly over the industry where it has now become the primary factor of music consumption.


    Furthermore, several artists this year have received platinum/double platinum/triple platinum certifications in spite of said materials sales (whether that be singles or albums) having not met the actual certification target.


    Why do we have to constantly debate back and forth about the state of industry politics as if anything is going to change anytime soon. In fact, in 2017, the charts will be much more streaming-orientated than its ever been with streaming/SPS consuming almost 60% of chart points.


    Jesus Christ. Anyhow, congratulations Rihanna.

    • FRESH NAVI January 4, 2017

      because accepting that would mean that Rihanna is on par if not ahead of beyonce and we just can’t have that. Not the LEGENDARY KANG BEY being on par with a girl who should be on an island picking coconuts. LikE RIhanna already has the fashion world shook and in her palms can’t she allow beyonce to have music?

      • Mr.StLaurent January 4, 2017

        Rihanna is the queen of digital music.
        Yes she’s doing very well in the fashion world but don’t think they are “in her palms”.
        Personally I don’t think Rihanna is on Bey level.
        They both are singer’s, and sorry but Beyoncé as contless of iconic performance.
        Rihanna also but she will never sing like Bey can.

        At the of the day, they are two hot succeful women. That should be enough for everyone 😜

      • BEY>RIH January 4, 2017

        Lemonade outsold Anti in a matter of weeks. You can keep the singles, Bey pushes albums and tourtickets…

      • oopsUPsideDaHead January 5, 2017

        y’ALL SOME HATIN B I T C H E S

        when its all said and done

        Rihanna has 35+ top 10 hits

        Beyonce has 15 maybe??

  18. Qwerty January 4, 2017

    Beyonce is not a king or Jesus I don’t like any one of the songs on lemon aid

    • BEY>RIH January 4, 2017

      The critics, and the general public do…
      Lemonade, the best selling female album of 2016.

      • oopsUPsideDaHead January 5, 2017

        That would be ADELE … LMAO

    • Bryhmin January 4, 2017

      The last bey song I thoroughly enjoyed was DIL. Lol although that was inspired by Rihanna’s Drunk on Love.

  19. Molly #Stargirl January 4, 2017

    The best song on anti

  20. La Perra January 4, 2017

    Such a deserving song… I want to hear the Natalia kills demo.

  21. Bryhmin January 4, 2017

    Ugh this song tho… #chills

  22. Jordannavy January 5, 2017

    KIB deserves every bit of certification its getting because its a undoubtedly a great song. Will go down as one of the greatest of this generation!

  23. Keri Qween January 5, 2017

    How much longer are we going to act surprised that streaming counts towards certifications? Get over it in 2017.yall are only mad when its Rihanna

  24. oopsUPsideDaHead January 5, 2017


  25. Rawtruth January 5, 2017

    Im Sorry but HONESTLY Lemonade is Crap, infact her last 3 albums sucked balls. Funny coz rihanna’s music & vocals improved tremendously…This song if proof.

  26. Mk January 5, 2017

    Rihanna navy!!!!!!! The queen!

  27. Mk January 7, 2017

    Why was my comment deleted? Rihanna is the queen and y’all will deal!!!!

  28. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil January 9, 2017

    Good for Robyn rihanna fenty

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