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Watch: Azealia Banks Performs ‘Luxury’ And More Live In Los Angeles


Azealia Banks’ live music journey remains undisturbed by the often confusing force that is her public image.

How so?

The last week has seen her deliver sold-out shows across the country in preparation for her second album ‘Business & Pleasure‘ and in support of her latest body of work ‘Slay-Z.’

Find out why her fans continue to spend their hard earned mula on the resourceful rapper below…


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Azealia Banks’ ‘Coco’ Nabs New Release Date


Azealia Banks’ Lionsgate movie ‘Coco’ has received a brand new release date.

Details below…


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Azealia Banks Opens Up On Exciting New Musical Direction


Her gift for storytelling and large pool of creative references makes Azealia Banks one of Pop’s stately stars.

However, following a series of opportunity-killing moves, the entertainer’s opinions and the way in which she delivers them has given many good reason to overlook said gifts.

Fortunately, that’s done little to deter her from reaching full potential as a musician.

Hit the link below to find out what the future holds for the Hip-Hop mermaid…


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Azealia Banks Fans Slam Rapper For “Bleaching”


Azealia Banks is being blasted…by her own fans.

The rapper, who is notorious for her outspokenness, is being accused of bleaching her skin to be lighter.

Full story below…


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Watch: Azealia Banks Live At ‘Bosco Fresh Festival (Full Performance)’


In dire need of a fresh Azealia Banks performance?

Good news, we have one waiting for you after the jump.

That’s right, following her unfortunate run-ins with Skai Jackson and Zayn Malik on Twitter, the ‘Desperado’ rapper made her way to the Bosco Fresh Festival to rock the event with an electric set.

Hit the play button to catch Ms. Banks in glorious action below…


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Skai Jackson On Azealia Banks Twitter Feud: ‘She’s A Bully…I Hate Bullying’

Disney Star Slams Rapper For ‘Making a Fool of Herself…’


Despite being the victor of many-a-social media battle over her short, but storied career, Azealia Banks met her match when she crossed paths with the unlikeliest of opponents:  14-year-old Disney star Skai Jackson.

Jackson, best known for her infamous “sitting” meme, politely sat and shat all over Banks via Twitter – a bout that’s now gone down in infamy for the self-proclaimed “Yung Rapunxel.”

Now, a day after the rapstress tried to rekindle the beef by labeling the young actress as a “c**n in training,” Jackson’s interview with ‘Teen Vogue’ has surfaced and gets her take on the now epic Twitter feud.

Tuck in below to read the Disney darling’s statements:


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Bye! Azealia Banks Banished From Twitter After Homophobic Zayn Rant

The repercussions continue to rain down on Azealia Banks following a series of rants gone wrong.

Furore erupted on Twitter yesterday after the femcee took odd aim at Zayn Malik (for supposedly copying her style). For his troubles she branded him a “f*ggot d*ck rider.”

The anti-Azealia climate escalated when she turned her attention to UK rappers, who she asserted could not rap. Naturally, their clap back reflex was all sorts of real.

As reported, the latter saw her booted from a major British festival she was said to headline.

Now Twitter, the primary vehicle for her volcanic comments, has followed suit.

See what we mean below…


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