Sam Smith Reveals That He Does Not Identify As A Cisgender Man

Published: Sunday 22nd Oct 2017 by David

Sam Smith, the Brit-Pop superstar behind a number of the last decade’s greatest hits, has revealed that he does not identify as a cisgender man.

His major announcement below…

Smith revealed the news in an interview with ‘The Sunday Times’.

Smith replied “No” when asked if he feels like a cisgender man. “I don’t know what the title would be, but I feel just as much woman as I am man,” he elaborated.

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter also discusses his love of dressing in drag, revealing that he hits up the Australian drag shop House of Priscilla whenever he’s in Sydney. “Oh, my god, I just buy everything—heels, dresses,” he says. “We have a great time.”


“People don’t know this, but when I was 17, I remember becoming obsessed with Boy George and Marilyn,” Smith continues. “There was one moment in my life when I didn’t own a piece of male clothing, really.”

“I would wear full makeup every day at school—eyelashes, leggings with Dr Martens and huge fur coats, for two and a half years. I got teased a lot for it. But there were also people respecting me for walking around like that in my school.”


What do you make of the news?

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  1. Kel October 22, 2017

    Jesus can renew our mind, heal every hurt and mend every broken piece. Seek him and find.

    • MUSICHEAD October 22, 2017

      Won’t he do it!

      • Kel October 22, 2017


    • Cbeylive October 22, 2017

      You realize that the letter “Jesus” predates the letter J which didn’t come around until a few hundred years ago. So that’s not his real name

      • Cbeylive October 22, 2017

        I mean the name Jesus

      • Kel October 22, 2017

        With all due respect. with however the real name was pronounced in this English language that’s what it translates to. If that’s the case then nothing that we are calling on this earth in English is its real name.

    • Caleb October 22, 2017

      That has what to do with this blog post? He didn’t say he was hurt or broken.

    • Metzo October 22, 2017

      I 100% agree

  2. XYZ October 22, 2017

    Damn, though being gay by myself I have to admit – they get so on my f****** nerves with this cis pan whatever gender/sexuality…

  3. Suicide Blonde October 22, 2017

    I will never understand why some Gay men think that being attracted to the same s** means that they should feel closer to women than to fellow straight men. Homoxesuality on males does not equal femininity.

    • Cbeylive October 22, 2017

      You do realize that straight people put that out there….

    • Carlitos October 22, 2017

      That’s what they feel close and comfortable with. I don’t fully understand it myself, but who am I to judge?

    • Music October 22, 2017

      I don’t think fem. guys think,”I’m gay, so I must act like a female.” I think people are just doing whatever makes them feel their authentic self. Some are masc., some fem. and some in-between.

      • DanYiel Iman October 22, 2017

        My thoughts exactly the straight mind will never understand…

  4. Fancy BISH October 22, 2017

    He’s 6 foot 2, so you can about imagine that he had that whole school shook walking down the hallway in fur coats, Dr Martens and full would have to be a damn fool to mess with somebody that fearless lol..Sam looks like he will throw a damn trash can at your asss if you get him mad enough lol

  5. Tori October 22, 2017

    …I didn’t even now that was a word. I’ve grown up around gay people, men and women, and never heard of this before.

    • XYZ October 22, 2017

      Cause it‘s some new kind of s***

  6. MUSICHEAD October 22, 2017

    Jesus take the wheel

  7. BEYONCE & RIHANNA October 22, 2017

    Respect to all gay men and every sexuality he is heading towards destruction this is all Hollywood not all can handle it.

  8. THEQUENNA October 22, 2017

    When been gay can’t help in record sells, now she is will to say or do anything to get hype on his boring musics . Sell out queen

  9. HurryNM4 October 22, 2017

    So he trying to come for Adele in more ways than 1

  10. Jasmine October 22, 2017

    He will never know what it feels like to have periods or give birth or have a natural female intention. Period. Men that want to be women only know the dressing up in heels and dreses part but nothing about what it really feels like to be a woman.

  11. Musika October 22, 2017

    In simple terms, he’s a ‘girly gay’. The cis-gender ones are the gays who still like masculine things (eg. gym, sports, clothes, etc) or lesbians that are still lady-like(eg. dresses, make-up, heels).

  12. just sayin October 23, 2017

    this seems very opportunistic of him to say. I don’t know that believe him.

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