Alicia Keys Eyeing New Record Deal Ahead Of Comeback

Published: Wednesday 7th Feb 2018 by Sam

“All new everything” appears to be the name of the game for Alicia Keys. 

Because, after enlisting Justin Timberlake’s manager to steer her career, the soulful songstress is reportedly now looking for a new label.

Full story below…

Since bursting onto the scene, Keys has been a part of the Sony Music family – first signing with J Records and eventually landing at RCA (after a reshuffle that saw J shut down).

But with her current contract up imminently, the 37-year-old is shopping a new deal – and word is that she’s looking beyond Sony.

Variety reports that Keys’ new manager Johnny Wright is spearheading the charge and that offers, including one from Warner Bros, are already on the table.

Warner would be an interesting choice.

 The label recently on-boarded Tom Corson as its Co-Chairman and COO. He, in his prior role as President at RCA, was integral with Keys’ career. Something, which ought to make a reunion an exciting prospect for both parties.

However, the same can be said of current RCA chairman Peter Edge, who too has been instrumental in the singer’s colossal success and is allegedly wants to retain the 15-time Grammy winner on his roster.


Wherever Ms. Keys lands, she and her team have their work cut out for them. Sales of her last album ‘Here’ were a far cry from past projects. And to-date the set has sold less than 140,000 copies – worldwide. This from an artist accustomed to selling 600,000 and 700,000 Stateside in a week.

Still, there’s arguably ample value left in the “Alicia Keys” brand. She’s proven popular on ‘The Voice’ and boasts a catalogue, fanbase, and success narrative that are undeniable.

Sure, her career is in need of a spark. But it’s encouraging that she’s on the hunt for the right match to re-light it.

Your thoughts?

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  1. James February 7, 2018

    Girl stay right where you are. Nobody is checking for you anymore. Your record sales tell the story.

    • Martaevia La’wayne February 8, 2018

      Speak for yourself. Sales means nothing anymore. This is Alicia Keys!🙌🏿

  2. Jasmine February 7, 2018

    Go independent.

    • Jasmine February 7, 2018

      Hey girl

      • Hmmm February 8, 2018

        Still trolling I see, Suicide aka Latina chick aka LostOne. At least you’ve laid aside those ignorant racist comments for once. Still doesn’t change the fact that you’re racist trash. Kick rocks loser.

  3. SIR.DONJENNERO GORRELL February 7, 2018

    ? goúd?
    She is still gonna do it BIG!!!
    Thx u 🙌💀😤♎…..

  4. Paulo February 7, 2018

    RCA stays messing up for acts which used to be on J Records… leave! Here was decent it could’ve sold more with proper promotion

  5. eric February 7, 2018

    “Here” was a terrible album, just terrible. I bought it and tried really hard to like it, but my mind couldn’t be fooled. “As I Am” though I can listen to from start to finish, backwards, forward, repeat… it’s my favorite r&b album ever.

    • olusheyi banjo February 7, 2018

      I agree with you. I only liked 1 or 2 songs on that album. But my favorite album that she put out was “The Diary Of Alicia Keys” I can listen to that album from start to finish without skipping a song

      • Xanadu February 14, 2018

        Yes, Gawdt!!!!…”The Diary of Alicia Keys” was Everything!!!!!

    • DS February 8, 2018

      I actually liked “Here,” well more than “Girl on Fire” and “Element of Freedom.” But I don’t really think it matters what she releases. At this point, I think folks are done with her, her identity crisis, and her pitchy screams. Talk about a fall from grace.

      • XYZ February 8, 2018

        Girl on fire was half okay and that last one was horrible. Every other album of her has been very good, some more than others, but every one was great, with diary being my favorite. Her voice is just not pleasing anymore, tbh. That goddamn screaming gets on my nerves and she doesn’t sound good anymore

  6. Craig February 7, 2018

    Unfortunately keys has never really connected to a Loyal Fan base like other artists.
    The Mass will like a Truly Great Song she puts out.
    Alicia has never really been All about the Fans like Mariah, Beyonce, Janet, Madonna, Gaga, katy, Rhianna and Britney.
    You need that Core Fan base. Alicia does not have that.
    Evident as her name NEVER comes up in any conversation about the Top Artists of All time.

    • Credits February 7, 2018

      That last point you made…you may be on to something.

    • YoEarn February 7, 2018

      The phuck? Alicia Keys has always had a core fan base. Did you not read where she was selling 600k and 700k first week? Pure album sales. That’s a loyal fan base. 1st album 12 mill ww, 2nd album 8 mill ww, 3rd album 6 mill ww, 4th album 4 mill ww and 5th album 1.3 mill. Alicia Keys only started to take a major decline during the digital world of sales and also the decline of R&B.

    • Tori February 7, 2018

      She sold millions at a time with “no fanbase” so…! “Here” is probably her album because she had no major hit, no major promo and no major awareness. Some people still don’t know “Here” is as released.

    • Jasmine February 8, 2018

      Craig I agree with you. I think a lot of people don’t see what you see with Alicia but all one has to do is see her tour revenue is not that high for an artist that has been in the industry as long as her (she does not even pull in over 600K per concert like the popular artists do). I think Alicia has to reconnect with fans and that will mean getting a management team to do some new PR for her. She can easily get female fans with her lyrics and the fact that she is not overtly sexual. She needs to go after the gay fans next and once she gets that she will have successful album sales again.

    • MUSICHEAD February 8, 2018

      You make a great point Craig. Alicia Keys is one of those artists who benefited from the “machine” pushing her work to the masses. Once she didn’t have that anymore and she was no longer the cool black girl on the block, she had no core base to fall back on. Personally, I have never heard anyone say Alicia Keys is their favorite artist.

  7. Sean February 7, 2018

    I like her and her songs but this earth mom hipster makeup free look isn’t helping her connect with fans. It’s almost like saying I’m better than you bc I don’t need it to look good…it’s like girl you were born naturally pretty…not everyone can get away with it

    • Superstar! February 7, 2018

      @Sean – She’s not naturally pretty. She had a nose job and used Proactiv acne treatment.
      #Just Saying

      • DS February 8, 2018

        LOL. Not Proactiv acne treatment. #2001

      • DanYiel Iman February 10, 2018

        Exactly!! I remember her more ethnic looks from back in the day!! ✌🏽😶

  8. Brent Christopher February 7, 2018

    when will you people REALIZE that the record label someone is signed to has NOTHING to do with whether or not their damn career sparks or continues to fizzle. y’all always post articles talking about someone’s career IMPROVING now that they’re under new management or with a new label. NONE OF THAT MATTERS if an artist no longer fairs well with the general buying public. PERIOD!

    • Tim Brown February 8, 2018


    • MUSICHEAD February 8, 2018

      That’s not true….AT ALL. I suggest u go learn about industry politics and why some artists get more airplay, bigger marketing budgets, endorsements and better producers than others. If you’re not connected with the right people, the masses will never hear your music no matter how great it is.

      • Imanibrown9 February 8, 2018

        B******* i cannot stand rita ora
        With great management she became a millionaire

        Now with a better label her music output is consistent and doing better
        Bad management ended Tierra Marie’s career and so on, management is imperative for money
        And label is imperative for music output direction etc

    • Haters Gon’ Hate February 8, 2018

      EXACTLY – Look at Cheryl Cole, Rita Ora, Nicole Scherzy, those girls never sold out arenas, had blockbuster no.1 global albums or back to back global hits – but the LABEL and management got them endorsed (radio/TV dealed) and PAID to the hilt so that they can become a profitable commodity for the LABEL to get their coins and make return on their investment (advance, investment in album campaigns).

      Sure you can do it independent – but not many make it out of the box successfully that way – you still need a label to back you with their influence and coins to reach and keep your audience.

  9. Jasmine February 7, 2018

    She should stay and write more hit songs for her self.

    • Jasmine February 8, 2018

      Stop impersonating me Suicide. It is not cute. It is pathetic.

      • Suicide Blonde February 8, 2018

        I am sorry for impersonating you Jasmine.

  10. Tim Brown February 7, 2018

    No MBK or Krucial? Okay sis… 🙁

  11. Fifi February 8, 2018

    Something happened to Hernandez voice, so first and foremost she needs to fix that. Then she needs to get back with Krucial and Clive. I don’t think a new label is the answer, she’s had creative freedom she needs guidance

  12. Liam February 8, 2018

    I thought Here was a great R&B album imo 🤷🏿‍♂️

  13. email list February 13, 2018

    Nice topics. I am really interesting.

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