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Hot Shots: VEVO Launch Party


Last evening the Skylight Studio, New York hosted the official launch of VEVO, the music video website started by Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. Some of the biggest names in Pop, Country and Urban entertainment appeared at the venue to debut their latest projects. Check out some the shots below:


Mariah Carey shut everyone down with those shoes!


Ciara experimented with this ‘look’. Okay then…


50 Cent and Mary J. Blige posed for the cameras.


Lady GaGa wowed the crowd with a performance of ‘Speechless’ from her ‘The Fame Monster’ LP.


John Legend kept warm in this ensemble.


Wyclef Jean was enjoying the festivities.


Music executive Doug Morris, L.A. Reid, and Mariah Carey were clearly some of the most powerful people at the event. O yeah, and Rihanna’s in the picture as well.


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New Video: 50 Cent – ‘Do You Think About Me’ (Starring Vivica Fox)

The video for rapper 50 Cent’s latest single ‘Do You Think About Me’ premiered a few minutes ago on Vevo. Though the song is kinda ‘just there’. the video – which interesting stars one-time girlfriend Vivaca Fox along with actress Tamala Jones and Tahiry – does make for quite engaging viewing. Whether it’ll do enough to revive Fiddy’s ‘Before I Self Destruct’ LP, which is in relative freefall on the charts, remains to be seen.

What do you think of the song / video?

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50 Cent On Graham Norton Show (A Must See)

Rapper 50 Cent is currently over here in Europe promoting his latest LP ‘Before I Self Destruct’, most recently stopping by The Graham Norton Show here in the UK.

In this hilarious interview, the G-Unit general talks everything from bloggers, his condom line, his new music (of course), getting “shot 9 times” lol and a whole lot more. As much as ol’ Curtis is an annoyance at times, he’s really been coming across well in these recent interviews. This one particularly, for – as on paper (as UK folk will know) – Graham and 50 aren’t a pair you’d expect to hit it off like they did. Great interview.

Your thoughts?

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50 Cent Lashes Out At Grammy Awards

50 Cent1

In a recent interview with MTV UK, rapper 50 Cent had many a critical word to say about the Grammy Awards.

When questioned about Beyonce and Taylor Swift receiving the most nominations, the G-Unit general said:

“Man, f*ck the Grammys!

I couldn’t care less about the Grammy Awards. It’ll be the Beyonce and Taylor Swift show.

I guess they’ll both be performing at the awards show, which means their record companies will be spending money to raise the production values of the entire show.

And when you spend that kind of money you’re supposed to get trophies.”

{Source: Susan Younis – MTV}

I’m trying to put aside the fact ol’ Curtis has been nominated 13 times at the Grammy’s, yet has never won, but I’m finding it oh-so- hard LOL. Besides him sounding a little bitter, if there’s one show in which nothing is a certain as to who wins or is even nominated, it’s the Grammy’s (just ask Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Jazmine Sullivan and many more). No sir…

Your thoughts?

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Sneak Peak: 50 Cent’s ‘Do You Think About Me’ Video

Rapper 50 Cent has been hard at working trying to promote his new album ‘Before I Self Destruct’, which has been suffering on the charts. The third single to be lifted off the LP is ‘Do You Think About Me’, with a video for the track debuting on December 8th at 8pm EST. The clip (a sneak peak of which can be seen above) features a cameo from his ‘associate’ Vivica A. Fox.

I personally have lost all of the little interest that I once had in this project. However, I am sure that many will find it interesting that 50 has reunited with Vivica after the two had such a heated conflict a few years back. Hopefully they brought some of that passion to the set while filming this video.


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50 Cent On ‘The Tyra Banks Show’

Rapper 50 Cent visited the ‘The Tyra Banks Show’ to promote his new album, ‘Before I Self-Destruct’, recently. The music mogul took part in a hilarious discussion with the former supermodel and her guests. 50’s LP debuted on the Billboard 200 with over 160, 000 units, an occurrence that he blamed on album leaks. I don’t want to give anything away but his ” voluptuous apple” booty comment was erm…yeah..

Sam’s 2 pence: Is it me or is anyone else shocked at the 180 ol’ Curtis seems to have done on the personality tip? He came across really well, yet almost seemed like an entirely different person….


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Review: American Music Awards 2009


{Written immediately following the show}

The American Music Awards 2009 has just come off the air on ABC…and where do I begin?! With a performer-list which read like a who’s-who of the music industry, the show – which took place at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles – most definitely hit a home-run in terms of star power. Whether these translated into memorable performances is the question. Read on for That Grape Juice’s 2 pence on tonight’s events…

Kicking off the night with a bang was Janet Jackson, whose 8-minute retrospective medley showed she still has ‘it’. Lacking, however, was the ‘has it – and then some’, which IMO really is essential for Ms. Jackson at this stage of her career. By this I mean though Janet commanded the stage with her trademark vigour and undeniable stage presence, what she displayed was kind of ‘hit’ and ‘miss’ in terms of propelling her back to the status of ‘the best’ in the minds of the masses. She did the damn thing on ‘Miss You Much’ and straight snatched off many a wig with ‘If’ (the breakdown of which never gets old, even after 15 years). However, the rest, particularly ‘Make Me’ didn’t translate as well – with the latter’s choreography really not doing the song any justice. I can’t help but think the chosen songs weren’t as on-the-ball as they could have been. Where was ‘All For You’, ‘Rhythm Nation’, or even ‘Feedback’ (the masses last real memory of la Jan)? Yes, it’s not her fault if some of her moves haven’t aged as well as she has (she looked great, minus the outfit), yet the song choice was in her hands, and as much as I remain a stan fan, in being 100% with you all, she kinda didn’t deliver in the way I thought she would have. Still, I’m sure she’ll bring her A-Game for her new album performances next year. She’s still force, and I have every faith she’ll deliver. On a lighter note, Jermaine Jackson’s botched sing-along to ‘Together Again’ had to be one of the funniest moments of the entire night!

Speaking of funniest moments, Rihanna’s live showing of ‘Madhouse’ and ‘Hard’ certainly had me chuckling, not only because it was the exact same performance I saw her give this Monday here in London, but because it was that bad. When not standing there like a lazy loaf of bread, she moved so sluggishly across the stage, all the while sounding like crap. How folks manage to defend her criminal vocals are well and truly beyond me. Honestly.

Interestingly, a moment many seemed to find much humour in, yet I didn’t, was Jennifer Lopez’ fall during her debut performance of brand new single ‘Louboutins’. If you ask me, Ms. Jenny The Block, J.Lo or whatever she likes to call herself these days, delivered a pretty solid performance – one which actually had me feeling the song a bit more. More than anything, she recovered so well from her fall, that you’d be forgiven for thinking it was part of her choreography. She may not be any kind of vocalist, but she sure knows how to perform. It’s a shame folk will likely only dwell on the negative, when she had a killer stage set-up and danced her derriere off.

Another of the night’s other great performances was Lady GaGa’s premier showing of ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Speechless’, which though understated, still IMO pushed her further ahead of her contemporaries. Like the fire which lit her piano, GaGa performance was hot, hot, hot. Loved it.

I went to the toilet during the Eminem / 50 Cent performance.

More notable live showings were served up by Shakira and Mary J. Blige, who, if I am to be honest, weren’t at the top (or anywhere near) my most anticipated list prior to the show. However each brought their A-Game, which resulted in a pair of great performances respectively.

The Black Eyed Peas, for as much as I like them, just don’t offer me anything of substance live these days, so I phoned a friend when they came on…and got a bite to eat.

Meanwhile, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ rousing showing of ‘Empire State of Mind’ – despite essentially being the same performance, different show – strangely grabbed me more so than any of the other times I’ve seen them do it. I’m thinking it was Alicia’s soaring vocals on the anthem-esque hook that really got me this time. Speaking of Alicia, Ms. Keys had me fall in love with ‘Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart’ all over again with her performance. Though not the best mover and shaker, she was getting that choreography (anyone else notice the Ciara ‘Promise’ part?) and she took it church with her vocals (and backing arrangements). Phenomenal.

Highlight of the night, hands-down, goes to Whitney Houston who tore the house down with her emotional performance of ‘I Didn’t Know My Own Strength’. The performance was everything – breakfast, lunch and dinner! Nippy’s vocals were the best they’ve been in years, with “The Voice” emanating from Whitney in ways many, myself at a time included, never thought they’d hear from her again. Yes, this was ‘Whitney 2009’, yet one who sits almost effortlessly beside Whitney of 1998 during her ‘My Love Is Your Love’ project. Putting to one side the media hype and hysteria, it legitimately felt like watching the crowning moment of one of the biggest comeback’s of all-time.

All in all, the American Music Awards 2009 delivered more than it didn’t. Great show.

Overall show rating: B+

Tidbit: Adam Lambert…c’mon son! LOL

Taylor winning over Michael Jackson?!  Kanye caused that ish…

Your thoughts?

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