Mariah Carey Learns Of Vegas Attack…On Live TV

Published: Monday 2nd Oct 2017 by David

The Pop icon Mariah Carey has shared her thoughts and prayers by those affected by the cruel and cowardly Las Vegas shooting on live television.

How and why?

Details below…

Carey was scheduled to appear on the British breakfast show ‘Good Morning Britain’ via a live feed from her home in Beverly Hills.

The point and purpose of her appearance? To promote her forthcoming Christmas shows in the market.

Alas, news of the shooting broke while she was on air forcing the icon to react to the horrific news on live television.

The interview was then cut short to direct viewers’ attention to the crime scene.

Unfortunately, viewers who were unaware that Carey’s interview had started before news of the attack broke, took to social media to criticise ‘Good Morning’.



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  1. Justin October 2, 2017

    A shame that they broke this to her live… And asked her her thoughts on it!

    • 👧 + ✈ = 💀 October 2, 2017

      I think she looks great for a 50 year old woman and she handled that really well.

  2. Beud October 2, 2017

    Oh mariah 😂😂😂

  3. Moe October 2, 2017

    A pig in a sofa talking abt the victims hahahahhah for real?

  4. China October 2, 2017

    Mariah Carey is a public relations nightmare. While yet and still a Legend, a great songwriter and a great vocalist, she is lazy. She continues to give C level performances, and at this state of the game, she should be like Patti, Gladys Knight, Celine Dion – a seasoned performer, STOP WALKING IN SHOES YOU CAN’T WALK IN, LOSE THE DAMN WEIGHT. She has NO real friends in her corner just USERS like Stella (trust me STELLA is probably robbing her blind and making money of side-deals) and her crew (who s** lambs who want backstage passes). MARIAH NEEDS ANTHONY BURRELL to get her ass together. Either get a good PR person like she had back at the EOM era, or sit ya ass down and stop taking LAMBS money with ya b*******. YOU LAZY BISH GET OFF THE SOFA. WORK FOR YOUR MONEY FOR A CHANGE.

  5. Kaz October 2, 2017

    She looks terrible, and fat.

    • Jamie October 2, 2017

      You forgot paid you jealous bytch.

      • ??? October 2, 2017

        lol she’s paid, and?? she’s still terrible and fat lmao.

  6. Tom October 2, 2017

    it was bloody thoughtless of the whole GMB team to do this to Mariah, how could they not tell her before about the attacks, so disrespectful to be put on the spot like that, exactly like the D*** clark incident, unprofessional of them trying to make her look bad, I think Mariah handled it quite well xx

    • Claire October 2, 2017

      What kind of incident? Can you explain

  7. Girlbye October 2, 2017

    y’all trippin and reaching for another reason to shade Mariah.. She was taking the interview from her house, why wouldn’t she be chilling on her sofa? Y’all wanted tears and hysterics from her? Please. lolol

    Also, y’all carry on with the fat shaming. You might think twice when you find out the real tea about her health and mental state…

  8. Oh October 2, 2017

    First of all, why is this a story? One must ask themselves why even write about people criticizing a Pop star and instead of actually focusing on the real tragedy.
    And for those that decide to call mariah lazy but This lady has been running a business for over 25 something years
    She is allowed to be relaxed, lazy etc. you have no idea or do but choose to believe that celebrity equals super human strength and happiness. I say f*** you and your hypocrisy

    • Girlbye October 2, 2017

      1000% this is just another tired attempt to drag Mariah for clicks because she’s an easy target.

  9. Dreazy Baby October 2, 2017

    wait?! It’s Christmas?!

  10. Suicide Blonde October 2, 2017

    I’m surprised she looks like this, I mean, it takes time to reach that point, usually arrogant people like her care about their looks, her neck has literally disappeared, or maybe she suffers from Thyroid. Anyway, she always find herself in these awkward situations, I blame her team and her over-the-top Diva attitude.

    • Jasmine October 2, 2017

      Your mama is missing all her teeth and your face looks like a b*** covered with [email protected] warts and you have the nerve to criticize Mariah’s looks.

  11. ??? October 2, 2017

    lol sorry but i LOL’d at that tweet cuz its exactly something that mariah would do lmao.

  12. JOHNVIDAL October 2, 2017

    Hmm how is this her fault or where did she act wrong? Are you guys stupid?
    About her body… she is 50 years old. Her face is “finally” starting to crack. Didn´t any other people faces crack at 50 including Madonna´s? And most cracked sooner.. I don´t like the way she yo-yo-es with her weight because that cannot be healthy. But I cannot judge. It just annoys me because I know that most people can improve their healths with the right info. But she probably has a tendency to gaign weight and it´s very difficult for her to lose it. Plus who knows what issues someone of a certain age might be facing. Mariah lazy? A survivor from the music industry when the music industry was HUGE… lazy? A person taht still to this day doesn´t stop at any point of the year pretty much? That´s crazy. Say another thing, but lazy cannot be one.

  13. WRTW? October 2, 2017


  14. WRTW? October 2, 2017

    she’s liking more and more like santa Claus everyday

  15. Rick October 2, 2017

    I’m don’t understand what was wrong about this. They broke the tragic news to her on the spot and asked her thoughts without even enough time or details for her to process. People’s opinions and stupidity are what instigates tragedies like this. Hateful people want to make it about her instead of what’s really important.

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