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Black Eyed Peas Perform On SNL

black eyed peas Black Eyed Peas Perform On SNL

The Black Eyed Peas took over Saturday Night Live a few hours ago to perform some of their biggest hits – all of which are interestingly from their latest LP ‘The E.N.D’. While their newest material hasn’t stirred me in the way their previous hits have (‘Boom Boom Pow’ aside), I’m really happy for the success they’re having now, it’s very much deserved.

Meet Me Halfway

I Gotta Feeling

Boom Boom Pow

What do you think of the performances?

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Video: Janet Jackson Flash Mob

To celebrate the release of Janet Jackson‘s career-spanning ‘Number Ones’ compilation (due November 17th), Flash Mob America organised a Janet Jackson flash mob to take place today in Los Angeles. For those unaware of what a ‘flash mob’ is, it’s generally when a group of people break into uniform dance in the random-est of places and usually in front of unsuspecting passers by.

The participants in la Jan’s flash mob, who have been practising for weeks, launched into some of the iconic choreography from some of Janet’s biggest hits including ‘If’ and ‘Nasty’ right there in the middle of the street at The Grove. Kudos to all those involved; they killed it.

A bigger kudos, however, goes to Janet’s team, who have been on fire with her promotion as of late. They’re on some Papa Knowles ish (for Bouncy alone, of course!!! LOL). Loving it icon smile Video: Janet Jackson Flash Mob

Tidbit: Janet herself was watching this from the rafters. Click here to see

Your thoughts?

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Pussycat Dolls Drama; Kimberly Speaks!

pussycat doll drama Pussycat Dolls Drama; Kimberly Speaks!

The drama that is the Pussycat Dolls‘ reality shows no sign of subsiding. Member Kimberly Wyatt has sensationally gone on record to reveal an apparent rift between herself and lead /only singer Nicole Scherzinger. According to Wyatt, she and Scherzinger have not spoken in months, effectively since the band went on ‘hiatus’. Here’s what she had to say:

“I haven’t seen Nicole at all. I stay in touch with the other girls but not with her. I did send her a couple of emails but I haven’t heard back.

I never really had the chance to do a lot on the creative side, but now I’m working on my own thing. I have no idea how long the break will be or if we will get back together” {Source}

Wow…you’ve got to love her honesty, which is rather refreshing in an age of media-trained responses and the same interview duplicated a million times over. While I’m sure there is a lot more to this Pussycat Dolls hoo-harr than meets the eye (i.e. why Nicole is continually pushed to the forefront when the public are sick of her), I can’t see how so publicly airing out their drama is going to allow anyone to believe any notion of solidarity they may try and fake should they ever come back. What’s funnier is that their creator Robin Antin seems hell-bent on insisting to anyone that will listen that the group is staying together, yet evidently things are crumbling apart for everyone to see. Denial, much?

Your thoughts?

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Competition: Rihanna Nokia Ticket Winners!

rihanna nokia competition Competition: Rihanna Nokia Ticket Winners!

Many thanks to the thousands of you who entered our Nokia-sponsored competition to win tickets to see Rihanna perform live in London this coming Monday (November 16th).

See the answer to the our given question below:

Rihanna’s 2007 smash ‘Umbrella’ was #1 in the UK for how many weeks?

c) 10

The 5 winners who will each receive a pair of tickets to see Ms. Fenty live at a secret location here in London are:

1) George Valez

2) Nathan North

3) Sophia Semambo

4) Ezania Bennett

5) Jonelle Roberts


We *MAY* have a an extra pair of tickets to give-away on Monday in a ‘ONE MORE CHANCE’ billed give-away. In the event that it actually takes place, this will be a Twitter-only competition (similar to the Sean Kingston ticket give-away we ran on Twitter recently). Therefore to be in with a chance…

Click here to join That Grape Juice on Twitter!

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Watch: Monica’s ‘Still Standing’ Reality Show (Episode 3)

{Content Removed As Requested}

Peep episode 3 of Monica‘s BET reality show ‘Still Standing’. I loving this show and how legitimately real Ms. Arnold keeps it. More power to her!

Your thoughts?

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American Music Awards 2009 Commercial

Check out the official TV commercial for the hotly anticipated American Music Awards, which air next Sunday. With Janet, Whitney, Rihanna and co on the bill, it’s hands-down the most exciting award show in a long while…and it hasn’t even happened yet! Can’t wait!

Tidbit: Music feels so exciting again: Janet, Whitney, Mariah, Alicia, Beyonce, GaGa, RiRi, Usher, Chris Brown, Leona, Alexandra…all out at the same time!

Tidbit 2: Kudos to UK group the The Noisettes for landing this year’s show theme tune with ‘Don’t Upset The Rhythm’.

Tidbit 3 (lol): Janet stans, what do you hope she performs as part of her medley? I’m a sucka for some of Ms. Jackson’s ‘newer’ material, hence would love to see a little ‘Feedback’ in there, as well as ‘All Nite’.

Your thoughts?

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Lady GaGa – ‘The Fame Monster’ Snippets

You can now listen to snippets of Lady GaGa‘s hotly anticipated ‘The Fame Monster’ LP ahead of it’s November 23rd release (which as I’m typing I realise is the same day as Rihanna’s ‘Rated R’ hits stores. Things that make you go ‘hmmm’).

In any case, judging by the clips…

Hit or Miss?

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Preview: Shakira ‘Give It Up To Me (ft. Lil’ Wayne)’ Video

Peep this brief preview of the video for Shakira‘s Lil’ Wayne-assisted single ‘Give It Up To Me’. While I’ll reserve judgement until seeing the video in its entirety, it’s quite refreshing to the 32 year old (bet you didn’t know that LOL) engage in choreography in the traditional sense. Clip looks real cool.

Your thoughts?

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