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Azealia Banks Previews New Song With Safaree

Femcee Teams Up With Nicki Minaj’s Ex


After expressing regret about her angsty actions, Azealia Banks is back in the lab.

Interestingly, the fiery femcee has found an unlikely collaborator in Safaree Samuels – Nicki Minaj‘s ex-boyfriend and creative partner.

Currently a cast member on ‘Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood,’ 35-year-old Samuels has actively been trying to carve out his own success narrative.

So what better way to get folk talking (beyond hooking up with another Nikki) than to team up with the rival of his former flame?

Taking to Instagram, Azealia shared a preview.

Take a listen below…


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Too Little Too Late? Azealia Banks Regrets Her Many Controversies


When Azealia Banks dropped the blazing ‘212’ four years ago, she looked poised for superstardom.

From her flow to her unapologetic brand of feisty, she was hailed as a much-needed breath of fresh air on a scene that had become majorly mono.

Yet, as the story goes, the years that followed have seen the New Yorker lock horns with a who’s who of the music industry. She’s also made it routine to rile up various groups on social media.

Recent times have seen her plentiful episodes catch up with her; slots at festivals have been snatched back, sales are drier than the Sahara, and fellow artists seem to be steering clear. A stark difference to a time when the likes of Lady Gaga and Pharrell were dialling her digits.

Feeling the weight of her woes, the femcee took to Facebook (she’s been banned from Twitter) today to express regret.

Her words await below…


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Tragic! Azealia Banks Endorses Skin Whitening Cream

Rapper Endorses Product Rocked By Skin Cancer Allegations


Melanin’s primary function is to protect the skin from sun damage, but it carries additional benefits that are enjoyed mostly by those with darker skin.

If only the gifted artist that is Azealia Banks received this memo.

For, after she revealed that she had been lightening her skin, the rapper has gone one step further by endorsing a controversial skin whitening cream reportedly designed to work against nature.

A sorry sight below…


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Lady Gaga & Azealia Banks Collaboration ‘Red Flame’ Surfaces Online


Remember when Azealia Banks was rap’s new “it chick”? Recall that brief window when her Twitter wars hadn’t eclipsed her star?

Well, we do.

There existed a short spell of time (following ‘212’) when the New Yorker was the name on everyone’s lips. Rumors of high-profile collaborations were plentiful, yet many never surfaced. A fact which left folk wondering whether it was her attitude or creative differences that caused the canning/s.

While many of those questions remain unanswered, one of her would-be partner’s has been revealed as none other than Lady Gaga.

A rough demo of ‘Red Flame’ – a song the pair collaborated on – surfaced today. And it makes for a unique listen.

Word has it the track was recorded during the recording sessions for Gaga’s ill-fated ‘ARTPOP’ album.

Take a listen below…


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Azealia Banks Changes Stage Name

Jazz-Inspired Rapper Continues To Rebuild Promising Brand


The release of Azealia Banks‘ hotly anticipated set ‘Fantasea II: The Second Wave’ is imminent and the rapper is determined to ensure that it passes Pop’s test with flying colours.

How she’s generating attention for the mermaid-honouring project?

By revealing that she is no longer known as Azealia Banks.

Her brand new title below…


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Did You Miss It? Azealia Banks Quits Social Media…Again

Rapper Updates Instagram a Day After Announcing Dramatic Departure

thatgrapejuice azealia banks quits social media

Since the start of her career rapper Azealia Banks has cashed in on a wealth of publicity from her dramatic antics and highly publicized social media beefs.

However, after the last few months have seen her suffer a number of L’s along those e-battle lines (see: Skai Jackson, Zayn, anti-skin bleachers, etc.), the ‘Big Big Beat’ beauty took to Facebook to unveil big news:  she’s quitting social media permanently.

Her lengthy statement awaits below:


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‘Fantasea 2’: Azealia Banks Readies Release Of New Project


The second wave of Azealia Banks‘ romantic ‘Fantasea’ tale is on its way.

Find out why fans of the rapper can expect it to crash against their playlists’ shores soon below…


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