Predictions Are In: Camila Cabello’s Debut Album Headed to #1 on Billboard 200

Published: Saturday 13th Jan 2018 by Rashad

Fans of Camila Cabello‘s ‘Havana’ and its follow-up single, ‘Never Be the Same,’ are apparently just as enthusiastic about what the tunes’ parent project has to offer as industry analysts are now expecting the self-titled set (released January 12) to sit at #1 on the Billboard 200 week after next.

But, before the singer’s supporters start singing her praises, they’ll be disappointed to learn that the race to the top won’t exactly be a shoo-in:

Camila Cabello’s ‘Camila’

Predicted First Week Sales:  75-85k (SPS), 43-48k Pure Sales

Predicted First Week Placement: #1

While the songstress’s busy promo schedule next week may give her just the hoist needed to secure the top spot, the figures above have her running neck-in-neck with the Billboard 200’s current champion, ‘The Greatest Showman’s original motion picture soundtrack.  To add worry to the mix, the soundtrack is currently blocking her from topping the iTunes sales chart (as of time reported and seen below).

‘Showman,’ still enjoying momentum after its ‘Golden Globe’ win this week, does have a strong chance of being #1 for a third week.  As we await with anticipation for the final figures, those who haven’t heard Cabello’s inaugural LP can take a listen by clicking here.

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  1. Minaj Mania January 13, 2018

    Is that all?!!!!!! wow. So what would she have sold without Havana?

    • XYZ January 13, 2018

      Less. Like most of the singers would sell less of their albums without a hit single…🙄

  2. Stranger January 13, 2018

    The album is so good! Deserves more than this.

    • XYZ January 13, 2018

      Think so? I thought it was quite boring, tbh.

      • Hmmm… January 13, 2018

        It’s a really boring album. All of the songs are forgettable.

    • Drinkmybussyjuice January 13, 2018

      Please. This album was boring as a white church

      • California January 13, 2018


      • INAMAD January 13, 2018


  3. Career Ender January 13, 2018


  4. Black power January 13, 2018

    LMAOOO she had ALLLLLL that promo she’s been literally everywhere and that’s all she could sold??? Wow. The label is def gonna lose money I know they’ve been doing Paola out the ass and spending all kind of money on this girl

    • Black power January 13, 2018

      Could sell**

  5. Meme January 13, 2018

    This is solid numbers. Although I do feel the album should have dropped late November/early December.

    The album itself is ok. I think they are doing a great job in finding her “sound”. While I’m glad they didn’t go the urban hit searching route like 5H, I do feel like there’s something missing. I don’t get sparks from any of the material and I don’t think they have another hit single on the album.

    • king z January 13, 2018

      thank u for being one of few commenters here with sense.

      #1 january is NO MAN’S land for album releases. it’s where albums go to die because labels know everyone is broke after black Friday and Christmas shopping.

      #2 it’s her FIRST album. few artists especially in this day and age have blockbuster #s on first album

      #3 she’s outdone 5h and hell they had an established fanbase and vma performance

      #4 acts like tamar, miley, demi, etc who are much more established so just this much or less

      • king z January 13, 2018

        i meant SOLD just this much or less

      • Career Ender January 13, 2018

        did she outsel Rita Ora?

    • another random commenter January 14, 2018

      I agree. It’s already guaranteed a #1 OR #2 spot at the Billboard 200. It’s expected not to debut any lower. It may sell less in physical sales, but that’s okay for this time since streams have significantly affected how sales work. She’s already doing great with her career as a solo artist. People in Twitter without common sense still has the nerve to call her a “flop”.

      Also, “Career Ender”, no one mentioned about Rita Ora, so why compare, let alone answer your question?

  6. Career Ender January 13, 2018

    from here its 11k pure then 5k pure then plummet

  7. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!!! January 13, 2018

    I loved the greatest showman!

  8. EBookbook January 13, 2018

    The revenge buyers are not buying this year?

  9. SMH January 13, 2018

    Just as I thought, her numbers are no better than 5H.

    • Hhhh January 14, 2018

      She sold double what 5h album did with pure sales so I don’t know what u mean by doing the same numbers lol

      • NME January 14, 2018

        5H was no promo.
        Camilla was a wordwide super hit and was everywere…

  10. NME January 14, 2018

    Omg with that all promo ????
    Her team was delusinal to think that in this industry you have only to put money in a huge promo to establish a New successful young artist… It’s not enough today and that Numbers show that. You have to build a true identuty and It take time. Not push the artist everywhere during 10 months…

  11. xyz January 14, 2018

    Wow, considering her base is most likely Taylor Swift fans, these numbers are terrible. Thought after all that promo and a hit single, it would post up at least 100K. And people had the nerve to compare her to Beyonce…

  12. iamdiego January 14, 2018

    48,000 copies…. all the hype (huge single=STREAMS) to literally SALE 15,000 more copies more than 5H (33,000) in PURE SALES. 5H has the better album (surprisingly without a hit single). Camila’s album is not bad but she should just release “Real Friends” and stop chasing hits because hits don’t equal album sales. *now playing “Lonely Night”… lol

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