Madonna: “I Want To Reinvent Pop Tours”

Published: Saturday 16th Sep 2017 by Sam

Over the course of Madonna’s illustrious career, the Pop empress has established herself as a master of reinvention.

Era after era, she has evolved her sound and aesthetic like no other.

Now, she’s expressed her desire to stage the biggest transformation yet; she wants to reinvent Pop tours.

Full story below…

In a new interview to plug the commercial release of her ‘Rebel Heart Tour, the 59 year old surprising revealed that she’s hoping to establish a new concert model.

Speaking to the BBC, she said:

“I’ve done so many shows – world tours, stadiums, sports arenas, you name it – that I feel like I have to reinvent that now too.

I like doing intimate shows and being able to talk directly to the audience.

This is something I’m exploring right now: the idea of doing a show that doesn’t travel the world, but stays in one place and utilises not only humour and the music in a more intimate setting but other people’s music, as well, and other entertainment.

Kind of a revolving door of amazing, gifted, unique talent – dancers, musicians, singers, comedians, me, humour. I don’t know! Like, I’m trying to come up with all those ideas now.

More audience participation and connecting to human beings – I feel I’m craving that more and more.”

What she’s describing seems to sit at the intersection of variety show and a residency. A venture that would be genuinely intriguing if brought to fruition.

If anyone has the clout and installed audience to pull this off, it’d be Madge.

That said, she quite literally out-grosses every live act with each of her tours. And with fans ready and willing to pay the scarily expensive prices she charges, will she gladly walk away from the 100s of millions ($) she makes with her current setup?

Perhaps this “new model” is a way for her to scale back the demands on her as a performer as 60 looms?

In any case, what are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. DanYiel Iman September 16, 2017

    I mean I can’t even with her style anymore, she isn’t my cup of tea 🍵…

  2. Sean September 16, 2017

    She knows she doesn’t have the most impressive voice but her confessions tour is still the most incredible concert I’ve ever attended and I’ve seen Bey, Gaga and P!nk 4 times each along with Janet and Mariah. Madonna is the Queen forever and peerless when it comes to touring and longevity in pop. Her stage shows are a masterclass in artistry

    • JOHNVIDAL September 16, 2017

      The best female performer in pop history is Tina Turner though. Just the real deal. No need to reinvent and create amazing concepts. Madonna has earned her spot by doing her thing anyway so congrats.

    • Suicide Blonde September 16, 2017

      I’ve been to every Madonna tour since the Drowned world tour and I also think that The Confessions tour was her best, the whole show was a masterpiece, she was at her creative peak at the moment, the most amazing concert tour I’ve ever attended and I have seen many musicians live from Michael Jackson’s History tour to Prince, Tina Turner, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, JLo, Depeche Mode, Bruce Springsteen and many more and while many of them are better performers than Madonna, none of their shows tops The Confessions tour, it was magical.

  3. Suicide Blonde September 16, 2017

    If anyone can truly change how people’s perception of residencies is Madonna, I feel like even though many mega stars like Celine have been really successful in Vegas, there is still a bad perception of residencies, like is for has been or where artists go to retire, after all if she ever decides to go for a residency no one can say that is because she can’t sell tickets. I personally don’t like the idea, because the experience of a concert in an a stadium is just out of this world IMO, intimate shows tend to be boring.

  4. September 16, 2017

    well, that’s her thing, so it isn’t far-fetched for her to try that.

  5. JuJu September 16, 2017

    She wants to go to vegas. Okay.

  6. Theman September 16, 2017

    Nah Mariah & Britney changed the idea about Vegas..

    • Jasmine September 16, 2017

      & Toni Braxton, Shania Twain, etc. Vegas became a viable option for legends with small chilldren because they don’t have to travel as much. Even Michael Jackson was going to do a residency before he passed. RIP

    • JOHNVIDAL September 17, 2017

      TheMan I´m sorry because you are accurate many times but no, Mariah and Britney, way out of their commercial appeling eras, did NOT change the idea about Vegas. That´s crazy. Hell, Mariah went there even after Americal Idol had already happened too.

      Celine Dion is the one who made it big there. She had the biggest show ever there and just because she decided to do so. She was just coming from having the second best selling album worldwide the previous year (2002), an album that debuted with 600k copies first week in the USA. Let´s not. Nothing about Britney or Mariah was especially cool or successful or new by the time they went to Vegas. They didn´t change a damn thing.

      • Jasmine September 17, 2017

        @John Vidal you are biased because you are a Celine fan. In reality, people like Britney, Toni Braxton, Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, Tim McGraw, and Mariah appeal to different audiences so yes their decisions to do residencies in Vegas changed a whole lot of perceptions. Everyone does not think, act, or like the same kind of music so why are you dissing artists from other genres of music as if they have no contribution? That is a classic example of having a BIAS.

      • JOHNVIDAL September 18, 2017

        I´m a Celine and a Mariah fan btw and you obviously know it. So your argument is so invalid it is not even funny. I still hope you are not taht one that ridiculized itself by living your life through this celebrity stanning while downplaying crucial and current social changes that involve cruelty. I just hope you aren´t taht one I still remember.

      • Jasmine September 18, 2017

        @John Vidal My comment was a spot on reply to what you wrote. If you did not mean what you wrote or want to backpedal now then that has nothing to do with me. I am clueless on this “downplaying crucial and current social changes” you are talking about but I’m not the kind of person that would downplay or ignore important social changes so that is nonsense. Just because I do not comment on every single article does not mean that I do not care about crucial events or social changes.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 18, 2017

      I´m not dissing anyone. Learn to read. But this guy said that Mariah and Britney DID change Vegas, while Celine Dion didn´t. Which is absolutely crazy and false. All of them have contributed to Vegas. Celine the most though. And it´s a fact. That´s why I wrote some facts. Now bye and be smarter next time.

      • Jasmine September 18, 2017

        Girl you cannot read me when you clearly wrote the following comment: “Nothing about Britney or Mariah was especially cool or successful or new by the time they went to Vegas. They didn´t change a damn thing.” There is no reason for you to backpedal now.

  7. Josh September 17, 2017

    b**** youre too old to reinvent anything. and bey already did that

    • Suicide Blonde September 17, 2017

      How? If Madonna is responsible for every visual that Beyoncé and any other artist put on their shows.

      • Hmmm September 17, 2017

        No Madonna is not responsible for every visual artists put in their shows.

      • Jasmine September 17, 2017

        Madonna is not responsible for other artist’s visuals. Only biased Madonna stans think that way because they are close-minded. Realistically, numerous legendary artists, including Madonna, have contributed to artistic visuals and tour concepts (Prince, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, etc). There is no 1 artist that has impacted all musicians. That is pure BIAS and NONSENSE!

    • JOHNVIDAL September 17, 2017

      What has Beyonce reinvented???? LMAO

  8. Michael Bosket September 17, 2017

    Janet Jackson already reinventing tours first of all her tired ass better take notes from the empress Janet Jackson

  9. WhiteNigga101 September 17, 2017

    has-been ……

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