Perhaps more embarrassing than her performance at 2011’s ‘Rock In Rio’, yesterday saw Rihanna publicly humiliated by Beiersdorf CEO who announced he had terminated the star’s contract with Nivea, which he now heads.

Hinting that his decision came on the grounds of her reportedly ‘sexy’ lifestyle, his harsh announcement prompted polarized responses online, some of which criticized the businessman’s suggestive remarks- all but calling the star immoral.

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Her label may turn a blind eye to it and her fans may adore her for it, but it seems Nivea have no interest in dealing with Rihanna‘s ‘outlandish‘ personality any longer.

For despite enjoying a lucrative relationship with the company, who are believed to have sponsored her visual for ‘California King Bed‘, they have given her the boot- citing her lifestyle as grounds for her dismissal.

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Who can deny Rihanna‘s work ethic?

For as if alternating between wigs and bleating her way through so so selling tours weren’t enough, she also finds time in her busy schedule to serve a spokesmodel for world renowned company Nivea.

In support of her deal with the company, a new commercial starring the entertainer has surfaced just hours ago.

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Rihanna channelled her inner-Ariel at Nivea’s 100th Anniversary celebration in Paris this afternoon.

Noticeably more demure, the aspiring singer will swap the floor length get-up for her trademark scantness when she launches her ‘Loud Tour’ next month.

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It looks like Rihanna is allergic to 2 things: vocal coaches and clothes. To help launch Nivea’s 100 Years Skincare for Life campaign in May, the singer has gotten naked once again. What a shock.

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Her ‘Diamonds World Tour’ may currently be swimming in troubled waters, but today has seen ‘Skin’ sensation Rihanna welcome news that should overshadow the negative press her brand is receiving.

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They’re young, talented and have the world at their feet, so it should come as little surprise to anyone that Rap mastermind Drake and ‘Thinking Of You’ sensation Frank Ocean have made ‘Forbes 30 Under 30‘ list this year.

Celebrated for accomplishments achieved both on and off the stage, the pair are joined by Pop mannequin Rihanna, who was  honored on behalf of the Def Jam music group and Roc Nation.

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She may be in the middle of recording a new album, but it seems Rihanna has no interest in protecting the gem that is her voice.

For, in what might explain those raspy and oft flat vocals, the starlet was snapped enjoying a Shisha pipe during her time in Baku, Azerbaijan 10 days ago, where she performed at the city’s ‘Crystal Hall’.

Ever the rebel, eh?

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Ear plugs at the ready?

Crucifix close by?

If not, consider this your first warning. For, it has emerged that Pop party girl Rihanna is to ‘perform’ at the 2012 VMAs.

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Sure to serve as a much needed ratings boost for the show, hot shots of Rihanna‘s guest appearance on the X Factor USA surfaced online just moments ago.

Snapped in the company of her boss and X Factor judge LA Reid as well as  members of his Boys category, the Nivea spokeswoman is  reported to take to the show’s  stage in coming weeks to perform a cut lifted from her album ‘Talk That Talk‘.

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Yesterday images taken of Pop sensation Rihanna at the London launch of her new fragrance led many of her  fans to question the stability of her health.

However, snapped leaving London’s exclusive Nozomi last night, the singer seems to have recovered from whatever was ailing her just hours before.

Fresh and seemingly revitalized, the ‘Umbrella’ bleater signed autographs and posed with fans as she left the restaurant with members of her staff and close friend Mellisa.

More images of the Nivea spokes model below, courtesy of our friends at The YBF


Yesterday, the Parents Television Council released a statement slamming the visual for the latest Rihanna single ‘Man Down‘. Now, the Nivea model has hit back at the claims the video endorsed the use of weapons and vigilantism.

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