American Express Sues Iggy Azalea

Published: Thursday 5th Oct 2017 by David

Iggy Azalea has found an enemy in American Express.

Bad news for the ‘Fancy’ rapper’s finances below…

The last two years have seen the rapper struggle to replicate the success of 2014’s ‘Fancy’ thanks to backstage beefs with her label bosses.

It seems that this trouble has spilled over into her bank account. For, for reasons she’s yet to reveal, Iggy opted to fund her lifestyle by borrowing money from American Express but now finds herself struggling to pay the company back.

This has rubbed them the wrong way and, with hopes of clawing back their cash, has forced them to file a lawsuit against her.

Why so serious? She went over her $50,000 limit by $250,000.

If successful, the company will secure the money owed as well as the legal fees they’ve been forced to front for suing her in the first place.

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  1. Meme October 5, 2017

    We’ve seen this narrative time and time again. These new artist who stumble across 1 hit and think their money would never end. I still remember Iggy balling out 2 yrs ago, buying her dude cars and ish now she’s owing everyone from the IRS to American Express. Do labels actually take the to mentor their artist on money management etc?

  2. Jasmine October 5, 2017

    This is American Express’s fault. Why did they let her go over the limit in the first place? Whatever happened to denying credit approval? The pros of that is it blocks excessive spending and the cons are only blocked attempt and fake balling.

    • Meme October 5, 2017

      You clearly don’t know nothing about Amex. That’s one of the beauties about owning a Amex card. They will let you go over your limit, sometimes with no cap. But the e tire balance will be due the following month.

      • Jasmine October 5, 2017

        @Meme Girl don’t assume what I know or don’t know. I’ve had an Amex card well over ten years! I totally stand behind my previous comment. By her going over her limit by 200K, Amex granted her temporary approval instead of denying the request. Since you tried to check me (for no reason) I am going to check you a little to put you back in your place:

        1. Learn some basic grammar skills before trying to come for me next time. (“You clearly don’t know nothing about Amex.”) Using a double negative in a sentence makes the total sentence nonsensical. When words begin with a vowel the proceeding word should be an and not “a”.

        2. Learn how to spell words correctly.

        3. Learn that there is nothing special or exclusive about having (ie not “owning”) an Amex card. Anyone can get one, even those with bad credit or no credit like the hoodrats you are obviously used to communicating with.

      • Meme October 5, 2017

        @jasmine your comment says otherwise. If you knew anything about how Amex work you wouldn’t understand why it made complete sense you allow someone like Iggy go 250k over her limit. That is Amex competitive advantage. Also Iggy at point had a steady surplus of income. How the f they would have predicted she would end up like this?

        1. You’re dumb.
        2. I don’t need to spell correctly to impress no h** on this blog. Check my credentials and dem diplomas though.
        3. AMEXcards are still very much exclusive. Surely scums like you can get the low tier cards but their high end cards is still the card of choice for the rich.
        Bye h**

      • Jasmine October 5, 2017

        Girl you are clearly backpedaling now! You tried to come for me for no reason at all so I had to check you. Period. I am not scum and I certainly do not have any “low tier” credit cards. I pay a hefty annual fee just to enjoy the travel benefits and perks that come with my particular Amex card. There is nothing exclusive about that though! You just want to project that I am on your level to make yourself feel better about your own insecurities and stupidity. At the end of the day, we are all just human beings so get over your FAKE superiority complex.

        My question to you is why you felt the need to try and come for me in the first place? I usually like all of your comments and I’m surprised that you would want to come for me but this dialogue is over now. Just like you don’t tolerate people talking down to you what makes you think I have tolerance for people talking down to me? I’m no punk.

      • Meme October 5, 2017

        @jasmine. My initial response to your comment wasn’t meant to come at you so I was blind sided by you throwing jabs at me. I usual like and agree with your post as well, so when I saw you long response talking down to me, I responded accordingly. My appologies.

  3. Cory Wynne October 5, 2017

    But why the f*** they let go 5xs past her limit

    • Meme October 5, 2017

      Omg ppl. That’s how Amex cards work. That’s why Amex don’t give any and everybody their cards.

      • Jasmine October 5, 2017

        @Meme That is an incorrect hooklike mentality to value having an Amex card is something exclusive. ANYONE can get an Amex card, even those with bad credit or no credit. Furthermore, that is NOT how Amex works at all. How about you try spending 200K on your Amex and see if you are able to? I doubt that you will be successful dear. I used to like some of your comments but lately all of your comments are idiotic, b|tchy, and nonsensical.

      • Meme October 5, 2017

        @jasmine Bish you sound so dumb. Amex has different card for different tiers. Clearly my card will not allow me to go 200k over my limit but I surely can make a purchase of 15k on my 5k limit card. I know because I’ve done that with the understanding that the balance over my limit would be due in its entirety the next month. It’s common for someone with income structure like an entertainer to do use Amex in this way because they are usual paid in large chunks rather than salary like a commoner.

        And lastly, no you can not get a Amex with no credit or bad credit. Unless you are referring to a secured credit card which I highly doubt Amex has.

      • Jasmine October 5, 2017

        Girl get over your fake superiority complex. You just admitted that you are low-budget in your own words (not mine) so why are you pretending like you know how celebrities get paid and that people that are not celebrities only get paid a “salary like a commoner.” That is the most retarded nonsense I have ever read and only a stupid person that is celebrity-obsessed would think like that because those type of people put celebrities on a pedestool. I have had some celebrities move in my neighborhood but they rent while I own my home. Celebrities are just regular people like you and me. If someone gets their money in chunks verses weekly that does not make them a better person nor does it mean they have more money than your “commonor” business people who get money weekly. In most cases, the successful business people have more money and assets than your fly by night celebrities that have to rent homes and lease cars because they do not have the liquid money to buy outright expensive purchases.

        Furthermore, yes Amex does give credit cards to people with bad credit and no credit. My gardner has 2 Amex cards, one personal and one business, and he is not even a US citizen and has no paperwork. Next time fact check b|tch and QUIT with the idiotic assumptions and pathetically trying to come for Jasmine.

  4. China October 5, 2017

    She balling on a budget

  5. boomkack123 October 5, 2017

    They hiring at my job Iggz, I’ll have HR pull your resume if you want…

  6. Faf October 5, 2017

    This is literally sad she was on top of the world

    Cardi be careful

  7. Fancy BISH October 5, 2017

    Iggy, keep ya head up sis lol

  8. YEAKELLY October 5, 2017

    Lol does no one, including the writers of this blog, understand how Amex works? She went well over the limit, therefore stipulations will be imposed, ie u have a set amount of days to pay that surplus amount u spent. If u don’t pay it, they come after u. They are only suing and going to the media because they need to make an example of someone. Who’s the easy target? Y’all are so simple.

  9. WhiteNigga101 October 6, 2017


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