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American Music Awards 2009: Performances

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50 Cent Blames Leaks For Album Failure


Former ‘it’ rapper 50 Cent has been on the interview trail over the last few weeks attempting to promote his new album, ‘Before I Self Destruct’. In two of those conversations, the mogul elaborated on why he thinks his new LP is set to debut with numbers far below his usual standard. Here are excerpts from the discussions with Hot 97 and Jenny Boom Boom TV respectively:

“With the actual outcome of the project, once the record leaks from the international plant, what more can I do,” 50 explained in an interview [with Hot 97]. “I can’t, I held the record long enough to get it to them, to mix and master it and for them to ship it and then it leaks from the plant internationally, I’m like come on, then that’s it. They lost the ball. You know what I mean, if the numbers look funny to me, it’s they fault.”

“All you gotta do is get the response,” Fif explained to radio personality Jenny Boom Boom. “The response is so well, so good, that I know the record is a hit. So whether they consumed it from actually purchasing it or they got it off the web or wherever they got it from, when they hear it and enjoy it, they end up at the show. How can I focus on album sales now when it’s to the point where my record is released four weeks before schedule. The marketing, everything that’s planned to sell the actual record, is happening four weeks late, now that the record is out a month early. You know, those things are happening after they had an opportunity to hear it and it’s confirmation to the doubters that the record wouldn’t be good.” {Source}

As usual 50 serves up a long list of excuses to compensate for his short-comings. People have not been anxious for his material since his marketing scheme feud with Kanye West in 2007, and even then their were whispers that his days as Hip-Hop’s biggest star were numbered. Maybe if he spent more time perfecting his craft rather than instigating conflict with other artists, he might be able to produce a quality LP like ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’ instead of the filth that we have been subjected to for the last 5 years. Get it together 50.


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‘Before I Self Destruct’ Sales Set To Disappoint


According to Hits Daily Double, rapper 50 Cent‘s album ‘Before I Self Destruct’ is on course to sell just 150, 000 copies first week, enough only to secure a #3 or #4 debut.

While decent numbers for some artists in this current climate, this has to come as a disappointment to ol’ Fiddy considering a) how much he trash talks other folks and b) how much he’s sold in the past. There’s no doubt in my mind that these sales will be blamed on the leaking of the album several weeks ahead of release; however the last time I checked, everyone and their mother’s record seems to hit the wonderful world of the Internet prior to hitting shops.

It seems as if Curtis is set to have his Ja Rule moment…ouch.

Your thoughts?

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Hot Shots: Alicia Keys / Michelle Williams / 50 Cent / Lil Kim / John Legend


R&B diva Alicia Keys looked ravishing in green at the 10th annual Latin Grammy Awards held at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Singer Michelle Williams shows her comedic side during a recent alter ego photo shoot. Hilarious yet somewhat disturbing lol!


Hip-Hop mogul 50 Cent promoted his new perfume ‘Power by 50 Cent’ at Macy’s in New York City. Do you want to smell like 50 Cent?


Rapper Lil Kim looked…interesting while in Berlin, Germany after the recent MTV EMA’s.


And R&B crooner John Legend posed with his girlfriend Christine at the National Breast Cancer Awareness Fund Gala in NYC.

What do you think of their looks?

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50 Cent ‘Power By 50’ Frangrance Ad

50 cent 4

Peep rapper 50 Cent’s print promotional ad for his new fragrance ‘Power By 50’, which is set to be sold exclusively in Macy’s.

Ol’ Curtis joins a host of celebrities who have jumped on the lucrative fragrance bandwagon. Yet, with the amount of folks doing it now, one has to wonder if it’s as lucrative as it once was.

Guys and girls…

Would you buy 50’s fragrance?

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50 Cent On Kelly Rowland: “She Never Got The Shine Beyonce Did”


In a recent interview with Billboard, rapper 50 Cent weighed in on the seemingly ever-raging debate about Destiny’s Child alum’s Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. Speaking of his ‘Baby By Me’ co-star, 50 said:

“You can’t forget all the work she did with Destiny’s Child. The difference between Kelly and Beyoncé is the extreme focus they put on Beyoncé to make sure she was completely right. Kelly wasn’t held in the same regard, so, in order for her to mean anything to America, they’d have to match the marketing dollars spent on Beyoncé. She never received the superstar treatment.”

While ol’ Curtis usually spouts the utmost of caca, I do actually agree with him here. Never one to explicitly compare the two myself, it’s quite a valid point that had Kelly, who is as fundamentally talented Beyonce IMO, had the machine that powers Bouncy’s brand given to her, she too would be a world-renown star. It’s important to stress that Beyonce’s current industry position isn’t based on the ‘machine’ alone; clearly the work she puts into her craft and artistry is what has taken her to that ‘future Icon’ status. However, had Kelly had it psychologically programmed into her that she was the business and was a ‘superstar-in-the-making’ in the way Beyonce had (see: pretty much everything Destiny’s Child), I imagine she’d be one of the world’s biggest stars today too. I mean if Rihanna can do it with next-to-no talent and soley the ‘machine’ powering her hype, then Kelly sure as hell could with her undeniable talent.

Some of you may wonder why I rep so hard for Ms. Kelly. Well, when you see talent of her calibre shunned and arguably made (inadvertently) to feel they are lesser (the reason I feel behind some of Kelly’s not-so-great performances), you can’t help but ‘stan’. For you know what they are capable of and able to achieve should all the right pieces of the puzzle be affixed. One need not look further than the undeniable swagger Kelly was exuding during the ‘Destiny Fulfilled project’, where I’d argue she gave Ms. Knowles-Carter a run for her money more times than not – everything from the weave-tossing, Naomi Campbell Walk’s and even, at times, vocals.

I never understood how it made more sense to some (who shall remain nameless) to not maximise the Destiny’s Child brand by ensuring each was as big a solo star as the possibly could be – a super group almost. In simpler terms, imagine a group – for example – with the individual ‘star-power’ of the Beyonce, Ciara and (because I couldn’t think of another name) Rihanna? That would be off-the-charts!

Again, I reiterate that this is in no way any shade on Beyonce, who we love around here. Just telling it like it is…

In any case, in being forward thinking, things are definitely looking up for Kelly, with her new team, soon-to-be-announced new label etc. Let’s just hope she gets the success she deserves this go round. (In true ‘stan’ fashion lol), I shall leave you with some of Kelly’s best showings…

Your thoughts?

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New Video: 50 Cent – ‘Baby By Me’ (Starring Kelly Rowland)

The hotly anticipated video for 50 Cent’s ‘Baby By Me’, starring Kelly Rowland and Ne-Yo premièred literally minutes ago…literally. Directed by Chris Robinson, the clip sees the G-Unit general envision Ms. Kelly being ‘his’.

Our take on the video? It’s great! It features an engaging plot, looks like $$$ were spent on it (unlike some of today’s credit crunch clips) and Ms. Kelly looks stunning. What’s more, for as so-so as 50’s recent material has been, I’m really feeling this song, something its accompanying video will serve to intensify. Good stuff.

Tidbit: I can only imagine the rumours that will fly after this vid. Whether true or otherwise, as they say, any publicity is good publicity!

What do you think of the video?

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