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New Video: Jhene Aiko – ‘Bed Peace (Ft Childish Gambino)’

jhene aiko that grape juice 2013 New Video: Jhene Aiko   Bed Peace (Ft Childish Gambino)

In paying homage to John Lennon and Yoko Ono‘s ‘Bed-ins for Peace’ protest against the Vietnam war, Jhene Aiko and Childish Gambino release the video for the singer’s new single ‘Bed Peace‘.

A far cry from the material Aiko was most renown for during her days as part of the B2K family, the number appears on her November 12th ‘Sail Out’ EP release, which features seven tracks and an appearance by ‘Poetic Justice’ lyricist Kendrick Lamar.

Fall in love below…


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Must See: James Arthur Debuts New Song ‘New Tattoo’

james arthur album artwork that grape juice Must See: James Arthur Debuts New Song New Tattoo  One week before the November 4th unleashing of his self titled debut album, James Arthur continues to give the general public ample reason to support it today, by debuting one of its cuts ‘New Tattoo‘ live.

If the LP’s lead single did little to secure your purchase, we’d say ‘Tattoo‘ certainly will, oozing with the raw emotion that’ll no doubt see him join Emeli Sande and Adele atop the Brit Pop food chain within the year.

Check him out after the jump!


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Pebbles On TLC Biopic Drama: ‘I Look Forward To Sharing My Story’

PEBBLES THAT GRAPE JUICE SHE IS DIVA 1 Pebbles On TLC Biopic Drama: I Look Forward To Sharing My Story

One week after VH1‘s unveiling of TLC‘s rating smashing biopic, the movie’s alleged villain- Pop singer Pebbles-  has shared fresh thoughts on the backlash she has faced since its arrival.

Backlash, that saw her social media accounts rocked by messages of hate published by those horrified by the movie’s account of her time as the group’s manager / mentor.

Now, as her name continues to find itself sullied by her alleged treatment of the once trusting trio, she has taken to her personal Twitter page to thank those who have supported her in the last week…and reveal that she is gearing up to share her side of the controversial story.


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Must See: K.Michelle Performs George Gershwin’s ‘Summertime’

k.michelle that grape juice she is diva 9 Must See: K.Michelle Performs George Gershwins Summertime


ASCAP‘s ‘Women Behind the Music‘ event in NYC saw K.Michelle grace its stage, hitting the mic to perform a stirring rendition of George Gershwin‘s ‘Summertime‘!

Originally recorded by Abbie Mitchell, the cut is perhaps more celebrated for Billie Holliday‘s 1936 take on it, no doubt leaving no room for error on Michelle’s part.

Watch her soar with the iconic number below…


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Watch: Trey Songz Performs Acoustic Version Of ‘Bottoms Up’ For ‘MTV’

TREY SONGZ TGJ THAT GRAPE JUICE 6 Watch: Trey Songz Performs Acoustic Version Of Bottoms Up For MTV

While his potential as an internationally renown act remains untapped, there’s no doubt Trey Songz’ US popularity has given many a veteran – R.Kelly included- a serious for run their money.

For, with a sales record that cast a cruel shadow on those secured by a number of his closest rivals, Songz is without a doubt one of his genre’s more respected contributors, fast becoming a Hollywood favourite by way of his roles in ‘Baggage Claim’ and ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D‘.

Now peep the singer/songwriter forge a new version of his Triple Platinum single ‘Bottoms Up‘, stripping it of its ‘made for the club’ feel and arming it with a cooler and smoother sound.

Prepare to be impressed below…


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Watch: Lady GaGa Storms ‘X Factor UK’ With ‘Venus’ & ‘Do What U Want’

lady gaga xfactor1 e1382906815695 Watch: Lady GaGa Storms X Factor UK With Venus & Do What U Want

As pre-order sales for ‘ARTPOP’ continue to soar with every passing hour, tonight saw Pop icon Lady GaGa build even more momentum for the release when she arrived on the ‘X Factor UK’!

It was there, armed with impeccable live vocals and her ever impressive charisma, that she performed her brand new singles ‘Do What U Want‘ and ‘Venus’.

How did the Grammy winning chart topper fare?

Find out below…


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Watch: Nas – ‘The Man Who Couldn’t Slow Down (Hennessy Commercial)’

NAS THAT GRAPE JUICE Watch: Nas   The Man Who Couldnt Slow Down (Hennessy Commercial)

Ever the grinder, today saw the latest of Nas‘ ventures come to fruition by way of ‘The Man Who Couldn’t Slow Down’, a new ad birthed by his partnership with Bernard Peillon‘s ‘Hennesy‘.

Telling the story speed racing legend Malcom Campbell, the commercial sees the ‘Purple’ purveyor play narrator as viewers are treated to visuals that are not only breathtaking, but inspiring.

Check it out below…


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New Song: Justin Bieber – ‘Recovery’

justin bieber that grape juice 2013 tgj 1 New Song: Justin Bieber   Recovery

Justin Bieber has done it again!

Indeed, while his recent off stage antics may point to the contrary, recent releases made by the singer has showcased an artistic growth that’s served to colour many a critic both surprised and confused, ditching Pop cheese for well produced vocal driven numbers.

Today, in marking the fourth reason from his Music Mondays series, the performer has unlocked  a brand new cut named ‘Recovery’.  Is it any good?

We’d say it is, giving us no choice but to anticipate his forthcoming LP!

Press play below…


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