Movie Trailer: ‘Jay-Z vs Kanye West’

Published: Wednesday 26th Jul 2017 by David

The demise of Jay-Z‘s friendship with Kanye West is sad to say the very least.

Fuelled by supposed backstabbing, allegedly shady business deals and talk of a feud between their wives, the brotherhood’s death is now the subject of a new documentary set to explore its origins.

Will it get to the bottom of the beef? Probably not. However, the piece (which is named ‘Public Enemies: Jay-Z vs Kanye’) will offer viewers insight into their respective journeys and how the lessons it taught them built and broke their bond.

Trailer below…

‘Public Enemy’ airs July 31st on Channel 4.

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  1. DanYiel Iman July 26, 2017

    Wow is this that serious? Figured Koonye Kartrashian was good with “Keeping up with the Kartrashian’s!!”

  2. Noelle Teague July 26, 2017

    Kanye could make anybody laugh. I really don’t see it

  3. Noelle Teague July 26, 2017

    When the were making The Black Album, all that chemistru

  4. Sommer July 26, 2017

    Is behind this? The KarTRASHians!!!

    Jay and Ye were cool but they were NOT like that. Play brothers or not. TyTy and Emory are Jay’s BFFs. Kanye is NOT like that to Jay. He needs to understand that. The dude is obsessive.

  5. SMH July 26, 2017

    Let’s get real here, he’s upset because Kanye exposed his fraudulent wife and her methods of “winning” awards lmao. You’ll notice that’s when the trouble between them started. Now watch the bugs come with their delusional denials lol.

  6. Caleb July 28, 2017

    Looks interesting

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