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Hasbro Sets Release Date For ‘Jem and the Holograms’ Live-Action Movie Remake/ Calls On Ariana Grande Manager To Serve As Producer

jem and the holograms that grape juice 2014 900 600x447 Hasbro Sets Release Date For Jem and the Holograms Live Action Movie Remake/ Calls On Ariana Grande Manager To Serve As Producer

29 years after TV series ‘Jem‘ first made a splash in animated waters, Ariana Grande‘s manager Scooter Braun has been announced as one of the producers behind a live action remake set for release in 2015!

Fan of the original show and want details on its ‘Hasbro‘-backed comeback?

Get in the know…below!


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Report: New ‘Power Rangers’ Movie To Include Appearances By Original Cast

mighty morphin power rangers that grape juice 11jpg 600x401 Report: New Power Rangers Movie To Include Appearances By Original Cast

22nd July 2016 marks the spot for the forthcoming ‘Power Rangers‘ movie, set for takeoff via Lionsgate.

Fortunately, any anticipating the project’s release will be pleased to learn that they don’t have to wait until then to learn of the developments that have taken place behind its creative velvet rope.

Why fans of the original ‘Mighty Morphin‘ series have reason to rejoice today?

Full story below…


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Nicki Minaj To Perform At ‘American Music Awards’

nicki minaj that grape juice 2014 10000 Nicki Minaj To Perform At American Music Awards

The ‘American Music Awards‘ have welcomed Nicki Minaj to its 2014 showing this week, calling on the ‘Come on a Cone‘ performer to rock the event with a live performance.

Taking place on November 23rd, the show will see the rapper push her ‘Pink‘ agenda to the world before the release of her third studio album ‘The PinkPrint‘, due out on December 15th!

Are you looking forward to the event?

Let us know below!

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‘The PinkPrint': Nicki Minaj Shoots Movie To Accompany New Album

 nicki minaj pinkprint thatgrapejuice The PinkPrint: Nicki Minaj Shoots Movie To Accompany New Album

Following in the footsteps of her ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy‘ co-star Kanye West, ‘Lollipop Luxury‘ rapper Nicki Minaj is to release a movie that will accompany her brand new album ‘The PinkPrint.’

Details on her new project below…


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Jay Z & Beyonce Acquire Luxury Champagne Label ‘Ace Of Spades’

beyonce jayz on the run tour that grape juice 100 600x394 Jay Z & Beyonce Acquire Luxury Champagne Label Ace Of Spades

“Yachts in Ibiza, speed boats in the Everglades…Yonce and Jigga top deck with Ace of Spades.”

Months after pulling the plug on their ‘On the Run Tour’, Beyonce and Jay Z have welcomed Armand de Brignac Champagne to their growing empire this year, doing so after the latter acquired the luxury label from ‘Sovereign Brands.’

Details on the pair’s sweet new deal below…


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‘Toy Story 4′ Scores Release Date

toy story that grape juice 2014 1000 Toy Story 4 Scores Release Date

‘Toy Story‘ is back! Well…almost.

19 years after the release of its first chapter, ‘Pixar‘ have revealed that the ‘Toy Story‘ story is set to unleash a fourth instalment, announcing its release date hours ago.

So, when Buzz and Woody are expected to make their long-awaited return?

Find out below…


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Watch: Alexa Goddard Performs ‘So There’ For ‘Shazam’

alexa goddard that grape juice 2014 80 600x526 Watch: Alexa Goddard Performs So There For Shazam

Alexa Goddard showcased her Roc Nation-approved gift for ‘Shazam’ recently, partnering with the company to perform her new single ‘So There’ for ‘Shazam Sessions.’

How she did? Pretty awesomely, no doubt giving her fans even more reason to anticipate the future releases set to turn her into a household name.

Check her out after the jump…


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