‘Queen’: Nicki Minaj To Invade Cardi B’s ‘Privacy’ With Album Sales

Album To Soar Worldwide Despite Low US Figures
Published: Monday 13th Aug 2018 by David

Up until this month, the highest-“selling” album by a female rap artist was the well-received ‘Invasion of Privacy’ by Cardi B.

Unfortunately for her fans, numbers earned by Nicki Minaj’s ‘Queen’ are to fling ‘Invasion‘s numbers into the shadows and reign supreme as the year’s highest-seller globally.

Full story below…

The beloved Cardi rocked streaming platforms with her debut set ‘Privacy’ when it touched down on April 5th 2018 and opened with 255,000 album-equivalent units!

Now, the 19-track album can be expected to boot ‘Privacy’ from the position it held as the highest-selling female Hip-Hop album of the year and claim the spot for itself by the end of this sales-tracking week…even before units lifted from its global physical sales are factored in.

As it stands, the hit-deficient album has peaked at #1 in over 60 markets across the globe.


Why do you think ‘Queen’ is faring so well?

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  1. Lol August 13, 2018

    Y’all must get paid by nicki too lol. No sales projections have been released at all. iTunes does not equate to billboard honey. U only wrote this to make Cardi look bad. Cardi has the game on lock. Please get over it.

    • BeyNika Marajyonce The 1st August 13, 2018

      The press gets sales projections before we do so they must have the numbers. 😭 The Krimlins must be scrying. I know how much they live vicariously through Madame Spotify.

    • Trump’s Toupee August 13, 2018

      “Cardi has the game on lock”. Let’s see if you’ll fix your mouth to say that once the predictions are released honey.

    • Jennifer Spotlight August 13, 2018

      “U wrote this article to make Cardi look bad.” Or because they’ve already seen what the numbers are but can’t publish them until Billboard does.

    • ??? August 13, 2018

      lmaoooo let the seething from the corni z bandwagon hoppers begin lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

    • Faf August 13, 2018

      You’re dumb if you don’t think it’s suspicious Af girls like you and I like it is only top 3 three mos later in the us that doesn’t even begin to make sense

      Average songs fluctuate but that one been hanging tight for weeks? Give it a rest Atlantic

    • 👧 + ✈ = 💀 August 13, 2018

      The album is pure bubblegum pop trash for 12 year olds 💩 What’s there to fight about?

    • RicaDiva Rosales August 18, 2018


    • Natreal Meadows October 12, 2018

      I think Nicki Minaj Queen was was better because she put all her EFFORT into it and she did not USE A GHOST WRITER TO WRITE HER ALBUM!!
      Nicki is the QUEEN and SHE WILL ALWAYS BE THE QUEEN and i don’t have to compete
      with a bum ALBUM that a ghost writer wrote.

  2. Beam Me Up Scotty August 13, 2018

    I’m so happy for Nicki. Prove all them haters wrong 🙂

  3. Jay Jay August 13, 2018

    I love them both! Coco Chanel and Good Form are my favorites from Queen. I need visuals!!

    • ??? August 13, 2018

      lmaoooo yasss hunni, coco chanel is that FIRE!!!!!

      • Jay Jay August 13, 2018

        It really is!!! I listen to it every chance I can get. Even Foxy’s verse slayed

    • Keira August 13, 2018

      Coco Chanel!!!!! Pure fire 🔥

  4. Onika Barb August 13, 2018

    Damn! Tgj must have seen the sales predictions. 😭 The evil has been defeated.

  5. Trump’s Toupee August 13, 2018

    I was about

    • Trump’s Toupee August 13, 2018

      I was about to drag tgj until I remembered that they’re accurate about everything they say about Nicki. Does anyone know when the predictions are released?

  6. JaQuan August 13, 2018

    Now what do y’all hating ass b****** have to say now always praying on Nicki downfall… I knew her my queen album would sell whether she has hit singles or not Nicki is the best!!! I LOVE YOU QUEEN

  7. Achooo! August 13, 2018

    This article is written by David so proceed with caution

    • Becky with the frontal August 13, 2018

      The same David who is accurate about every piece of tea he spills? The same David who told us what Lemonade would be about months before it came out? The same David who told us Bey would get 11 vma nominations in 2016 before the noms were announced? The same David who told us Nicki and Katy were going to collaborate a year before SS dropped? Chile, boom. Don’t come for the King. You’ll only have egg on your face when Billboard releases the numbers.

    • 🤭 August 13, 2018

      What would you said would be funny if David wasn’t as credible as he is. Notice how he never gets in trouble for telling us the tea that other accounts get shut down for telling? Think about why that may be.

    • No Walls August 13, 2018

      David is accurate 100 percent of the time so I’m not sure what you were getting at. Unless you mean a different David.

      • Adele August 13, 2018

        This comment aged poorly.

  8. audreyherbsburn August 13, 2018

    nicki SHOULD be selling better than cardi. that’s not an accomplishment. it’s an expectation.

    • Sugah August 13, 2018

      And why is that? Is this you admitting that Nicki is superior? If so, why were so many of you acting as though she slayed her.

      • ??? August 13, 2018

        lmaoo no bishh, its because corni still hasn’t hit 200k sales after all her overhype thats why lmfaooooooooooo

      • audreyherbsburn August 13, 2018

        no you ignorant tool. as LONG as that b**** been in the game she should be able to sell more than a b**** that just got here. y’all barbs so f****** dingy and delusional.

  9. Alexis Skyy August 13, 2018

    Queen is not faring well on streaming services and it went #1 in 50 countries MAX. Only Barbie Dreams is doing decently. Unless the barbs show up with physical sales, the album will not sell well. Remember this is a different market from 2014…

    • ??? August 13, 2018

      lmaooooo now u making sh*t up?? lmfaooo keep seething h0, corni z is yesterday’s trash. you will deal lmfaooooooo

    • SMH August 13, 2018

      Um, her album hit 200 million streams by the second day of release, so what streaming platform is it not doing well on? Tidal? Lol.

      • Alexis Skyy August 13, 2018

        Bish you can check Spotify and Apple Music where Travis Scott is planking all over her. Only one of HER songs (not counting Fefe) is in the top 10. No ones streaming Court Jester and that’s a fact. Kiii.

      • ??? August 13, 2018

        lmaoooo and bishh you can check with HDD who CONFIRMED that Queen hit 200 million streams after the first day. keep seething h0. kiii on that lmfaooooo

    • Beam Me Up Scotty August 13, 2018

      She actually hit #1 in over 81 countries. No other female rapper has done that in history.

      • Alexis Skyy August 13, 2018

        Well why aren’t the charts reflecting that? Most of Cardi’s songs were top 10 streaming when IOP dropped. Only Barbie Dreams is charting. Even mostt of drakes album debuted top 10 on BB…. Why are all of the arenas still available for her and Futures flop tour? People aren’t even buying $35 tickets. LMAO!!!!

      • ??? August 13, 2018

        lmao we’re talking about SALES bisshh, something corni knows nothing about. any orangutan with a basic album like corni z’s can get a bunch of dummies to stream all day on multiple devices. Nicki moves PURE UNITS h0. keep seething lmfaooooo

      • Alexis Skyy August 13, 2018

        Make up your mind ugly. Streams are a HUGE part of sales in 2018. 200 million streams but her songs aren’t charting anywhere? Something in the buttermilk ain’t clean… :-/

    • Carlitos August 13, 2018

      Alexis, you must be slow. ITUNES IS NOT STREAMING! Apple Music is, NOT ITUNES!!!! Please, if you don’t know wtf you’re talking about, stay tf off.

      • Alexis Skyy August 13, 2018

        I am talking about Apple Music. Her songs are not charting. Same with Spotify. Prove me wrong?

  10. DC August 13, 2018

    Hope album stays in top 10 fifteen weeks like Cardi who broke that record

  11. J August 13, 2018

    Let’s be honest… the album was set for pre-order 2-3 months in advanced, so of course once that’s factored in along with the bundle package with her tour… what do you expect? 🤦🏾‍♂️ I understand if she had huge numbers with a month pre-order, but 2-3 ahead of course numbers are gonna increase you have time to sell.

    • Sugah August 13, 2018

      Here come the essays 😂

      • ??? August 13, 2018

        lmaoooo the essays and the seething excuses lmfaooooo, this is about to be HILARIOUS lmfaoooooooo

    • Caleb August 13, 2018

      But those of us who preordered unfortunately weren’t able to redeem our preorders because of iTunes being a hot mess. Had to cancel the preorder and buy it outright, so I don’t think the preorders helped.

    • Erica August 13, 2018

      cause you a dumb ass to think taylor album is number 7 and nicki at 21? this website is not the official website, you must not have an iphone

      • Ejai August 13, 2018

        You people are so disrespectful…….I asked a question a** mite! I hope your ignorant a** don’t have kids if so I feel sorry for those future welfare recipients……you must not have intelligence! Clearly I understood this wasn’t valid…..and clearly you are handicapped and unable to answer the question. Be gone terd queen!

  12. Ejai August 13, 2018

    I see her biggest song on Spotify to be Barbie Dreams…at number 42….I’m confused

    • Ejai August 13, 2018

      Are these just old stats?

    • ??? August 13, 2018

      lmaooo her album is #1, who gives a sh!t where a song is at lmfaooo

      • Caleb August 13, 2018

        Because of how the charts are configured now, song streams count towards where an album will place on the billboard 200 albums chart.

  13. Jay August 13, 2018

    Now let’s be real! Nicki album is selling because of the “Hype” it ain’t because it’s good! Lol Queen is nowhere near as good as Pink Friday and The Pinkprint.. that album was so mediocre! Invasion of Privacy was way better and that’s the real tea 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • ??? August 13, 2018

      lmaooo then why hasnt invasion of basicness hit 200k sales yet?? drink on that bitter tea why dontcha lmfaoooo

    • Caleb August 13, 2018

      Nah Queen is a really good album. Probably better than Pink Friday which was too filled with some pop songs that didn’t age well like “Check It Out” and “Last Chance”.

  14. Navy Gravy August 13, 2018

    There they go, buying Nicki’s albums again. If Drake only sold 160k in traditional sales why would anyone believe that Nicki-can’t-get-a-hit-to-save-her-life-Minaj could do much better? She’ll be plummeting down the charts in no time.

    • ??? August 13, 2018

      lmaoooo you really that mad cuz Queen has rendered invasion of wackness irrelevant lmfaooo. u should take that energy and help that bickenhead sell some albums lmfaooooo

      • Navy Gravy August 14, 2018

        I already bought Invasion of Privacy unlike some of you who stream and Stan and google albums sales. Go buy Queen, it’s failing before the first full tracking week is even over. According to these predictions, she’ll sell less than Cardi which is a bummer for a ‘legend’ 10 years in the game

    • ROCK August 13, 2018

      That’s what I am thinking.Drake did 160k in pure sales with 42 times the hype.
      I see Nicki selling 90k and maybe 150k sps

    • ROCK August 13, 2018

      That’s what I am thinking.Drake did 160k in pure sales with 42 times the hype.
      I see Nicki selling 90k and maybe 150k sps

  15. ??? August 13, 2018

    lmaoooooo DEATH at all these corni fans scrambling for excuses lmfaoooooooo

  16. tish August 13, 2018

    You guys are corny for making this a drama issue man!

    disappointing in that grape juice for adding to this fake beef

    same on you guys, just lost a follower! not here for petty drama like this. we should support each other not battle

  17. DanYiel Iman August 13, 2018

    I’m sorry neither album works for me!!

  18. Arthus Nico August 13, 2018

    If that’s true that’s impressive considering there is no real hit and mixed reviews

    I miss the fun Nicki and her crazy verses like on Bottoms Up, Hello Good Morning, Shakin’It 4 Daddy…

  19. MsYonce August 13, 2018

    Good for her!! The album as a whole is not my cup of tea but I hope she does well… I also hope she gets a #1 single either with Barbie Dreams or Good Form

  20. Caleb August 13, 2018

    Where are the number predictions? Without them this is fake news.

  21. Gee August 13, 2018

    All this bickering is corny we should be celebrating both of these women for their perspective accomplishments instead of making it a popularity contest between them like the media has done. The only thing that I find odd is that Nicki’s first week sales are still being withheld.

  22. Selah August 13, 2018

    If a huge seller like Drake could barely crack 200K pure sales in this climate, what do you guys honestly think Nicki will sell? She hasn’t had any hits this era, and her pop fans moved on a long time ago. If she does 100K pure sales I would be surprised. That’s no shade to Nicki because I like her, but I’m also a realist.

  23. Observant August 13, 2018

    Nicki still payin the blogs. SAD

  24. Theman August 13, 2018

    Drake also didn’t release a physical copy his first week out. Nicki isn’t either. So that’s a factor as well. The physical copies would have drove a lot more sales.

  25. Mrs C August 13, 2018

    Because she didn’t release a album in four years and they just want to hear the diss and name dropping

  26. _KINGSEANCOURT_ August 13, 2018

    She should!

    Nicki had months of pre orders and tour bundles

  27. MUSICHEAD August 13, 2018

    According to Hits Daily Double, Queen is projected to sell 135-150k with 45-55k being pure sales.

    • Caleb August 13, 2018


  28. Adele August 13, 2018

    This post didn’t age well lol.

  29. Ceeje August 14, 2018

    Probably should’ve held off on this post lol yikes.

  30. Reezy August 14, 2018

    She’s expected to move 135 – 150 thousand. Cardi’s lowest to highest predictions was well over 200,000. This is the lowest debut of Nicki’s career. Def didn’t live up tot he title. Ya’ll are sick and must be getting paid. The predictions are out.

    • Lucy August 14, 2018

      You all are simply forgetting the fact that this is cardi’s DEBUT album and Nicki’s FOURTH. You really think Cardi B will maintain her numbers by her fourth album? ……… Yikes.

      Therefore we need to compare both their DEBUT albums, Cardi sold 255,000 (105,000 pure), yet Nicki’s DEBUT album sold 375,000. So Nicki outsold and the argument is over.

      Bearing in mind this is 375,000 when streaming didn’t even count towards sales. So seeing as Cardi got 150,000 in streaming, that would put Nicki at 525,000 sales if she got similar streams.

  31. Lungelo Mzobe August 16, 2018

    We’ve seen the screenshots of Cardi and Atlantic paying people to talk good about them and Cardi said it herself that SHE PAID for radio stations to play her music and give good reviews. So get yo facts straight before you go typing s*** and commenting rubbish. Nicki ain’t going nowhere. Queen Nicki will reign till the end. GOT IT? GOOD. She don’t pay for n***** to to write her ABCD lame ass raps. The only reason I’d talk like you is if I got paid, cause you’re being REAL STUPID, UNLESS YOU got paid too. CLOWN

  32. Natreal Meadows October 12, 2018

    I think Nicki Minaj Queen was was better because she put all her EFFORT into it and she did not USE A GHOST WRITER TO WRITE HER ALBUM!!
    Nicki is the QUEEN and SHE WILL ALWAYS BE THE QUEEN and i don’t have to compete
    with a bum ALBUM that a ghost writer wrote.

  33. ROMAN ZOLANSKI October 12, 2018

    LLC and al the other roman songs was the s***

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