Update: Las Vegas Death Toll Rises To 59 / 527 People Injured

Published: Wednesday 4th Oct 2017 by David

At least 59 people have died following Stephen Paddock’s vicious assault in Las Vegas this week.

Horrible news below…

The death toll rose as details on the cowardly murderer’s life surfaces prompting questions about his motivation for opening fire at innocent civilians who had been enjoying a Jason Aldean concert.

At least 527 people have been injured.

Why so many? When Paddock opened fire the chaos caused a stampede which saw many people trampled by fellow concert goers who were desperate to seek safety.


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  1. Suicide Blonde October 4, 2017

    Tragedies like these are the reason why the US should ban guns.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 4, 2017

      Some of them will never understand it.

      • Suicide Blonde October 4, 2017

        Unfortunately not.

  2. SayWhat? October 4, 2017

    At least he shot up country music loving, gun trotting republicans. They love guns, they die by them, they won’t change anything. I wonder when the next shooting will be. I’m always here for an hashtag

    • Suicide Blonde October 4, 2017

      What a disgusting thing to say.

  3. Honestly Truly October 4, 2017

    White men are dangerous

    • Suicide Blonde October 4, 2017

      Oh yeah, that’s why white countries are among/if not the safest countries in the world, why won’t you go to live in Nigeria or Saudi Arabia?

      • Bish in Africa October 4, 2017

        Nigeria is actually safe… I can go to concerts and roam the road of Lagos freely without having a thought of being shot…. Get your facts right you nasty pervert

      • truthteller October 4, 2017

        Since when is Saudi Arabia a dangerous country? Oh yes, it’s full of Arabs and so it must be dangerous (eye roll)

  4. Ashanti #1 Fan October 4, 2017

    He couldn’t have been the only shooter I refused to be that

  5. DanYiel Iman October 4, 2017

    Well that’s what happens in Amerikkka!!

  6. 4U2See October 4, 2017

    The demonic spirit that got into him to shoot innocent people at a country music awards is pure evil of satan’s worship. I’ve read he may attempted Chance the Rapper and Lorde festival in Vegas beforehand, “Life is Beautiful”. But couldn’t conjure the nerve because of the words: Chance, Lord, Life, Beautiful made him not obey his wicked scheme. God bless everyone!!!!!

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