Azealia Banks: Cardi B Is A “Poor Man’s Nicki Minaj”

Published: Tuesday 26th Sep 2017 by Rashad

Two years after saying Nicki Minaj makes “basic ass music,” ‘Ice Princess’ performer Azealia Banks may be having a change of heart (if a recent Twitter rant is anything to judge by).

Already letting her distaste for rising rapstress Cardi B known during a rant days ago, Banks continued her slam of the ‘Bodak Yellow’ beauty last night by referring to her as “a poor man’s Nicki [Minaj].’

This, of course, after news dominated headlines that B had dethroned Taylor Swift from the top spot on Billboard’s Hot 100…

Minaj does not share Banks’ sentiment, however.  The ‘Rake It Up’ rapper took to social media herself to sing Cardi’s praises.  Click here to read more on that.

Your thoughts?

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  1. pat September 26, 2017

    And this bysh is a psych ward’s Foxy Brown…whats tea?!

    • KP September 26, 2017

      right! lol

  2. DanYiel Iman September 26, 2017

    What I continue to like about Cardi B , she came in the game a herself & unlike Tricki Garbagh who came in as Flavor-Aid Lil’Kim. I’m a fan of Azealia Banks & her style belittling other artist is a No-Go!!🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Sleazy September 26, 2017

      Nicki and Kim muaic nothing alike and she still slayed kim. Dont be mad yout fav cant sell or chart. Now you hiding behind Cardi to attack Nicki

      • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES September 26, 2017

        Slayed Kim how? Kim killed that ho on Black Friday. Oinknika turned into a pop star.

      • September 26, 2017

        Lol so sad isn’t.

    • ??? September 26, 2017

      lol and now she’s following nicki’s blueprint, so i guess that makes her CORNY B now, which is why azalea dragged her lmao

      • ??? September 26, 2017

        lol she got fake ass, fake tits, and a blond wig. Nicki’s blueprint b*tch, except Corny doesn’t have a PLATINUM PLAQUE for PURE SALES. there’s your logic h0 lmao

    • Bodaky Yaky September 26, 2017

      But how is she following the Nicki blueprint when Nicki couldn’t even follow the blueprint to a NUMBER ONE SONG? Where’s the logic?

      • ??? September 26, 2017

        lol she got fake ass, fake tits, and a blond wig. Nicki’s blueprint b*tch, except Corny doesn’t have a PLATINUM PLAQUE for PURE SALES. there’s your logic h0 lmao

  3. #JACKIE September 26, 2017

    Azealia Stanks is a schizophrenic hater. She’s just mad because no ones checking for her jungle music garbage.

    • Fancy BISH September 26, 2017


    • RihNavy September 26, 2017

      Your ATTEMPTED reads have gotten SO stale.

  4. September 26, 2017

    gratz to cardi, but banks do have a point when it comes to black men in the game..

    • ThatGuy September 26, 2017

      Exactly! The worst part is that they’re only praising Cardi to bring down Nicki and that shits sad! But as Nicki has proven time & time again, she will WIN AGAIN!

      Can’t wait for her to drop this album tho! Nick will be taking my $9.99!!

      • #JACKIE September 26, 2017

        B*******. A lot of people LIKE Cardi B. She’s very likeable. No one likes Mrs Stanks and Nicki is on very thin ice with the general public.

      • ??? September 26, 2017

        Exactly @ThatGuy, and that’s exactly why i’m not jumping on the bodak bandwagon. People are only hyping this girl up because it’s the in-thing to hate on Nicki Minaj, because Bodak Yellow is a stupid ass song.

  5. Bish in Africa September 26, 2017

    Poor mans Nicole that dethrone rich white Taylor .. She’s invalid

    • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES September 26, 2017

      Exactly. Cardi B is doing things that Oinknika couldn’t do, like dethrone Taylor Snake.

      • Faf September 26, 2017

        She didn’t dethrone Taylor sh she discounted her single first

        Taylor will Be back next week

  6. Meme September 26, 2017

    But wasn’t she just crying about how nicki picks the low hanging fruits? “Pick a side, pick a side”.

    • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES September 26, 2017

      Azealia is so desperate. It’s sad. She has a lot of talent, but she can’t keep her mouth closed. There’s a reason why Beyoncé doesn’t do interviews or comment on every little thing. Put out good music and let the quality speak.

  7. ShaeDiddy September 26, 2017

    And Azealia Banks is a poor man’s everything, so…..

  8. Tim Brown September 26, 2017


  9. Fran Cisco September 26, 2017

    I agree with her on that “for the culture” bs. Especially when nicki was in the same exact position at #2 behind taylor swift with anaconda. Nobody didn’t care then. They should’ve did this for young MA when she was at #19. Or even young MA and remy ma when they was on the charts smdh

  10. binx September 26, 2017

    Azealia speaks the truth and she’s mad talented, If she just learnt to pick her battles smh. What she said about men in the industry is the TRUTH!! These industry men and most of y’all only wanted Cardi to win so you could drag Nicki, this aint about the culture at all. Cardi is a TV personality but the next queen of rap? hahah nope.

  11. LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES September 26, 2017

    Azealia Banks switches sides every five minutes. She’s clearly mentally unstable. Cardi B deserved this. Azealia Banks is just mad that she couldn’t keep her mouth closed for long enough for her enormous talent to carry her to the top. Also, she keeps pushing that trashy gay jungle music sound that is not going to work on the charts. She needs to get herself together.

  12. Fancy BISH September 26, 2017

    “I thought she was going to be a Latina hottie…I wanted spicy Latina…” -CHEAPYSTANKXO
    ASMELLIA STANKS, how the HELL do you know what Cardi is going to be when she’s just getting started? Cardi hasn’t even released her debut album! I thought YOU were going to be batsh!t crazy, and that’s precisely what you ARE…heffa, you’re a bag of nuts…and we’re NOT entertained *Russell Crowe voice*

  13. Gee September 26, 2017

    Azealia Banks is her own worst enemy she causes problems with everything and everyone which is why she has not been able to find her own path to success. Her attitude and disposition have been her undoing. Maybe if she tried being more likeable and toned down her attitude maybe she can be riding high on the charts just like CardiB.

  14. Ciah’s Turtle September 26, 2017

    She carried but I feel her about black men in the industry

  15. Yonce September 26, 2017

    One minute this b**** likes Nicki the next minute she hates her, one minute she likes Cardi B. and the next minute she hates her and etc. This chick really needs to take her meds and be quite.

  16. Misdamenor September 26, 2017

    She stopped taking her meds.

  17. No favs just here for the music September 26, 2017

    Both Nicki and Cardi are doing better than her though. She is comparing the two because they are to the two most popular female rappers in the industry right now. As for herself? She doesn’t even fit into the equation and no more relevant than your average spectator.

  18. SMH September 26, 2017

    She didn’t lie. Folks are only supporting this song as a means to hate on Nicki Minaj, the song is dumb and the beat is repetitive mumble rap bs. But enjoy your moment, Cardi. Ten years ago, another NY female rapper came on the scene and the public fell head over heels in love and declared her the “new” Queen of Rap. Fast forward ten years, that same female rapper is the new object of hate, and everyone wishes she would just go away. History always repeats itself.

    • Your Name September 26, 2017

      That’s not true. The song is catchy, and Cardi has a magnetic personality. She worked hard to get where she is. She deserves it.

  19. Lake Erie September 26, 2017

    Why does she talk so much sh!T!?!?! Lmaooooooooo smh

  20. M September 26, 2017

    Dear Azealia, literally NO ONE cares about your opinion. Cardi B achieved in one release what you’ve had the chance to do for the last like 4 years. Go. Sit. Down. Sincerely, Management.

  21. Your Name September 26, 2017

    What does this looney woman do other than rant on twitter and bite the heads off of live chickens? She needs to seek help for whatever internal issues she’s dealing with because she is CLEARLY unstable. Cardi B doesn’t bother anybody. She’s REAL and she worked her ass off to get where she is.

    Nicki, on the other hand has an insufferable personality. I could see if she was still releasing good music, but that’s not the case. Maybe Nas will write a few bars for her *shrug*

  22. Kimberly September 27, 2017

    She so concerned .about cardi b she dont even make good music. Lol THIS IS K RASTA BLOCCBOI MUSIC.

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