Eminem Reveals ‘Revival’ Album Cover / Will Drop New Song Tonight

Published: Thursday 7th Dec 2017 by Sam

With just a week to go before Eminem unleashes new album ‘Revival,’ the Rap icon has unwrapped the project’s official cover.

And it wasn’t a low key affair.

Full story below…

The artwork, which ties in with Slim Shady’s many musings on the state of the US, was beamed onto several buildings in his hometown of Detroit.

Peep the clip….

Em also took to social media to announce that the LP, which features the likes of Beyonce, Pink, and Alicia Keys,  goes up for pre-order tonight; at which time a new song will also be made available.

Thus far, the only taste folk have had of the album has come in the form of buzz cut ‘Walk On Water’ – which peaked #14 in the US and #7 in the UK.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Fancy BISH December 7, 2017

    Well, we all know who has the biggest budget at Interscope lol 😂

    • 👧 + ✈ = 💀 December 7, 2017

      Bey made him flop

  2. Stephy December 7, 2017

    This is going to flop. He pissed off his white core racist fan base.

    • 2bad2bme December 7, 2017

      You must be of this new lame generation. If you know anything, you would know Em’s fans don’t care what he says or does. They are crazy just like him.

      • Stephy December 7, 2017

        No, most of his fan base have grown/matured. They aren’t still the same s*** heads from 2000. A lot of them are older white men now, that supports Donald Trump

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler December 7, 2017

        Yeah older white men like suicide blonde.

    • Suicide Blonde December 7, 2017

      Why do you assume that his white fans are racist, more like the opposite 🤦🏼‍♂️

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler December 7, 2017

        This comment is coming from one of his fans who just so happens to be a racist…Mmmkay.

    • Warnaka December 7, 2017

      F*** you !!

  3. Suicide Blonde December 7, 2017

    I like it 😊

  4. Meme December 7, 2017

    Yes, let’s jist act like “stalling in dust” never happened.

  5. Jamie December 7, 2017

    Uh boy….here we go…When I saw that flag and him thinking.smh

  6. In Sweden👱we don’t bathe regularly. So does that make us nasty, or natural? December 7, 2017

    I love this guy. Definitely looking forward to the album.

  7. houtex101 December 8, 2017

    LOL – I really love those first comments on here! 😝😝 Hmmm…where do I begin?

    Stephy & 2bad2bme: To quote the great Jay Z, “Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?” Flop, huh? I think I am about to go into cardiac arrest from laughter. One more time…Flop! 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝 Even if he literally flopped out 19 songs out his a** and they all sucked worse then about 95% of the music being put out there now, it would still go platinum by the 16th of December and all that loot will flippity-flop on in the bank! 🙄 Flop! LOL Good one!

    Then what the Hell white core base are you talking about? Or Trump supporters? I think it is you that is “crazy” and not his fans if you think for a minute his true fans are Trump Train Ridaz! If so then I guess they skim through music too and are more ignorant than that comment! LOL and damn that one is as pathetic as the Trump-like fake news! Are y’all Russian or something? Oh and 2bad2bme! My girl Beyonce is looking good in the profile pic, yeah? Maybe you should ask her thoughts on your accusations? She might look at you crazy for a minute before asking if you are the racist? “Untouchable” – It’s a classic! He deserves some damn praise for this and not your ignorant or either racist comments as if you know what you are even talking about! Hippin’ to the Hop Stops! Later Haters!

  8. JOHNVIDAL December 8, 2017

    Can´t stand him. He now acts like a great human being but he built his career by bashing other famous people for NO REASON. I´m not saying he is not good. But it is a no for me and pretty much nobody else would have got such a free pass for decades.
    I think he´ll sell more than what some of you are predicting though because his fans are very loyal

  9. KING B!! December 11, 2017

    Eminem is Sooo Fuckkn Sexxy!! He can bend me over anytime

  10. Allyk4t December 16, 2017

    This whitboy has Eminems back! By taking a stand with our brothers and sisters in acknowledging the the truth. Black lives do matter, us white people keep scratching our heads week after week thinking something is going to change. If more white Artist and Athletes put their white privelege on the line in support, I believe more average white people would as well. As far as I am concerned we are obligated as white people to not just quitely dispise the rasism and murder but vocally support the equal right to life liberty and justice for all! *black included
    This album sucks. Its horrible. Its so bad it might win some awards. This shits Embarrassing.

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