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Mindless Behaviour Welcomes New Member


After cutting ties with member Prodigy last year, R&B quartet Mindless Behaviour have pressed on their bid for world domination this year, announcing the arrival of a brand new member brought onto replace the entertainer.

Ready to meet the ‘new edition’?

Pop open the lid below!



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Lady GaGa’s ‘Monsters’ Take On…Chart News


Though Lady GaGa may be renown for being one of Pop’s friendlier characters, the same can’t always be said for her fans. Well, at least when they’re provoked.

For today, after spending the last year defending the star against the likes of Perez Hilton and the fiction spewing villain that is ‘Angela Cheng’, GaGa’s ‘Monsters’ found a foe in the unlikeliest of places.

‘Chart News.’

How the industry source ruffled their feathers?

Full story below…


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Watch: Nicki Minaj Stars In New ‘The Other Woman’ Teaser


Come April 25th, Nicki Minaj will finally be able to call herself a big screen star, thanks to her role in the Fox flick, ‘The Other Woman.’

Today, as Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann endorse the movie overseas, Minaj does her part to push the project with the release of a brand new teaser, starring her character Lydia.

Yet to meet the sassy receptionist?

Peep the fun & fashionable New Yorker in action below!


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Chart Check: Mariah Carey’s ‘Memoirs’ Meets ‘Gold’ / Lady GaGa’s ‘G.U.Y’ Hits ‘Hot 100′


Despite its lead single ‘You’re Mine’ lacking the snap, crackle and pop Mariah singles usually serve in abundance, May 6th will bring with it the launch of its supporting album!

So, as many hope the general public will show it the support its four first singles were never afforded, her fans have some some way to support its predecessor in the last year, forcing it to a Gold tinted milestone.

Want to know how?

A fresh ‘Chart Check’ awaits you below…


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‘Sing For Me': Elijah Blake Impacts R&B Top Twenty



After rising to R&B notoriety surfacing word-of-mouth waves pushed by streaming currents, it would seem Elijah Blake is now on course to turning his grassroots water into digital wine this week…heading straight for the chart position above.


Find out below!


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Beyonce Boosts US Music Market Share With New Album


One of the millions to have purchased Beyonce‘s latest studio album?

If the answer is yes-and you’re based in the US- you’ll no doubt be pleased to learn that your support of the album has helped the US extend its reign over the global music industry.

How you did it?

Details below!


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The Breakfast Club Weighs In On “Athlete Trapping” Evelyn Lozada


While the likes of Emma Johnson continue to warn women of the danger that is male dependency, it would seem ‘Basketball Wives’ star Evelyn Lozada is now being painted as the poster-child for women who choose not to follow the writer’s advice.

For, after announcing her engagement to Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Carl Crawford, the star- formerly engaged/married to athletes Antoine Walker and Chad Johnson- now finds herself being billed a financial leech by many a Pop culture spectator.

Their criticism of her?

Her seemingly strategic effort to stay financially afloat by “trapping” sports stars with marriage and/or babies, whom said athletes are legally obliged to provide for.

Press play to hear what Power 105.1’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ had to say on the matter below!


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