War Between Lady GaGa & Beyonce Fans Intensifies

Published: Thursday 13th Apr 2017 by David

As both acts seek new ways to extend their Pop life cycles, fans of Lady GaGa and her sister in song Beyonce continue to battle on social media.


GaGa’s decision to pick up a number of major opportunities Beyonce decided to put down.

As reported here, their respective support bases have locked horns after they learned that GaGa was to replace Beyonce in the forthcoming ‘A Star is Born’ remake and at this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

This, coupled with Tomi Lahren‘s decision to praise GaGa’s SuperBowl performance for steering clear of Beyonce’s politically charged showing a year earlier, has turned Twitter into a very volatile place for both parties.

Jabs, jokes and disses below…


What do you think fuels the often vicious rivalries between Pop music lovers and their fans?

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  1. Mother April 13, 2017

    This is petty AF 🙄

    • Fan of Rih April 13, 2017

      War because they are brainwashed by those illuminati puppets and princesses??? 🙁

  2. Kae April 13, 2017

    Slow news day

  3. SSurprise..(DEC 2013) April 13, 2017

    This is really dumb even for TGJ….

  4. LadyEmpress8 April 13, 2017

    I cannot stand Lady Gaga fan base. I love her but her fan base is jealous as hell and they are hateful.

    • Truth April 13, 2017

      Agree sis. Gaga’s fans are the worst. Vile like their Mother. I can argue or debate with Mariah, Rihanna and Madonna’s fans but not Gaga’s. The are worse than Taliban.

      • LadyEmpress8 April 13, 2017

        Absolutely and they stay being wrong.

  5. Nicki’s Orginal Flat Booty April 13, 2017

    I don’t stan for either but, they both have impacted the music industry in different ways. Gaga’s light has dimmed a bit but the fans are still rabid as ever. Bey literally made the people stop with her surprise release.

  6. Jay April 13, 2017

    This goes to show u Bey is still Relevant .. her name is the topic of conversation .. 20 years in the game .. She is the Standard which why they pit her against other women! But she always win regardless .. 🙂

    • gina April 13, 2017

      then why was the roach hive the first ones to get mad when gaga slayed her at the superbowl?

      • Weaveney April 13, 2017

        Slayed her? Lol. The delusion.

      • Jess May 11, 2017

        Yes slayed if you didn’t know Gaga’s performance was the second most watched in history. Where does Beyonce’s stack up? lol.

  7. AmbeRussell April 13, 2017

    Fake news. You take a fewbtweets

  8. I’m Booked April 13, 2017

    Y’all Don’t Fall For This, They Just Tryna Get Clicks Cause Lately They Can’t Even Get 15 Comments Under A Post! 😂😂😂 Pathetic

    • SMH April 13, 2017

      Lol yep, and there’s probably gonna be a Rihanna vs beyonce post soon lol.

  9. Meme April 13, 2017

    “Gaga has more impact than Beyoncé and that’s the truth. Gaga literally formed current Pop and it’s style. Bey even jumped on the wave. ”

    This is very true. I think people are forgetting the impact Gaga made in the industry when she came out. She’s literally the artist that changed the image and sound of pop music. Both her and Rihanna.

    • King B April 13, 2017

      Gag and Frih has more impact than Bey? Meanwhile, there are plenty of Kpop artists trying to perform like Bey. Covering her songs, doing her dance. A few of them actually does a dance cover for her flop unknown songs like Dance For You, End Of Time, Yonce etc. Songs like Listen was covered by various artists from US to China (Shila) and Gem Tang (IIWAB). She was adored by Charice, Adele all these non US artists, and currently relevant Ed Sheeran. Gaga is nothing w/o her gimmick, hence her downfall in music, the only thing that keeps her career alive is discount. And she actually learn from Bey how to attract the GP with only talents which Bey has done from 97-2011. And Rih is nothing once she loses her Hot 100 power, ask Janet, ask Mariah. Her hits will be played often though, like Mariah. But eventually Bey will be like Barbra, Madonna and MJ and Celine, selling out tours effortlessly. Bey has proven that she can do these w/o hits. Can those ‘more impactful’ artist.

      • SMH April 13, 2017

        K-pop artists, that’s your only proof of her impact? Lmao sit down. beyonce will never be in the Legend League of Janet, Mariah, MJ, Whitney & Celine. Those Legends have actual HITS on the Hot 100 which is why they’re Legends. Beyonce’s smoke & mirrors will only carry her as far as Gaga’s level.

  10. Miss Lou April 13, 2017

    These gaga fans havs lost it, i could maybe take them seriously if gaga was in any way relevant

    • Jess May 11, 2017

      Superbowl performance, most watched in history after Prince. Oscar performance that literally broke the internet. Several awards including in acting, something Beyonce’s failed acting never got her. Not relevant you say? she practically dominated headlines for the past 2 years back to back.

  11. Suicide Blonde April 13, 2017

    The audacity of Beyoncé fans to think Beyoncé is a better artist and performer than Gaga, Germanotta destroys Knowless in every department related to music/arts, she’s SUPERIOR.

    • SSurprise..(DEC 2013) April 13, 2017

      As usual, the KKK member is pressed about another black woman. Beyonce is a better singer than gaga and is more pleasing to hear. Gaga strains a lot and her voice sounds very harsh and forced…But u stan GRADMADONNA, so u don’t know VOCAL TALENT.

      • JOHNVIDAL April 13, 2017

        And of course yu only mentioned VOICE when suicide blonde clearly said arts. Gaga´s voice moves me more than Beyonce although I know Beyonce is better technically. But that aside, Gaga is a musician, not only a singer. Also a songwriter, and her innovation and all is superior to Beyonce, as suicide said. Add to that she is also a great performer, same way Beyonce is. So his opinion is pretty accurate or at least valid and reasonable. It´s not crazy to belive Gaga is superior to Beyonce overall. It´s atonishing how a few Beyonce fans really think she is teh best at everything just because they say so. After having people here saying Rihanna is more successful than Madonna and that she has the stage presence of Janis Joplin I´m definitely not going to call any Beyonce stan the most delusional anywhere. But those would be in second place no doubt.

      • Suicide Blonde April 13, 2017

        They don’t get it.

    • gina April 13, 2017

      gaga is driven by talent. beyonce is driven by hype and pr. thats why the roachhive hates gaga.

      • Beyhive88 April 14, 2017

        How when they both played Stevie Wonder tribute, But Beyoncés is the one everyone was talking about. Beyoncé stayed true to her art when dance music became popular and still spawned a number one album, and received a Grammy. I love Gaga down, but since her fashion demise so has her career, and yet y’all wanna tear down the one woman who has managed to stay successful without any number 1s.

  12. JOHNVIDAL April 13, 2017

    Hmm ok this is absurd. And the fact that this blog writes a post about a couple of dozen stans with no life and what they say on twitter is even more absurd.

  13. XOXO April 13, 2017

    where is this even coming from????

  14. LOL April 13, 2017


  15. Oh April 13, 2017

    Meanwhile black people are getting beat up by cops for jwalking

  16. King B April 13, 2017

    Queen B vs a clown??? Haunted alone is more creative than Bad Romance and its clone, Judas. As well as Express Yourself twin sister, Born This Way. Overall, Bey is more creative than Madonna wannabe.

    • Suicide Blonde April 13, 2017

      Wasn’t Haunted inspired by Madonna?….Beyoncé has turned also into a Madonna wannabe in recent years, she has been low key copying her since she dropped the Self Title album.

    • SMH April 13, 2017

      Except Gaga is an actual songwriter while beyonce relies on others’ talent to sell her mediocrity. In essence, beyonce is more of a madonna wannabe than Gaga.

  17. Mark111 /.\ April 13, 2017

    Both stan base are bitter. Gags didn’t bring anything to pop other than weird outfits gimmicks, everyone did it and moved right along, leaving her in the pass. She didn’t start EDM or dance music, Rihanna was already doing those songs, so was Bey with Sweat Dreams, on an album that came out a month before Gags, don’t forget no one knew who Gags was until AFTER FAME was released. People need to do their homework.

  18. East AFrican April 13, 2017

    Lady gaga way better and performance Beyonce already retired her same dance moves that’s why she’s not charting albums😑

    • Career Ender April 13, 2017

      i see the well water from east africa hasn’t been treating you very well

    • DanYiel Iman April 13, 2017

      Even you don’t believe that BULL S***!! ✌🏽😂

  19. Honest Chicken April 13, 2017

    Booty all out, tongue out her mouth, cleavage from here to Mexico
    She walks wit a twist, one hand on her hip
    When she gets wit’cha she lets it go
    Beyoncé put some clothes on, you look so down
    Beyoncé don’t know why you, will not sit down

    Beyoncé put some clothes on, I told ya
    Don’t walk out your house without your clothes on, I told ya
    Girl what ya thinkin’ ’bout lookin’ that to’ down, I told ya
    These men don’t want no hot female
    That’s been around the block female, you nasty girl

  20. Career Ender April 13, 2017

    Lol at GAGA being better than Beyonce at everything concerning art and music
    what a retarded reach from a retarded junkie trash from some dirty corner in New York city
    you cant be stanning Mariah and Kurt and think Gaga’s songwriting is anything worth saying, Gaga’s songwriting is no better than 5 lines that Bey and Rihanna contribute in their songs
    after Gaga ditched her gimmicks she been floping
    her piano skills that she prance around doing acting like a messiah of music aint shxt either, you dont see Bruno, JT and Usher playing instruments when performing but they play WAY better than flopga
    atleast John Legend and Alicia Keys has been playing piano his whole career, Beyonce can play that damn piano too, but its not her business to throw it in peoples faces like shes an Alicia Keys type of playa
    Gaga singing voice aint nothing special she’s an average singer at best
    her music sucks, her gimmicks are gone now she’s basic
    take a look at Yonces performances nowadays and tell me that flopga’s can match the creativity
    now byeee all yall flop monsters and your flopping fave

  21. DanYiel Iman April 13, 2017

    Surely neither artist cares about this drama Beyoncé is pregnant & Lady GaGa is making her way doing things on her own accord…

  22. Career Ender April 13, 2017

    gaga is basic but the delusional monsters think shes some kinda of super talented musician meanwhile she can’t even out do Katy Perry musically with her songwriting skills
    bye phaggghs

    • East AFrican April 13, 2017

      Sorry hurting your feeling east Africans gave you first black president and now go drink flint water and wash your nappy Hair😚

      • Career Ender April 13, 2017

        do you even have water there at the refuge camp you stay at?

  23. Liam April 13, 2017

    Stan wars are so senseless…both musicians respect each other

  24. SMH April 13, 2017

    This wouldn’t even be a discussion if beyonce fans weren’t the most insecure fanbase in history.

    • Career Ender April 13, 2017

      your fave’s career is dead ,ghostbuster
      Lotus <500K WW
      youre the Kuririn of TGJ, bye loser flop, never ever show your struggle a*** up ever again!

    • Kanyade April 19, 2017

      I agree with part of your statement.

  25. Rima April 13, 2017

    We all know Gaga is the real artist the hive are can’t handle facts.

    • Career Ender April 13, 2017

      youre saying this cos homegirl cant sell a dime anymore
      500k months later, aint this the monster that was suppose to end Beyonce?
      gilr Artpop outta here!!!

  26. Tutorial April 13, 2017

    This isn’t even celebrity news. Lol these are crazed fans. Wow blogs have hit low these days. Both women are successful who cares what fans think aside from buying their cds.

  27. Chris April 13, 2017

    My thing is Gaga needed to take coachella after what she did at superbowl. I mean she might have pulled more viewers than bey and what? I dont Gaga will make 2 or 3 appearances at the superbowl. I mean where is Gagas video vanguard award if she has so much impact? What achievement awards or honors has she had that was not grammy or billboard based. Where is her CFDA award? Rihanna has one. Beyonce has one. Last time i checked didnt Madonna call Gaga REDUCTIVE. And besides Beyonce can outsing her anyday. I wonder how many people will not attend and how much worse the ratings will be after this year. They expected Beyonce and got Flop Gaga. Why are yall so pressed? Beyonce has been in the game 20 years and still one of the top people of discussion. Gaga needs at least 10 more years before anyone claims that Gaga is on same level.

    • TMM April 14, 2017

      She bagged the CDFA award back in 2011 🙂

      About the Vanguard award: she hasn’t even been 10 years in the game… take a seat back and enjoy the Gaga train re-crash everyhting in time.

  28. BHYISIA April 13, 2017

    What a lot of people won’t acknowledge is that a lot of the Beyonce hate from the monsters comes​ from a racist place not just a my fave is better than yours. These are the same white and Latina gays that want you to fight immigration laws for them or stand up for gay rights but are extremely racist against black people. I can’t be the only one who’s noticed this. The black monsters going along with them is even more confusing.

    They both are extremely talented. These Stan wars are ridiculously played and tired.
    I don’t understand why Gaga fans are mad, had Beyonce not turned those jobs down Lady Gaga wouldn’t have them.

    This whole Gaga is more talented than Beyonce is a load of BS. The only thing she’s better than her at is acting. Making sappy ballads or outlandish sounding music makes you no more an artist than anyone else.People often confuse artistry and gimmick often. Urban music is often put down until a white person does it, so on and so forth. If Beyonce Knowles was a white woman, with the same level of talent. She wouldn’t be pitted against artist that aren’t on her level,Gaga being one of them.

    • LadyEmpress8 April 13, 2017

      Agree I was thinking this the morning. They are racist.

  29. Kanyade April 19, 2017

    Biased blog sites help to fuel “wars” or vicious rivalries between pop music lovers and fans.

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