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Chart Titans: Drake Breaks New Ground With ‘One Dance’ / Adele Earns Fresh Top 10


One dominated the charts last year, while the other has been wowing for much of this. Yet, both Adele and Drake said hello to fresh successes this week; wins which re-affirm their spots as market leaders.

Details below…


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Taylor Swift, Rihanna, & Adele Lead Women on Forbes ‘Highest Paid Celebs’ List

2016 List Lacks Serious Girl Power

rihanna thatgrapejuice forbest celebrity 100

A sure firestarter between fan groups of today’s top artists, Forbes released its annual ‘Highest Paid Celebrities’ list recently.

Calculated from data of revenue generated between June 2015 to June 2016, the list is comprised of 100 celebrities across all entertainment mediums (movies, television, sports entertainment, music, etc) who are raking in the dough in front of and behind the scenes.

And, while ‘Tears On My Guitar’ singer Taylor Swift may be crying tears of joy from seeing her name at #1 on the list for her whopping $170 million earned over the last year, the real tears may be shed over the absence of women on the list.  In fact, the list of 100 celebs only has 15 women – a point even Forbes itself noted:

“[The ‘highest paid celebrities’ list] is comprised 85% of men—who earned a combined $4.2 billion, compared to the women’s $892.5 million. The imbalance reflects the gender pay gap endemic across industries–and national borders.”

See where your favorite diva o’ the day landed on the list:


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Billboard 200: Drake On Course For 9th Week At #1

Rapper Fends Off Newcomers & Old Chart Rivals Beyonce, Adele, & More

drake adele billboard 200

At this point it’s looking like it’s going to take an act of Congress to get Drake to move from the top spot of the Billboard 200.

For, after celebrating his 8th consecutive week atop the album chart (fending off steep competition from the Red Hot Chili Peppers), industry analysts predict ‘Views’ will be enjoying the view from the top yet again next week.

Fans who thought the anticipated increased sales of Beyonce‘s ‘Lemonade’ (thanks to a rocking BET Awards performance) and increased streams of Adele‘s blockbuster album ’25’ (thanks to recently widened streaming availability) would be enough to unseat the Grammy winning rapper apparently thought wrong.

Get the scoop inside:


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Watch: Adele Live At Glastonbury (Full Performance)


Adele‘s fans continue to ride on the praise the singer scored following her headlining Glastonbury gig yesterday evening.

Her appearance at the festival brought with it stellar live renditions of cuts found on all three of her studio albums and the endearing personality partially responsible for selling them.

Press play to catch one of the strongest artists of our time in all her Adult Contemporary glory below…


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Adele’s ’25’ Lands On Spotify / Singer Set To Dominate Again?

After Selling 17 Million, Is A Second Wave Of Slay Upon Us?

After confessing a reluctance to use streaming services, chart titan Adele has finally made her gargantuan selling album ‘25’ available to stream on-demand.
More on the story, including its possible impact, below…


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Adele Breaks Down On Stage In Response To Orlando Murders


The world remains shocked by the horrific massacre of gay partygoers in Orlando, Florida.

Targeted by Mr. Omar Mateen, their deaths moved the performer Adele so much that she broke down in tears during her latest live show in Antwerp, Belgium.

Watch below…


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Adele To Sign $130 Million Deal With Sony Music


Adele‘s relationship with Sony Music Entertainment continues to flourish…with help from $130 million seeds.


Good news below…


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