Watch: Pharrell Visits ‘Ellen’ Without Kim Burrell / Addresses Gospel Singer’s Homophobic Sermon

Published: Thursday 5th Jan 2017 by Sam

Since the onset of the New Year, gospel singer Kim Burrell has been embroiled in a colossal scandal centered on a homophobic sermon.

Indeed, as reported, a video hit the web of the “pastor” branding gay people as “perverted” and implying that they will die in 2017.

The fall-out / fall from grace has been well-documented, with a horde of names publicly lashing Burrell. A list that includes Yolanda Adams, Chaka Khan, and Octavia Spencer.

Perhaps most notable was Ellen Degeneres, who control, alt, deleted a scheduled performance from Burrell on her show.

Pharrell Williams, who she was set to perform with, did still appear and addressed the drama head-on.

See what he had to say of his ‘I See A Victory’ collaborator below…

Very well articulated.

‘The Hidden Figures’ soundtrack, which houses Williams and Burrell’s duet, hits retail tomorrow.

Your thoughts?

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  1. H0tness January 5, 2017


    • LISA LEVINE January 5, 2017

      She is spreading HATE

  2. H0tness January 5, 2017

    Pharrell looks aged but his message is wise.

    • Jasmine January 5, 2017

      So he is not supposed to age as he gets older. What a dumb criticism.

    • Tru Voice January 5, 2017

      He looks fine and still young like he’s in his 20s. Don’t be a hater.

      But if I was on board with the film, I’d be pisses because Kim is on the verge of messing up the promo and the money and impact the film will have. Pharrell has to save it and the soundtrack.

  3. Suicide Blonde January 5, 2017

    Ellen is such a beautiful person, you can see in her face that her will is good.

    • meme January 5, 2017

      I couldn’t agree more.

  4. meme January 5, 2017

    I really loved pharell’s response. I did questions he and Janae’s motivate, because it seems they were trying to save face for the sake of the movie not flopping. But I really feel he is sincere and has a much more open mind compared to others in hip hop and the black community when it comes to LGBT rights.

  5. B_Roni January 5, 2017

    Everyone is the problem in my opinion. Whatvhe said is on point but won’t change the world. There will still be racism and prejudices. I see whites beyond ignorant and using the n word daily calling themselves it and others. I see black people being ignorant towards one another and other races as well. Then you have other races doing the same. We should treat everyone with respect. If you don’t like gay people that’s fine. People think they are high and mighty now days. If someone does not want to hang or talk to you because you are gay then they aren’t wrong. It’s a free country and vice verse. However, Respect should be shown. She should have said homosexuality is against my religion and left it at that. Looking in Instagram its like if you say you don’t like homosexuals,straights, Beyonce, Rihanna etc then your getting attacked. Smh. Most people on this blog are in the same boat as Kim because you guys disrespect each other daily but then get mad when someone disrespects you.

    • Starxavi January 5, 2017


  6. Lmfao_Hoe January 5, 2017

    I understand the hell Kim is enduring and Pharrell is right to an extent, but the whole “2017 has no room for prejudice ” is not right when in literally 2 weeks from now Trump will be President and Trumps whole campaigned attacked Muslims, Mexicans Blacks, all Women (grab em by the pussycat), Disability, Veterans ect. Yet we have yet to see how s*** will unfold, and I doubt it’ll end well. Also the LGT better watch out for the vice president, that fool has said foul s*** than Barrell in regards to homosexuality. Do ya reaserch on theses peple fr

    • Lewey January 5, 2017

      But he was elected in 2016, which Pharrell addressed. He said going forward in 2017 there is no room for it… we must all think that way in order for it to happen.

      • XYZ January 6, 2017

        He has been elected two months ago and will be in charge for at minimum four years…so there will def be room for that s***… or do you think that people now think differently than two months ago?

    • Lewey January 6, 2017

      I think in order to heal you have to take off the bandaid. Racism was pretty much taboo before and while people had those feelings, they were afraid to show them. Now, they think it is okay. I have had many friends tell me there was no such thing as racism. Now, they are aware and have joined in to fight the injustice. The more we fight, the more we win. I am pretty sure that was the gist of what he was trying to say. Then again there are simple minded people in the world that don’t get it. Oh well.

  7. Jan January 5, 2017

    Honestly, never knew her be4

  8. Myownstan January 5, 2017

    If I was pharell I would get to photo shopping that heffer out that photo

  9. Ladylike January 5, 2017

    Smdh! I don’t like when people are harsh towards LGBT. They have been some of the greatest people toward me in my life.

  10. Terry January 5, 2017

    Ugh the black struggle and gay struggle are not the same bro! Black people were denied BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS! Last time I checked I didn’t see any no gays allowed at a public Walmart etc! You can say I’m NOT gay, but you CANT SAY I’m not black!! Look the 2 issues are NOT THE SAME.

    • XYZ January 6, 2017

      Ehm People didn’t want to bake them a f****** cake because they were gay. Gays fought for their HUMAN RIGHTS the same way blacks did – that’s why I don’t understand why especially blacks tend to hate homosexuals that much as they should understand what the LGBT community had went through. It’s true – gays nowadays have better rights, but so do black. Nonetheless, it isn’t that long ago that gays were prisoned for being gay or tortured so that their gayness magically disappears (which only led into more suicides). You’re correct, people can “hide” that they’re gay (but is that desirable?) and blacks can’t hide that they’re black. But whatever, both parties struggled, were suppressed and fought for their basic rights, yet blacks are the ones hating homosexuals the most and wishing them no rights. Kind of a Paradox, isn’t it? Guess people just want rights for them, but want always people that are even weaker than them

      • Terry January 6, 2017

        They did not want their company associated with the union. They have a right to do that.

      • Terry January 6, 2017

        Bottom line people want to feel good about their behavior and want everyone to like it. Everyone doesn’t have to like or agree.

      • XYZ January 6, 2017

        But that would mean that if I didn’t want to have my company associated with blacks, I have every right to do that?

  11. Terry January 5, 2017

    And she’s A GOSPEL SINGER! If you weren’t brought up in that world, you wouldn’t know he DUH! That’s statement does nothing

    • Terry January 5, 2017


  12. Justafan January 5, 2017

    Tea is served

  13. Chillitsjustpizza January 5, 2017

    Ellen said I don’t know her. Ki..

  14. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil January 9, 2017

    Who is she

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