Azealia Banks Exposes The Music Industry In New Interview

Published: Friday 14th Jul 2017 by David

Azealia Banks‘  new interview with ‘XXL’ has set many a pulse racing today thanks to her bold and brave criticism of the music industry.

On being shut out of the game?

I’m definitely shut out from where I was, 100 percent. People are very scared to be associated with me because of, you know, the controversy, I guess the skin bleaching or the “sand nigger” or the “faggot” thing. I’m not sad about it, I’m not disappointed at the situation. I’m disappointed with myself for sure. I’m a little disappointed in them, but not really.

I guess the source of my disappointment comes from just watching lots of other men in hip-hop, just like male rappers, have their career setbacks and go through things. Or even when a Black male rapper misspeaks something… just seeing Black men go through the motions, seeing the Black mass just kind of seemingly accepting it as just an attribute of their artistry. So they’ll be like, “Kanye West is saying all that because he’s crazy” or “Okay, yeah, R. Kelly raped a girl but damn, he makes some good music.” I don’t feel like I ever got that kind of empathy. I never got those kinds of privileges, I never got those kinds of allowances, especially coming in the rap game without any real rap friends. I basically came in the building by myself. There was nobody to validate me, there was nobody to vouch for me or whatever, and I got mishandled a lot.

It made me really bitter for a very long time, very, very, very bitter, so bitter to the point that I would just kind of say things that I didn’t mean, like, “I hate Black men” and shit like that. I would just say things like that because I would just feel so misunderstood. It was all purposeful, like when T.I. was threatening me with physical violence or when Jim Jones was threatening me with physical violence. Come on, hip-hop should have said something about it, and nobody said anything about it.

Even now, you guys have this guy XXXTentacion on the [XXL] Freshman cover, but he’s tweeted about how he thinks Black women are roaches and that we should die and how dark people are roaches and we should die and shit like that. It’s discouraging, and I’m not afraid to cry about it or afraid to admit that it hurts me now, rather than just going about things the wrong way and trying to fight fire with fire.

On her feelings towards Remy Ma, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj?

I really, really like Cardi B. I followed Cardi B on Instagram before she started rapping and I was like, Oh my God, this girl just reminds me of all the girls I went to middle school with, all the girls I grew up on the block with, all the Dominican babysitters. I grew up with girls just like Cardi B. So I always thought she was funny, and when she started rapping, I was like… what is she doing? Then I heard “Foreva”and I was like, Okay, this is really fucking good, she’s not playing. Then I heard a couple other songs and I was like, Oh shit, Cardi’s not playing! And now I’m a fan of Cardi B’s music and her personality.

I like Remy Ma too, I like when her whole brand isn’t anti-Nicki. I think she gets a little carried away with that. I don’t know, maybe I like Cardi and Remy just because they sound like home. Like I know that girl, that uptown, Manhattan, Bronx girl. I think that’s why I like them the most.

On how systemic racism affects the industry?

The media itself ’cause clearly, everything is owned by White people—I’m tired of talking about White people. These media conglomerates have this socioeconomic leverage, and they can orchestrate any industry, and any story or any happening the way they want to. The music industry isn’t the only one that’s subjected to it. Hollywood is subjected to it, tech world, everybody. It’s just the media in general. I feel like it’s everyone’s biggest problem.

Even for people who are succeeding at playing the media game. They’re always crying about how they feel stifled and all that other shit. I think in the coming years, [the media] is gonna prove to be very detrimental to society’s social and psychological health.

I think the media does a lot to chastise people into… or just micro-manage people’s aggressions and chastise people into forming opinions. Especially in America, where the media is such a big part of our culture. Because we really drag ourselves down into Prozac nation on fucking steroids. But nobody cares, I’m just the Black bitch from fucking Harlem [laughs].

I’m just a Black bitch from Harlem who only puts out one song a year. I’m joking.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Sam July 14, 2017

    Good article, maybe it will shift the focus from her persona to her person and maybe she’ll stfu occasionally and let people enjoy the music

  2. ya July 14, 2017

    I’m glad she spoke on a lot of things involving the music industry and today’s media climate especially in America. It’s true how white ownership does have or will have a detrimental affect on society because it’s funny how black people get blamed not by all white people but enough, pertaining to SJW, Liberals, and BLM when in fact it those same people who are the one’s easy manipulated by internet trolls with their Rascist rhetoric. Which later then leaks into the lamestream media news outlets where they easily manipulate the messages. Keep in mind that most white Jews run majority of the media market but yet wanna cry foul when someone points that out like it wasn’t their media that has been painting blacks as criminals and thugs for the past four decades like they’re aren’t any white criminals, welfare scammers, and rapist and p********* among them and oh yeah drug pushers and users. But like Jeremiah Wright said the chickens are coming home to roost.

  3. audreyherbsburn July 14, 2017

    I think it’s silly of her to compare herself to established male acts. R. Kelly had already made a name for himself by the time the accusations came. She has not done that. I’m not excusing R. Kelly or the fact that many others seemingly have… But she’s still complaining and not really being accountable for the fact that she put people off of her… Kanye West is Kanye, and he’s also never came out and said anything blatantly derogatory aimed at a group of people. This girl is cutting up chickens and threatening white folks with broken glasses at their own parties (or at least that’s what was reported), and wants to be forgiven by a public who hasn’t been given the chance to embrace her because she insists on being crazy. Hopefully that’s behind her now, though.

    • TD July 18, 2017

      “I’m not excusing R. Kelly or the fact that many others seemingly have…” – um, see the thing is, you just EXCUSED R. Kelly…”and threatening white folks with broken glasses at their own parties (or at least that’s what was reported)” – PLEASE read into that particular situation and research her explanation…but I agree that she should tone it down sometimes, don’t lose the realness, but don’t flare up for EVERYTHING…bless

  4. 2bad2bme July 14, 2017

    She makes some good points but come on sis, don’t compare yourself to Kanye West and R. Kelly now when you have not even went gold once. Nor received any awards and performed at as many shows.

    • Chasin Time July 14, 2017

      So because R Kelly is (was) a big act, it’s okay for him to be a pedo file. You sound stupid. She’s not comparing herself to them in that manner she’s talking about how’s they continued a thriving career despite their actions.

      • Umm (original) July 14, 2017

        Who is she that she deserves a second chance when she hasn’t proved worthy of the 1st. This b**** is garbage

  5. Meme July 14, 2017

    Reading this I started to kinda feel story for her, then I thought no, NO hell. The different between the males she name called (Kanye and RKelly) is they worked their way to the top of their games before all of the tribulations. Of course ppl are going to overlook your wrong doings when your as big as Rkelly and Kanye in their prime. ABanks was a nobody, fresh in the game, but came in with a big head and nasty attitude. She was too cocky point blank. Even Nicki was humble and kiss mad azs at the beginning of her career. You never see Nicki out here Biting the hands that feed her. To this day Nicki haven’t said one bad work about Birdman, even thru everything Wayne is going thru. It’s called being SMART.

  6. Ajax July 14, 2017

    LOL the fact that some of you have the lack of intelligence, to say she isn’t as established as the fellas as if that is a reason to allow them to do those things proves/validated in some form what she is saying. No one gives a damn what you did music wise or should care when you speak or do a act that is horrible/unacceptable. No matter what job you have we are all the same no one better than the other and everyone should be held to the same standard period!! Wake up people and stop thinking others are above you or beneath you. We all are equal and as great

    • Umm (original) July 14, 2017

      No Lol at the fact ypu care about her garbage ass music. She had what couldve been a hit with Pharrell but what does she do, shits on him for no reason known to us. This girl ruin her own career and act as if it’s our fault ( The people) when we don’t owe her our money or time. She need get over herself with those whack ass flows.

      • Ajax July 14, 2017

        Thank you for showing that you do lack intelligence being that I didn’t even mention her music. Go have several seats with a book to brush up on your reading skills. If you are going to respond make it relevant to what was said. Good day!

      • Umm (original) July 14, 2017

        You stated she was establishedYou lack intelligence to see she acts as if she is above critique and isn’t owning up to her wrong doings…..oh and shut the f*** up my reply was very relevant to your comment seeing as she is a rapper trying to make it in music and you are advocating for her POV by saying that her comparison of her situation to Kanye and Rkelly is valid based on the fact everyone should be held accountable for their actions. If you really believed that you would start with Azealia. I aint need your pleasantries I’m not your friend b****.

      • Ajax July 14, 2017

        I said she was established???? LOL you are doing a great job making yourself look like a pathetic troll. Thank you . I think you should keep on reading it until it makes sense for you because obviously you aren’t understanding the words. And you can call me what ever you want I could careless. You stay low and keep on looking up at the intelligent. Muah!

      • Umm (original) July 15, 2017

        If that’s your definition of intelligence I see why you have no idea what you’re typing or what she is trying to do. People who call themselves intelligent are compensating for a lack of.

    • TD July 18, 2017

      Thank you…her music is freaking amazing, she just doesnt get the exposure, much less the promotion

  7. Rosa July 14, 2017

    Despite all the s*** bout Azealia Banks , I enjoy her music. People just focus on the wrong things like she is sacrificing chickens , or she is talking s*** bout some white pasty b**** yet she trying to bleach her skin ,at the end of the day I just want to listen to her music who cares bout their private life

  8. @ASAPicon July 14, 2017

    Shes very enlightened.
    Shes so intelligent, plz showcase your intelligence more Miss Banks

  9. Liam July 14, 2017

    She’s on point with everything in regards to media and the music industry….I like she’s such a intellectual girl.

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