Mariah Carey To Be Honored By VH1’s Hip-Hop Honors

Published: Tuesday 12th Sep 2017 by David

Mariah Carey‘s beautiful relationship with Hip-Hop is to be honoured by VH1 this year.

Good news below…

This year’s Hip Hop Honors will thank Carey for the part she played in pushing Hip-Hop to the masses following her departure from her Tommy Mottola-fuelled Adult Contemporary vehicle.

Fortunately, it will also go a long way to support survivors of the U.S’s hurricane horror with its ‘Game Changers‘ segment.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tokyo Vanity fan September 12, 2017

    Yes! Can’t wait

    • Fancy BISH September 12, 2017

      Mimi is going to sashay her way to that stage and collect her honors…whether they like it or not! Dem chickens 🐔 is ash and she’s lotion

    • Lisa September 13, 2017

      No Other Pop Icon/Diva has made the Hip Hop game as Iconic as Mariah Carey. Fantasy gave ODB his first and only Number 1. Puff Daddy and Mase/Lox their First Number 1. Bone Thugs and Harmony there first top 10. Mariah’s duet with Twisted One and Only still is a bop. Her duet with Peter Gunz is still fire. Mariah and Jezzy’s Side Effects is still a fan fave. So when you TROLLS talk about who paved the Way….Even Mary J. Blige gives Mariah Props. Have some respect hood rats and Lame gays, Mariah Paved the way.

    • China September 13, 2017

      love break break down and faded with willimadeit. Mariah deserves this award TAKING HIP HOP INTO WHITE HOMES ALL OVER THE WORLD, thank you Mariah. BREAKING COLOR LINES

  2. ??? September 12, 2017

    lol mess. mariah is not hip hop. mary j blige, the QUEEN OF HIP HOP SOUL, is who should be getting honored, not this bloated whale lmao

    • Randy September 12, 2017

      Read hip-hop music history and learn a thing or two. Don’t comment on something you have dearth of knowledge with because you come off ignorant.

    • dee September 12, 2017

      Exactly… Mary was incorporating rap her music before Mariah. Janet was doing so before both women. Its about boosting ratings.

      • Oh September 12, 2017

        The real issue I see is you all’s opinion on who should be honored first.
        Whether you all want to accept it or not, Mariah Carey made a connection with Pop and Hip Hop and made that connection main stream. Mary on the other hand is responsible for R&B/Soul/Hip Hop. Mary is not Pop

    • Lisa September 12, 2017

      You sound stupid. Mariah Carey was a Pop ICON who allowed Rappers the chance to GRACE the pop charts. ODB, Bone Thugs, Snoop Dogg, Peter Gunz, Jezzy, Lox and Jadakiss, NAS. JAY Z HAD HIS 1ST NUMBER ONE WITH HEARTBREAKER W/MARIAH. Mariah made Hip Hop POP friendly. Fantasy with ODB was the song that Opened that Door. Mariah is an underrated Pop Icon for starting this Music Trend and making it Number 1 friendly. Well deserved Girl.

      • Ebony September 12, 2017

        So you thinks she worked with them out of charity? Let’s keep it real TODAY. Mariah was known as a promiscuous girl in NYC and used people to meet Tommy. She slept with him, married him and then he used money which was supposed to BE for George Michael to pay for her radio play which gave her the hits she still thinks she earned.
        When Tommy got too much they divorced and that was around the time of the Latin explosion and Hip Hop and R&B club songs ruling the charts. This is why Mariah jumped on the bandwagon. I love her but I won’t have you acting as though black artists owe her anything for working with her. She helped them crossover but she wasn’t the only reason and it’s high time the lambs dropped that myth.

      • Lisa September 13, 2017

        Comment deleted. Racism will not be tolerated.

  3. Oh September 12, 2017

    this is cute news. Haters mean while want to the masses to feel the same way they do, but the truth is Mariah Carey is a legend and is respected, no matter what. You basics will deal

    • Lisa September 12, 2017

      They always trying to DIM her light. Mariah Carey can Stand at a Mic and give a Fly Like A bird annointed vocal or Stand next to Jada and give Urban.

    • Jasmine September 12, 2017

      Im not so sure these people are “haters.” To me it just seems like people that are more intelligent than YOU.

      • Oh September 12, 2017

        speaking down on some one speaks more of you, than the person you are talking about.
        Yet, you dare speak of intelligence. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

      • Jasmine September 12, 2017

        No girl speaking truth to someone is literally just that. If you think me telling you the truth is equivalent to me “speaking down” to you then that is just further proof of your idiocy and indicates you likely have bad self-esteem or paranoia issues.

      • Oh September 13, 2017

        SO, what is your truth? If your truth is, you simply do not like mariah carey, okay, that is fine with me.
        I personally do not like country music. I also do not troll country music sites to announce my dislike for their music. Do you see where I am going with this? Mr or Miss Intelligence

      • Jasmine September 13, 2017

        Girl Mariah is ok with me. Im just not as insecure as you that I have to name-call people “haters” that dont like the same things as me.

  4. Jeezy September 12, 2017

    Mariah Carey is the reason rap music became mainstream you idiots. She paved the way especially for pop mainstream acts to be able to do it. Mary J Blige was not a pop act or a mainstream act during that era so she didn’t do much. Alot of R&B stars were working with rappers back in the day but they couldn’t bridge the gap.

    Mariah was the first artists from on top the pop charts that forged the cohesion and which is why Ariana and Katy Perry and Selena Gomez can have rap features without the whole world suggesting that they are trying to be black or hip like was said about Mariah when she did it.

    Some of you absolutely have NO CLUE!

    • Jasmine September 12, 2017

      Fact Hip-Hop was already mainstream in the 90s and hip-hop artists became mainstream all on their own dummy. How do you think Jay-z landed on the cover of Fortune back in the 90s?, Diddy made millions, and artists like Tupac and Biggie became legends. Mariah piggybacked off of the hip-hop artists’s fame, street-credit, and creativity. It was NOT the other way around! Only morons would think that she made hip-hop mainstream when hip-hop already was mainstream. That is stupid entirely! These gay stans need to STOP reaching and go with what VH1 is awarding her for: “Carey will be honored for her groundbreaking hip-hop collaborations.” Nothing more. Nothing less.

      • JuicyPrune September 12, 2017

        Thank You Jasmine!!!! The Btch above you is Deluded AF!!
        Mariah making Rap Music mainstream?😭 😂 Like WTF🤔

      • Oh September 13, 2017

        First of all if you were born after 1995 please sit down on this topic.
        Mariah Carey had mainstream success by uniting hip hop and Pop. She is also, personally, more hip hop than Pop. The last part has been confirmed by Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat, Jay-Z, and Wu Tang Clan. Do your research and stop basing your comments off your miserable feelings towards the lady.
        The award is cute and deserved

      • Jasmine September 13, 2017

        @Oh See dummy that is what happens when you insert yourself into comments between other people. You come across as thirsty and idiotic. Nobody is disputing what you said. The dispute is regarding another moron who claimed “Mariah Carey is the reason rap music became mainstream.” Age has nothing to do with it. It is a proven fact that rap music was already mainstream by itself in 1990 and continued to be mainstream ever since. Bye Felicia.

  5. Jeezy September 12, 2017

    How man rappers were on Oprah BEFORE Mariah took Missy Elliot and Da Brat back in 1999 to perform Heartbreaker Remix with her?

    I’LL WAIT!

    • pon_de September 12, 2017

      Thank you! The remedial students just don’t understand how Mariah created MASSIVE opportunities for rappers to get exposure/checks…which is why she is adored by the hip hop artists. You CANNOT find a single piece of slander coming Mariah’s way from anyone in hip hop (besides Nicki…but that’s self-explanatory). She always gave them respect and gambled her own career because she had love for them like a true NY Queen!

    • Jasmine September 12, 2017

      @Jeezy I’ll name a few: Ludacris, Will Smith, Ice T, Slick Rick, Bow Wow, Jermaine Dupri, etc. So now that I busted your stupid assumption that Mariah taking 2 female rappers on there is of any significance I’ll bring up the fact that rappers made it main-stream all by themselves. Mariah needed rappers more than rappers needed her. The Billboard charts from 1987 to present day serve as receipts. In the 90s there were separate charts for Rap and R&B songs with the goal labels put on black artists was for them to chart high on one of those 2 charts and crossover to the pop charts. Rap got so popular in the early 90s that numerous rap songs from Def Jam, Bad Boy, Rocafella, and other labels were charting high on the pop charts. Ever hear of Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, or Tupac? What collaboration did Mariah have with them in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, etc? I’ll “WAIT”.

      • Pon_de September 12, 2017

        How drunk are you? Mariah had just come off Music Box selling 25 million copies when she did Fantasy and put ODB on the remix. She didn’t need hip hop and no one is saying hip hop needed her to survive but she was a radio and sells queen in the 90s and by your own statement record companies wanted rap to crossover to pop for more $$$ so it was a win-win. Did they link up with Whitney? No. Did they link up with Celine? No. Hip hop found a kindred spirit in Mariah, because she genuinely knew and loved the grnre. She will be honored for her contribution to music history. You will deal. Good day.

      • Jasmine September 12, 2017

        @Pon_de Aw you are thirsty for attention. Sorry I did not reply to you earlier. You and I are saying the SAME EXACT thing so there is no need for you to argue with me.!!! My comment was in response to someone else claiming no rappers appeared on Oprah before she brought them on the Oprah show. My comment regarding rap songs crossing over to the pop charts was not based on pop collaboration at all. I’m talking about rap artists crossing over to the pop charts all on their own (which they did starting with 1990). People on here act like rap songs were NOT mainstream in the 90s when they already were.

      • Electrikblue September 12, 2017

        Yeeeesssss Jasmine!

  6. Dingell jones September 12, 2017

    Is ariana performing

  7. The Wig Snatcher September 12, 2017

    Well deserved

  8. Suicide Blonde September 12, 2017

    Have they honored Debbie Harry yet?

    • The Wig Snatcher September 12, 2017

      For Taylor Swifting rap music to get a #1 hit??? Gurl, kaboom. Ain’t nobody thanking about her except your racist assss. B****** bye!

  9. The Wig Snatcher September 12, 2017

    This is just another reason why she is Legendriah.

    Madonna could never.
    J.Lo could never.
    Christina could never.
    Ariana could never.
    Nicki could never.
    Demi could never.
    Celine could never.

    Yet, Mariah took that career risk, succeeded and paved the way for them and their pop music sisters.

    Be like Legendriah.

    • Bey Who U Wanna September 12, 2017

      A risk Mary J Blige had taken years earlier? Mariah fans are the kings and queens of revisionist history because they know deep down that her career and records were fuelled by payola and the gruesome fact that she was sleeping with the head of her label. Mariah did not want to identify as black when she debuted if you REALLY want to talk history and ONLY worked with rappers when she realised that being biracial could work to her advantage in a time in which TLC, Toni and Aaliyah were slaying.
      So yes, she did help to make hip hop mainstream but she needed the genre as much as it may or may not have needed her.

      • Janriah Houston-Blige September 12, 2017

        Says the person whose screen name has the artist who has been accused of thievery of other people’s artistry (with receipts) throughout her entire career. Bey like Mariah.

    • Jasmine September 12, 2017

      Nobody is following that fat wale. Hell, I could say Janet was the first to do it back in the 80s by featuring rappers like Heavy D on her songs but I am not a liar nor do I make bogus claims because that would be a bad reflection on my intellect.

  10. The Wig Snatcher September 12, 2017

    I would love to see the Queen of HipHop Soul (MJB) get honored just do as well. Both MJB and MC pioneered the art of the singer-rapper collaboration.

    • Jasmine September 12, 2017

      That is a lie. First, the word “pioneer” is defined as “a person who is among the first to do something.” What about Lauryn Hill in the 90s? She did both rap and sung collaboration. What about Groove Theory? What about Janet Jackson and Jody Watley in the 80s (The both had rap collaborations and even rapped themselves on tracks they sung on)? See how easy it was to dispel your lie and I did not even have to look up anything on the internet. I’m sure if I actually researched it there are groups and collaborations that date back to the late 70s and early 80s even before Janet and Jody Watley.

      • The Wig Snatcher September 12, 2017

        Dumb bytch. Mariah was considered pop during the 1990s and was doing the collaboration before we heard of Groove Theory and Lauryn Hill (the soloist). Also, Jody and Janet were always considered as R&B during the 80s and early 90s. Learn to READ before you attempt to read someone. By your ILlogic, Chaka Khan would have been the real pioneer. But, according to the REAL logic, Mariah and Mary made it a trend. They made it even necessary for many of their lessors to attempt to get to there levels.

      • Jasmine September 12, 2017

        @The Wig Snatcher Do no call me a “dumb bytch” when you are the one proudly professing your idiocy. Now I will have to read your dumb b|tch self a little for that:

        1. Lauryn Hill definitely did rap and sung collaborations way before Mariah. The Fugees was a very popular group that were charting since 1994. Similary, Groove Theory was popular in the 90s starting with 1993 onward.

        2. Janet was considered BOTH Pop and R&B back ever since the 1980s. That is why she charted so much on the Billboard pop charts in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s:

        3. “By your ILlogic, Chaka Khan would have been the real pioneer.” I simply corrected your lack of knowledge regarding the meaning of the word “pioneer.” I never claimed anyone was a “pioneer” so do not pretend I wrote something that is not there.

        4. You claim Mariah and Mary made it “necessary” to collaborate with rappers to “get to there levels” yet you fail to realize Mariah and Mary are talented singers that can carry an album, sell an album, and promote an album by themselves. Both of them have way more solo hits than their rap features hear and there.

        Class is over and you have been schooled. I provided receipts, facts, and reasonable logic. You just give your b|tchiness, no receipts, and over-stanning opinion but your opinion is idiotic and meaningless. Even VH1 is not calling Mariah a “pioneer”. Go clean your grill because your breath stinks and the heavy gingivitis coming from those rotten teeth is eating away at whatever brain cells you have left. Bye Felicia.

  11. DanYiel Iman September 12, 2017

    Why not she’s a talent!!

  12. Gee September 12, 2017

    Yes Mary is the queen of hip hop soul and no one can dispute that.But honestly she did not impact the pop charts during that era. Mariah was considered a perfect pop princess and took a major risk against everyone and everything when she wanted to create the Fantasy remix and when this became big with mainstream a new sound was born hip pop and this made Mariah a game changer and thus the reason she is being honored at this years hip hop honors.

    • Bey Who U Wanna September 12, 2017

      Sweetheart! Stop calling it a risk! Hip Hop was selling like hot cakes back then so there was VALUE in it. A risk would suggest that it could have gone wrong because the artists she was working with weren’t selling when they were. She did help a lot of rappers but she was one of many people who did so. It wasn’t risky, it wasn’t edgy, it was smart business.
      Beyonce did the same thing. She needed a certain brand of credibility so she used Jay who in turned used her to stay on the charts.

      • Janriah Houston-Blige September 12, 2017

        Stay mad, sis.

  13. Thechristerr September 12, 2017

    Why does it have to be who influenced POP music the most? It’s hip hop honors not pop honors. Mary and Mariah both were a big influence on the r&b and hip hop sound. Being more pop does not make one more better or deserving than the other.

    • Janet Xone September 12, 2017

      Exactly. It assumes that Pop fans are more valuable than Urban fans as if Urban music hasn’t always influenced Pop. Now is the time to address how Mariah’s racial ambiguity worked to her advantage and is still being used to downplay achievements by girls like Mary, Faith and Kelly Price.

  14. M September 12, 2017

    Well. Freakin. Deserved. Mariah took a risk and went completely left-field for what was expected of her as “pop princess/balladeer” and it’s because of her that the fusion between “pop” music and hip-hop has gone on to become the norm. She’s BEYOND deserving of this honor….good for you Mimi.

  15. truthteller September 12, 2017

    I like Mariah but lambs need to stop with this false history that she brought hip-hop into the mainstream. Hip-hop artists were already scoring crossover hits before the Fantasy remix. Mariah and her team just capitalised on what was becoming popular. Also, Janet featured Heavy D on the single remix of Alright back in 1990.

    • Caleb September 12, 2017


  16. JohnnyBlaze82 September 12, 2017

    Mariah deserves this honor! Of course she’s not the 1st singer to collaborate with rap artists. There is Jody Watley & Rakim on “Friends.” Chaka Khan & Melle Mel “I Feel For You.” Paula Abdul & that cartoon cat with “Opposites Attract.” Mariah had many successful collaborations. Let her get her damn flowers….DAMN ppl….

  17. eric September 12, 2017

    Well deserved. I saw Mariah on the Lionel Richie tour and she sang so much better than any YouTube video I’ve seen – there was no cracking or noticeable strain in her voice. I was very close to the stage to see that she sang live. She lowered the key on some songs and still sounded great. I think the short set as an opener allows her to save her voice night after night. Mariah did not disappoint. The audience loved her. And I’m glad she got rid of Anthony and the dancers; his style played out a long time ago and never suited Mariah well.

  18. Justafan September 12, 2017

    Crossover queen

  19. Justafan September 12, 2017

    She not only paved the way for rap pop collaborations but also rnb. I mean come on, Celine wouldn’t have collabed with RKellly if Mariah wasn’t doing what she did

  20. The Emancipation of Elusive Chanteuse September 13, 2017

    Mariah is not like Beyonce or Madonna whos like to create a trend and they push hard for that but she’s not. Mariah was grow up listening to hip hop music. And her company’s image for her was clean pop singer who sings ballad. When Mariah presented the idea that she wants to feature a rapper to her record because that what she wants, her label thinks she’s crazy and they laugh the idea but well Mariah’s husband was the President of the label that time so they let her. And the rest is history so applause for Mariah for pushing the idea by loving her roots of music and not thinking of creating some gimmicks for her record. 👏👏👏

  21. Michael28x September 13, 2017

    Jasmine sounds bothered AF LOL. So sad.

    • Jasmine September 13, 2017

      LOL I’m just as much “bothered” as you are pressed to lick my cl|t and my crack.

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