Shocking! Chris Brown Exposé Reveals Tales Of Drug Addiction & Violence

Published: Thursday 2nd Mar 2017 by Sam

If folk thought Chris Brown‘s woes were limited to semi-frequent bad press, they’re grossly mistaken.

Billboard have gone to press with a scathing exposé of the R&B bad boy, one that de-trivializes his antics and paints a picture that it altogether darker and more worrying that anyone could have thought.

Full story below…

Per the piece, 27-year-old Brown’s personal and professional life is in all sorts of disarray.

Notable points include:

  • Brown is “allegedly ” a barely functioning cocaine, molly, and sizzurp addict. Receipts were provided by several close sources to the singer.
  • He is said to not sleep for up to three days on end, with drugs allegedly used to bring him “up” and “down.” A recent episode saw him disappear for two hours on the set of his ‘Grass Ain’t Greener’ video, only to be found asleep in an on-set bathroom.
  • The star is renown for his volcanic outbursts against his own team – including his security detail and publicist.
  • He has been heard calling himself “the devil.”
  • After a year plus spell of being clean, he is said to have relapsed and allegedly self medicates with illegal substances – while not properly taking his meds for his bipolar II disorder.
  • Brown is billed as being so difficult to work with that he currently has no replacement for his longtime manager Mike G, who left after the singer is alleged to have physically attacked him last year. The feature details the reason for that episode being due to Brown’s disappointment  at the sales of recent album ‘Royalty’; which, after stalling at 366k copies in the US, is his lowest selling album to-date.
  • And perhaps worst of all, he is labelled an “Instagram Dad.”

The full feature makes for a compelling and ultimately heart-wrenching read.

We want to say “we wish him the best,” but at this point until HE wishes himself the best (and then acts on it) it all feels a bit redundant.

Morbid as it sounds, we’ve covered many a Chris Brown-like situation in our time and very rarely does it “end” well.

 Fingers crossed he seeks the help needed to turn things around.

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Wig Snatcher March 2, 2017

    Shocking details??? Since when??? Chris is years beyond needing an intervention.

  2. JoNo March 2, 2017

    Is anyone really shocked by this ? I mean really. Classic rage, depression, erratic behavio due to all the alcohol and drug abuse. Not to mention all the issues he had/has before he became an addict.

  3. KY March 2, 2017

    People have been making excuses for this crack head for years. Crack heads can only be helped if they want to and Chris doesn’t want help. His yes men and delusional fans will continue to make excuses for his behavior. That “incident” truly ruined him mentally.

  4. The Wig Snatcher March 2, 2017

    Getting away from the public eye to another country for at least one year for drug rehabilitation and emotional therapy are what I recommend.

  5. steve March 2, 2017

    How is this news?! You only need to look at his face and see evidence.

  6. Tori March 2, 2017

    This is the least bit shocking. He needs to step away for a while. The media also needs to leave him the hell alone, he is an easy target. I can understand he frustrations with media who makes it personal and less about the music but I don’t understand why he turns to drug. Drugs only temporarily help, once you come down from your high, then what? Get help and get AWAY. He definitely needs to stop progress on his new album.

  7. Suicide Blonde March 2, 2017

    He’s lucky if he see his 30, sadly.

  8. cooldudetru March 2, 2017

    Everyday its a Chris brown story tomorrow another lady will say he beat her and more ppl will say more bout his drug so tired of ppl pickin on him I dont think Chris is that bad of person

  9. kim March 2, 2017

    Karrueche still bitter bout his baby she an her friends doing everything to much such chris lose co parenting all these stories making his babyma look good

    • KY March 2, 2017

      Case in point: DELUSIONAL

  10. tROSE March 2, 2017

    these child stars who grow up in the industry its always a 50/50 some end up okay i,e beyonce,kelly,janet jackson then the others end up in same vein as michael jackson,lindsay lohan..he is mentally messed up but doesn’t think so. so sad

    • Chasin Time March 2, 2017

      Beyoncé and Kelly weren’t really “child stars” but anything to mention her I suppose.

    • ASHY March 2, 2017

      Beyonce was a child star, kelly was a backup singer for a child star.

    • Jasmine March 3, 2017

      Why bring up other people when the article is about Chris Brown only? Some people think of any way to bring up Beyonce when the post is not even about female singers.

  11. Kendrick Slaymar March 2, 2017

    He threatened his former manager and female publicist. He’ll be washed up broke crackhead in 10 years. Fûck him and The retards that defend him..

  12. realtalk March 2, 2017

    Bush killed 9/11 ppl hes not getting bashed this much
    Hilter killed a camp of ppl Neva got bash this much
    Bill cheated in the damn Whitehouse Neva got bash this much

    • KY March 2, 2017


  13. Jeans March 2, 2017

    Sad. He had such a promising career.

  14. Tru Voice March 2, 2017

    Damn… this can only end one way. I hope he gets help before it’s too late.

  15. B da Qwee March 2, 2017

    hes so masculine !!hottt

    • Queen Barb March 2, 2017

      I know right

    • BOOBIE March 2, 2017

      You hos don’t love yourselves. Have some dignity.

  16. Queen Barb March 2, 2017

    Hes still hot

  17. cooldudetru March 2, 2017

    Everybody sin not jus Chris but for some reason ppl love to cast his sins all over the internet but like the bible teaches us those witout sins cast the first stone

  18. MusicLife March 2, 2017

    He really upsets me being so close in age and him having such amazing success since 15, and living the life anybody would want but still not seeking help for his struggles and issues.

    He is at such a low that I don’t know if many people would really accept him if he got his act together. Like what could he do to help maintain an image of him being a world class superstar after his laundry list of negative actions? Such a. Damn shame.

    Chris you need a better team.

    No wonder why he always looks tired in his videos if he is staying up for three days straight.

    • cooldudetru March 2, 2017

      So tru

  19. Jo March 2, 2017

    The organism my enema gave me today was more shocking than this. Chris been a crackhead.

    • Jo March 2, 2017


  20. Rosie March 2, 2017

    “Shocking?” Everyone just assumed most of this already except for his delusional ass stans, all this did was just confirm it.
    Honestly if he doesn’t get help soon I can’t see him making it past 30, like someone else said. And I feel really bad for Karruche, she’s just trying to do her own thing (TV gigs, modeling, and her Colourpop collab was such a success that they brought it back because of demand), and he just won’t leave her alone.

  21. Xoxo March 2, 2017

    Where the hell is his mother?!! I don’t care how old he is. This is ridiculous like go to court do what u have to do to save your child he needs help! Like WTF?! This will not end well!

    • MusicLife March 2, 2017

      Sometimes I agree and wonder but how can we say this because not everybody has their mother in their life so if he didn’t are we just saying a family MUST take control of their fellow member? I mean I think that is best but look at Amy winehouse. Her dad tried helping her and she still ended up passing away due to her same demons.

      Still sad but what’s strikingly similar… it was not shocking 😕🙁

    • Mocha March 3, 2017

      If you would’ve read the article you would know where his mom is.

  22. Beyonnaise March 2, 2017

    Shocking? No
    Expected? Yes

  23. Bravo!! March 2, 2017

    What’s so shocking!

  24. @ASAPicon March 2, 2017


  25. BOOBIE March 2, 2017

    Hate to say it but I really feel like he will be a part of the infamous 27 Club along with Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix etc. He needs a serious intervention and he needs God to take the wheel in his life. So sad, I remember when he first came out and was such a nice talented young man. Let’s be honest, it wasnt until he got wth Rihanna that his downward spiral started. No shade.

    • MusicLife March 2, 2017

      I said the same thing in the past about 27 club and him but if he can last till what is it May 5th he misses it. Let’s see.

      Btw I think this is why most people above are saying won’t make it to his 30s rather than 27 club since that is so near.

      All that said I wouldn’t be that shocked to hear that CB OD and had to be hospitalized or passed away one random morning. And that is sooooo sad. But it’s his life.

  26. Mark111 /.\ March 2, 2017

    Ha! Well, if he end himself before May, he’ll at least oin the 27 club.

  27. No favs just here for the music March 3, 2017

    Read the full article on Billboard. It’s sooo much worse.

  28. Jasmine March 3, 2017

    I’m not defending Chris but I will say that he is an adult and no one is forcing him to take drugs or not seek help. I can see through this story as not a cry for his help but just another way to bring down another black male celebrity. Many producers have confirmed that Chris’s album “Heartbreak on a Full Moon” is expected to be released this month and this article is a horrible attempt to convince people not to buy his album.

    • Mocha March 3, 2017

      Girl Chris brown is not THAT important. His album was bound to flop anyway. It’s all about Bruno, The Weekend and Drake these days. Chris ruined his own career with his erratic behavior.

  29. WNow at youfr best game way tuesidnz March 3, 2017

    Ain’t nobody shocking about nada from him

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