New Video: Iggy Azalea – ‘Mo Bounce’

Published: Friday 24th Mar 2017 by Sam

Well, that didn’t take long.

Less than 24 hours after debuting new single ‘Mo Bounce,’ raptress Iggy Azalea has hatched its accompanying video.

Shot in Tokyo, the visual for The Stereotypes production is a high-octane affair that boasts ample flair.

What are you waiting for? Watch the Lil Internet directed visual below…

Say what folk will about Iggy, but there’s no denying that she almost always brings it with her video output. A trajectory ‘Mo Bounce’ most certainly continues.

With each frame, it’s clear that there was a goal of scoring a viral hit with this. Indeed, the clip is rich in replay value, as well as overflowing with GIF and meme potential.

After a tricky few years, will today’s climate be kinder and more receptive to Iggy Igz?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Queen Of Billboard (Barb) March 24, 2017

    Anaconda shits all over this Iggy you tried and failed miserably go take your seat next to Remy Man.

    • MsBrazil March 24, 2017

      You must be one of them dusty new eras that don’t kno no better 😂😂

      • Queen Of Billboard (Barb) March 24, 2017

        H** sit down

    • Mimi Carey March 24, 2017

      Who’s comparing? Iggy does have a #1 single, not everyone has those dahling…

      • SMH March 24, 2017

        But does she have a platinum or even a Gold album? Not everyone has one of those either. Some more than others…

      • PlayWithMe March 24, 2017

        Nicki Is Gonna Be One Mad Mf If Iggy’s Mo Bounce Go #1 😂😂

      • Kidd March 30, 2017

        LOL! Yes, she actually has a platinum album. And also the highest selling single by a female rapper worldwide. #Fancy

    • FAF March 24, 2017

      The pink scene with the car and the sunglasses is from the boys

      The poses in the bathing suit is anaconda

      The Tokyo visuals are from the night is still young

      • Kidd March 30, 2017

        Reaching aren’t we….I wouldn’ve gave it more Missy than Nicki…

    • BarrzFirst March 24, 2017

      What thishave to do with Rem? OH that’s right, Remy is the Queen of Hip-Hop. F*** u, and nicki

  2. MsBrazil March 24, 2017

    Garbage ….

  3. Ciah’s Turtle March 24, 2017

    Stealing Big Freedia and Sissy Nobby’s sound now huh? lol However, the song still go !

    • Queen Of Billboard (Barb) March 24, 2017

      The goes nowhere its late

      • Queen Of Billboard (Barb) March 24, 2017

        The song goes nowhere its late

  4. SNF March 24, 2017

    Not a fan but its better than anything Nicki has released recently… Nicki is not inspiring at all. And yes I’m on a Iggy post talking bout Nicki… All these girls need to step it up &stop hiding behind fake butts and insecurity and make some dope music… I give it a C-

    • Queen Of Billboard (Barb) March 24, 2017

      Lol yall hate Nicki so much you’re over here praising this wack white b**** like she can actually rap or has talent.

      • SMH March 24, 2017

        And what about the fake asss & lips iggy got cooning-for-black-folks-street-cred?

      • SNF March 24, 2017

        I don’t have Nicki. Her recent songs just suck… she’ll do numbers and the kids will enjoy it… That’s easy for her… but it still does not negate the fact that her b*** is disgustingly fake, her insecurity is at an all time high, and her recent verses are subpar… Not hate tho lol

      • PlayWithMe March 24, 2017

        You Are so Mad! For What? Stan For Your Queen of L Attempts To Get A #1 Hit In Peace Trollup

      • Cupid March 25, 2017

        You probably didn’t even listen to the lyrics you idiot

    • SMH March 24, 2017

      Lmao sit down please. You’re only saying that because Nicki’s name is on everyone’s lips right now. This is a rip off of anything Nicki has ever done, except it’ll flop harder than any Nicki single ever did. it your delusional behind down

      • BarrzFirst March 24, 2017

        Like Rem said F*** Nicki Minaj, she already lost majority, after Rem exposed her & her “child molesting” brother who’s by Nicki Minaj. Now let’s talk about that😨😱

  5. Meme March 24, 2017

    SLay in every way. Bish looks great, catchy record, visual was bomb. I’m here for every bit of it. I’m actually working out to it as I type. Let’s go iggy

    • Fancy BISH March 24, 2017


    • REALTALK March 24, 2017

      I agree!!!! Say what you want about Iggz but this sh*t is hot as f*ck!!!!!!

  6. Suzette March 24, 2017

    Yass! Iggy came to collect the remainder of Nicki’s ashes that Rem laid out. She looks beautiful. Lol @ “My pusssy grabs back* Fuc* trump!

  7. gina March 24, 2017

    lol girl bye, how many times has nicki did this video already? bye uggly flopzalea.

  8. The Wig Snatcher March 24, 2017

    It is a sad reality that Iggy’s new single shiits on everything Nicki Minaj released this year so far. Go, Iggy Igg!

    • I’m Booked March 24, 2017

      You Don’t Even Believe Your Own Statement, FOH! This Is Trash

    • Suzette March 24, 2017

      Exactly, with just ONE single too. Iggy don’t need to put out 10 singles all at once to keep people’s attention. That’s why she has a #1 on billboard hot100!

      • Ciah’s Turtle March 24, 2017

        Payola is why she has a #1 single.

      • Shether March 24, 2017

        All that payola Nicki has had since 2009 and she STILL has no #1 single? All those Billboard Hot 100 “hits” Nicki has and STILL has no #1 single? All the endorsements from male rapper and Nicki STILL has no #1 single?

      • FAF March 24, 2017

        SIS her whole album got shelved

        Did y’all forget about last year????

      • SMH March 24, 2017

        So then why did the rest of iggy’s singles fail?

      • Kidd March 30, 2017

        Iggy didnt get shelved, she started over after her life changed….as far as failed singles…..Iggy’s singles are ALL RIAA certified….

  9. ??? March 24, 2017

    this crap will flop and yall know it. its nowhere to be found on itunes.

    • Mimi Carey March 24, 2017

      Like Icki singles that plummeted after a week

      • FAF March 24, 2017

        Like I dont
        already gone from billboard
        And everything else after beautiful??!

      • SMH March 24, 2017

        But iggy’s single didn’t even chart so sit.

  10. Suzette March 24, 2017

    So typical of barbz to seethe up and down their faves competition. Pulled an all nighter just to post first. Tragic! Y’all need to make like one of Nicki’s last 3 singles and bounce on out of the iTunes Top 100.

    • SMH March 24, 2017

      has this crap even made it to the itunes top 100? Sit down until it does.

      • Suzette March 24, 2017

        Go pull out No Frauds out of that pitfall it fell in off iTunes after 2 WEEKS. Hypocrite! Haha

      • FAF March 24, 2017

        No frauds has no video or promo in the us

        She performed the chorus at a drake concert

        Let’s wait until the vids debut

        Iggy has more to prove nicki has 3 riaa platinum albums

        Iggy has a gold rerelease

      • SMH March 24, 2017

        Better yet, go try finding mo bounce on itunes at all. Nicki was able to chart those 3 singles. iggy? *crickets

  11. SMH March 24, 2017

    Lmao @ all these fake supporters just cuz Nicki is the it girl in the news right now. How’s iggy doing on itunes? Lmao.

    • Suzette March 24, 2017

      The same fake supporters that help Team go Gold. That’s right, both a hit & RIAA certification; two things you’re arrogant fave loves to gloat about. You’re so triggered because Nicki met her match on a popularity and sales tip. Eat your breakfast and stop posting. Outchea crying your heart out with bags under eyes lololol

      • Danzou March 24, 2017

        This is kwinzy. he’s been making accounts lately. lol he’s that pressed.

      • Suzette March 24, 2017

        No hunny bun I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not. Try again loser.

      • Kwinzy March 24, 2017

        OMG BRUH YOU ARE SOOO OBSESSED. LET ME GO NICCA! Lol @ thought of Suzette tho i rather be a Shaniqua LOL no shade!

      • Danzou March 24, 2017

        you can’t fool me. then got the nerve to say let you go😩can’t stand a n**** like this lolollololol

      • SMH March 24, 2017

        Yeah, the same fake supporters that still haven’t gotten this loser a platinum OR gold album & caused her to cancel her tour because nobody bought tickets even after they were discounted to 2 for $10. Where was iggy’s “team” then dear?

  12. B_Roni March 24, 2017

    Why people keep lying on here lol. This song was in the iTunes top 100 yesterday and today it’s #47.

    • Fancy BISH March 24, 2017

      People keep lying cause they pressed chile lol

    • SMH March 24, 2017

      #47? Lmfao.

    • gina March 24, 2017

      47? lmao what a flop. even remy peaked higher than that.

  13. Jay March 24, 2017

    I just wish she looked more excited to be in the video.. You know? I liked Team more than this song.

  14. Danzou March 24, 2017

    let’sbe real here nicki inspired a hell of a lot. these girls are memes of nicki. that’s ok. mj memed James Brown. prince memes jimi hendrix. kim gave way for nicki I the same sense however let’s not act like nicki has no imprint here our anywhere else. this is obviously an anaconda rehash.

    • Caribbean native March 24, 2017

      and nicki was inspired by kim…….and im a fan but BOUNCE is like Anaconda with better lyrics

      • Danzou March 24, 2017

        did you read my f****** comment before responding? i JUST said that nick was inspired by her. I JUST SAID IT. my point is that a lot of girls are following nickis lead as far as this generation goes.

  15. Nicki just killed Hip Hop March 24, 2017

    Love it kind of reminds me of her mixtape days.

    • PlayWithMe March 25, 2017

      I Said The Same Thing! That’s Why Im Lovin’ This Mo Bounce Joint!

  16. Caribbean native March 24, 2017

    love it…..its like Anaconda but with better lyrics and this is coming from a trini

  17. Caribbean native March 24, 2017

    they screening all the positive comments

  18. Drakonce March 24, 2017

    Is T.I. Still writing for her?

  19. UMo March 24, 2017

    She may as well stop. If Vanilla Ice couldn’t redeem himself, then there’s no reason she should get to. Iggy is the epitome of a fad. She’s like Kesha’s wigger-wannabe cousin, or something.

  20. Radi March 24, 2017

    Yawn. Next

  21. Rosa March 24, 2017

    Big fat flop

  22. Kwinzy March 24, 2017

    She looks sad! 🙁 Song still slays tho. Just wish she was a bit more lively, you know?

  23. Kim Kesha & Pam March 24, 2017

    I’m #TeamIggy ALL DAY. Love the visual & love the song. SN: Can we just be happy that Nicki & Iggy BOTH have Songs out now, instead of pitting 2 women against each other. Nicki has a whole beef with Remy. Leave that between them & let Iggy do her thing. Geesh.

  24. Jem March 24, 2017

    Come thru Iggy! You got another hit! SLAY!!! It’s catchy plus radio and club friendly. Chengdu got this one on blast right now.

  25. Suicide Blonde is 35 March 24, 2017


  26. Kingbey March 24, 2017

    Iggy copy nicki?? How when EVERY SINGLE VISUAL IGGY HAS PUT OUT HAS BEEN BETTER THAN ANY VIDEO MINAJ HAS DONE. Iggys work video alone kills nickis video discography. Can’t copy nicki when nicki isn’t even original artist. No authentic whatsoever. Iggy came in herself and it didn’t take colorful wigs to do it. Bye

    • gina March 24, 2017

      no she just went and got a fake ass & boobs instead.

  27. Francis March 24, 2017

    This one is a bop, like Team was. Good video too!

    Still can’t understand the problem some people have with Iggy though.

  28. crimsonREDD March 24, 2017

    Don’t believe so but who cares if Iggy copied Nicki? That’s what she gets for stealing her BET award! It’s payback. Go iggy!

  29. True Lamb March 24, 2017

    I love the song and video it in no way reminds me of anything that has been done by any other artist!! LOVE YOU IGGY!!

  30. Jj March 24, 2017

    Love it and her bawdy

  31. BarrzFirst March 24, 2017

    Nicki Minaj is dead, only people talking good about her now a days, is her fanbase of undercover gays boys. Lol

  32. Keith March 24, 2017

    Outside of Nicki’s crazy stans, it will be interesting to see the GP’s reaction to Iggy this go ’round….

  33. Biting Truth March 24, 2017

    F#ck this bullsh!t song and video. I’d sooner listen to a faucet running than anything from this wack hack.

  34. ByeOniglette March 24, 2017

    Iggy’s twerk is soooo much better than those stiff ass movements Spongebob makes. Sad!

  35. gina March 24, 2017

    and its still flopping down itunes lmao.

  36. Beachgirl85 March 24, 2017

    Ok yass love her and nicki are in two different lanes all females out now just still lil Kim inspired just saying Kim and foxy slayed but iggy and nicki dose to with this pop hip hop love them all remy might have bars and she dose but not the popularity and the look I bet she gonna tone that raw street tough girl down to fit she might book here and there but that’s all

  37. Junior in Jamaica March 24, 2017

    I actually love this for Iggy. She needs a redemption. This video is replay ready…song is definitely catchy!

  38. SmNtsWNow at uyoufr best game way tuesidnz March 24, 2017


  39. Ren August 18, 2017

    This was not shot in Tokyo, this was shot in Hong Kong. Just so you know. 🙂

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