Tamar Braxton Breaks Silence On Divorce In Lengthy Open Letter

Published: Wednesday 8th Nov 2017 by Sam

In the time since news hit that Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert had split, many have weighed in – including the singer‘s family.

However, the 40-year-old belter has been notable in her silence.

Until now.

Taking to social media, the star opened up about her imminent divorce – insisting that, contrary to suggestion from some, the break-up is not a promotional move. It’s legit.

Head below where Ms. Braxton does candid like never before…

Via Tamar Braxton:

Thank God this is HIS purpose..yes I just dropped #bluebirdofhappiness &Tamar &Vince is coming back on Thursday but on GOD this has NOTHING to do with ME or a JOB!!.here is the thing,& MY don’t have to like me & while I’m woke,I can see that most of you don’t now..even when you did.🤔something has changed w/her..but it’s ok, because I don’t..well,didn’t like me either.I told myself I would do whatever it took to keep my family together,to see a smile on someone who has seen us smile on their face hoping we could offer them hope,faith,Love& dignity that I once possessed.

But the truth is all of those things are NOT within the marriage of Tamar & Vince🤦🏽‍♀️ least not anymore.married people who are reading will know what I mean.Sometimes we stay”married”for face value or to say”we did it”🙌🏾but the truth couldn’t be more broken &further apart than we are NOW!..even on an anniversary! You can say he did this,she did that,I put up with”this”& I’ve suffered & endured”this”for so long..but the TRUTH is that this was your choice2 stay🙇🏽‍♀️we get so caught up in WE are”winning”in love that we are LOSING a battle that doesn’t have ANYTHING 2 do with us!

I decided I didn’t want to be married for the sake of saying so.I wanted to have a relationship.Someone to share my/our dreams,our successes, our failures,our past,present & future with..& not finding out shit online🤦🏽‍♀️..some of us 🙋🏽have been have been living a LIE!..& sometimes when things R shared,what’s NOT being surfaced is that he has one or several girlfriends,or she’s never home,or he’s very general when he speaks,or “this doesn’t sound like him”🤔 or he’s so busy lately!!.etc.etc..u have to think to yourself?When is enough enough? Is it ok that he checks up on u when his phone(s) R stuck to him like glue?Is it ok that his friends are HIS friends but my friends are “our” friends? Or, we fight but that’s “passion”❌ let’s get deep for a second..we can argue & u can tell me to gtf out of “your”house when I’m the house of cards?None of this is ok..& while I’m not pushing anyone out of the door..I’m just telling you what has pushed me out of mine!That LAST time was the LAST time🙏🏽

We wish her the best.

Your thoughts?

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  1. RoyalKev November 8, 2017

    Wow, I don’t know what to say! I feel really bad for both of them if this is real! I was convinced that this was all a stunt, but I would think that Tamar have enough sense to not curse her marriage and toy around with it (for success and a little attention)! I wish her luck!

  2. DanYiel Iman November 8, 2017

    I’m sorry that I’m sorry because she shitted on all of her sisters marriages & now be cool for hers?!!🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Taffy November 8, 2017


  3. Meme November 8, 2017

    Yeah but who dat in the picture tho? Ciara?

    • Li-Li November 8, 2017

      Bwwwwwwaahaha!!!!! I was totally thinking the same thing….

  4. Achooo! November 8, 2017

    If you watch the Braxton Family Values and Vince/Tamar show this divorce is not a surprise. Vince is a emotional, verbal, psychological and physical abuser. They were bad for each other with Tamar mouth and Vince reaction to it. I believe her family intervene and have Tamar an ultimatum. Everybody uses each other in the marriage and utilize the cost benefit analysis. Once the well dry it’s time to bounce especially when one is a abuser. Tamar chose life!

    • Dehra November 8, 2017

      Im glad somebody else saw it. I kept thinking I was crazy. Dont get me wrong she does have a mouth….but the way he talkes to her and how he ALWAYS had to be with her when ever she went anywhere…..that got under my skin

      • Velda November 8, 2017

        Yep I saw how cold he could be towards her….She mouthy but he wrong for abusing her emotionally and physically.

      • Sharon November 8, 2017


  5. Kaz November 8, 2017

    Tamar’s real, and I respect that. I knew it wasn’t a publicity stunt, especially w/ her sisters & mother speaking out about Vince, & his ABUSE…& Towanda saying there’s been more than one “incidents”, & that he has been covering things up. And Tamar’s mom flatly saying he needs to keep his HANDS off her daughter & she doesn’t want him to hurt or kill her. They were all very blunt & forthcoming, not holding back. Just reassured me of the seriousness of the situation. Sad! Honestly thought VINCE wasn’t & couldn’t be “THAT” type of guy…but I guess the quiet ones that SEEM like “nice guys” usually tend to be the ones that will FOOL the hell out of you, & be totally different behind closed doors! SMDH. I’m glad Tamar finally woke up and LEFT, & decided to stop putting on false fronts for the camera for the sake of show, & for being a role model couple for other married couples, trying to hold on to a marriage that ultimately just wasn’t good, or meant to last. She said fukk the career fukk the high lifestyle fukk the money fukk the big house fukk the tv show with him fukk the anniversary coming up…I need to leave. #Respect. Takes a lot for a woman to wake up & leave a situation like that, & many don’t, or don’t make it out. Especially when money & celebrity & big lifestyle they were living are factors. Can’t wait till her first interview on the situation. Or maybe she’ll save that for when her own talkshow debuts. She should write a book. THE LAST TIME WAS THE LAST TIME.

    • Monique A Frey-Jackson November 8, 2017

      Tamar, u r a gift from God, u r your parents child an amazing child of theirs…, be free…we support you…breathe my sista…breathe..

    • Mika November 8, 2017

      Yes I was in a simular situation the last time was the last time EVERYBODY thought my ex was so quit but the slowly start seeing the things for what it was I had to come to grips with myself and life do I want to be here for my grandbabies and my children I had to save my life by saying I’m done a mean it I thank God for the peace he has brought me and I thank God that Tamar will be at peace for the sake of her and Logan may God Bless her and her family and give her the strength to be a blessing in someone else’s life to wake up

    • Kim November 8, 2017

      Tamar I sorry you are going though this. I will pray for you and Vince. I do understand what you are going though. I may not have the fame and money. But people with wealth have the same problem.
      I was with my husband for 16 years. And I never thought in my wildest dream he would have done the things he has done. He never hit me. But he was verbally and emotionally abusive. It all started around the 11th year of our marriage. He started comparing me to other women and how they were shape, etc. But I’m like I’m not fat I have a nice shape. But I gain 10 pounds to much to him. It went from that to cheating making me feel like it was my fault. But I was still trying to make it work. The last year I started to get depress, didn’t want to live, didnt sleep or eat. I was a mess because his words were so hurtful. But I stilled loved him until one day he said I wish you were dead. I knew than it was time to go. No matter how much I loved him and no matter how much I wanted to work it was time to go. Now a year later I have a peace of mind, happy, enjoying life and no one to break my spirit. I have God in my life.

      • Evonne Butler November 8, 2017

        Yes good for you in your case it was time to let it go girl

  6. Marrian November 8, 2017

    Be strong only you know what you could take. Do your part and God will do the rest. You are a great singer I love all your music.

  7. Trenell November 8, 2017

    I am glad she was strong enough to leave. I wish her many blessings. Keep your head up Tamar, you will get through this.

  8. Patricia Thomas November 8, 2017

    Tamar ur bit much. Ur personality is loud. Something’s should be kept private(relationships). U think the world is centered around you.example: no wanting a child because u may lose ur figure. Personally motherhood looks good on u & u still have ur figure. I’m just saying.

    • Jacqueline Reeves November 8, 2017

      Couldn’t agree more and I say this from space of love for the Braxton we shall not pretend that Tamar is all quiet and innocent, and she may provoke. She has been in plenty of toxic relationships and maybe we have to look at why someone mistreated her or hits her.. when a woman thinks it’s okay to all loud and jump into a man face and throw shade just as well as he does don’t expect a MAN to not call back.. I have done son and some girls I tell my son your hands are bisexual if I woman hits you first or pops off knock her out more of this men shouldn’t hit women b*******.

      • Brian November 8, 2017

        No. No. Not to tell you that you living wrong but you are. If a man walk up to you and punch you in Yo mouth for talking crazy, you’ll have a fit. So why would you train your son to disrespect another woman? Tamar’s mouth didn’t get her hit. As an adult and a MAN, he should have self control against a woman if she talking loud and harsh. There’s no reason on earth for him to ever put hands on her unless she hit him and she’s not dumb enough to hit him.

      • Linda November 8, 2017

        I tend to disagree with you. I don’t care about how someone runs off at the mouth and talk s***, when some of us are Angry that’s what we do! That does not give a man a free pass to abuse a woman! Vince always seemed like that type to me, that would put his hands on a woman. I can truly say that I am so proud of Tamar and her courage to walk away.I was in an abusive relationship and I finally found the courage to leave! I am 64yrs old and can finally breathe! Found my Freedom! Finally living my Life! Thank You God!!!😄

      • Sha November 8, 2017

        You sound so ignorant, and very
        unintelligent, just foolish I can’t stand judgemental people like, you. Until u been in this situation you will never get it, you are a bad example to teach those kids that,when they end up dead, or in jail blame your self.

      • Reese November 8, 2017

        INSTEAD OF TEACHING THEM VIOLENCE Y DONT U TEACH THEM TO WALK AWAY AND GET OUT AND/OR DONT BE INVOLVED IN RELATIONSHIPS WHERE THEY FEEL LIKE THEY HAVE TO HIT ON SOMEONE MALE OR FEMALE I don’t know if you said these vile words for shock value or you truly feel that way but wtf my dude!? Also how the hell do you know how many relationships she been in? She is 40 and was married for a number of years so again wtf! Look keep your damn hands to yourself both genders. Women shouldn’t believe that can go crazy up in a man face or whatever & then be astonished when he go crazy back you can’t expect all men to know better. ” like a box of chocolates “😉 however in a relationship this is your woman why would you even.

  9. Carmen November 8, 2017

    Tamar you don’t have to explain your personal life to anyone. That is your business, not social media…. that’s what is wrong with this world today! Noisy
    Good luck my sister!

  10. Catt November 8, 2017

    My prayers are with you peace of mind

  11. Latoya Winslow November 8, 2017

    Nobody knows what was happening being close doors. I wish them both the best.

    • Melval November 8, 2017

      I said the same thing however we know what a marking be like because she was real from day one whether we like it or not but then that’s a whole nother story I’ve always been suspicious of those who are extremely quiet. I’m not impressed at all with that b***s***!!

    • Defonda40 November 8, 2017

      Now I totally agree with that.

  12. Priscilla Walker Miles November 8, 2017

    Hello Tamar. I Priscilla can understand your letter as if I wrote it. I feel that I lived this marriage. The only difference is that you all are famous and rich. I have nothing but I have my dignity and peace of mine. I can’t imagine you trying to hold all things together for others to say, her life is great. A man has to be humble and not controlling, a man has to share his life with his wife, not hiding friends or information, a man should realize his queen that he married and keep her pedestal first, always before everyone but God, a man should continue to love more and search for special, wonderful heart felt warmth in actions and words. Give and take should come natural and it’s resources should never run dry. Tamar it’s not that people didn’t or don’t like you, people couldn’t see you anymore, your heart showed up on your face face, in your words, and your eyes lost their bright light. I know cause I too got lost, while trying to live. Don’t worry about people. You are strong, beautiful, out spoken, smart and a smattering elect, warm or cold as you need at the time. You have talent, and your families love. People fear women like you, like me. Tamar never give up or be down on yourself. Stand strong. Oh it’s ok to fall apart, cry in pain, make mistakes, but get it together no matter how many times you have to be the big girl, again and again. You did that, you are successful, you are strong, you are woman! People will let you down, but the importance of the facts you must remember is that those people make mistakes too. If they lose you, it’s their mistakes. 💟💟💟

    • A November 8, 2017

      I couldn’t have said it best. You nailed it. I too felt her wj en I was reading g her post. It seemed as though I was reading my story. I was controlled, verbally and mentally abused until I woke up. I woke up and left out home and moved into an apartment. I didn’t care about that house I needed peace and to regain who I am. I was lost in who He wanted me to be and to do what he wanted me to do and through all that I hated myself and I was miserable! HE has been trying to get me back ever since I left him 6 mth ago. I do love him but I can’t be controlled again. I live in a city where his family lives and mine is an hour and a half away and I couldn’t go see them, if I did he would have as fit. If we were in my hometown for something he made sure to tell me we not stopping by nobody’s house while we are here. Now I see my mom regularly and my older children and grandchildren and it feels GREAT! I give all praises to God for blessing me with the strength to leave, a place to go and a new career that pays way more then what I had when I was with him. I PRAY that Tamar is able to get back to being her and that she can get back to Atlanta to see her family more because she wanted that so bad!

  13. QueenofCSquad November 8, 2017

    maybe it’s just me but i had a really hard time understanding what she was saying. maybe it was the sentince structure

    • Coco November 8, 2017

      Same here!

    • Tinaggma November 8, 2017

      Spell check does that , you write one thing it assumes you meant another totally.

    • Jenny November 8, 2017

      No it’s not just you same here

    • Jenny November 8, 2017

      Same here

    • Kaz November 8, 2017

      It’s the phone and spellcheck/auto-correct. Phone keyboards will fukk up your sentences & change words or add extra words. Especially if your swiping your text entry fast. That’s why you have to proofread, but most people don’t do that before hitting send or posting because it’s time consuming — it’s a bad habit but it is what it is lol

      • J Christ November 8, 2017

        Then that idiot should have typed her “letter” on a computer. This is just more of the same typical Tamar ignorance. Bih can’t form a complete thought and surely can’t type one.

      • Melval November 8, 2017

        I agree, you think with all the money we spend on these phones that functionality would have fixed with a periodic update. Hummmmm!!!!🤔

    • Deyzz November 8, 2017

      I agree. She should’ve taken her time to write clearly. We do not need to know all, just that she is ok. Penmanship doesn’t exist anymore.

  14. Kimberley Brown November 8, 2017

    As a married mother of two children.married for 17 years now at the age of 47. I honestly can say i have never been a “tv show fan” of Tamaras. Simply some things were foolery..she made me cringe..h
    However,she grew on me. Because I saw a covering on her that she shielded from. I was able to detect a long time into her shows, working..she was covering..I am currently the wife and mother who is often wondering ..My favorite saying for the sake of the great Gladys Night’s song:.Nobody wants to be the first to say goodbye. I am sadden she is dealing and this has become her reality-no pun intended…I am glad however, she is making peace with in. They both are doing the right thing with making it clear of what is needed. Good luck to her ,Vince and blessings to continue and cover their child.

  15. Kasandra November 8, 2017

    Tamar, I love you still as my sister, but honestly your personal business should stay out of social media, people will judge you regardless. Please do you and let the public find there own, they will speculate, lie and even try to hurt you and in the end it is what makes you happy and at peace. Peace and blessings to you and your baby.

    • MB November 8, 2017

      Media won’t hurt her,she’s stone, cold blooded and calculating and it’s OBVIOUS. He seems like an ahole though. It’s all slightly entertain though. PASS THE POPCORN!

  16. Lynda cannon November 8, 2017

    You said everything I said for 28 yrs you are amazing I’m 58 years of age thank you for your courage I’m a SURVIVOR of domestic violence it really took me 28yrs I been safe for the last 4 yrs but the scars are still there every word you said I did my kids our kids our family etc… .. no matter what people think you are my hero love the new album I here the truth easily in music in someway music save my life good luck GOD BLESS

  17. Phoebe November 8, 2017

    Yes she did & now to want sympathy for the same thing she bashed her sisters for. I never like to see things like this happen in any relationship butthings happens & if u not happy & did all that u can do for the relationship, then its time to leave.

  18. Evonne Butler November 8, 2017

    I can see why Vince mauy have been unsecured because he knew from the start she was only with him for a reason and olu for a season.She got what she wanted gave him what he wanted ( sorry lil Vince) and now its over Yes she played that game well.

  19. Kim.Kesha& Pam November 8, 2017

    Tamar and Monica are beefing!

    • Case November 8, 2017

      There aren’t anymore. Tamar apologized, so they’re cool.

      • Case November 8, 2017


  20. Phyllis November 8, 2017

    I hear you Tamar….LOUD and CLEAR… my mantra is BE HAPPY…love GOD FIRST, you second and then you can love others more. The relationship in my opinion..just saying…was not a happy one…too much conflict and fighting ALL of the time…good times lasted a few minutes.. it appeared to me, that you two were not evenly yoked, and were never on one accord…tension all of the time…not judging…it is what it is…BE HAPPY AND DO YOU!!! Sad, for both of you…there is a lot of growing up and attitude adjustments required!

    • J Christ November 8, 2017

      Tamar doesn’t love anyone but herself. The constant in her f*cked up relationships is Tamar. She just doesn’t want to admit that she is the problem. If she gets in relationships with man after man after man and they all can’t stand her then Tamar is the problem not the men. She’s doing and saying stuff to men AND women that would make anyone want to beat her senseless. Either she is consistently picking men that she knows will “abuse” her or she’s turning good men into violent men. Seems she want to be seen as a victim while ignoring that fact that she is constantly victimizing others. I feel not one iota of sympathy.

  21. Evonne Butler November 8, 2017

    I can see why Vince may have been unsecured because he knew from the start she was only with him for a reason and only for a season.She got what she wanted gave him what he wanted ( sorry lil Vince) and now its over Yes she played that game well.

  22. Ronda November 8, 2017

    Divorce is not, The End, it’s the beginning of a new chapter. Your strong, beautiful and talented. Not to mention a child of God. Most most most importantly, FORGIVEN.

  23. Velda November 8, 2017

    Vince what did you do to Tamar? Cheating and abuse, be it physical or emotional is not acceptable!
    Well, she gone for sure…Prayers for yall to be able to co parent that precious baby tho!

  24. Shiz November 8, 2017

    She used him to get her career going. You knew from the beginning that this marrige wouldnt last. She doesnt need him now so now here comes all the bs excuses. She never loved Vince she just used him for what he could do for her period.

  25. Gladys McCray November 8, 2017

    Tamar, I will forever be one of your#1 Fans, Praying nothing but Peace n Happines for You and Logan. Yes , you are so right, People on. The outside looking in never know the pain some marriages go through in silence. God will give you Strengh and see You Through, Much Love For You In Christ Jesus!

    • Melval November 8, 2017

      I agree👍👍👍👍👍👍

  26. nadege Derice November 8, 2017

    I Feel you sister ,only God knows pur future

  27. MB November 8, 2017

    #1)I barely could understand
    wth? she wrote.
    #2) While I give her credit for stating the OBVIOUS, she seems like she REALLY NEEDS SOME MENTAL HELP.
    #3) Wth? she say about staying in the house? she is? Isn’t?
    LASTLY,STOP WITH THE PLASTIC SURGERY PROCEDURES! Your nose is already TOO tapered,and between the botox? and all she’s going through? her expressions look weird,and this pic on here? Looks pornish. I’m not hating!!
    She’s a pretty woman with a lovely voice.,I’d hate to see her start looking too fake/plastic.


    • Mia November 8, 2017

      She moved out and into a condo before she filed. She was just making the point here that he has told her in past arguments to get out of HIS house, which pissed her off because it’s his bad debts that have put them in danger of losing it all. Yes, she has a sloppy way of writing, but that’s just from poor education, and probably an attempt to look cool. As for her appearance here, makeup and airbrushing. Lots of it.

      • Lori November 8, 2017

        Well said and I don’t think you were being shady, just informative

  28. Shawna November 8, 2017

    I agree with you 100% Tamar..stop loving a lie for the sake of pleasing others if you’re not happy. Kudos to you

  29. Adorn November 8, 2017

    What is one’s definition of for better or for worse. Definitely not telling you to put up with nonsense. And this divorce may help the both of you grow up. Because both of you have some issues that needs to change. There is no he or she when married…it’s we. You both are responsible for this failure. look at yourselves that’s the only person you can fix. Tamar I love you. But you talk to much. Learn to listen without being ready to respond. Blessings to both of you.

  30. simone November 8, 2017

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I know you could work into this union. Just protect you and your son. God has you and everything will be okay there might be painful for a while. Just no you are the truth and your music is amazing. Stay strong

  31. Mia November 8, 2017

    It always seemed like a relationship that wasn’t serving either of them in a good way, like it took more work than a marriage should take, and for different reasons than most people’s. Neither of them appears easy to live with, so it was probably destined to fail at some point. Still sad for Logan, and I hope an ugly fight over him doesn’t ensue.

  32. Angela Cansler November 8, 2017

    When a woman is fed up, she is fed up. To me relationships are hard and complicated. It’s damn if you do damn if you don’t. It’s always going to be one partner is doing more. Or the other isn’t doing enough. So Tamar you know what you want. You know how to get it. So just baste your self in Faith of God, Fame &Glory. Tamar you are a strong willed minded woman. You are going to be just fine. God Bless you and your Family.

  33. Jacqueline Arigbede November 8, 2017

    I 💘 love you Tamar. My prayers are with you, Vince, and Logan.

  34. Patricia Dennard November 8, 2017

    I’m rather proud of Tamar! You know when enough is enough and it’s time to move on. You have to be a strong individual to know, accept, and be prepared to do something! Tamar & Vince had their years of marriage, now the marriage has exhausted itself. Tamar is very talented, beautiful, and smart…she will be fine moving forward. She has grown and will continue to grow…she worked hard with dedication towards her career and family. I commend her for that because Tamar has been through a lot as an individual. I have a feeling a lot has been lifted off her shoulders! Spread your wings. God got You!

  35. SHARON VEAL November 8, 2017

    Good for you Tamar!! A lot of women NEVER make that choice to free themselves of abusive relationships. I have found that when your at peace and free of foolishness THATS when you really WIN in life! To hell with the negative comments…. I’m sure there’s plenty but I certainly support you as a woman. We need to stand up and demand our respect… But the thing that really bother me is that we as African American woman, always have to demand it from our African American BROTHAS!! Stay strong Tamar and good luck and watch the doors start flying open!!

  36. Kathy November 8, 2017

    The picture show of life is in constant motion. When one curtain CLOSES another one opens. I read your post about the unhappy trials in your marriage and you better believe a world of women can relate. But known this 95% of all men will try to bend and mold a women into their vision of what their idea mate should be. They have no concept that what they are doing is in effect THE BEGINNING OF THE END. Most of them are immature and do not realize that if they are lucky enough to to meet a woman that possess 80% of the attributes that they seek, THANK GOD FOR her and feel blessed. No one will ever be perfect that has been this earth except JESUS! The only one that can change us is God. We can’t change ourselves without his help. So, men/women when you met someone and they don’t represent all you desire in a mate, and if you can’t accept their imperfections, MOVE ON!
    You will never change them because God did not give you THAT POWER!
    Tamar, please keep moving in the direction your going. Vince had things,
    but he didn’t have the right thing for you, respect for the person you are. He plead, beg, & lie to get you back but he will never change without God’s
    Help. Besides all of the stress is gone out of your face. It is a dark hour in your life but sister the SUN will rise again.

  37. Patricia D. November 8, 2017

    I’m rather proud of Tamar! You know when enough is enough and it’s time to move on. You have to be a strong individual to know, accept, and be prepared to do something! Tamar & Vince had their years of marriage, now the marriage has exhausted itself. Tamar is very talented, beautiful, and smart…she will be fine moving forward. She has grown and will continue to grow…she worked hard with dedication towards her career and family. I commend her for that because Tamar has been through a lot as an individual. I have a feeling a lot has been lifted off her shoulders! Spread your wings. God got You!

  38. Kierra walker November 8, 2017

    Do what you have to do as a woman. Sometimes we forget what make us happy or what made us happy and start doing things just for the sake of the children. Always remember somethings are only here for a season, and if it’s not meant to be it’s for a reason.

  39. Superdhatt November 8, 2017

    A girl has to do what a girl has to do and the best quality desired is happiness and anyone that dare to go after it deserves it.

    • Betsy November 8, 2017

      Absolutely, it takes 2 baby…it takes two!

  40. Adorn November 8, 2017

    Tamar is not a victim there is blame to be considered on both sides. You attract what you are… Look within…

    • Dee November 8, 2017

      That’s not 100% true…I was in a bad relationship and dealt with the verbal abuse. I was/am not one to verbal abuse another person. My issue was I was in need of love/attention and he knew that. He played on my weekness. Yes it was my weekness…childhood experiences play a big part on how you handle adult situations. I was looking for love from another instead of loving myself. He bought me expensive gifts to make up and I stayed thinking that’s love. He’ll apologized and then spoil me and then the cycle started again. No excuses just the truth. I believe Tamar really did love Vince. Yes she’s beautiful and people wonder how he even got with her. Guess’s a lot of that out here. Love has no eyes. I was with a guy that wasn’t so attractive and everyone was like dag second guessing my love for him….I really did love him. The only reason I left after 2.5 years was I finally got tired of the abuse. Not only did he abuse me, he did it in front of all his friends. Not mine because I could never see them, he was always with me and we always did what he wanted…once again love has no eyes…

      • J Christ November 8, 2017

        You confused gifts with love? But you still think that you weren’t part of the problem…SAD. You were abusing yourself, by staying, in exchange for expensive items. Seems like more of a business arrangement than anything else. You were a w****. Doesn’t matter if you’re selling your body for s** or to be used as a punching bag. You traded your mental, emotional, and phsyical health in for expensive gifts. OWN IT!

  41. Mary Jones November 8, 2017

    Tamar Thanks for being true and Real not only to us the people but being real to your self and not pretending will make you a much better and happier person. I am so proud of you. You have a wonderful family the Braxtons and they are there for you. Stay focus and I wish you the best Sister!!!!

    • Melval November 8, 2017

      I agree with your comment I believe she was more of a real person in front of us on set than to herself. We saw some of who she i s and who she could become. She loves her husband and her whole family. They all said she wanted everybody live under One Roof that’s what she remembered as a child she definitely is a brat but too label her with all the other stuff that’s so short sighted of all the individuals that can see that the show would have suffered in Minsterley had she not been what she was she was rated as number one out of all the sisters that people like listening to what tuning into and the show itself was rated as number one in the United States of all reality shows since it aired. Others are simply jealous & really don’t want to be honest about what they wish they had. Jealousy is very sick so I agree with you she was more honest with us than she was to herself and it is time to pay up. So do you Tay, Tay!!!🌹🥀🌴🌳🌺🍀

  42. Nora November 8, 2017

    Pray and keep it moving! I never liked the disrespect that he showed when he spoke to you in anger. The obesity was the outward manifestation of self-hatred. You cannot fully love someone else when you hate yourself. God will send the right person for you, Tamar. I agree with your Mother…

  43. Mona Shade November 8, 2017

    When someone feels you will never leave the disrespect you and try and dim your light so theirs shine brighter. Well like the old saying goes it ain’t no fun when the rabbit has the gun. Locked and loaded. Love when women learn their worth. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Boy bye

    • Melval November 8, 2017

      I said the same thing however we know what a marking be like because she was real from day one whether we like it or not but then that’s a whole nother story I’ve always been suspicious of those who are extremely quiet. I’m not impressed at all with that b***s***!!

  44. Jenny November 8, 2017

    Was she high this double words blank spots just stop please I am praying for you

  45. Sheila November 8, 2017

    It’s very hard living a good GODLY life and extra hard doing it alone alot of us aren’t doing a good job we’re living like animals s** is for only married people and I see so many people get divorce for all kind of reasons but the bible only states one reason you can divorce.People claim they have problems in there marriage and they divorce and all you see is they sleeping with all these different people or even if it’s just one person why won’t you stay with your husband because the same thing he did to you your going to let a man that’s not married to you do the same so why divorce??Tamar I’m truly praying that you can make it work.Vience please get it together you have a son a black son you need to let him see how important it is to treat women with respect,love, compassion,we don’t have many black men that take care of there families and I mean in every way there not that many of you to begin with and it’s sad to say the only positive black man I know was my grandfather and he took complete care of my grandmother I mean in every way I know that this was written on Tamars page but I pray some how your read what I’m saying.Vience PLEASE go get your family make it work ignore the world and do what’s best for your family.Tamar remember the only person that will do what’s right all the time is GOD.You both are in my prayers remember God knows all and see all and knows the best and the ugliest about us all.

    • Jenny November 8, 2017

      Ok you sound crazy like one of the old Baptist church ladies who use to let their husband do whatever I am praying for you wtf

  46. Jeanette Terry November 8, 2017

    Tamar keep your head up. I pray that everything turn out in your favor.

  47. Betsy November 8, 2017

    Sorry for your privileged life and all your narcissistic attitude. You should have proofread your sloppy candor.
    You are a brat jealous of Toni and have been long before Vince came along. You didn’t mind when he was buying you Whatever your spoiled b*** wanted! Stop the drama. It’s over then it’s over. Please don’t make us all say what we are thinking! You used Vince, and when you got to where you pay $15,000 a month for a pad….See ya. Lol

    • J Christ November 8, 2017


  48. C brown November 8, 2017

    Tamara ,go sit urself dn somewhere and get U some help from GOD.

  49. christine4 terry November 8, 2017

    I wish Tamar all the love yourself enough to stay safe.Pray talk to God you don’t own no one nothing.Listern to God and your mother no one else.If he put his hands on you that not love that control. Keep your head up you are a beautiful young lady. I thank God that you are ok.

  50. Blondell Hanks November 8, 2017

    Tamar ,you are doing t
    Tamar ,live,u are doing the right thing ,, marriage is like a investment ,if it don’t. work you have lost all that time that money can’t buy,let this s*** go.🤗

  51. Trina November 8, 2017

    Enough Already. Tamar if you want a devoice get one. This is too much drama for the Big Excape Tour. Nobody wants to be all up in your bussiness like this. You and Vince just anit major news . Girl Pray Humble yourself. Call T.D. Jakes

    • Jacqueline Reeves November 8, 2017

      I’m telling you…. when her sisters husbands were ALL shut bags and Tamar just kept giving her opinion on how to keep a man and husband she didn’t think that karma might be around the corner. Also.. if the sisters and the mother’s knew Vince was “violent” how come the tough Braxton’s didn’t help her out??? Just divorce stop bashing him in the media and get some mental help, you obviously have issues…

      • Dee November 8, 2017

        The person has to want to leave. Can’t nobody make you leave anyone or anything. We all been there aka bad relationships…poor or rich, pretty or ugly…it’s life.

  52. Pat November 8, 2017

    The TRUTH will always set you free. Go live your life Tamar. God is with you. Tamar, you MUST be willing to share custody. You and Vince love Logan. Don’t deny Logan the love of 2 loving parents. Stay strong my sister. Much love.

  53. Shelia Jackson November 8, 2017

    Marriage is between two people that means it take two to stay in it. So only you two people knows what you came endure. It’s sounds to me like it’s over. The number one focus now is the child. He’s not able to talk or take care of his self so as adults you all need to do what’s best for him when deciding his welfare.

  54. Dawn M Starks November 8, 2017

    Prayers for you and your family during this difficult time. There are no real winners. I was you a few years ago. It hurts endlessly. ❤ u Tamar…

  55. Velvet November 8, 2017

    Sorry, to here that marriage is supposed to be forever, However, Tamar being a woman and raised by one of the most down to earth mother YOU KNOW your situation and only you JEHOVAH GOD and VINCE knows what’s best for you and LOGAN. So hang in there baby girl. Do you.

  56. Paula Clements November 8, 2017

    I know how you feel Tamar sometimes you know I know were you are coming from you have to Love GOD first and your family is so Beautiful and mom just saying only you know what you was going on in your family and stay strong you are a child of the almighty God and keep your family first I don’t won’t anything to happen to you Love you BEAUTIFUL Tamar and keep singin g I Love your music And your mom is so he might have hurt you so bad I have had to walk away and GOD has Blessed me so much you just keep your head up and GOD WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU

  57. Caroline Hawkins November 8, 2017

    Saving face for the sake of others in your circle is out kids will still grow others will always girl you but truth never let your heart lie to save face its such a fake look keep it 100See you blissing in happeniss by choice!.

  58. Stephanie November 8, 2017

    Thanks for speaking your truth. It hits home for me. It takes a strong women to pack up and have the strength to leave. Especially, if like my situation someone thinks they made me what I️ am today! Much love Tamar! Your story will help many of us! I’m with u to the end!!!

  59. Audry November 8, 2017

    I like Tamar she has her own personality and that is perfectly fine. No one is perfect in this world. I believe if the marriage don’t work divorce is a right way to go about.

    It is my wish that she pay close attention to what and how she writes it. Her sentence structure are seriously difficult to understand. Be serious Tamar this is not funny. People can not take you serious if you continue to write like this.

    • Kandygirl November 8, 2017


  60. Kennetta Rowell November 8, 2017

    It’s sad to say,both of them had bad attitudes I’m just saying she should of been left and do should he sometimes situations take the best out of someone,but I am happy that she said enough was enough may God bless you both.

  61. Phyllis Whitt November 8, 2017

    I wish you and your baby the very best. Marriage is hard. Even harder when both spouses are in the same business. Stay strong. Depend on God alone.

  62. Christol Daniels November 8, 2017

    Tamar…I know exactly how you feel. Like holding on to nothing…if you are unhappy in any relationship especially with your spouse life can become miserable and mundane. You are to young to be unhappy and life is too short! I don’t care how much money you have…If you’re going to do it…leave while your son is small because as he gets older it is so much harder on all of you. Look at the hurt you and your sisters felt when your parents divorced when you guys were adults …Many blessings my dear sister…On the other side other side of this storm you will experience so much peace and joy…At least you tried and that’s all that matters. Who ever has a problem with it tell them to kiss where the sin don’t shine but the grass grow. BTW, I am a stranger and this isn’t my business…I love ur music and that’s your processional life…but, your personal life especially your marriage should be kept private until it’s over…for ur sanity! Many,Many, blessings to you and yours…dont stop singing it seems like it’s your passion and I’m not sure if I like you because I don’t know but, honey I love your work and haven’t felt like that since MJB😘

  63. rainy November 8, 2017

    God is with you Tamar……..So I’m I

  64. CWalk November 8, 2017

    Hmmm thank God for the blood. Gurl go sing Higher Ground, get a double shot RemyXO and PRESS on the upward way. You will be all right. Yup!

  65. Angela Elliott November 8, 2017

    The best thing u can do for u & ur son u are doing it leaving someone u once loved who u through meant u no hurt is hard but yake from a woman who did it with two kids on her own & found happiness again it can workout u are now free to be the best Tamar Braxton u can be let go & let God may u & Logan be blessed on ur new journey in life together ive been fan since day one & i saw the sign on the show im just glad u choices ur self & Logan & life luv u will support to u end GET UR LIFE BACK

  66. Adele Baker November 8, 2017

    I say putting your life on TV on a reality show is a guarantee for a failed marriage along with getting married for the wrong reasons;one or both having motives. I wish them both well. As in all divorces, the children, in this case, the child suffers the most.

  67. Reeves. November 8, 2017

    Please stop triping.

  68. Msdimples November 8, 2017

    Tamar no one knows what goes on behind close doors and they don’t need too! You handle things the way you allow God to direct you and your life will continue to be Blessed. You will of course be judged but being married over 20 yrs, God is the ultimate judge!!! Love you and may God Bless your entire family😘

  69. Kandygirl November 8, 2017

    I respect anyone for picking up and leaving when they know they need to. It takes strength to leave, it’s so much easier to just stay.

  70. Faf November 8, 2017

    Ok so it was abuse and he was saying he was the one with the check basically


    Well i hope she don’t owe that money !

  71. Faf November 8, 2017

    And the fake part in all this was she was just swearing they were good and it was no side chick while promoting the album

    • Carmen Bass November 8, 2017

      That’s what she said, now things have changed

  72. Kiki November 8, 2017

    Tamar u do what is best for your sanity and the safety of your son and you of course be genuinely happy if you gotta jump ship then get the hell off this mutha,BE HAPPY WITH IN.

  73. Val November 8, 2017

    God bless both of them and there Son

  74. Alicia November 8, 2017

    Tamar, Girl I really hope you give zero attention to those that have a strong opinion on why, and what you chose to do. Who files for a divorce for a publicity stunt, when the marriage is toxic? Especially with a child involved. You owe us nothing! People always think they know what goes on behind other people closed doors. I watched your show(s) saw a natural reaction to your sisters marriages etc. People will always have something to say and an opinion no one needs. As a divorced mother of one son that was the exact age as yours when I divorced. Stay strong, take care if your baby, learn to forgive so that you can be a great co-parent and keep it moving! God bless you and your family!

  75. B Joyce Witherspoon November 8, 2017

    No judgement

  76. Regina Fowler November 8, 2017

    I get it Tamar! But my question is , do you trust God with your marriage, do you trust God to bring you and Vince back to the time when you first met? I understand where you coming from, and I want to walk out of my marriage as well on some days, but God want let me, I really hate to see marraiges fell , especially when you two been together for so long and you share a child, but you have to do what you have to do for yourself , self-freedom is priceless, you are aware that this can affect little Logan, I will hold you up as well as Logan in prayer.

  77. Rosalynn Chitman November 8, 2017

    When a man take a daughter from her dad to be his wife, it should be made clear to him, that he should treat her like a Queen not daddy little princess. It should have been made clear that if the husband could not do this then he should return her to her father. No woman wants less than what a father was already providing, Love first of all, then attention and next provision.

  78. Melval November 8, 2017

    I have nothing but love for Tamar. I knew that a lot of what she did on the show was to reel us in because through it all Tamar financially supports the entire family just as Toni has. Believe it or not she has a beautiful heart and you guys gotta see past the words that are coming out her mouth on stage ok?She really does. It was a business move they took several polls and found that she pulled in the highest ratings when she did the things, when she said the things that we heard and saw on the set, and the show (FBM) itself was number one out of all reality shows and has been in America since it has aired. But when it comes to him notice how silent he was on the show. She and Toni tried like he’ll along with everyone else especially Traci & her man who they claim to not care for. NO VINCENT Herbert is a typical out front quiet person. But behind closed doors he probably said a whole lot more than people hate Tamar for. At least she let you see who she was to make your mind up about her. But closet people like him? He’s bitter, nasty, and a nemesis. His money just simply supports the evil that he is. It’s plain & simple, he’s very jealous, very controlling, even after nursing him back to health from having the clots in his body, after being in a coma and then the mother f***** had a gastric bypass to lose weight. I guess it’s just f****** his head up. He just got a b in control. But, to take to the physical?

  79. cocobutta November 8, 2017

    She probably would have left sooner if it wasn’t her talking down on her sisters relationships/marriages. When you do that then ish hits the fan you’re naturally going to want to save face.

    You could see it on her things were wrong for a long time and he wanted her to be the trophy puppet.

    Well the bluebird can fly now and make another album.

  80. Lisa Owens November 8, 2017

    Hey Tamar
    Hugs & Love
    I Pray That God Give You
    With Whatever How Ever
    The Things May Go With
    You & Your family
    Peace & Blessings

  81. Lolita Mcintyre November 8, 2017

    Good for you! Stay strong , you deserve to be happy for yourself!

  82. Shelia V Harris November 8, 2017

    I feel we are a people just like Tamar and Vince, we all have our own problems with in our lives( marriage) relationships, it is none of our business to voice or even judge about whatever Tamar and Vince is going through, people stay out of OPP , I still love Tamar and Vince whatever their business is, I know they will work it out, be blessed Vince and Tamar, people stay out of their business, clean up your own backyard.

  83. Voncile S Cunningham November 8, 2017

    We as woman has feeling I no because I’m going through same thing only I don’t have money plus I’m handicap my hear is with you Tamara I Pray that God take Care you.

  84. J Christ November 8, 2017

    Tamar needs English 101

    • Kaz November 8, 2017

      No, she just needs a better keyboard with better auto-correct on her phone. Auto-correct fukks up a lot of sentences…changing words to something you didn’t want or mean to type, and such.

    • Pose November 8, 2017

      No excuse for this….she’s a high profile celebrity in the media. We can say don’t judge but basic proof reading is a given, seen as this is going out to the world for all to see. It’s bad representation on her regardless of what she’s saying.

  85. GRS November 8, 2017

    Well l, God bless her for getting the strength to move on. So from what I had read and or heard, her marriage may have been in jeopardy from the day that she let him know that in her past relationship, she was in a abusive one. So that was giving the new man all the ammo and power the do what ever he wanted because she had a lot of weaknesses and insecurities. FYI ladies, never let a man know too much about your last relationship. Cause it can always go against you. You don’t have to let him know you were abused before. You save that info for the police and your Psychaiatrist.

  86. Terri West November 8, 2017

    Tamar sorry to hear about you and Vince getting a divorce that’s no joy in watching a family fall a part my prayers are with you that God will lead and guide you put all your faith in the Lord he want steer you wrong love you my friend I’m just a concern Fan..Terri West.

  87. Mildred l White November 8, 2017

    Vince has never hit her. She not once mentioned that. Tamar is mean loud and cold as ice. She treat her sisters like they are beneath her. She not once admitted Tony paved the way too all of them. She wants out because he was sick of her mess and was going to leave her and.

    • Kaz November 8, 2017

      You live in their household? How can you say that man has never hit her? You don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Her own mother has already said Vince puts his hands on her and her sisters (Towanda, mainly) has basically confirmed the same. Her having a loud mouth doesn’t excuse or justify him putting hands on her. Vince is mean, rude, controlling and abusive. You can see that he was mentally and verbally abusive on their show. He would just try to keep it cute enough for the cameras.

  88. Shellie Tarango November 8, 2017

    Im sorry reading this is cery complicated and make no sense!!

  89. Denise Hill November 8, 2017

    Sorry to hear that, things couldn’t work out between you 2.

  90. Lynette calhoun November 8, 2017

    I’ve been a huge fan of Tamar for years I’m a married woman as well and I know sometimes it is hard but at the end of the day nobody knows your personal struggle I pray that she and Vince continue to be cordial bcuz of their son nothing in life is going to be easy if it’s worth having especially not marriage

  91. Mellisa November 8, 2017

    I am all the way with Tamar and I know exactly how she feel and what she is going through. You can do all that you can to save your marriage, but you can’t do it by yourself. It’s a two way street. No matter what she had a mouth or what, he was very verbal toward her, disrespectful, trust issues,etc. When you try to make your marriage seems perfect, but you are also losing yourself in the process and you are having sleepless nights, constantly crying and asking why & once you had enough of all the BS and your husband telling you multiple of times to get the F**k out, you don’t want to be married anymore, etc. I’m speaking from experience, but they fail to realize that you helped to hold them down, but after I help pay the bills and now you want to show your a** and having your family/ friends bashing your significant other and you are laid back not saying anything, but letting it ride, that just let that person feel like they was just there to pay the bills and just their for s** whenever you wanted and get mad when you can’t operate in the bedroom and tell her that she is the problem, or if she goes out, you constantly calling the phone and she can’t enjoy herself in her day out with the girls, because she has to go home. If he doesn’t answer the phone I’m time or miss your call, she has to be cheating,etc. You get the picture! Then you find yourself being unhappy and if you leave ppl going to be saying this and that about you & you decide to stay some more weeks, months, and it turns into 7 years. Some days are ok, but you are constantly getting verbally abused. So, you say a prayer and ask God to guide you and give you strength, and after you leave that situation/ marriage you can finally breathe again, and he calling to say let’s go counseling, I want you back, etc., but when you suggested counseling years before and you saying I don’t want to or I don’t want anybody in my business…. So you on the other end listening, but you are so over it! Kudos to you Tamar when you said enough is enough! I know that Loggie beans will be just fine, in whatever the court decide God knows, so nobody can’t say that he isn’t love tremendously. Keep your head up Tay- Tay and f**k what they say! Do what is best for you, your sanity and do you and continuously to love your little angel. You have your family/ friends in your corner and your Tamartian friends as well. #Tamartian4lyfe

  92. J Christ November 8, 2017

    While her foolishness is entertaining, in a cringeworthy way, it is also suspect. Does this broad not have a therapist that she could talk to? Have she pissed off all her sisters to the point that they don’t feel comfortable listening to her or giving advice?

    So weird that she puts all her business on social media and then claims that it’s not a publicity stunt. If it’s not for publicity then why is she doing it in PUBLIC??? Her attitude is bad enough. Then she proceeds to display her illiteracy. Tamar is impossible to stomach as is yet she insists on making herself look like even more of a fool by doing dumb s*** like this.

    Those girls need to kick her off their tour because this kind of behavior is so pathetic it’s going to drive their ticket sales down. I support NOTHING that she does. She only makes good things become classless and trashy.

    • Kaz November 8, 2017

      Um, hello, they have a PUBLIC reality show about their life and marriage. Of course it and their divorce would BECOME public. And they would have to address it, in public. Because of them being very public figures with a hit reality show ABOUT THEIR MARRIAGE. And kick her off the tour because she’s going through a public divorce?? Lmao, you sound stupid. Tiny from Xscape is also going through a very public divorce and drama with her husband, as well as public feuds with Tamar and Tiny’s mom getting involved for added drama so I guess she needs to be kicked off the tour, too? Lol.

    • Kaz November 8, 2017

      And furthermore this open letter is not drama or negative, it’s her speaking HER TRUTH about her failed marriage and why it ended. Everyone has been talking and reporting about it so why can’t she speak on her own behalf? She was being real and just saying her truth about the situation. Calm you a** down and stop hating.

  93. Ann Marie Wedgeworth November 8, 2017

    I don’t understand why you felt like people needed to know what goes on in your personal life. Other than family it’s nobody’s business. If the end result puts you in a better place…DO YOU!!! If people don’t want to hear your music they need to mind there business and keep it moving. Keep doing WHAT YOU NEED TO DO.

  94. Sharon Johnson November 8, 2017

    As my divorce finalize this year no one knows how hard a woman fights for her marriage mentally it is hard when you thought you married a man that holds TRUTH to his Vows and trying to hold on to something that only one cherish is like death.

  95. Kimlyn Dawson November 8, 2017

    I love you baby! You have made me laugh, and cry. I am very proud of you. You are a strong young queen and the elders are proud. You have to do you baby. At the end of the day what we think of you doesn’t matter. You are the only one who “Knows” and what I Know is that any decision you make you are going to meet judgement along the way. You can’t entertain it. At the real end of the day it’s all about you. Keep smiling, stay beautiful, smart and funny because after this you are going to continue to grow phenomenally!!!! I can’t wait to see the free you. Speaking abindant life, balance and love for you and yours. Ps. So so proud of you!!!!

    • Kimlyn Dawson November 8, 2017


  96. toni allen November 8, 2017

    The best thing to do is expose the devil. Not calling vince a devil but the sctions are like so. HE WASN’T FAT for any reason. He had issues and they probably were covered up by weight. Now he cant eat and his personality is coming forward. Pray. And know that. Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. Who cares what ppl think.

  97. Funny November 8, 2017

    A lot of times women don’t leave it until she has children particularly a son. A mother never wants her son to see her be disrespected or want her don to thinks it’s ok to treat women badly. When a woman is fed up then she will say, it’s the last time and mean it’s the last time. No amount of money can buy happiness.

  98. Rhey November 8, 2017

    Although I am soooooo sorry to hear about anyone’s marriage breaking up and as much as I loved the relationship I saw on TV. That’s your business public figure or not marriage is sacred girl u fo u and Vince do Vince I pray y’all fix it and stay together but if not God bless u both and that Lil Man and move on being the best parents u can be. Done I’m out of ya business!!!!! Love ya Ta Ta

  99. Arnisha November 8, 2017

    I been knew that he was not who he portrayed himself to be🙄 I always thought that when she was speaking on the real about past abusive relationships that she was referring to Vince. I remember seeing on the show how he violently whispered to watch her mouth and it gave me chills because even though she is mouthy you could see the fear in her eyes. I hope that you can finally have peace now that you no longer have to put on a act for the judging world.

  100. R williams November 8, 2017

    I can definitely relate I was in a relationship with some of or not most the same issues and the person did most of all that Tamar has spoken on and it’s was always about there friends and then them and never the relationship but I am a firm believer that a dog has his or her day and god will make place that person at your feet when it’s all said and done cause what’s done in the dark will surface to the light we may seem weak at a time during it all as if we was wrong but when reality sat in your strength will rise and nothing no do say or did will touch you and you will be the one laughing in the end with a smile like nobody’s business..

  101. Happyboo! November 8, 2017

    Tamar knew what she was doing when she had that baby, she was securing her some good ole future child support payments. You could tell Vince was not interested a lot of times he would look at her like she made him itch on BFV. I hope she is happy now after this all blows over. Good Luck with your career! Keep ya head up Tamar!

  102. Ella Gordon November 8, 2017

    When u have had enough, then it’s time to go. GOOD LUCK on ur journey

  103. Dee Here November 8, 2017

    What did you say?

  104. Connie whitfield November 8, 2017

    Happy for you Tay Tay y

  105. Angela November 8, 2017

    If he can’t love you like you need to be loved, or if he needs more love from another…. BYE, SO LONG, please get your keys and be gone…
    I just made a song for you!!!!

  106. Tweety November 8, 2017

    Marriage is suppose to be forever. You are a whole hand full just from watching you on tv. I’m sure you both can figure out how to get back to the love you both had. I’m married and I have told my husband to get out of my house several times. Give it to God because doesn’t like divorces. From what I seen on tv he treated you very good. You should be the one to break the cycle of all the Braxton’s getting a divorce. Your the youngest and the most difficult one of them all. You have no filter. I am a big fan of your music and your siblings. Although Toni is my favorite then your crazy b***. I hope that y’all can work it out like Tiny and T. I.
    People will think that you used him to get ya career started and now that it is you don’t need him his. Best wishes to the both my d you and for your adorable son

  107. Joyce November 8, 2017

    May God Bless you and your Child on your New Journey.🙏

  108. Tatanisha November 8, 2017

    Go head Tamar preach the truth say no more the truth can never be a threat. Love u sister in christ.

  109. Andrea Dorsey November 8, 2017

    I had no idea that Tamar and Vince wete going thru this I do believe a persin has to do what they have to do to save there self from any harm.

  110. Rhonda Harris November 8, 2017

    No one knows what goes on in a marriage truly but the individuals themselves. In this time of turbulence I pray for their peace and health and all actions taken and to be taken, that will get them there expeditiously. God bless!

  111. Ga peach November 8, 2017

    Tamar let me reflect…. You owe no one any explanations but…..since you are a celebrity and a public figure you have to address the world, not that you are required to, but you have to, because social media, reality TV and paparazzi are beasts. Stand in your truths, trust God and be a courageous woman. People must realize that you can’t believe everything you read, hear and see, there are two sides to every situation, and each person is in defense against the other. I pray that God direct you and Vince’s hearts. Keep Logan in view.

  112. Desiree November 8, 2017

    My mother once told me something that was so true. At the time I didn’t understand it but now I do. “People don’t change…but addresses do. It really all comes down to self worth. So many ppl will settle for so little. God did NOT put u on this earth to be unhappy. That is all by choice. An I always tell ppl. Choice is the ugliest word in the dictionary. Everything in ur life happens by choice. Some ppl stay in relationships that were over years ago. But no one is adult enough or have enough respect for one another to end it. What happens to us in life is by choice. It’s by choice if u allow someone to take u for granted an to verbally or physically abuse u. When u make the decision to walk out from that it is then called self growth.

  113. Patricia November 8, 2017

    Tamar…I love you and support you 100%. You are so worthy of better. Vince season has come to a end with you. However, the both of you were blessed with a beautiful son through it all.

    Women will stay in a situation because they are worried about what others may say. Ladies don’t give a [email protected]& about what others say. Sweetie you have that amazing son to live for. You are too beautiful of a person to continue to endure what you have in the past.

    I am proud of your strength and determination. You are truly a strong lady. MANY have tried to break you and are so pissed they did not succeed.

    Stay strong and continue to be determined.

    Be blessed and much love.

  114. Selinah November 8, 2017

    My father used to say to me , my daughter when u start to not miss your old self when u are in a marriage know that someone is with him . When I start covering his dirty laundry to your family know that it has come to an end . When you see yourself not missing him it is time to close the doors behind u and open your own self

  115. Beverly Cravatt November 8, 2017

    Just a quick note 85% of Domestic Violence Abuse are women. African American Women Are Abused 35% More than white women.Black Women only make up 13% of United States but comprise about half of female homicide victims.So Think About The Stats And Please Research Before You Begin To Comment…No Woman Deserves To Be Hit…Domestic Violence Is A Epidemic So In Standin….Stand Up And Speak Out.. I Am A Survivor Of Domestic Violence…But So Many Of Us Were Not…So Im Speaking As A Woman Not As A Fan…Domestic Violence Kills…Please Take A Stand And Speak Up And Speak Out!!!

  116. Lulu November 8, 2017

    Tamar, May the Lord Bless both on the direction that you need to take, you are very talented, God gave you different gifts and Vincent have different gifts, don’t let no one physically or mentally abuse you. You are a get up and go, motivation young lady full of joy, never let no one take that away, May the Good Lord Bless you, your son is so handsome LULU

  117. Audrey white-Horton> November 8, 2017

    Tamar God Bless [email protected] In This Is Coming From Married Woman Who Knows What Ur Talking About!

  118. Mr F’s girl November 8, 2017

    There are three sides to every story.His Hers The Complete Truth. There’s Facts. There’s opinions. Until the end of this whole thing comes, no one knows how it will turn out. There are lies. There is the truth. I think the ones that are doing the most talking are going to do the most “talking” if you catch my drift. It’s not for us to say what these two should do. ONor are we the judge.Let time tell the truth. Pray God’s will and go tend to our own house.You can’t be saying this or that when your own problems you can’t fix.So Tamar and Vince should not be airing out the laundry so fast after all it will only wind up effecting their child in the long run.Take several seats.

  119. Patricia EVANS November 8, 2017

    Tamar if it’s time yo go then exit. I left after 22yrs. I warned him many times. If you keep stepping out I wont be here. He didnt BELIEVE it unyil he did but it was too late. I LEFT When my kids were grown but should have left sooner. You can make someone love or respect you.

  120. Dionna McClure November 8, 2017

    You said it best love- Only you know when enough is enough; ppl may give they’re opinions, but they don’t know what goes on inside YOUR HOME!! I’m praying for healing, understanding, and strength for you and your family: and I wish you ALL GOD’S Blessings that’s instored for your life. Xoxoxoxoxo

  121. Rodney November 8, 2017

    Who cares!!! The entire Braxton clan is dysfunctional!!!

  122. Lady P November 8, 2017

    Hard times come in a marriage and only the people present know how much they can take. Hope that they find love again. Way it was present when they thought they were going to die, or when they learned they would be parents. Listen is part of it but you must hear what is spoken.

  123. Diane Gonzalez November 8, 2017

    You need to have your own talk show for women who are going through what you have been for years. There are women that need help on realizing when enough is enough. I will be your first guest. Everything happens for a reason. Use it to help other’s. Stay strong . Pray pray pray. That’s the only thing that can get us through everything.

  124. Khadijah Mitchell November 8, 2017

    Well i can understand some of that bull and i packed my bags and walked out the door.

  125. Jodie November 8, 2017

    I have been in an abusive relationship n I tried to stay for the kids when I was afraid to go an knowing that I had a son an I wa yes to teach him it’s so wrong to a women. My husband would come home n start beating me n I say to you it’s about you n ur child not mom or dad or sisters can tell you what you know all along it’s time to go but it has to be your decision you are the only one who went thru it!
    You can do this it’s not about your mouth enough is enoug.

  126. SANDIE November 8, 2017

    We have to live in your shoes before we can speak on anything.God knows your heart and all that had gone on in your union. I pray that you are shield in His love and power always.May the good Lord protect and keep you always

  127. Lisa jewitt November 8, 2017

    I’m with you Tamar you did your best and they don’t see it. So f*** it. I’ve been your fan for some years now we are both pieces and we take a lot before we let go. So good luck and best wishes.

  128. Sandra summers November 8, 2017

    I am very sad because I wanted them to be together forever I love them both Tamar could be a little out there sometimes but she always was there for Vince their baby is so precious I dreamed of going to their home and cooking for them and getting to know her mom and baby life is short please make sure this is something you can live with may god bless the three of you. From an old fan.

  129. Cree November 8, 2017

    Women are done with the cake and eat it to syndrome. Done. It’s called self control on both parts not just from a common egomaniacal standpoint of double standard. Double standard is dying but not fast enough. Women making their own money outside of the marriage independently of a spouse or in the home being the 24hr primary caregiver which no one can afford to pay have had enough of the expected to put up with the out of control, lack of self control child like man who makes the same vows as she or he (vice versa) to be faithful. We now refuse your lie of power that you only had because like any Queen or King if situation reversed, WE yielded it to you.

  130. Angela Harris November 8, 2017

    It’s her marriage and it’s none of the world’s business, even though she has a public life. Tay Tay don’t owe NOBODY an explanation on a Blessed thang! Life is too short to live a lie and not be on one accord!

  131. Tina Hil November 8, 2017

    Coming out of an abusive marriage , calln it quits, did what i had to do. No questions asked!!! My bizness is just that, my bizness. My happiness is all that counts!!! So wtbs, do you hunni!!# YOBIZNESS #YOCHOICE. GODBLESS ALL!✌🙏

  132. Christy Turner November 8, 2017

    Which you 💯 !!!

  133. Mo Joy November 8, 2017

    Her words touch me to the bone, because I know EXACTLY what she’s talking about, because I have lived the exact same thing. All the best Tamar, at least you took a stand.

  134. Kym McEwen November 8, 2017

    You have to do a makes sense for you and Logan.The world knows how much you loved Vince

  135. Linda November 8, 2017

    Tamar follow your heart. It’s always correct. From a regular person with NO Money. Young lady move toward. There are people that think you rock. Blessings

  136. EVETTE H. November 8, 2017

    When a woman fed up, you know the rest.

  137. Vickie Singh November 8, 2017

    (I) Has been going through the same thing. It’s. Now time to li e for me. Godhas ggiven you the strength to do the right thing for your self. I am going to do the same thing. When there is no we,there’s nothing. Be Blessed Happy

  138. Eleanor Shields November 8, 2017

    I say Tamar you do what you have to do baby I’m in the same place you are I have been married to my Husband for over 12 years and he put me out I don’t have ahold lot but God no more and see it all this shell pass Love You Tamar you take care of yourself and do what you feel is right for you and not care about what everyone has to say

  139. Taffy November 8, 2017

    I feel so bad for Tamar. I had no idea she was going through all this. I don’t blame her I would be tired too. She was also being hated on by her jealous sisters. I.know she loves her sisters but misery loves company and towards seems a little too happy this is happening to her sister. Also on that interview she had on the breakfast club Tamar stated that Vince always kept the business side of things quiet when it came to her career and never treated their marriage like a real marriage it was like a business to him. Check out her interview on the breakfast club in was interesting.

  140. MrsRose November 8, 2017

    Thank you for being honestly and sharing your heart

    • Valann November 8, 2017

      Agree!! They are ppl too!

  141. Nita November 8, 2017

    Really???? I don’t believe this. She got want she wanted outta him and now it’s time for her to find another financial resource. He went bankrupt for her ass and she she still not happy m WTF.

  142. Valann November 8, 2017


  143. Lisa November 8, 2017

    I am truly sorry that reality TV has taken a toll on another lengthy marriage. I pray for the sake of the child that they can pull it back together. try to remember when you both had little to nothing and clung to each other and try to imagine what it will be like when all the injections facelifts implants will do no good . God’s blessing and prayers for you both to come to your senses. This is just a bump in the road of marriage.

  144. L T November 8, 2017

    Now that’s about as phony as I’ve heard. Toya nailed it. Well at least she finally came clean (hopefully) and won’t be putting anyone else on blast for calling her out on this issue. May they both find peace.

  145. T. L.Mackey November 9, 2017

    Talk to God 1st then ask yourself this question: If God loves
    you like the bible says
    he does then would he want you to live like you were living?
    Move forward & don’t
    look back.
    On paper stay married 10yrs cause
    you have to in order to claim his Soc. Sec.
    No one told me when
    I was getting a divorce.

  146. Goldie November 9, 2017

    Number one she’s not a star. She’s always up in her head. Who the hell cares?

  147. Mattie November 9, 2017

    I was really hurt by what is going on with Tamar in Vince it really surprise me. I just thought they was such blessed couple .I really doesn’t like how she is carrying her self ass a lady Explosion herself knowing she in husband has a child she isn’t thinking about her child that isn’t healthy at all in especially what her mom say in also her sister there are not making things any better . there opposed too be a Christian family Christian doesn’t imposed act like the way there are carrying on there aren’t helping this couple at all I feel that family is making this madam worst it is now . I think the real thing is sister they all was jealous of Tamar in Vince because they all divorce from they husband . we doesn’t know what happened in this marriage only thing we are going by he say in Tamar . They need to see a marriage counselor in but god head of they life stop putting they business out there it is not making things any better for this child . I think Tamar are tried to make things look good on your side. I think the problem is Tamar mouth I’am not knocking you down Tamar I feel that you need to prayer too god first in God will open the way for you in your family. God bless both of you God is controlled of this not the outside people you are . God blessed you both

  148. Diana Hernandez November 9, 2017

    U go girl yes enough is enough I wish u the best n lots of strength! Do not look back but ahead for truth, love n happiness for u n ur son…

  149. Gwendolyn November 9, 2017

    Tamar you are better than your circumstances. You are enough. A lot of times people looking on the outside in have no idea. Remember God loves you and will send you someone that will love all of you. Stay strong. You are going to be alright.

    Love you Tamar.

  150. Adrienne Wilson November 9, 2017

    From the very first episode of Tamar & Vince, I said to Tamar through the tv screen, HE CHEATING ON YOU GIRL!!! He has always talked to her like she was beneath him and not his equal. Always addressed her like she was his child instead of spouse. The interviews they did between the show was an act. Vince stayed cold faced the entire time. Marriage is not supposed to hurt. Love is not supposed to hurt. If you disagree with me it’s because you’re in denial and is stuck yourself and you need to get out anyway possible,b4 it becomes worse. Stop doing it for the kids sake. All you’re doing is raising your kids to accept this abuse, verbally, mentally,emotionally, and physically. CHOOSE YOU!!!

  151. Mary Tassain November 9, 2017

    When a women is fed up there is nothing you can do, say or buy that will make her stay. Tamar is right. We were all on the outside looking in. Only her, him and God know what happened. No one has the right to judge her. Let’s give her our blessing and pray for her and her family. Remember, there is a child involved. He is the one that needs our love and understanding. I still love you Tamar and I understand.

  152. QueenRoz November 9, 2017

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  153. Traci November 9, 2017

    Been there done that. Do what is best for you and your son, live your life and you don’t have to talk bad about him just stay focus.
    You know GOD he will bring you through this as well my sister.
    Peace and Blessings

  154. Phyllis Taylor November 10, 2017


  155. Sonia December 31, 2017

    Tamara is a b**** and Vince deserves better!

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